tagSci-Fi & FantasyJust Relax Ch. 02

Just Relax Ch. 02


Rick's dream that morning was vivid. His cock was engulfed in a woman's mouth and he was receiving the best blow-job of his life. At times the dream mouth belonged to Sarah; at times it was a nameless woman. At some point the dream shifted and he felt himself engulfed not by a mouth but by the vulva of the woman as she rode him gently at first. Then Jennifer began bucking on him faster and faster and, as she did, little moans escaped her lips.

Her moans turned to cries as her pace increased and slowly the noise brought him out of his sleep. As he came to consciousness the dream merged with reality: in the pre-dawn light, a soft young woman was atop him, her head thrown back, her hair flying in a cascade around her, and, together, they were approaching release.

Her hips continued bucking furiously against his, and his body responded automatically. Her head came down and her eyes opened wide to stare into his. Jennifer's mouth was gasping in air as she sought her release on him. His shock did nothing to reduce the fire in his sex and his yell of, "Jennifer?!" was half a cry of bewildered recognition and half a shout of intense joy as his semen exploded unrestrained into her.

Her own release seemed to be triggered by his and she screamed, "Sire!" As her whole body shacked with powerful spasms. Just before she collapsed on top him, her chest heaving along with his from their exertions.

Not knowing what to make of this, nor what he should do now, Rick put his arms around the woman he'd just seeded and loosely held her to him, a dazed expression on his sweat-drenched face.

So they lay, unmoving except for their slowing breath, for minutes. Finally she rolled off him, a bittersweet pleasure shooting through him as he finally slipped out from her vagina.

She lay on her side against him her head propped up on her elbow, and searched his face.

He said nothing, a mask on his face as he waited for her to say more about the strange event that just happened, or the, he felt sure of even stranger ones—that led up to it. Inside, his mind was a tumultuous mix of awe and what she had just given him, apprehension at the things she had cryptically shared with him earlier, and a growing fear that there was something not right about Jennifer and that he could very well be in danger here.

Eventually she smiled and said, "Thank you, Richard."

"Um, you're welcome?"

It seemed to him that she was looking at him with adoration and his dick twitched with the thought.

Then it settled in that a perfect stranger had just fucked him while he slept and appeared to regard him with something akin to worship. This began to disturb him, just a little.

"Jennifer?" he said.

"Yes, Richard?" she replied.

"I really think it's time you told me what's going on here. And I mean everything." Richard asked holding her hand.

Sadness darkened her face but she sighed and said, "I suppose I can't put you off any longer" She said rolling into sitting position "12 years prior to kidnapping you we were made. The scientist was a wealthy man; he found a way to clone skin for burn victims. His wealth came that way. However he also knew how to make people. We are those people created at 18 years of age and have perfected body types all appealing to men." She paused then continued "My sisters and I mean no harm to you, Richard," she began, "it's important that you believe that. All four of us..." A shadow filled her face as she broke off for a mo­ment. She took a deep breath and continued, "Three of us now. All of us were... made... one at a time, by a man named James. James had something that none of us truly understand. For lack of a better stronger - word, James had charisma. A charisma unlike anything I've ever felt. When he asked me to do something, I found myself unable to do anything but what he asked. I found myself WANTING to do what he asked whatever he asked. I did things for him I would never have done for any­one be­fore meet­ing him.

"He never had to use force with us. At first he asked, later he ordered, and we would do it. Each of us came to love him more than our own lives. Some quicker than others, but all of us would have given our lives for him. James." Her voice broke at this point and a sob racked her body. Rick didn't move as she put her head in her hands and struggled to regain her control "James... died... thirty-four days ago. It was a heart attack; he was dead before the ambulance got here."She paused and again visibly steeled herself as she continued, "Our youngest sis­ter, Shelley, killed her­self the next day. She was six­teen and had been with us for only a few months, but she loved John as much as any of us. Irene tried to kill herself a couple days later but Mindy and I stopped her in time."

As she paused for breath, Rick cautiously put in, "Jennifer, I'm not entirely sure I'm following you. You're saying this man grew all of you for his pleasure. And yet you all loved him?"

Jennifer smiled slightly, "Yes. He had some secret that made us do what he wanted. I know it's hard to believe, but I know I wouldn't have been made for another man James had watched us and cared for us. I can't explain why we shouldn't love him and obey his wishes. Anyway, I can't really explain it, but we loved him because he made us to love him. He even admitted as much himself. We did love him more than I could have loved anyone in a free life." Tears leaked silently down her face.

Richard just studied her wondering if this story was true "Sure cloning has gotten really big these day cattle and organs is all that's possible." He thought.

"More than I love life itself," she continued. "I would have killed myself too after he died, except I first asked myself what John would want. I know he loved me too he loved all of us, and he wouldn't have wanted me to die. "And" she gave a slightly hysterical laugh, "here comes the fun part. When I asked myself what he would want, I kept coming back to one answer: he'd want me to find a new... man. A new 'owner', and so we planned and searched. Then we found you and went to work then kidnapped you."

Shock and fear seeped into Rick at Jennifer's last words. Without realizing it, he pulled his legs up to his chest in a protective motion.

Jennifer watched as the man she had chosen to give herself to recoil from her in horror. She'd expected the reaction from a man after being drugged and stripped. However she was unable to stop the hysterical feeling building in her chest. She wanted to run away in shame, she wanted to fall on her knees and beg forgiveness, she wanted to lunge at the man and hold him down so he couldn't escape her. Instead she sat perfectly still and waited to see what he would do.

Finally, his eyes wide with fear, he whispered, "You're crazy." Then fell of the bed "You're crazy," he repeat­ed, louder. "You're crazy!" he yelled as he jumped off the bed in a single, explosive movement, adrenalin making him fail to notice the pain in his head that came from the sudden movement. Totally naked, he yanked open the door and flew into the hall, dizziness making him stumble and slam into the opposite wall, where he crumpled to his knees as nausea and pain overwhelmed him. As he struggled to push himself back to his feet, Rick saw a lithe young woman step out of a room down the hall. He had time to notice she was a stunningly beautiful redhead. He had time to register, subconsciously at least, that her green eyes showed nothing like the adoration Jennifer held but, instead, a flammable mix of desperation, intense grief, and some­thing very close to hatred seemed to bubble there. He even had time to contemplate running the pretty thing down to continue his escape. But then time seemed to slow as the rising muzzle of a medium, semiautomatic handgun. It made him freeze in terror. As she walked slowly towards him, his hope for continued survival left him as did his urine. Feeling his life at its end, the black evil muzzle aimed quite steadily at the center of his head, Rick still jumped a little at the sudden, sharp bark behind him.

"Irene! You will not harm him!" Jennifer's command made Irene halt her advance, but the firearm never wavered from its target.

"Richard," her voice dropped to a softer tone, "Rick I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for what we did to you. I'm sorry for the pain you've felt and the fear you must feel now. You have no idea how much this hurts me too I feel physical pain to be doing this to you, and I'm also sorry that we can't let you leave just yet. Please Richard, come back to your bed. You're really still not in any shape to be moving around."

Rick's head tried to turn towards Jennifer's voice, but his eyes seem glued to the gun which threatened to end him.

"Irene," Jennifer ordered, "lower the weapon Richard isn't going to run now. Are you Richard?"

After a hesitation, Irene obeyed. As the muzzle dropped, the tension seemed to leave Rick and he slumped limply against the wall.

Jennifer walked to him and gently helped him, really almost dragged him to his feet. She had planned to take him to the bed but, after smelling his urine on his legs and soaking into the carpet, decided a bath would be necessary first.

Rick seemed to have lost any fight and simply leaned against the nude woman, going where she led, letting her remove his shirt and set him on the toilet seat while she drew a bath. "You're crazy," he whispered again.

Jennifer looked at him with a moment of alarm, worried he would bolt again. It was obvious; however, he barely had the strength to keep himself upright on the toilet.

"You may be right," she finally answered, "I don't feel that I am but it's possible none of us are 'sane' by the word's clinical definition. We were simply made in a tube by James." When he didn't respond, she turned back to the bath and tested its temperature. Judging the bath ready, she turned to Rick and helped him towards the giant, claw-footed basin.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Rick asked.

"Here, lift your foot, be careful not to slip," she said.

She settled him in to the water before answering his question. "I'm doing it to survive," she said, tears forming along with her words. "If I don't find someone to... belong to... I will die. I will literally die, because I will kill myself. James wouldn't want that, but I just can't live without belonging to someone. None of us can." She stared at Rick; again with that look of adoration, as he leaned back in the tub, his eyes closed "You look like him. You look like James. That's why we chose you." She affected a more chipper tone as she continued, "You know, there's really no reason to fight us. All we want is to serve you. All we will ever want from you is to be­long to you and to make you happy."

When Rick didn't answer, she leaned over and touched him on the shoulder, "Richard? Rick?"

He opened exhausted eyes and looked at her.

"Please, Rick, give us a chance. Please give me a chance. Will you at least give me that?"

He looked at the lovely, tear stained face a moment more, and then closed his eyes without answering.

Jennifer sighed and began gently soaping Rick's urine covered legs. Rick let her and gave no reaction when she moved her attention to his chest. When her hands drifted to his crotch, however, he weakly pushed them away. She obeyed his wish and left his private parts alone.

Other than that, Rick was completely cooperative as she got him out, dried him, and helped him to bed. And when she indicated that he should roll to his side he complied and made no complaint as she then spooned her warm, bare body against him. Despite his fear, despite having just come off a long night's sleep, it was not long at all before Rick faded off once again.

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