Just Say 'Thank You' Ch. 2


"Would you take my penis in your mouth?"

Tracy had already accused me of looking for a blowjob, and now I was asking for one.

"If you don't want to, I'd be glad to do this part," Noni chimed in.

Tracy's pride got the better of her.

"No, no, I can do it. This is my lesson, remember?" said Tracy.

Tracy took down my jockeys. She knelt down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. Her technique was poor but she was enthusiastic. At least I didn't shrivel down to normal during her attempt. But, I wasn't anywhere near cumming.

"You did fine, Tracy."

"No, I didn't. I'm not very good at that."

"You just need some practice," said Noni, trying to support her friend's ego.

"Do you want me try bring you off by hand? I've done that before," asked Tracy.

"That's fine," I said.

Tracy stood up and worked hard but it wasn't happening. In the meantime, I was still working Tracy over with my hands, touching and groping every part of her body except her off-limit tits. I saw and heard Tracy's deeper breathing, like she was getting excited again. All part of my plan.

"I'm afraid I need stronger stimulation. Come and sit here, on my lap."

I sat down in an armless dining room chair. Tracy was going to sit sidesaddle but I turned her so that she approached me head on. I gently moved her knee to one side, making her understand I wanted to be straddled. She sat back, her bare bottom away from my erection, hands rubbing my prick up and down. I put my hands on her waist and leaned forward, kissing her again. She seemed to enjoy it. The kisses were getting more urgent as I rubbed my hands from her waist down to her ass, forward to her knees and back up to her cunt, over and over. I wanted Tracy as turned on as I was. By the pace of her hand movements on my erection, she was very excited.

"How do you feel, Tracy?"

"Oh, that same feeling is back, the itch and the throbbing."

"Scoot closer. You'll feel better by rubbing your pussy along the length of my cock."

Tracy was hot and bothered and didn't complain or argue. Noni was now leaning closer to get a better view. Tracy made sure my erection was horizontal between my thighs. She moved close to me, rocking back and forth to rub her needy cunt against the top surface of my erection.

"Are you feeling anything unusual, different from last time, Tracy?"

I kept on rubbing Tracy all over her legs and ass and back and crotch, leaning in for more kisses periodically. Tracy answered in between the kisses.

"Yes, but it's too embarrassing."

"You can tell me. Please."

"Well, it's my tits."

"What's wrong with them?"

"They feel hot. And my nipples ache. They want to burst out of my bra. They're throbbing too. Keep touching me but touch me everywhere."

"Everywhere? Including your tits?"

"Especially my tits. Oooh, I've never needed them touched as much as right now."

Tracy moved back so I could pull the t-shirt over her head. I fumbled the clasp so Tracy reached behind her back and undid it. Then she pulled the bra from her breasts and arms and flung it over her head."

"Oh, touch them, Mr. Marcus. Kiss them and suck my nipples. Squeeze them, please."

Who was I to argue? I added her breasts to the route my hands made over her body. My lips suckled at her nipples, drawing squeals of delight. In the meantime, she was still rocking back and forth on my erection. With all of her movements in removing her shirt and bra, she was further back on my lap. Instead of the length of my cock rubbing along her pussy, the tip of my penis was dancing around the wet lips of her cunt. Tracy was breathing heavily. Small drops of perspiration ran down her neck and in the valley of her breasts. I rubbed them into her skin, as additional lubrication.

"Oh, I'm sooooo hot. My pussy is burning up. I don't think your fingers or your tongue can fix it this time."

Who was I to argue with an excited woman on the verge?

"I think you're right."

"I need something to put out my fire."

"My hose is at your disposal. Just take it slow."

Tracy raised herself up and let the head of my cock nestle firmly in the damp opening between her legs. She stayed up so it could move further in. I continued my touching, only with more urgency. More of my time was spent on Tracy's previously ignored tits. Tracy was tight but her cunt had been visited before.

"Tell me, Tracy, uh, have you had, uh, sex before?"

'Ooh, no, uh, Mr. Marcus. But I have, ooh, used a, uh, vibrator."

Tracy kept advancing and lowering herself, as my cock made deepening progress.

"But the, uh, vibrator, ooh, didn't feel this gooood," Tracy added.

Tracy was now wiggling around on my lap, our pubic hair rubbing.

"Congrats, Trace, you took it all," said Noni.

Tracy threw Noni a look that could maim if not kill.

"Yes, but did you fuck Mr. Marcus with this much energy?" asked Tracy.

She took my face in her hands and attacked my mouth with hers. For the first time, she slipped me her tongue. My tongue and cock both made rapid thrusts into Tracy. She was bouncing feverishly, up and down, on my cock. On each downward push, she tightened her muscles and held her breath. On each upward stroke, she'd release a deep breath, pushing her breasts towards me. She was urgently seeking a release. Mine was closer.

"I'm, uh, getting close to cumming, Tracy. You'd better get off."

"Get you off, I'm gonna get you off," she parroted.

"I mean it. We're using no protection, and I don't want to get you pregnant. Please get off me."

"Aren't I, uhh, getting you off?" she panted.

"Yes, oh yes, but that's not the point," I replied.

Tracy maintained her rhythm. She acted like she was going for the big finish. Noni stood up and came over. There was a concerned look on her face.

"Tracy, you heard what he said."

Tracy just kept on. Despite my superior strength, I had no leverage. I couldn't prevent her from sitting back down after she'd raise herself up.

"Tracy, please," I begged.

Tracy bucked even harder. The friction was delicious. It was only a matter of seconds before I'd blast the inside of Tracy's cunt with an unhealthy load.

"Noni, help," I asked.

Noni came up from behind and clasped her arms around Tracy's torso, below her tits. They stood out, Noni's arms acting like a shelf. On Tracy's next upward stroke, Noni pulled Tracy back with all her might. Tracy tried to grab the back of my chair, but she was too late. Tracy slid off my lap. Noni released her grip and Tracy landed on the floor with a bump, stunned by the interruption. Noni got on her knees in front of me.

"Don't worry, Mr. Marcus, I won't leave you all juiced up," she said.

It didn't take much. With a strong inhale and the stroke of Noni's tongue on the sensitive underside of my glans, I lifted my hips and filled Noni's mouth with hot sperm.

"Damn, that was mine," said Tracy, recovering from her abrupt disengagement.

"That's okay, you can give Mr. Marcus a blow job next time," said Noni. Next time?

* * * * * * * * * *

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