tagMind ControlJust Relax: Melinda's Mall Mission

Just Relax: Melinda's Mall Mission


'Just Relax.'

Melinda's eyes widened for a second before her well-trained mind took over and she sank into the first stages of trance. Patrick had taken her out to the Waterway Mall and they were sitting in the food court having just had a light meal. She had not expected him to put her under here, in public. She knew full well her subconscious would be perfectly happy letting him persuade her to do just about anything; the thought of what he might have her do here was thrilling, horrifying, exciting...

She was dimly aware of Pat shifting his chair closer. His lips touched her ear and she let out a tiny moan, already wet at the thought of what might happen. 'Let yourself relax, Mel,' he whispered. 'Let your will float away. Your mind and body are mine to command.'

'Yours to command,' she mumbled softly in reply.

'I'm going to give you some instructions now. You will not remember them, but you will act on them. You will follow these instructions without question, even though you will not remember me giving them to you. First...'


Mel blinked. Pat was nowhere to be seen, though she had a sneaking suspicion that he was somewhere nearby, watching. She knew he had put her under, which was now something he could do with a simple phrase. Two words and she was his to do with as he wished. She squirmed a little at the thought of some of the things he had wished for over the past two weeks. This was the first time he had done it in public, however, and she was not sure what he had done.

She did a quick inventory. Her panties were still on, so was her bra. There was a liquid warmth between her legs which was not unexpected. Silk blouse, light jacket, and short, slim skirt still on, as were her pumps with the four-inch heels. Her purse was still there with her phone and wallet in it. Her eyes narrowed; what had he done?

All right, so... she got to her feet, not quite sure of what she should do, and soon found herself walking out of the food court. She wandered aimlessly, looking in windows, but never getting the urge to enter any of the shops. She felt as though something was keeping her moving, an irresistible urge to find something she did not know she was looking for. Frustration began to set in and it came as something of a relief when she found herself walking into a small sex shop hidden away on the top floor of the mall.

Well, it certainly should not have been a surprise, she figured. Her lips twitched into a grin as she began browsing through the shop observed by the tall brunette behind the counter. While Mel had no idea what she was looking for, she guessed she would know it when she saw it. She worked her way past racks of boxed dildos and vibrators, and nothing stood out. Cuffs, collars, and nipple clamps. She was a little glad when none of those had her reaching for them, even though she had allowed Pat to tie her up a couple of times. She picked up a box containing a vibrating egg, thinking that that seemed a little bland until she realised that she wanted something else too. None of the outfits hanging on racks at the back attracted her attention, though she did consider buying a couple of them because she had never worn anything that kinky. Her mission drove her on, however, until she came to a display of butt plugs and swallowed at the thought of sliding one of them in.

'He can't mean me to...' she murmured to herself, but her hand reached out involuntarily to stroke over one of the plugs. It was thin and made of black latex. Too thin, even though she had never had anything thicker than a finger in her anus. She stroked over two more, one a medium sized bulb, the next far thicker. Her fingers trembled as she picked the largest one up, turning it over in her hand. It looked huge; short, but very thick. Her heart was thumping; she would never get that inside her, but the thought of being made to try made the warmth in her pussy grow.

Apparently, Pat had decided to be merciful. She put the plug back down and, reaching beneath the display, picked up a box containing one of the medium-sized plugs. Again, it was almost a relief, and now she was walking to the counter to pay.

The girl looked at her purchases and then produced a set of batteries for the egg. 'Those are complimentary,' she said with a smile. 'Do you need lubricant?'

Mel found herself speaking before her brain had engaged. 'Yes, one of the small bottles of water-based lubricant. I have plenty at home, but I want to put these in before I meet my boyfriend.'

The girl's lips twitched as she turned and took a small, plastic bottom form behind her. Mel felt as though her cheeks were going to catch fire. It was partially what she had said, and partially the realisation that she really was going to put these things in before she left the mall.

'There's a changing room in the back you could use,' the assistant said. Her voice had a slightly amused edge to the helpful tone. She did not sound even the slightest bit surprised.

'I'll be fine, thank you,' Mel replied, knowing she was blushing.

Next stop was the ladies' restroom on the floor below. She slipped into a cubicle, put the seat down, and unzipped her skirt. It was carefully folded and placed on the toilet seat, followed by her white lace thong. She had a feeling that the plug would be easier to insert first, but her hands had other ideas. The egg was a simple one; she unscrewed the two halves, found the bullet vibe inside it, inserted the tiny batteries, turned it on, screwed the whole thing back together, and then slid it into her pussy without any lubrication. Lubrication was, at this point, unnecessary. The only indication that the thing was in there was a nylon loop which hung out between her pussy lips. She gave it a tug, making sure the egg was secure enough, and the humming egg bounced over her G-spot. She let out a loud moan, and then she clamped her hand over her mouth. As far as she knew, there was no one else in the room, but she had not checked all the stalls.

Next was the plug. She figured this was going to be tough and applied liberal amounts of lubricant to both the plug itself and the little hole it was going into. As her fingers stroked over her anus and the egg buzzed inside her, she felt herself getting hotter. Her kegels began to clench and she realised she was falling into a trap, pulling her fingers away with some effort. Pat had obviously not enforced the suggestion to come in here, playing with her ass. Somehow she knew she had just broken off in time to stop it becoming a need instead of a desire.

She picked up the slick, rubber plug and looked at it. It widened rapidly from its rounded top to a bulb maybe two inches in diameter before narrowing to about an inch with a thick skirt to keep it from vanishing inside her. She swallowed nervously, put her right foot up on the toilet seat, and placed the head of the plug against her anus. As soon as she began to push she felt herself relax. Pat had been merciful again, suggesting that she should relax her muscles as she inserted the plug. Still, the pressure seemed quite intense and she bit her lip as she felt her body being stretched by the rubber. She whimpered and kept on pushing. There was an instant of pain and then her sphincter muscle tightened around the neck of the plug.

Gingerly, she lowered her leg and stood up straight, and let out a groan. She had never felt so full in her life. The egg buzzed and hummed and almost seemed to rattle against the plug. The plug's thickness pushed the egg forward enough that it settled over her G-spot. She reached for her skirt, and started putting it on without her panties. Moving made the egg shift and stimulate her more; walking was going to be exquisite torture. Dropping the boxes, lube, and her panties into the paper bag from the shop, she unlocked the door and walked out. She ignored the woman washing her hands as she did the same. Mel knew the woman had heard at least that last groan because the woman was studiously ignoring her too.

Walking really was a trial. Every strutting step bounced the egg and she found that she was unable to take more normal steps. She did not know where she was going, and just walked around the floor once, twice, three times. She began to realise that she was not going anywhere, just walking around in circles while the egg and plug combination drove her insane. She could feel her own juices running down her inner thighs. If this kept up she was going to end up rolling on the floor while she shrieked out her climax in public. The thought of that almost pushed her into doing it.

Then she spotted Pat. He was leaning against a rail, watching with a mischievous grin on his face as she strutted toward him. She stopped beside him, reached into her bag, and handed him her panties. Then she stood up straight, pushing her chest out and placing her hands behind her back. Her eyes were cast meekly down.

'How are you feeling, Mel?' he asked.

'Very full, Master.' He had never told her to call him that, or suggested it. She had started doing it whenever they were playing and he had never stopped her. 'Very full, very close to coming. My juices are running down my thighs.'

'You didn't come in the restroom.' It was a statement, not a question, but she felt like it needed an answer.

'No, Master.'

He nodded. 'If you had, you'd have spent an hour in there coming as often and as loudly as you could, and then caught a bus home.' Mel swallowed. Aside from masturbating in a toilet cubicle she doubted she could have survived the trip home without at least two orgasms. 'Come on, we're going home.'


'Just relax, Mel.' They were just starting out of the car park when Pat spoke and Mel felt the same sudden thrill she had in the food court as her mind slipped into the waking sleep it had been trained to. They were half an hour from their apartment building and he was putting her under. It was not quite as public as the food court, but still...

'You are standing on a beach, the sun is blazing down on you. Kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes.' Her pumps slipped off her feet quickly and she wriggled her toes, smiling. 'The sun is hot, isn't it? Aren't you hot, Mel?'

She was hot, really hot. Her light jacket suddenly felt like a winter coat and she struggled out of it, dropping it behind her. Her blouse felt as though it was sticking to her skin so that went next, leaving her in a bra and skirt, and that felt better. The sun felt good on her skin. She smiled again.

'There's no one around to see you, Mel.'

He was right, there was no one around to see her. Giggling she unhooked her bra, slipping it off and dropping it behind her, and then her skirt was unzipped and slid down her legs to the sand. She stretched her arms up over her head and smiled, happy to be naked in the sun.

'Lie back in the sand. Enjoy the heat of the sun.' She was lying down and the sun felt so wonderful on her skin... 'And realise that you're not on a beach, you're sitting in my car, naked, and there's a vibrator in your pussy and a plug in your butt. You can't move, not even a finger.' Her eyes widened as she saw the cars going past outside the windows. She was partially hidden by the car's body, but her large, pert breasts could be seen if someone looked. If someone looked carefully they might see her arousal, obvious from the way her nipples were standing out like thimbles.

'Your right arm seems to have developed a life of its own, Mel. You can't stop it moving. It's moving between your legs.' Sure enough she felt her arm moving. Slowly at first, it slid across her hip until her hand was resting over her lap. 'Spread your legs more. Give it room. Let your fingers find your clit. You can't resist it, no matter how much you try.' She realised what was about to happen and willed her limbs to stop, but they ignored her. Her legs moved apart, as wide as the foot well would allow, and her fingers parted her wet labia, discovering the swollen bud nestled beneath. 'Your body wants to make you come, Mel. There's nothing you can do to stop it. Your fingers have no mercy, they won't stop.' She let out a little whimper as her fingers began strumming her clitoris.

Wound up from the egg in her cunt, it took only a few seconds before she felt her first orgasm swelling in the pit of her stomach. She began to pant heavily and then exploded into screams of pleasure. Her hand kept moving all the way through it, and did not stop as she came down again. Her breath came in ragged pants as she realised her treacherous body was going to keep her coming for as long as Pat wanted it to. Anyone looking there way might see her there, lying naked in the car, furiously frigging herself to climax over and over again. An equally traitorous part of her mind was loving it.

She came again, and again, waves of intense pleasure washing over her as her body strained in the car seat. Her hand, her own hand, refused to give her respite. She felt sweat running down between her breasts and across her face. She had no idea how long they had been driving, or how many times her body had erupted into climax, and she did not care. She was an orgasm machine, made to come.

'Your hand has decided you've had enough,' Pat's voice said, cutting through the miasma of pleasure. Mel's hand slipped away; she whimpered at the loss, but the vibe in her pussy was still going and it took several minutes and another two, smaller, orgasms before she was lying still, her chest heaving. They were only a couple of blocks from home. 'There's a bag behind your seat. When you're ready you can put what's in it on. As soon as we stop you're going to get out of the car, so I hope you're going to be ready soon.'

Suddenly panicking, Mel reached behind her to grab the bag. Inside was a dress, very short and wrap-around with a belt to secure it in place. She struggled to work it under her body and had just about managed to get it there and her arms into the sleeves when the car stopped. Without pausing she unlocked her seatbelt, opened the door, and climbed out of the car, her dress flapping open and her cheeks flaming. Briefly, as she quickly looked around the little car park at the back of the building, Mel wondered whether Pat would have stopped her if he had seen anyone there. That treacherous part of her mind hoped he would not. She finished belting up the dress. It was very short, barely hiding the black latex plug in her butt.

'Put your shoes on,' Pat said.

Of course, getting to her shoes meant bending over and flashing the car park, but she was still under his control and she was doing it before she could even think about it. Her cheeks flamed, even though no one else had been in the car park. Her butt was stuck up in the air and she could feel the silky dress sliding up her back, and behind her were all the windows of the apartments overlooking the parking area...

Straightening up, she slipped on her pumps, and then closed the car door before following Pat into the building. They passed Mrs Hooper, an old lady who lived on the ground floor, as she came out. Mel's cheeks were still glowing from the humiliation and the recent orgasms, and Mrs Hooper gave her a knowing smile which just made it worse.

'That's a very nice dress, Melinda,' Mrs Hooper said, humour evident in her voice.

'Thank you, Mrs Hooper,' Mel replied. Her voice always sounded a little dazed when she spoke in trance, but Mrs Hooper seemed not to notice.

Mel continued following Pat up the stairs, which was not easy with her butt and pussy pleasantly full, and down the corridor to Pat's apartment. Neither of them spoke until the door was closed.

'Take off your dress,' Pat said. She untied the belt and slipped the light garment from her shoulders. It pooled around her feet leaving her naked aside from her shoes. 'Walk over to the back of the couch....' She started to comply even as he continued his instructions. '...and bend over it, legs spread. I want your shoulders on the seat back. Stretch your arms out along it.'

She did as he asked. The couch was quite low and, even with her legs spread three feet apart, her hips were higher than her shoulders. She felt exposed and vulnerable, and she knew she was going to get fucked. She knew she was going to get fucked and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She knew, above all, because she had asked Pat to do it this way, that she wanted to be unable to stop him from taking his thick cock and ramming it into her so hard...

She gave a little whimper as his hands touched her hips. 'Is your ass feeling stretched, Mel?' he asked.

'Yes, Master.'

'Good. There's a reason you've been stretching it.' She felt his fingers sliding over her skin, gripping the base of the plug, and starting to pull. Surely he was not going to... She had never had a cock in there! 'Just relax, Mel.' She felt her muscles relaxing immediately. 'You're right, I'm going to fuck you in the ass. You're going to enjoy it so much.'

She felt herself being stretched again as the widest part of the plug was pulled past her sphincter muscle, and then it was easy, a relief, until she felt the head of his cock settle at her opening. He took it easy at first, pressing firmly, but not too hard, then gradually increasing the pressure until, suddenly, he slid in. She let out a gasp as his full length invaded her and the egg bounced off her G-spot. She moaned, a sound echoed by Pat.

'So tight,' she heard him murmur, and then he started moving. Sliding out slowly and then driving back in. Another bump of the egg, another gasp from Mel. He got faster and the egg began to bob, and Mel began to pant. 'Oh... oh... oh...' The pace got faster and she felt him swelling inside her. He was going to come... 'Oh!' He was going to come in her ass... 'Ooh!' He was going to fill her ass with his thick... 'Oh God!' Her muscles tightened around him as she came and she felt him drive himself in one last time before exploding into her, his fingers digging into her hips. And it felt amazing.

She felt him pull out with a sort of popping sensation. 'Wake up, Mel. You're your own self again. I think a shower is in order.'

Mel straightened up, suddenly feeling the stiffness in her muscles. She giggled. 'I think that would be good. Can I join you?'

Pat grinned and started toward the bathroom. 'I'll even wash you.'

As with any man given an attractive, nubile young woman to clean in a shower, Pat was very thorough. By the time he was finished, Mel's nipples were standing out stiffly. 'Feeling clean?' he asked, giving her right nipple a little tap which sent a jolt of pleasure straight through to her clit.

'Yes, thank you.' She felt her cheeks colour at the thought going through her head. 'You know... I've never had sex in a shower.'

Pat's eyebrows went up. 'Never?' She shook her head and Pat's mouth twisted into a mischievous grin. 'Just relax,' he said.

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