tagLoving WivesJust Say Yes Pt. 01

Just Say Yes Pt. 01


How did I find myself lying here by the pool with a wet one-piece Wicked Weasel swim suit that was so see-through when wet?

It was four months ago when I thought that my ten year marriage was all but over. Now I am lying back on a sun lounger with another man's cum leaking out of my still sensitive pussy. My husband has just witnessed the young resort masseur giving me an erotic massage outside by the pool that culminated with me squirting and cuming all over his massage table.

This young stud had then fucked me there in front of my husband while he captured all that happened to me on video.

My pussy is now completely bare and will remain so permanently. I have had all my intimate hair removed by IPL laser. How did I agree to that?

My nipples are permanently hard with large rings keeping them erect and sensitive as their weight causes them to dangle about. My clit is also pierced with a vertical barbell. All this can be seen underneath my white Sheer Vision 807 one-piece swim suit as it is completely see-through when wet.

Let me tell you the story about how this all began . . .

A bit about myself

I am an attractive woman in my late forties. While I am very self conscious about my looks, I know I can still turn heads. I have a slim figure, about a dress size 8 (ok, maybe size 10 . . .) and I keep myself fit by doing yoga and a small amount of walking in parks.

I have been married for just over ten years but lately my husband and I have drifted apart. Our marriage had been on the rocks for some time, but it really went downhill when I moved in with my mother three years ago. My mother's health was not great and I had been supporting her for some time. It just seemed sensible for me to move in with her, since the deterioration of my married life was to the point that there was little reason to stay at home.

I really love my husband, however he was more married to his work than to me. He ran a small engineering firm that he had inherited from his father some years ago. Recently his business had taken some knocks. The small engineering company was not doing so well and staff could see the writing on the wall. Many had left and the biggest blow was when his office assistant had retired just last week. Mrs McGinty had been working with the firm forever. She started working when my husband's father had owned the business and now her departure had left a huge hole in the operation.

So now I was faced with an opportunity to salvage something: my marriage could not continue in the way it had. When my mother had moved into an aged care home this gave me a lot of spare time to reassess my life. I was considering offering my services as office assistant for my husband. I had been a successful office manager before we were married and I knew quite a bit about the engineering business that we jointly owned.

I nervously called my husband and suggested that I come over to his office and see how I could help him out. Initially he was reluctant to let me get involved in his business and said that he would be advertising the vacancy of personal assistant in the local papers.

I persevered and suggested that there was nothing to lose. "Just say yes," I hinted.

Eventually he agreed and allowed me to apply for the position. We agreed that I would come into his work for an interview on Monday afternoon. That gave me the weekend to get prepared.


One of the first things I did was call my girlfriend Amber. We met up for coffee early Saturday morning and Amber could tell straight away that something was on my mind. "Spit it out," Amber asked, "what's on your mind?"

I was slightly taken aback by Amber's direct approach but I decided to just let all my worries come out. After all a problem shared is a problem halved, as they say.

I described how I desperately wanted to salvage my marriage and that I saw working closer to my husband could improve things.

Amber had this glint in her eye. "What type of personal assistant would you like to be? Will it be all business and formal or would you like to flirt a little?"

I didn't know what Amber was on about, "what do you mean . . . Flirt?"

Amber told me to look up sexy secretary on the internet so I got out my Samsung and tried by searching with those words. What a surprise I received. There were lots of images of hot looking women in tight, black miniskirts wearing killer high heels and stockings. One image in particular, was of a sexy secretary bending over a filing cabinet. The tops of her lace stockings were clearly visible. I wasn't even sure whether she was wearing panties. Scanning through these images had an immediate but unexpected effect. I was getting hot and horny looking at these sexy secretaries.

Amber sensed my arousal as I tried to hide my flushed expression. "This is the look you want to achieve, isn't it?" she said as she stared directly into my soul.

"Yes" was all I could say.

"Well, let's get you organised for your interview then." Amber made a few phone calls and then said that she had made a booking for me at her beauty salon for Monday morning. I asked Amber what she had arranged and she replied with a wink, "everything!"

The beauty salon

Monday arrived and Amber picked me up from home in her sporty convertible. We raced into town. The beauty salon was located in an exclusive shopping precinct in the city. Amber assured me that she had been going to this salon for some time. "You will enjoy this," she said.

From the outside the salon looked very elegant. I went inside and was met by an extremely good looking therapist. Carla introduced herself and directed me and Amber into one of the therapy rooms.

I was asked whether I would like a glass of wine and Amber replied on my behalf, "We will both have a glass of chardonnay, please."

I was instructed to get undressed and sit in the massage chair. I was a little self conscious as I was not used to being naked around strangers. As soon as I got undressed, Amber commented on all my pubic hair. "This will all have to go, darling," she said. I was not expecting that and asked Amber to clarify this. "These days most women have all their hair waxed off. It's called a Brazilian. They take this procedure one step further here and call their treatment the XXX Extreme Wax. You'll love it, trust me," said Amber. "I'll just shoot out and buy an interview outfit for you. I won't be long."

Carla came back into the room and asked me if I was ready. I just nodded apprehensively. Carla explained that she would first wax my legs and then asked whether I would like a Brazilian. I decided to take a plunge and said that I have heard about the XXX Extreme Wax and that was what I wanted to try.

Carla just smiled at me and said "good choice, we'll make sure that you won't regret that!" She asked me to hop up into the chair. It looked like a dentist's chair with controls to make it lie back. The chair had stirrups for my ankles. Carla asked whether I was comfortable and ready. Nervously, I said "yes." Carla operated the chair's controls and the chair leaned back.

The leg waxing went without a hitch and in a short time my legs were completely bare of hair for the first time in years. Carla then tackled my bushy pubic area. First she produced a pair of scissors and started to trim my abundant bush. She explained that this was necessary so that the hot wax would work more effectively.

Carla adjusted the chairs controls again and the stirrups closed tightly around my ankles. I was unable to move my legs. The stirrups then expanded so my legs spread wide open. I felt so exposed with my pussy on full display under my unruly pubic hair. Years ago I used to trim my hair but recently there seemed no point in doing this. My husband had lost interest in being intimate with me.

As Carla started to apply the hot wax to my pubic area, I began to tense up. Carla reassured me that this might hurt a little but the result would be great. She asked me about the interview that Amber had mentioned. I replied, "I was applying for a job as personal assistant at my husband's business." Carla smiled at me and winked her eye. I am sure she could guess exactly what I had planned.

To be honest, it hurt quite a lot as Carla quickly ripped the cotton strips away that held the wax and all my hair follicles. Either I got more used to this or the pain subsided as more of my hair was removed. Carla then went about removing some stray hairs using tweezers. This was all making me a little turned on.

Amber returned to the room with arms full of shopping bags just as the waxing was finishing. It was embarrassing to be confined to this chair with my legs splayed wide open. Amber commented, "Way to go - babe, I wasn't sure you would go through with this procedure. I'm sure you will see that this was the right choice."

Carla handed me a mirror and asked me what I thought. I was amazed as I looked at my bald, smooth pussy. It hadn't looked like this since my teenage years. I thought it looked hot. I felt like a porn star with my bald pussy on full view! I am sure Carla could sense my arousal.

Carla then said that the next step of the Extreme Wax was massaging a special relaxing oil into my skin. She explained that this was a new product on the market and was applied in two parts: the first part was the light oil product that was thin enough to be absorbed into my skin; the second part was like a spray tan that, when applied, would react with the oil and firm up all my skin. As an added bonus, the spray doubled as a light bronzer so I would get an all-over tan as well.

At first, Carla flattened out the chair into a massage table and asked me to turn over. She proceeded to massage my back, arms and thighs. She had such a gentle, sensual touch and I was sure that both Amber and Carla could sense my arousal ignite.

I was asked to roll over and enjoy the sensations. Carla adjusted the chair back to its original setting. My legs were once more held in place by the stirrups which had widened out some more leaving my bare pussy fully exposed. The chair had also been reclined back further so I was lying nearly flat with my legs higher than my body. As she applied the oil to my freshly waxed skin on my legs, it felt as if the oil was seeping into my pores. It tingled a little and felt really good. As she rubbed my skin I began to feel really hot and flushed. Carla's sensual strokes were making me so horny.

I looked over at Carla and asked her what was in their oil. Carla replied, "This is our secret concoction. Once you have tried it you will be back for more."

I glanced over at Amber sitting in the chair sipping her chardonnay. "I come back for more once a month," as she stood up and approached me. "I bet you will too!" Suddenly, she grabbed my arms and held them down over my head.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked. At this point Carla started to massage my breasts and nipples. This was feeling so good. My nipples hardened quickly to the touch of her thumbs. I could feel my pussy get wet and just closed my eyes and enjoyed these feelings that were surging through me. I had not felt this turned on for years.

Carla moved her hands down my body and her fingers grazed my pussy. As the oil seeped around my pussy lips and clit the hot sensations inside me spiked. I let out a moan and my legs opened slightly while my ankles were still confined in the stirrups. My mind was whirling with sensations as Carla softly stroked my pussy lips just deep enough to brush across my clit at the same time as Amber's fingers played with my very sensitive nipples.

Amber suggested that Carla stop the massage and she ignored my plea to continue. I had never had anyone, let alone a woman, touch me since I had met my husband but the horny feelings were flowing through me uncontrollably.

Amber cheekily suggested that they were saving me for something better later on. I was asked to stand up and I was led over to a spray booth. I wore a protective hat to cover my hair and was given these sticky nipple shields that were placed over my areola. I asked what these were for and was told that the reactive spray worked better if my sensitive nipples were protected.

Carla proceeded to give me an all-over spray tan. At first, the spray product felt really cool on my skin. Carla made sure to completely reach all over my body. She got me to spread my legs wide and sprayed up over my pussy lips. Some of the product managed to seep inside me. After awhile, I could feel a tingly heat develop and I could feel my skin getting tighter.

One of the downsides of this process, explained Carla, was that I had to stand naked with my feet apart for about ten minutes as the two products cured. I was standing next to two full sized mirrors which under normal circumstances would intimidate me. I do not like to see myself fully naked like this. Today, however, I was watching as slowly it looked as if years were being taken off my appearance. I couldn't believe it. I really liked how my face began to look so smooth and young again.

It was working everywhere: my thighs and arms were firming up. When I turned around I could see the same effect we happening on my buttocks.

When I turned back, because all the skin was so much firmer, I looked down and could see that my areola had become really puffy and my nipples were standing out harder than ever before. It was as if my breasts were being squeezed out of these two puffy openings which had caused my nipples to be so erect. My nipples have always been extremely sensitive but they had never looked so aroused like this before. I have to admit, I kind of liked the look. Carla commented that they had discovered this side effect quite by accident and, since then, had offered the nipple shields to every customer of this procedure.

Getting ready

My interview with my husband was due in an hour and Amber had agreed to help me get ready. She had gone shopping for an interview outfit for me to wear while I was being waxed. I had no idea what clothes Amber had bought.

Amber insisted that I get changed there in the beauty salon. She said there would be more room to get ready and Amber opened the curtains to give better natural light to help her make sure I was ready.

I was uncomfortable being naked in front of the open windows. I got up to close the curtains but Amber insisted that they stay open, "it will give us better light." I was a bit uncomfortable with the curtains the way they were despite the fact that no one could look in. "Don't worry, you should let more people see you like this," Amber suggested cheekily.

This job interview was important for me so I decided to let this go and got ready to dress.

Amber complimented me on my fully naked figure. "You are hiding that under all those boring clothes you normally wear. We are going to have to buy you a new wardrobe, aren't we?" she said.

At first, I had Carla apply some conservative makeup and she brushed my hair back into a long ponytail. Then she applied some lipstick, and painted my finger and toe nails in a matching bright red colour. I sat back for a few minutes as I waited for the paint to dry.

Amber produced a pair of very sheer, silky black stockings, the type with seams up the back. I sat down and rolled the stocking up my legs. My skin felt as if it was on fire. The leg waxing and massage made all my nerves so sensitive to touch. Running my hands down the silky stockings felt so good.

Amber was standing behind me and reached around to hook the suspender belt in place. She ran her hands all over the stocking tops. I could feel that my pussy was soaking wet.

Amber next produced a black mini skirt. I asked for some panties but I was told that I would not need them. I fastened the zip of the skirt and twirled around. The tops of the stockings were just visible under the hem of my skirt. The skirt could have been mistaken for a belt as it was that short! It fit tight around my waist and acted like a waist cincher.

Amber got me to try bending over. "No not with bent knees," as she slapped my arse, "keep your legs straight!" Just as I had bent as far as I could Amber reached forward and cupped my dripping pussy. "Wow, someone is excited" she said as I quivered to her finger running along my slit and lightly across my clit. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

Amber next produced a thin white blouse. "What, no bra either" I exclaimed!

After I had buttoned the blouse up, Amber was standing right behind me. She cupped my breasts through the thin material and lightly brushed my very hard nipples. "There you are, all ready for the interview. How do you feel?" asked Amber.

I looked at myself in the large mirrors. My puffy areola and nipples were clearly visible though the gossamer thin fabric of the white blouse.

I felt like backing out. How could I go through with this? Amber could see my doubts rolling through my mind. "One last thing" said Amber as she reached for a designer shoe box. Out came these seriously high sling back shoes.

"These are known as 'Come-Fuck-Me-Shoes'!" exclaimed Amber. "Every man who sees you wearing these shoes will be thinking of doing just that, putting them under your spell! How could you not get the job when you are wearing these?"

The final accessories that Amber produced was a pair of pretend glasses and these ridiculously large gold hoop earrings.

As we walked down the hall towards the front door of the salon, I got one last chance to see myself in the large hall mirror. I could not believe what I was seeing. Here was a young looking, sexy secretary complete with glasses and a few wisps of stray hair coming loose from the tight ponytail. The hoop earrings dangled next to my slender neck. It was hard to believe it was me staring back.

I could also see that in certain lights that my breasts were on full view for anyone to see.

The interview

I knew I was going to have to be careful as soon as we left the salon. My skirt kept riding up my thighs and it was obvious that I was wearing stockings. Amber had parked her convertible car quite close to the salon but I could tell that everyone's eyes were on me. Yes, I clearly had a come-fuck-me attitude!

Amber held the passenger door open for her car and, as I slid in to the seat, my naked pussy was on full view. I have to admit that this exhibitionism excited me quite a bit. Amber joined me in the car and we drove across town to my husband's business.

The wind whistled through my hair and gently caressed my nipples through the thin fabric of my blouse. It was difficult to sit in the car's seat in these ridiculously high heels without having some bare skin visible between my stocking tops and the hem of my skirt. Amber played to my slight discomfort by deliberately placing my side of her car alongside trucks and, on one occasion, a fully laden tourist bus. I am sure many of these people could see straight down at me from their elevated position and got a teasing look at my sexy attire.

When we arrived at my husband's business I was a little unsure of what to expect. We had not been very close for some time and here I was - sex on high heels - wanting to come and work for him.

Amber didn't allow me to back down. She rushed around to the passenger door and held it open for me.

I climbed out of Amber's car and had to straighten the skirt when I was standing on the pavement. I took a deep breath, "Showtime - let's do this," I exclaimed.

Amber gave me a high five as I walked into the front office of my husband's engineering company.

My husband came out of his office to greet me shortly after I pressed the visitor's button. He stopped in his tracks and did a double take! "Wow . . . wow - Anne, you look hot!"

I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose and then held out my hand to shake his. I replied, "Please, Mr Williamson, call me Ms Field."

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