tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust One Hour Ch. 02

Just One Hour Ch. 02


Stacey is my wife's achingly fuckable best friend. She always has everything so easy and is one of those girls who just breezes through life. She is sickeningly cute and ever so goody-goody.

So cosseted in her own little world she would not be able to imagine the contents of the story below, let alone thinking it could ever happen to her. With her Barbie type frame with ultra slim waist and golden flowing hair she is an ever so a modern day "bewitched-Samantha housewife" and would be no match for these two denizens and the games they plan to play with her.

Here's my wedding present to you sweetheart.


Stacey rather sheepishly welcomed the large man into her house. She couldn't explain why she'd been so compliant; maybe it was something about his mature powerful frame that unnerved her. He'd been polite asking if her husband was in; saying he was expected. She had looked quizzical at him. Her husband didn't know any black guys; in fact both of them didn't really like his type. But that would be how Stacey would word it, other might say they were just down right racist.

The Boss eased past her, his body enormous compared to her slim 5'5 frame. He'd seen photographs of her before today so his eyes didn't linger embarrassingly; he already studied her at his leisure.

Today as of most times she was dressed in a tight white T-shirt and white tennis skirt. Stacey was slim with large hips and pear shaped ass. She dressed taking advantage of her assets. Small breasted she had long shapely legs today in a pair of white matching training shoes. Her skin was always tanned her neck and face freckled, eyes grey and nose upturned; with tied back long dirty blonde hair. This had streaks of black roots showing through her peroxide locks.

Her husband was watching the TV with a beer and his face turned like ash as the black dude entered dressed in his long trench coat. Stacey realized it must be in the mid eighties outside and wondered why he would wear such a thing. The man sat down taking a full settee almost to himself. The waif beauty offered him a drink her eyes showing confusion and a little nervousness.

The Boss man knew the routine; he'd have to explain, as normal the husbands always just sat there like rabbits in the headlights looking dumb.

"Have a seat young lady," the Boss said in a deep southern drawl.

Stacey looked at her frozen husband as if for guidance. He remained silent, eyes lowered a little from her questioning stare.

"Did you know your husband had a gambling problem?" The Boss announced unexpectedly patting the arm rest next to him coaxing her to sit.

Stacey felt herself growing in anger as she sat knees together, prim, balanced on the edge of the soft chair listening. She was turning red with frustration as she was told how her precious husband had run up an enormous tag at a back street gambling den which the Boss owned. Stacey's husband mumbled and spluttered an excuse why he hadn't been round to settle it, adding he'd get it soon. Stacey's eyes widened in disbelief, he'd just said 4000 bucks. The Boss caught her eye and instantly he knew they didn't have anything near that amount available.

The man began to stutter some proposal but the Boss just raised his hand to quiet him.

"I already know you can't pay for fucks sake. No one holds out on me unless they have no other choice."

Stacey had been furious; now she felt her stomach go in knots. "What's going to happen to him?" She said nervously.

The Boss shifted with menace his coat creaking as the leather moved. "Listen honey unless he pays up it's what's going to happen to both of you."

She gave a whine her face shocked. "But, but..." The Boss stood up aggressively.

"Listen you fucks; I already know what I want in payment and if I don't get it right now I'll have my crew burn you're fucking house down with you both in it!"

"Calm down, calm down!" The couple cried both trying to stand.

"Sit the fuck down." He hissed. Both dropped to their seats like scolded dogs.

He took his coat off to show his large T-shirt chest, a pot belly growing above his waist band. He had a video in his pocket.

"Fucking put this on." He ordered to her husband. "And you miss," he snapped looking at Stacey,"sit down next to me."

Stacey edged down against his thigh as he sat there legs open taking virtually all the settee. Once the video began to pay he told her husband to sit back in his drinking seat. The screen was just an electric snow storm which then turned to black and finally a brightly colored movie began to play.

Stacey looked at her husband still totally confused with what was happening. Then she put her hand over her mouth, it was some kind of porno! She never watched anything like this; in fact her husband told her he also never did; which stupidly and innocently she believed.

The Boss spoke gently to her. "All I want is one hour with you honey. Pay off all the debt."

She looked at the video then back at him head cocked to one side not really understanding.

"But I...?" He shook his head. "Oh for fucks sake how much of a fucking air head are you? I want to fuck your brains out!"

She gasped, her mouth open invitingly, eyes wide in horror. Her husband instantly began making protests. Seeing the final understanding in her eyes the Boss continued.

"Yeah that's right honey, I don't need the fucking money and you need a solution right this minute."

Stacey was shaking her head, talking in a high indignant voice. She wouldn't, couldn't; "who the hell did he think he wa..."

The Boss pointed a finger to her shaking hubby. "Ask him he'll tell you." Stacey turned for reassurance but her worm of a man just shook his head.

"We haven't got any choice sweetie."

Stacey gasped in disbelief. "We?" She shouted in anger.

The Boss turned the sound up on the video by remote as he leaned back.

"Good I take it that's a deal then." And pointing to her bloke he snapped. "Now fucking sit there for ten minutes then I want you to fuck off and don't come back till four, is that clear?"

Stacey looked again at her husband and groaned as he obediently nodded shrinking in his chair.

"Now you fucking bimbo, "he growled, "open my zipper, take out my cock and let's watch a movie together."

Stacey s hand moved across to his zipper. What could she do? The man was big and powerful and her husband didn't look like he intended to fight. Was this man as evil as he acted? She saw her husbands' terrified face. Oh God there was no choice but to get on with it.

Her perfect nailed fingers open the fly and gently reached in. She gave a little moan of despair as her hand gripped his black slug the meaty length popping upright out of his pants, her very golden skin shinning around the dark baggy foreskin and purple head.

The Boss gave a satisfied groan telling her to gently wank his flesh.

"Watch the fucking movie while you do it honey get a real good look at what we could get up to!"

On the screen a sultry Latino was been spanked by four men. Each was in turn fingering her ass, forcing her to suck him. The Boss's hand curled around Stacey's tight waist to touch the top of her ample butt.

"Hmmm good girl use your thumb over my open slit."

Stacey circled his spunk eye the head rough to the touch and suddenly felt precome begin to make the flesh slippery. She gave a small gasp of panic.

"Hmm you're getting me real hot." He announced as his eyes delighted in the video.

On the video the men were fisting the bitch, one of them with three fingers up her ass. The Boss told Stacey to get on her knees in front of him. She sat there trembling, her hand still slowly tugging eyes welling up. Her husband was shaking, the loud moaning from the TV distracting but the sight of his wife on her knees a big black cock in front of her kept his attention.

The Boss gave him an instruction. "Get your cock out."

He refused his face one of panic only for the Boss to growl again." Do it!"

He fumbled with his pants and his dick pink and stiff sprang upright the video obviously turning him on.

"Start wanking yourself," the black thug ordered. He then looked down at Stacey, "and you get that pretty mouth of yours around my fat weeping end."

Stacey's husband took his cock red faced into his own hand and began to tug the foreskin. He could see his delicate wife knelt between the black guys legs. She had one long nailed hand on his knee the other making a small fist around his iron rod. She was in silhouette and her upturned nose and cute lips came ever closer to the bulging purple helmet. The blood was rushing up his pipes as his own rod become achingly hard. The hardcore movie was still playing; now a barely legal teen in some four way gangbang.

"Come on honey time to give your husband a show." And with that the Boss's hand cupped the blonde housewife's head and pulled her mouth onto him.

"Mmmmm slurp, slurp!"

Stacey closed her eyes imagining it was her husband's member; but realized that would be impossible. The thing was fatter the foreskin loose and as she stretched her lips the purple head rubbed up into the roof of her mouth. She could hear the groans of the Boss and the fleshy flaps of her husband's cock skin as he jerked near by.

The Boss raised his hips forcing more cock in, Stacey starting to gag her hands pushing his pelvis back. He groaned. "Take it all the way down bitch."

He turned to her hopeless partner." Keep jerking that cock boy, or I'll fucking choke her with this." And if to demonstrate he gripped her head firmly and pinching her nose pushed deeper. Stacey bucked the head on her tonsils the thing filling her throat.

"Gggghhh cough! Splutter! Ugggggg!" The despairing man increased his rhythm fearing his wife might pass out.

The black thug was in total control and he grunted with satisfaction seeing Stacey watch her husband out of the corner of her eye. "He's getting real hard baby." He announced with glee. "He likes the sight of you swallowing a fucking hard black cock. Shall I tell him what's in store for his naughty little whore?"

Stacey didn't acknowledge him her eyes down mouth muscles struggling.

"A cute little bitch like you needs a real good ploughing, and you're going to get it."

She whined in response, mouth full of flesh.

The Boss admired her swan like neck accentuated by the tightly stretched back dirty blonde hair; the pony tail hanging down to her shoulder blades. He could see himself bulging in her cheek his end warm with spittle and young woman's gasping breath.

"You're going be a good girl for me Stacey," he said sweetly." Just an hour of your time honey, that's all I want." She whined again through her cute nose, mouth foaming a little around his cock.

Her husband felt his body starting to tense his hand a little numb with the thorough wanking. The Boss raised himself off the settee to start to thrust in and out of her mouth.

"Suck it, suck it you white bitch yeah," he grunted as Stacey's cheeks puffed and clenched, her mouth gripping his oily foreskin like a vice.

"Ug, ug, ug lets see you come boy!" He growled, looking back to her husband, who could feel himself reaching a peak.

His desperate wife was wresting to hold down the bucking black pelvis eyes wide in horror, the cock rampant in her mouth her teeth twanging the underside of his helmet. She managed to pull her head back crying out in despair. "Oh god uuhh oh, oh!" The Boss pointed to her partner.

"Oh yes baby look, look he's coming. Watch it you fucking slut!"

Stacey moaned as her face still full of cheek puffing cock was twisted to see. Her man was heaving in his chair his fist red with effort. The boss's cock sprang from her disbelieving mouth spittle training in a spider strand.


Her husbands tip erupted spunk, up and out, two, three jerks his fingers covered, the wads stink instantly filling the room.


He bucked with involuntary delight as Stacey's watched hand over her mouth in disbelief; until finally he collapsed with a long pitiful moan. "Noooooooooo!"

The Boss pulled the sobbing Stacey back towards his cock. He gripped the hot shaft wiping it across her cheeks. Looking at the spent man nearby he narrowed his eyes.

"Now you take a hike mister. I don't want you back before four, and don't fucking get any stupid ideas about the cops. Your little Stacey's going to get her brains fucked out, I can easily arrange blown out too."

Her husband nodded zipping his pants. "I, I, I..." he mumbled reaching the hall.

His wife glared back in total disgust.

"Just get the fuck out!" She said shaking her head in utter contempt. And with that he left slamming the door behind him.

She felt the Boss pull her face forward and she opened her mouth to allow his now well inspected tip back down her throat. He turned off the groaning video allowing her obedient sucks and slurps to fill the room. Suddenly she thought she heard a noise behind her.

The kitchen door!

She pulled back in horror the man's dick bouncing up into her cheekbones across her nose. She had panic on her face again, she was sat between a fat guys thighs his cock near to erupting. "Oh no there's someone..." She gulped in embarrassment.

"Relax," the Boss said clenching his teeth from the uncomfortable ejection. "He's with me!" And with that she heard an Asian voice over her shoulder.

"Ah yes she's as lovely as you described!"

Now she remembered. She had seen another figure sat in the driver seat of the Black mans park car. She'd completely forgot about him. She looked slowly over her shoulder at the new visitor.

"Oh Jesus!" She squealed. "Oh no, no ohhhhh!"

In the door way was a shirtless hairy Asian man his jogging pants loose, feet bare. He had a black bag in his strong dark arms his stance like some action figure, legs apart, arms curled wrestler style, hands as fists. His head was covered with a bizarre leather mask, an open zipper for a mouth, the material black leather.

"This is my associate," the Boss announced holding his dick and balls to keep them fully aroused. "You can call him Mask; and honey you better be good cos he's not as nice as me."

Up until now Stacey had felt unsure and a bit scared. She had hoped that this man would have just had his fun and left. The Boss although menacing had been almost affectionately polite to her; and though a lot older he had a certain animal charm. Even after he'd called her a bitch and been so arrogant she had rationalized it all until it virtually made sense. It had to be done for the house, for her lifestyle and well even for her useless husband.

But now her gut twisted, and her chest rose in a slow pant. Some of her tied back hair had escaped and now hung in strands across her freckled nose and high cheek boned features.

"Oh God, two... err, I..." She stammered as the Asian man neared her.

The Mask dropped his bag and gripped her slender wrist.

"On your feet you sexy little tart," he growled.

His other hand rubbed across her t-shirt chest squeezing through the material. Stacey grunted and then half yelped as his hand shot under her short skirt to goose her ass. She made a pathetic attempt at a struggle looking back at the Boss; her eyes disbelieving; as the Mask examined her like a piece of meat. First her ass, then her tanned thighs were stroked.

He gripped one small tits making her back arch, then caressed her swan neck his finger pushing up to her hot wet mouth. All the time he was grunting in approval.

"Hmm, yes, hmm, good, good ahhh," he said in examination until he finally gave a non negotiable order.

"Fucking lay on the kitchen table while we get a good look at you."

Stacey whimpered a little and again looked back at the Boss. He was beginning to stand pointing in that direction. She almost jumped out of her skin as the Mask suddenly hooked his finger inside her tiny briefs ripping them from under her skirt. "We won't need them!" He mumbled to himself.

Then he suddenly had a worrying thought. "My timer!" He said, panicking.

The Boss frowned pointing to the chiming clock on the wall.

"It's three now, we won't be disturbed till four. You don't fucking need your timer!"

The Boss shook his head; his friend was one crazy fuck. But he didn't know anyone else as willing as him. "Shit." He just had a thought. Had he just got out of the car dressed like that, mask and all? The Boss didn't have time to ask before Stacey decided to struggle for real.

Both men instantly grabbed her arms, the Bosses cock nudging the small of her back the Mask hooking under her knees to lift her onto the pine table. She whined and grunted neither man raising their voice, both in control; practiced. She was flat on her back the hard surface making her chest thrust up, her plimsoll rubber screeching on the surface.

Her shoulders were pulled to the table edge so her neck and head dangled over the side. In this position she was unable to resist for long before her head tired and fell back. The Boss was holding her shoulders down allowing her hands to grasp the table sides. His cock was above her stretched neck and chin and he angled it down horizontal. It came to her lips and she had little choice but begin blowing the old black fuck. But this time her nostril pointing up into his fats balls, his cock sliding straight deep into her upside down mouth and throat.


The Mask was now between her feet, the shoes and claves dangling over the opposite table edge to her neck. She felt her thighs been spread by cold hands and she wriggled. The Boss grunted as she shifted, his cock slowing servicing her mouth.

"Uggg stay still, your not getting up till I let you. Just lay back and take me baby."

She felt the suns rays from the wide window on her arm. "Oh God!" She thought in an embarrassed horror. What if the neighbours come round? Oh no, what if her parents did?"

She bucked as his cock slid deeper than he had gone previously. She gargled, the spittle dripping down her face over her nose collecting on her forehead.

The Boss admired her twitching throat and felt her spasm as his head pushed just a little too deep.

"Uggg yeah take it yeah!"

The Asian man was now up between her legs his hands struggling to force her thighs fully apart. Finally her legs were pinned down, knees wide apart the skirt stretched up to her tiny waist; and the Boss could see her almost hairless blonde pussy for the first time. The Mask moved two fingers to her slit and pressing down parting her flesh the pink clitoral region glistening in the daylight.

Now she was fully under control, taking his cock obediently the Boss felt he would explain more to her.

"Did you think I'd just settle for a suck and fuck?" He asked knowing she couldn't answer.

"4000 bucks! You sure have got a high opinion of yourself honey."

He paused to grit his teeth Stacey's hot tongue and gums sending a shiver from his cock tip to his tightening balls.

"No sir ugh," he paused again in arousing sensation. "We're going do some pretty dirty things to you honey for that kind of money, and do you know what?"

Once again she couldn't answer the cock now making her jaw ache with the effort, the blood rushing to her upside down head. "You're going have to let us."

He slowly increased his thrusts.

Stacey felt the wet touch of the Asians tongue as he began to lick and probe her young slit.

"Hmm good girl keep those legs real wide for him." The boss ordered. "He's wants to get his tongue up inside you and give you a fine cleaning out."

Stacey shuddered, the cock now becoming almost too much, the tongue in her hole indeed going deeper and deeper his finger prizing her pussy flesh apart. Her bud felt the flick of his tongues rough surface and then his lips nipped. She gargled, one hand reaching down to hopelessly push his head back the other reaching up to grip the black mans shaft trying to control its entry.

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