tagNovels and NovellasJust One of Many Pt. 04

Just One of Many Pt. 04


Chapter 11

At eight in the morning on a Thursday morning, in February, things changed. Chris, Catherine, and Megan were driven in a black Sedan to the country woods of Seattle. The weather was horrid. Megan was curled against Catherine's side, watching SpongeBob. Catherine was nodding off, dark circles under her eyes, and her hips were aching.

To Catherine, Chris looked like he was just peachy. Under the skin though, she couldn't be more wrong. He was more stress than he had ever been. To him, he never wanted Cat to leave his side. Under that, he was scared she would change her mind later on. Under that, he was worried about what kind of father figure he'd be. Above all of that, he was scared that she would die on his watch. If that happened, he knew he wouldn't be able to live with the guilt and regret.

When they had driven about four miles, or deeper into the woods, they reached a log cabin. A-framed and two stories. It was surrounded by nothing just trees, trees, and more trees. Agents surrounded the house, some hidden, some not. When they walked through the door, three agents sat in the living room, a coffee table in front of them with stacks of paper covering it.

An agent in a black suit carried the bags to a room off the kitchen. He motioned for Catherine to follow. Another agent took Chris to the kitchen table. He didn't give her a second glance as she walked by, carrying Megan. The agent let the bags fall to the floor, and shut the door behind him as he stood at the door. Catherine stared at him.

"Is there something else?" Catherine asked.

"Ma'am, there are some things you need to know."

"My name isn't ma'am, sir." His lips upturned and Cat had to smile.

"Ms. Kelly, you are here for your own protection. And your daughter's. May I be frank?"

"Go for it."

"As far as fucking your Witness Agent, it stops now." Cat's jaw dropped.

"Excuse me? What in the hell makes you think I'd spread my legs for a man I've known less than a month?" Cat walked to the door and snatched it so fast, every head turned to look. "And as for your thought on my personal life, you can keep your frank little ass, out of it!"

A few snickers sounded the room, the crying of Megan and Cat's hard breathing. The agent glanced down before returning her gaze.

"Ma'am, I don't care what you did before here. I'm just telling you the fact of it is, it stops here." Cat tightened her fists at her side.

"And sir, I'm telling you, that the next word out of your mouth that concerns myself and any male, will result in the hardest kick of my life to a region that would hurt quite badly on your body." With that the agent walked out the front door.

Cat was still steaming when Chris came into the bedroom about an hour later. He kicked off his shoes, let his coat fall on the dresser and flopped down on the bed.

"Do you understand what held me back now?" He whispered. Cat turned over, looking at the ceiling.


"I liked what you said, nice." Cat smiled. Chris turned over, crawling up beside her. He leant over her, his lips brushing hers softly. "I'm resigning as your Witness Agent."

Cat stared at him, open mouthed. "What does that mean, exactly?"

"It means, that I no longer am at liberty to worry about my work ethnics with you. If you want me, then I'm free to be yours."

Tears welled in Cat's eyes and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. Her lips pressed against his. He chuckled, wrapping her in his arms as well. Their lips crushed together, again and again. Until there was a knock on the door, they didn't break apart. Cat collected herself as Chris did the same, then went to the door. At the door, was a young agent, holding a stack of folders.

"We'd like to the meeting now, sir." Chris nodded and turned to motion Catherine to follow.

At the living room, three agents occupied the couch, including the one Cat had gotten heated over. One picked up a book, flipping it open. He held out his hand to Catherine, shaking hers briefly.

"Ms. Kelly, I'm agent Dozal. I'm the team leader." Cat nodded, wringing her hands.

"What exactly does that mean?" The man smiled.

"I organize the times of which each man is here. I worry about the security, things like that." Cat nodded. "Any more questions?"

"No, not at the moment." He nodded and looked to the next man, seated in the middle.

"Well, I'm Agent Clarent. I basically worry about your medical care. I'm a certified doctor. I tag along to things like this to take care of the medical needs of the personal. So, if you feel sick, any pains, anything like that-I'm the one to come to." Cat nodded again.

"Does that include-" The man nodded.

"Yes, feminine personal care too." She nodded again.


"Well, you already know me. I'm Agent Marks. I'm one of your body guards." He motioned to another man leaning against the fireplace. "That's the other. Of course everyone is looking out for you both, but we're the main ones."

"So, we live inside the house all the time?" They all exchanged glances.

"Basically. That's what we were getting to next."

"Do you have any family, friends, and boyfriends...anybody whom would miss your presences?" Agent Dozal asked.

"No." Tears brimmed her eyes.

"Are there any reasons why you would write mail, make calls, anything like that?"


"Are there any special needs you have, or Megan has?"

"I'm low on her food. She doesn't use bottles, but it is a baby oatmeal type thing. I'm really low and need more." Dozal got out a pen and wrote the necessity on a sticky note.

"Anything else? Any medication, personal needs?"

"No. Nothing."

"Rules." Added the fireplace guy.

"Don't go outside without a body guard. Don't open windows, or curtains. And, we ask you keep a good eye on the child."

"That child as a name. It's Megan. And I will."

With that, the meeting was over.

Chapter 12

Catherine took a shower, then slipped into one of Chris's work shirts. She left the two few buttons undone, and didn't wear a bra under it. When she got to the bed, Chris wasn't there. For a second, she could still hear him in the living room, discussing plans with the others. She smiled, he cared. Whether it was just his job, or his true feelings, he cared.

Cat pulled out her tablet again, laid across the bed, and started to write. After about twenty minutes, her tablet was on the bed, and her head was lolled on the pillow.

Chris came into the bedroom, he was tugging at his tie, kicking off his shoes and throwing off his jacket. When he saw the sight in front of him, splayed across the bed, that changed. He finished taking off his tie, and his shoes. The jacket landed on top of the pile. He landed on top of Cat.

When Cat woke, she was very confused. Her shirt was unbuttoned all the way to the bottom. Lips were trailing down to her belly button. She gasped at the realization. Her body withered, moving under his lips.

"Awake?" Chris's husky voice broke through the sleepy fog. Her shifting was the answer. "Do you want me to stop?"

"God, no." She whispered. He smiled against her skin

His lips trailed back to her neck, sliding soft kisses down to her collar bone. From there, he moved to her shoulders. His teeth nipped at her shoulder bone, making her squeal. While his lips nipped at her shoulders, his hands slid down to her thighs. She jumped at the contact.

"You ok?" She looked down at him, tears in her eyes. "Cat, if you're not ready, just say so. I'm not going to make you, honey."

"I'm not ready." Chris nodded, but the disappointment couldn't be masked. "I'm sorry."

"No, no, don't be sorry." He laid next to her, stroking his hand through her hair. She rolled over, laying her head against his chest. "Are you scared of it, or me?"


"Are you scared of doing it? Like getting pregnant, that it'll hurt, things like that. Or are you scared of me? Are you scared I'm going to hurt you?"

"I know it's going to hurt. But I don't think you'll hurt me." Cat whispered. Chris nodded.

"I do like rough sex though, Cat." Cat looked up at him.

"What do you mean?"

"The whole tying up, biting, that kind of stuff, I like doing that."

"Oh." Chris looked down at Cat.

"Ever been bitten?" Cat shook her head. Chris lowered her head to her breast.

"Not there!" Chris laughed.

"Babe, if I bite you on the neck, it's gonna be easy to see by anyone. Same with the shoulder. Has to be your breast."

"What about my leg or something." He shook his head.

"No, breast." Cat shuddered and finally nodded.

"Fine." She whispered. He lowered his head again.

He kissed the spot right above her nipple. His tongue moved over it as his lips sucked at it. After a few seconds of that, he sank in his teeth, capturing the skin. She whimpered, almost crying out but clamped a hand over her mouth. When he rose up, she was breathing heavily and a tear leaked out of her closed eyes. He used a finger to wipe it away.

"You ok?" She nodded. "Hurt that bad?"

"N-No." He smiled.

"I don't remember you ever stuttering." Cat smiled.

"Really? I always stutter."

"Mhm. That's gonna be a bruise in the morning." Cat looked down.

"Remind me to check you for fangs in the morning." Chris laughed.

"I didn't bite you near as hard as I could've. Trust me."

"Oh really."

"Yeah, really."

"How hard can you bite then?"

"Um well, I've bitten so hard before that I actually got past the skin and she bled."


"Nah, she actually came when I did it. She was really into it." Cat nodded, then looked away.

"So, if I don't like the rough style, we can't be together?"

"Well, I could always go find some prostitutes. No big deal."


"I'm joking, Cat." He said laughing. She still stared at him. "I'm kidding. Relax."


"Cat, don't worry about that, ok? I really like you, I can compromise with the sex part."

"Can you? What if we stay together for a while and I can't satisfy you?"


"What if I can't Chris? How could you stay with me?" Tears were brimming her eyes now.

"Cat! Stop it!" She snapped her mouth shut. "Listen to me! No matter what happens with us, sex isn't going to ruin that. I promise."

"You can't promise that Chris, you can't promise that you'll always have the same feelings down the road."

"With you, I can."

Cat couldn't help but wonder what exact feelings it was that Chris was having about her.

Chapter 13

In the morning when Catherine woke, it was around nine in the morning. She was on her back, an arm over her head. The shirt of Chris's was open on both sides, showing any and everything she had to offer. Chris was asleep beside her in only a pair of plaid boxers. He was on his stomach, one arm over the side of the bed. Catherine couldn't help but laugh as she got up.

A bathroom was adjoined to their room. It was quite big. It had double counter tops with a sink in each. A small window in one of the walls, was covered by a large curtain. At least back home she could open the blinds and windows if she wanted to. Being her was like being in a damn prison.

Cat stood at the sink and brushed her teeth, washed her face, then started a bath. The water was nice and hot, the room was steamy in a few seconds. She let the shirt fall to the floor and stepped into the shower.

The water on her skin was like renewing herself. When she let it pour over her, it was like she was letting the worry and stress from the night before just disappear down the drain. She was like a new woman when she got out.

When Chris woke, spit was pooled at the corner of his mouth. He rolled over, moving a hand over his mouth in a lazy fashion. When he looked to the door, Catherine was leaning against the frame. A black tank top and tight jeans flattered her figure. He smiled and sat up on his elbows. She smiled back.

"Well, aren't you just stunning." Cat smiled.

"You too, so sexy with spit on your chin." Chris laughed and wiped it away. "The plaid boxers are just beautiful too."

"So is that black thong." He motioned to waist. The top string was above the seams of the jeans. Blushing, she pushed it back down. "Come here, beautiful."

Cat walked to the bed, sitting on the edge beside him. He pulled her back, planting kisses on her parted lips. His hands held her firmly against his bare chest. Her hands gripped at his back. Before long, she was moaning against his mouth.


"Yes, yes, please." She urged, already tearing at her own shirt.

He helped her, ripping it right over her head. His lips trailed down, nipping at the skin as he worked on her jeans. He tore those off, letting them fall in the floor. She was left in the middle of the bed in only that black thong.

Cat pushed at the waist band of his boxers. He helped her with that too, kicking them off. When she looked down, she took a deep breath. It finally hit that this was happening.

Chris noticed her shaking form after he had removed her thong. He moved her up against the pillows easily. He kissed her quivering lips and chin.

"I won't hurt you, baby." Cat nodded, trying to suppress the tears. "Are you sure? You can change your mind."

"No, no, I-I want this." Chris nodded.

Chris kneeled between Catherine's spread thighs. She whimpered as he brought contact between them. He penetrated and tears washed her cheeks. Chris took her hand, holding tight in his own as he slowly withdrew and penetrated again. His lips hid the cries she couldn't keep back.

When it was done, Cat's shaking body laid next to Chris's, her head resting on his chest. He laid a hand on her head, another on her bare side. His lips pressed against her forehead.

"Are you ok?"


"It's not always the best the first time. It gets better."

"That your way of getting me to do it again?" Chris chuckled.

"Depends, is it working?" Cat smiled.


"Damn," Cat smiled again.

"How about some breakfast?"

"Sounds good." Cat got up, whimpering as she dressed.

Cat left Chris on the bed. She went out to the kitchen where a few guys were watching TV. They were the ones who were off duty.

She grabbed a few pans and started cooking.

On the table were a plate of blueberry pancakes, biscuits, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. The three guys from the living room, Megan, and Chris were seated at the table. A pitcher of sweet lemon tea sat in the middle.

"Ms. Kelly, this is about the best damn breakfast I've had in many years." Agent Dozal said with a smile. Catherine smiled back.


All echoed the compliments and Catherine smiled at them. Everyone had second and thirds. For a few minutes, though it was a messed up one, Cat had a family.

Chapter 13

Only twenty miles away, Tyler Mathew Carrier and his army of mob goons were sitting in a Denny's eating their breakfast of coffee. One of them, was Tommy Markson. He sat across from Tyler. He himself was twenty-eight. At the time of the murder, he had been twenty-six and made every pass he could at little fifteen year old Catherine. Only, she had made every effort to blow him off.

"You can."

"Are you sure, sir? She is your daughter."

"No, she's just some bitch who ratted me out now. She ain't nothing but some pain in my ass now. You can fuck the shit out of her as many times as you want."

Tommy smiled at that. He'd make the bitch pay. She'd be bent over in agony by the time he was done with her. No hole would be unfucked.

Chapter 14

Catherine laid panting on the bed, Chris stroking her hair beside her. Their second time wasn't the best, but it wasn't as bed either. At least this time, pain wasn't the only thing she felt.

A sound rang in the distance and Chris was up out of bed, pulling on clothes. Catherine sat up, not realizing what was going on.

"What, what's wrong?"

"Get dressed. Now!" With that, he pulled out a gun from the nightstand. A shot rang closer now, and a groan was heard.

"Oh my god! No, no!" Catherine rushed, pulling on a pair of blue flannel pj's pants and one of Chris's shirts over her bra, buttoning it up. Megan was asleep in her bed. Cat picked her up, wrapping a blanket around her.

Dozal busted through the door, holding another gun and looked to Chris then Cat. He motioned for Chris. Cat started to walk with them, but he stopped her.

"Stay here. I'll put someone in front of the door. Just stay here."

With that, they were both gone out the door. Catherine stood there like an idiot, holding the baby in her arms. Finally, she got her wits, some of them anyways. She crawled on the floor, sliding under the bed and holding Megan against her chest with the blanket around her.

Tommy stepped up the window, sliding it open and pushing apart the blinds. From where he stood, he could see Catherine's back. That little pain in the ass was beside her.

When he slipped in, Catherine heard the footsteps. She withered around until she looked over at the window. Her eyes widened and she moved around, trying to get out from under the bed.

Tommy smiled, taking his mask off. He was muddy and wet, but he was also something else. Catherine was fumbling around in the nightstand drawer, then appeared a gun. He had to smile.

"Oh come now, honey. You aren't gonna shoot me." He stepped forward. The shook in her hand as tears rolled down her cheeks. "You even know how to shoot a gun? Know how to take the safety off?"

"I know I'm not just going to stand here and take this shit anymore."

"Whooh! You've gotten feisty!"

With a few quick movements, the gun was out of her hand. She was backed up and pinned against the wall, one arm across her throat, and the gun against her stomach. She closed her eyes and tears leaked out.

"I've gotta tell ya, that just makes me want you even more." He whispered in her ear. His tongue flicked over her ear and she squirmed.

Tommy pulled her over to the bed, ripping her pants off down to her thighs, and pulling his own down. With his own legs, he pinned hers to the bed. In a hard thrust, he was buried to her core. She cried out agaisnt his hand, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Now, you see how easier this could've been if you hadn't have blown me off all those times? We could've had a lot more time for me to fuck you. Now, I gotta hurry. And I don't like to hurry." Each time he thrust, it was harder and faster. Catherine squirmed and cried, trying to hit the wall, anything she could to get someone to hear.

When he had finished, Tommy got up and fixed his pants, leaving her on the bed, crying.

"Fix your pants. Hurry up." When she struggled with them, he just leant over her and did it himself.

He pulled her up off the bed, pushing her out the window where another guy was waiting.

Chapter 15

The other guy, a regular she had seen around her house before, Mick, pulled her through the woods and to a blue ford explorer. He grabbed a rope from the bed, wrapping her wrists painfully together. A white pillow sheet was tied across her mouth, another across her eyes. After they pushed her into the back on her side, they ties her ankles together.

Catherine rolled around the back of the explorer as they bumped along the dirt and rocky road of the forest. She couldn't help but be a little happy. Megan was still fast asleep, snug, under the bed. If Chris thought about it, he would know where she was. Bumping along the road, Catherine thought about her death, of what it would be like. Tommy would certainly rape her a few more times. Some of the others probably would. Tyler would beat her. By the time they were done, she'd probably be begging them to kill her. The only things she had to live for were Chris and Megan. Chris would take care of Megan, and Chris would find someone new. The thought of Tommy thinking he had taken her virginity brought a smile to her lips.

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