Just the Six of Us Ch. 02


Her ass though, good lord, her ass. While her other sisters all had perfectly fine rumps, Emma's could win a prize. First of all, it was muscular and not all fat and jiggly. She was just as athletic as he was and played a lot of sports. Track, cross country, soccer, all were on her sports resume. She was fast, faster than her brother even, and she loved to run. He loved to run too, but he'd let her pull ahead so he could watch her muscular buttocks flexing and unflexing in front of him. Shaking his head again, he forced his concentration back to the leaves.

Danni couldn't concentrate on her magazine. She kept glancing through her sunglasses at her annoying little shit of a brother. She couldn't believe how angry he could make her. What was it about him that enraged her so? She idly watched as he was scooping the leaves methodically in and out of the pool. It was a little relaxing watching him work. He had a nicely toned body, and she found herself staring whenever he bent over and his back muscles flexed when he lifted the net. His arm muscles corded and flexed as he dumped it into a bucket and then they disappeared, back under that sweaty, man flesh. "Oh my god," she thought, realizing she was watching her annoying little brother. Flustered, she picked up the magazine again and tried to concentrate.

Emma was having a similar problem; her novel wasn't nearly as interesting as watching this sweaty chunk of flesh flexing and working out all over her imagination. 'This is Mike, you dummy, your own twin,' she kept telling herself. She couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants and couldn't help but wonder exactly what the hell he was staring at to cause that. The memory of the "Oh Danni" incident flashed into her memory just then and caused her to laugh out loud. She pointed to her book as her sisters looked over at her, in order to cover the scene.

Mike scooped the last of the leaves out and went to check the pump and backwash it. Screwing on the drain cap on the bottom of the tank, he switched the lever to the proper setting and flipped the switch. As the pump barked and started coughing, he let his gaze drift back over to his twin. He stared down between her legs. Neatly trimmed of course, not seeing any pubic hairs peeking out. He peered intently down between her thighs, and was just able to make out the lips of her vagina. Which of his sisters shaved, and which were trimmed he wondered? Do they taste different?

"Let's go find out right now"

The voice shook him out of his daze. The tank was clean, so he turned it off, turned the pump to filter and turned it back on again. The pump sputtered to life and began pumping water through the sand filter. He went to the shed to grab a scoop of shock and a few chlorine pucks.

He'd looked down at the pool and caught sight of the tent that had been pitched in his pants. Hands full, he couldn't really do anything about his dong situation. He hurriedly threw the scoop of shock into the pool and put the chlorine pucks into the strainer. Nonchalantly turning back around he tried to adjust his dick so that it wouldn't look like the Leaning Tower of Weiner and grabbed the hose to wash his hands off. He'd already resolved to jerk off again when he got upstairs, hopefully to someone he wasn't related to.

He was hot though, and deciding quickly he grabbed the hose and held it over his head. Water began to cascade down his sweaty muscled body. Unbeknownst to him, all three sisters slowly craned their heads to the left and stared. He rubbed a hand through his hair to free dirt and grass and sweat from it and gasped as the water cooled and cleaned him. He shook his head vigorously and ran the hose over his chest and armpits, briefly scrubbing them, and then turned and cut off the water.

As he turned around he saw all three sisters, obviously staring at him. He glanced at them, curiously, waiting for a comment from one of them or even all. Finally growing impatient he glared back. "What?" he yelled.

Simultaneously, three heads dove back into magazines and they all chimed, "Nothing."

Rolling his eyes, Mike turned and went inside.

"Stop right there," Sarah said, as he came through the patio door, bringing him a towel. He smiled sheepishly, seeing the puddle of water around his feet.

"Strip," she said, indicating his clothes.

""I'll bring them to you in a second." he said. He didn't want her to be made aware of his boner. It was still hard enough to cut glass, or at least puncture half a dozen things he could think of just off the top of his head alone.

"Let's go puncture Beth," the voice blurted out.

"And drip water through the living room, up the stairs and down the hall, I think not bucko, now strip," she said, holding the towel ready.

Seeing he wasn't going to get out of this easily, he unbuttoned his fly and peeled his wet blue jeans off. Wet blue jeans are hard as shit to get off, as he was soon reminded. He pulled at them with one hand, while holding tightly onto his boxers with the other. Not making any progress he let go of his boxers and made an attempt pulling with both hands.

Sarah, genuinely trying to be helpful, leaned down and pulled on the sides of his pants, which then immediately began to slide, and with a sudden wet *slosh* his pants did come off, completely down both legs. But unfortunately, right along with his boxers. Acutely aware that he was now naked, and his erection was free and pointing directly where it morally shouldn't be, he began to turn and cover himself.

Sarah, being directly in the line of fire, never had a chance. Mike's dick hit her square in the face as he tried to turn around. It hit her in the nose and grazed off her open lips as she tried to pull her head up out of the way. Throwing herself off balance as a result, she fell back onto her butt as she slapped a hand over her mouth.

"That was awesome"

"Ohmygodimsosorry," she blurted through her hand, not being able to help herself and staring at her wildly dancing brother who was desperately trying to hide his erection. "You could have said, something... about... your... situation. Oh my goodness sweetie, here," she said finally offering him the towel. He ripped it from her grasp and around his body in a frenzy and bolted upstairs.

"Wow," Sarah said after a few seconds of stunned silence.

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