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Just One Little Game


I sat down on the floor facing my sister and her friends, each one with a glimmer in her eye. My sister had begged and pleaded for me to play a game of Truth or Dare with her and her friends to no end. I hoped this would be short and painless.

Meg, my sister, had invited two of her friends over from the cheer squad. Well, former squad I should say. All three of them had just graduated high school and were off for the summer, as was I. Speaking of school, it really gives you a good idea of the differences between us. I was a straight A student going into my senior year at the state technical university -- she was a magna cum barely high school graduate going into her first year of community college. We tended to ignore each other, though we had our occasional squabbles over petty issues. She had been pissed at me this week -- I accidentally walked in on her making out with some guy who then ran off. "See what you do to me?" she had said angrily and stormed off. Typical. Our parents always wondered how both of us had come from the same household. I think you see where I'm going with this.

Anyway, Meg and her friends wanted to have a sleepover "like old times," which weren't very long ago. This usually included some form of Truth or Dare, which usually ended up just becoming a recounting of their sexual escapades. I stayed far away from them when they played, not interested in hearing the intimate details about whom my sister was banging that week.

There were the other girls, though, Elise and Mona. Honestly, I knew as much about them now as I did when I met them about three years ago. I never saw much of Meg or her friends -- if they weren't having a sleepover that I was busy avoiding, they were always out of the house at practice or checking out guys at the mall. And I was away at school for a good deal of the time. I have to admit, though, that they made quite a few guest appearances in my fantasies. You can't blame me for checking them out in their tight little cheer uniforms.

So by now, a few truths and no dares had gone by uneventfully.

"Truth," I picked it again, trying to keep the game clean, when Meg excused herself briefly and returned, completely undoing the demure atmosphere I had hoped for. She set a handle of Vodka right next to her on the floor and began passing out Dixie cups.

"I thought we'd make the forfeit penalty be a shot this time," she announced.

"Uh, is that from dad's liquor cabinet? You guys really shouldn't be doing this," I said.

"Oh come on, we drink all the time. Besides, you can buy a replacement, Jeff." I sighed at that. A twenty-one year-old college student criticizing underage drinking -- God, I must've seemed like such a square. Well, it's not like I hadn't enjoyed a bit of booze before my time. Maybe a few shots would get this over quicker.

"All right, fine," I replied. "But you owe for half."

The game resumed and Mona asked me her question: "When was the last time you had sex?"

Right, it might help to know that the reason that I wasn't looking forward to this game was (besides the fact that I was playing with my sister) because I still had my V card. It's embarrassing, I know, but I was always terrible with girls. I got a few dates here and there, but they never went anywhere, and tech schools are hardly hotbeds of sexual activity. This year, though, things turned around for me. I started dating a girl, Robin, near the end of the year. Her last boyfriend was an asshole, so she wanted to take it slow with me. Right before we left school, I had made actually made it to third base twice and she promised that being separated over the summer would be worth the wait.

I knew Meg had never seen me with a girl and I hadn't told my family about Robin. I could just lie, but I soon began to get paranoid that Meg would call me out. Sitting in front of these girls and having them probe into my sexual life was making me nervous as hell. My mind tried to calculate the most plausible answers, but I ended up just thinking, "Fuck it!" and took the shot.

A little chorus of "oohs" and giggles came from the girls.

"Is it because it's never happened, or are you secretly banging Mrs. Jordan up the street?" Meg teased, eliciting more giggles. With all their giggling, I wondered if teenage girls naturally produced nitrous oxide.


And here comes the storytelling, I thought. Meg had asked Elise "What was the longest you ever kept a guy hard for?" and then the other two just couldn't wait to share more, even though they weren't obligated to. Well, here, I'll just show you what they said:

Elise: "Um, well, this one time, there was a cute guy I saw working at the mall, and I really wanted to see how big he was. So I made him help me try stuff on in the dressing room. I made him stand behind me and hand me outfits to try, and sometimes made him undress me, like if it was a dress with a hard to reach zipper. And when I reached to grab the next outfit, sometimes I would grab his dick by "accident." When I was done, I turned around to see him sweating, all red, with a huge bulge in his pants. He covered it up with some of my clothes and tried to act all natural and stuff, but I knew how hard he was."

Mona: "That's nothing, honey. I think the longest I ever kept a guy hard was this time with my ex-boyfriend. He really pissed me off over something, I don't even remember what, but I got him in bed and refused to get him off. Then I made him sleep next to me the whole night -- we were both naked. I pressed myself right up against him and held his arm so he had to stay like that. I could feel his boner beating right against my ass all night, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was practically crying when we woke up."

Meg: "I think this beats both of yours. Remember that boy with the telescope back in freshman year? I realized that he was using it to try to spy on me. Well, he was from a religious family with a ton of brothers and sisters, so I knew he didn't have much time to whack off or a girl to do it for him. So I gave him a show -- always left the curtains open, walking around in my underwear or towels. Every once in a while, I would give him a really quick glimpse of my tits before I walked away from the window. I saw him trying to beat off through his pants a lot, but most of the time a car or person would go by and spook him out. I did that for over a month. When I got bored, I decided to fuck with him a little. I went outside one night and came up to him. He almost freaked out, but I sat him down, and then sat in his lap, and said: 'Look, I know what you're doing. Get one last good look, 'cause we're done here, unless you want mommy to know what you're doing." He looked like a fucking ghost! It was precious! And his little dick was hard as a rock, just like it must have been all month, except now it was right against my butt. Then I pulled my top down and waved my boobs in his face for just a second, and the little shit started cumming! I got up and started laughing at him, watching him bug out and wet his pants. He started crying and ran away, never saw him again."

"Damn, girl," Mona said in astonishment. I shared the feeling with her. I didn't realize my sister and her friends cock teased as if it were a sport. And that Meg could be such a bitch about it. I couldn't deny that the stories were having an effect on me down south, though.

--- I managed to put the girls' stories out of my mind for a little while. I had already used up a few shots avoiding questions about my sex life, so I picked "dare" hoping to change the focus a bit. I was also hoping that I would get one of those inane little dares like we used to give each other back in elementary school, like make out with a pillow or something.

"Why don't you get more comfortable and strip down to your boxers, big bro?" I froze for a second. I knew my boxers would betray the fact that I was getting hard. Whatever, I thought, if I keep taking shots I'll end up having my stomach pumped by the end of the night. I pulled my shirt off, then sat with my knees pulled to my chest to hide my arousal, lifting my ass up to get my pants off. It was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to do it.

Once I finished, I looked up to see the girls eyeing me intensely, wolves circling their prey. A confused feeling washed over me again, one that had been present since we started playing, really. On one hand, I was scared -- feeling exposed sitting in front of these girls. On the other, I really started to enjoy the game. That second feeling started getting stronger, though, as a result of the booze and the girls' tales of debauchery. I began to enjoy the attention a little. Maybe now was a chance for me to make up for what I had missed back in high school -- cheerleaders and party games.

Well, two can play this game. "Mona," I called out.

"Dare," she replied.

"My dare is for you and Elise to take each others' shirts off."

"Hey, this wasn't my dare," Elise protested. Mona leaned over and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and let Mona pull her baby tee over her head. Elise then unbuttoned Mona's flannel pajama shirt and pushed it from her shoulders. Damn, just watching was turning me on so much. I had always found Elise, the waifish redhead, to be particularly beautiful. But now my eyes were glued on Mona's tremendous cleavage. The two were really physical opposites. Elise was tall, fair, and freckled. Mona was short, curvy, and tanned. I started eyeing up all of Mona's curves. Even the cheer uniform, to some extent, hid what she really had. It was as if the rigors of cheerleading and the extra meat on her figure had done battle, leaving a scrumptious body that was simultaneously voluptuous and toned. Not to mention her ample bosom. My dick crawled up my leg even further as I took in the sight.

Mona picked Elise next and she picked dare as well. It seemed to be that point in the game when no one cared about the first option anymore.

"All right, why don't you kiss Meg?" My eyes nearly bugged out -- I thought straight girls kissing each other only happened in pornos, though I was beginning to feel as if I had stepped right into one anyway.

"Weeeellll..." Elise hesitated, but Meg had planted her lips on Elise within seconds. Elise grunted in surprise, and then seemed to be overcome by Meg. The kiss grew deeper and deeper and I could tell they were fully exploring each other's mouths. It was so, so arousing. I tried not to look at Meg, I tried not to get turned on by my sister, but it was no use. My member just kept on growing as the kiss continued until it nearly escaped the leg of my boxers. The two drew each other even closer, pressing their bodies together and running their hands up and down each others' backs. Little feminine groans escaped from their mouths every few seconds. I couldn't help myself and ran my hand over my dick; just a few quick strokes over my boxers.

Once they had broken the kiss, we all sat in a daze for a moment. Elise finally decided to take her turn.

"Okay Mona, why don't you play with Jeff for a couple of minutes?" Mona hadn't even chosen dare, but I wasn't going to complain. She got up, walked over, and sat next to me, leaning in to give me a little peck on the lips. Her hand pushed my legs down and the circus tent that was my boxers was now on display.

"Someone's excited," Mona said, followed by a wave of giggles that made me blush a little. Once Mona put her hand on my bulge, though, I stopped caring. She slowly ran the palm of her hand up and down the length of my shaft, causing it to rub between the skin of my stomach and the cotton of my boxers. Then she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed the head. I moaned as precum seeped into my boxers. Her touch was so light, so soft, so slow, but still delicious.

After she had alternated between the two techniques a little, Meg reminded her: "One minute left." Mona started to rub me right near my waistband and then her hand plunged in. Fingers fluttered over my erection, just barely stimulating me. They wrapped around me again, except this time with no cotton barrier. I swallowed hard -- would my sister's hot friend, the one that I had fantasized about, jerk me off right here. I twitched in her hand at the thought. She rubbed up and down, ever so slowly.

"Thirty seconds." I wasn't going to get off in that time. At least I wouldn't cream my pants in front of Meg and Elise. But I would have a damn hot session in the bathroom later tonight. Mona lowered her head toward my crotch, her mouth open. I could feel her breath through the cotton layer as she exhaled less than an inch from my tip.

"Ten seconds." Mona's tongue unfurled and touched the wet patch on my boxers. It pushed right into my head and then licked up and down slightly. She was tasting my precum! The idea, not to mention the feeling of her tongue, caused more to trickle out. The spot was saturated now and one minuscule droplet made it through. Her lips descended around her tongue until they met the very tiniest part of my tip, right at the hole, and sucked up the droplet. She sucked that little bit of my head through my wet shorts until—

"Time." Mona got up and walked back to her spot. My cock strained against my boxers, which now sported a giant spot that was a mix of saliva and precum. God, I needed more. On my next turn, I was asking for a handjob or a blowjob and I didn't care who or how, as long as I got off. But now it was Mona's turn, and she picked Meg.

"Dare," replied Meg.

"Hmm, why don't you get..." she paused, "No, I've got an even better idea! Why don't you and your brother jerk off and stop when somebody cums, so whoever gets off first wins!"

"Great idea!" said Meg knowingly.

"Hey, hey, this was Meg's dare," I said.

"Our game, our rules, bro. Besides, it'll be so fun, won't it?" She walked toward me, pulling her shorts down. "Now off with your boxers."

"That wasn't part of the dare either," I said, standing up to walk over to the wall so I could lean my back against it.

"We wanna see you stroke it!" Mona cried.

"Yeah, we'll do it for you if you don't wanna, bro." Elise and Meg already had their thumbs hooked around either side of my waistband. Before I knew it, my cock had sprung free as the boxers hit the floor. Now they saw their creation in all of its glory. Well, it wasn't like they didn't know I was completely hard before. I sighed and sat down against the wall and Meg joined me.

I resignedly squeezed my cock, still apprehensive despite my inebriation. I started stroking, stealing glances at Elise and Mona who were transfixed by my performance. But I tried to keep my gaze downward. Meg started to moan. I looked over and saw her -- shorts bunched around her knees, hand down her panties. Her nipples were poking through her light t-shirt. She looked so strange, sitting there fingering herself. No, I didn't want to know what my sister looked like when she masturbated. I tried instead to concentrate on Mona and Elise's cleavage, but I couldn't help looking over at Meg every so often.

I was so horny. This was it, this was my chance for relief. Instead of stroking myself timidly, I should try to get off. I mean, I would have liked to get one of the girls to do it for me, but I needed to cum. I had to beat Meg, so I started beating myself off like mad. The other two began to run their hands over their shorts now. Yes, that got me even closer. My balls tightened -- it wouldn't be long.

"Oh, I'm cumming!" shouted Meg with the worst timing possible. She writhed in pleasure and closed her eyes as her orgasm took hold. It was so hot, but she was my sister. God, I was grossing myself out, especially because I was right on edge now watching her cum. Fuck it, I had to blow. I kept stroking despite the rule, but the other two yelled "Stop!"

"Just lemme go a little more," I said.

"They said 'stop!'" Meg had woken from her orgasm and slapped my hand away from my dick. I grumbled. "Our game, our rules." ---

After we cooled down for a bit, we tried to work out whose turn it was now. Elise suggested we do rock paper scissors and Meg won, so she picked Mona and dared her to give me lapdance.

I sat in the chair Meg brought over to me as Mona approached. She planted herself right in my lap, pushing against my exposed hardness. I felt her lips pucker against my chest, making soft little popping noises until she reached my nipple and played with it using her tongue. Then, the real thing started. She began by slowly rocking back and forth on my lap, steadily increasing in speed until she was thrusting her hips in and out at a quick tempo. My cock was all over the place. It slapped against her stomach, it was pressed on by her panty-covered lips, it was rubbed by her soft, round ass. She put her arms around my neck and leaned further into me, so now her overflowing bosom was pressing right against my chest on every forward thrust. I couldn't help but look down to see both what she was doing to my member and to take advantage of the incredible view of her cleavage.

"I can feel how much you like that. Why don't you have a little more?" She pulled my hands around her and slid them down to those incredible curves on her waist and hips until a bouncy cheek filled each palm. I couldn't help myself -- her rear was the nicest I'd ever seen -- so I gave her a little spank. She gave a little "oh" of surprise.

"I guess you really like that," she said, still grinding against me hard as ever. A set of hands ran from her back right up onto her chest and fondled her for a moment. I looked up to see Meg running her hands to Mona's back, undoing the clasp of her bra. The bra popped open and Meg removed it from Mona's chest. Meg pulled my hands off Mona's ass and pushed them into her breasts. I almost fought back at first, not enjoying the idea of my sister intruding on this intense sexual experience, but I let it happen. I couldn't deny that Meg wouldn't be able to stop me from feeling up one of the most exquisite sets I'd ever seen, from living one of my wet dreams. I groped and pinched and squeezed to my heart's desire, getting lost in the experience. Mona's dirty panting and mutterings increased as I got closer and closer to cumming. I was twitching all over, letting my precum dribble into her crotch. I was going to release --

In the same moment, Mona lifted herself from my lap and I felt metal around my wrists.

--- "What's the big fucking idea here?" I shouted.

"Don't worry, big bro, we're just gonna have a little more fun, but we can't have you running away on us," Meg said.

"Hey, come on, lemme go!"

"By the way," said Mona, "My next dare is for Elise to kiss me."

I stopped caring about the ridiculous levels Meg had escalated this game to when Elise and Mona started kissing each other right in front of my cock. My now completely aching member showed approval by releasing a few drops to the floor. After a minute or so, they moved closer so that their lips engulfed either side of my head and then met in the middle. Then their tongues rolled over my head to meet as well, dancing every which way to touch each other. Holy shit, two red hot half-naked girls were kissing each other with my cock right in the middle of it! They kept at it, mesmerizing me. Meg came over and joined in the kissing, which pushed the other girls back a bit and let my tip slide into her mouth.

"Meg!" I yelled. This was going too far. My sister with my dick in her mouth. It was just wrong. I shuddered, half violated but half pleased. I never finished my protest, letting the kiss continue. How could I ask them to stop? Even Meg's tongue felt amazing. The kissing ended and the girls peered up at me. Now that they had stopped, I was almost sure that they hadn't just done what they had done.

"Now, I dare all of us to play another game. Everyone gets one suck and whoever makes him cum first, wins!" Elise said enthusiastically. She grabbed the base of my member and then swallowed the thing whole, slowly sucking every inch until it popped out of her mouth. Enjoy this, I told myself, it'll be the sexiest thing that ever happens to you.

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