tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust One of My Many Fantasies

Just One of My Many Fantasies


Once again, my son is out, and I am home alone. Smoking a little weed always made me feel very sexual, and this time was no different. Being a little stoned, I began thinking about a fantasy I have had for a long time now. I would love two men, to use me like a whore. Looks, age, (legal of course), and race are completely unimportant. As long as they make me feel used, and like a slut I don't care about anything else. Of course I have many scenarios, in which I get used, and all of them very HOT! The following story is of just one of my many slutty fantasies.

I walked into the bar not wanting to talk with anyone, and just get a beer and go. As I walked through the door, I was pleased that it wasn't crowded at all. Just a couple of old guys at the bar, and all the booths empty. What a relief I thought to myself. I noticed the two old guys turned as I walked in and they looked at me like a I was a piece of meat, and nothing more. Trying to figure out why my pussy was beginning to feel moist, I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. These two perverts were looking me up and down as I stood there getting my beer. They licked their lips as they leered at my ass, and tits, and I was getting excited. I stand about 5 feet 2 inches tall, and I weigh about 230 lbs., have long brown hair, and 40D tits, that felt eyes burning into them. I paid for my beer and went to the back to sit at a table, feeling like a filthy slut since my pussy was soaked by their stares.

Almost done with my beer, one of the old men came over with a fresh one, and offered it to me. Since I don't drink much, the one beer made me a bit mellow. I took the beer and asked if he would like to sit down, which he did even before I finished asking, but instead of sitting across from me, he slid in next to me. Now I was thinking that maybe I should not have chosen the darkest table possible, we could barely see each other. I felt his hand on my tit, and I pushed him away, asking him to please just leave me alone. He ignored me and began to squeeze me hard, and rough telling me he knew what I needed. Still trying to push him off though not as forceful now, I felt his hand go down my body, and he began rubbing my cunt from outside my pants, as he continued his verbal abuse in my ear. I don't know if it was the beer, or that he was right and I was a whore for cock, but I stopped fighting him, and spread my legs further.

"Oh yes you fucking whore, spread those legs for me."

"Oh yes, use me." I said.

"You're nothing more than a dirty piece of fuck meat for cock!"

I was almost screaming now, "Oh yes, just a whore for cock!!"

I was so turned on, and excited, I didn't notice the second old man from the bar walk in and turn on a small light on the wall. It wasn't very bright at all but now he could see everything his friend was doing to me. He watched as his friend slid his hand inside my pants, and panties, feeling my hot dripping wet cunt, and listened to me moan in ecstasy as he did. He walked over to us and began roughly fondling my tits, pinching and pulling on my nipples, only making me hotter.

"Oh so the bitch likes it rough," he said with a dirty smile on his face.

"Yes!, Give it to me rough and hard!" I screamed.

"Throw the bitch up on the table so we can both get a turn at her!" his friend said.

With that I was grabbed by my hair and pulled out of the booth and thrown onto my back on a table in the middle of the floor, where the lighting was better. Almost immediately there was a cock filling my mouth, I felt another cock, smacking against my cheek, and then my mouth was forced onto the second cock. I was laying there taking turns sucking these old man cocks, and loving every minute of it. They weren't too big, maybe six inches, but they were rough and nasty, and that's what I needed. As I took turns sucking their cocks, they both began playing with my soaking wet cunt. They both slid a finger inside me, and I began to moan and fuck them right back, getting so hot I would pretty much have done anything they wanted. They fingered my cunt as I begged for them to fuck me, I told them I would do anything they wanted as long as I get fucked. They grabbed me off the table and now bent me over it putting my ass high in the air. I held onto the table as the first hard cock entered my throbbing cunt, making me scream for more. Another hard cock was forced into my mouth, laughing as I gagged at the sudden intrusion. after getting settled in my mouth, he began pumping my mouth like his friend was pumping my wet hole. I was enjoying this abuse so much I almost didn't realize a cock entering my anal opening. I was so turned on at this point, I pushed down on his cock until his whole cock was buried in my tight whore ass.

"Oh yes yes, fuck my ass!"

"You dirty whore, you love it in that fat ass of yours don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes, I feel like such a whore when I have a hard cock in my ass!"

"OH yeah!, you're a filthy fucking cum slut bitch!"

With that he pulled his cock out of my ass making me moan in disappointment, and he climbed up onto the table and laid on his back. The other old man helped me up onto the table so I could lower my ass down on the hard cock that was waiting to invade my ass once more. I leaned back and began pumping my ass up and down on his cock, as his friend began playing with my pussy, sliding his fingers inside me filling me up.

"Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!," I began screaming.

"Oh you fucking dirty cunt!," he screamed as he rammed his cock into my pussy.

I can't tell you how erotic it felt to be fucked by two cocks at the same time, filling my holes, making me their whore. I was loving every minute of it. They pounded into me harder and harder until they were ready to shoot their hot creamy loads, which they chose to shoot all over my face, hair, and tits. As I sat there with cum dripping off of me, they got dressed, and just left. I felt so used, and dirty, and it made my cunt tingle. I might have to come here more often I thought to myself.

This is just one of my many fantasies that I would love to try, but just can't find anyone to go along with it. Would you?

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