Just the Six of Us Ch. 13


She moaned and sighed happily. "You are getting so damn good at this." she admitted.

He smiled, and began to move southwards, but she stopped him. "As much as I want you to do that, it's my turn," she said, drawing a wide grin from him. She quickly maneuvered him to his bed, pulling herself on top of him. She popped the button of his jeans and lifted his shirt over his head, finishing by pulling off his boxers, freeing his dick and smiling as it poked upwards, fully erect.

"I've wanted to do this to you since our vacation," she said, looking up at him.

She grabbed his cock in her hand, pulling her face close and holding it before her. Her tongue snaked out, licking slowly up his shaft and causing him to throw his head back in pleasure. Her tongue felt like warm velvet as it stroked up and down his cock.

Mike was in heaven. Danni was finally sucking his cock and it felt even better than he'd felt with his other sisters. Okay well, maybe not better, but it was sure different, and it was just as good. Really good.

"As long as one of them is sucking it, does it matter which one it is? I think not!"

She prolonged pulling him into her mouth as long as she could stand, but finally relented, and gently pulled the head of his cock in, running her tongue along it and sucking gently. She lowered her head pulling him further into her mouth. She raised her eyes and locked with his, pulling him out with a soft 'pop' ran her tongue across the tip, before plunging it back into her mouth and bobbing up and down a few times. She repeated the move, locking eyes with him again and again as she sucked gently, bouncing up and down.

After a few turns, she gently lifted her hips, pulling her work out shorts and G-string panties off. She pulled herself higher, putting her hands on his shoulders and straddled him. He had his hand around the base of his cock, pointing upwards as she positioned herself above him.

She lowered her face close to his and looked into his eyes as she felt his cock at the entrance of her vagina. "I love you, Mike," she said, smiling as she dropped her hips lower, forcing him inside her sticky, wet tunnel. He moaned, arched his neck for a few seconds before lowering his head and looking at her again. "I love you, Danni," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist as she gently rose and fell on top of him. She gasped and pulled him close, burying his face into her chest as she continued bouncing up and down on him, his cock plunging deep inside her again and again.

"I don't ever want anyone else inside me," she said.

Her eyes closed and her back arched as he tenderly bit and sucked at her chest, his shaft thrusting in and out of her. As she did, his hands grasp her ass and hips.

"I don't ever want to suck another cock. Yours is the only one I want," she said, lifting up again and lowering herself, flexing her pussy muscles as she did so, drawing a moan from him and causing his eyes to roll briefly back in his head in pure pleasure.

"Oh god," he said.

"I want you to know that I'm yours, and only yours, forever," she said, as she thrust back down on him, forcing his shaft back inside her again, flexing as she did so, drawing another gasp of pleasure from him.

"Oh my... god," he repeated.

"I want you to cum inside me every time we make love Mike," she said, pulling him deeply inside her and back out again. "I want it inside me where it belongs. I want to be yours forever," she said again, pulling up and back down, her butt slapping down on his legs.

He began to cum, and felt her start to orgasm as his cock began to pump his hot semen into the channel leading to her womb. She gasped and moaned as he did, both of them clutching at each other in ecstasy and chanting, "I love you," to each other, over and over. Finally, after several long moments of mutual pleasure, they collapsed into the sheets, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

Mike slept soundly, no dreams, no nightmares, no clowns, no voice.

The next morning, Danni was wrapped across and around him. Mike was staring at the ceiling, lost in thought.

"So when do I get to collect on our wager?"

Mike just smiled. He'd been wondering when he'd hear from the voice. For once, he thought himself ready.

'You didn't win the bet yet,' he thought.

"You feel that naked sex vixen draped across you, don't you, looking and feeling like you just fucked her brains out? Well, FYI, you just spent half the night fucking her brains out." 'Yeah, but that doesn't mean you won the bet.'

"Exactly how do you figure that?"

'You bet me that I couldn't resist your prods and suggestions.'

"Yeah, and now back to Exhibit A: One naked sister with your cum still dripping from her cunt."

'Yeah, but you never told me to fuck her last night. You only asked one rhetorical question we both knew the answer to, and made one unnecessary personal comment concerning the answer. Since you didn't tell me to fuck her, there was nothing coming from you that I had to resist. The bet didn't include me making love to one of my sisters, voluntarily. So, you haven't won anything, yet.'

There were a few long moments of awkward silence in his head. It was quiet, still, a sort of unnerving calm. For a moment, there was simply nothing for Mike to hear or even detect. It was really eerie. Then, as they say, "all hell broke loose."


'Watch your non-corporeal mouth.' Mike grinned, then added, 'Our mother was a saint,' thoroughly pleased with himself.

"Oh, it's on now, motherfucker. Enjoy it while it lasts. I might have to give you that one, you fucking ass-wipe, since you outsmarted me just this one time. But I'm going to be throwing so many suggestions through that empty melon you call a head from here on out, you're gonna think I've got a dozen fucking clones in here with me."

'Looking forward to it,' Mike thought, 'Also, FYI, I've never fucked a mother.' grinning again.

"Son-of... motherfu..., you fucking air headed, brain dead, dick beating, ass grabbing, dildo sucking, ass monkey!"

'Ex-dick beating ass monkey,' Mike corrected the voice.

Mike chucked as Danni began to stir, causing a thousand tingles and pricks of energy to shoot through his arm and shoulder. He grimaced as she rolled off of him, propping herself up on one arm as he flexed, trying to get the blood flowing through it again.

"Morning lover," she said. "Sorry about that," she said, nodding at his arm.

"Grab her head and shove your cock down her throat. Hold her down and fuck her in the ass. Tear her clothes off and eat her pussy, then throw her to the floor and fuck her."

'She's not wearing any clothes.' Mike replied, and then asked the voice, 'A little mad are we?'

"Fuck you, pig fucker."

Mike laughed at the voices use of the old Danni's almost forgotten nick name for him, as he smiled at his new and improved Danni while pulling her close and kissing her tenderly on the lips. He chuckled at the irony of it all. They embraced, kissing softly for a several more minutes before heading off to the shower together to clean up.

He smiled to himself again, very pleased that he had outwitted the voice. He knew he actually hadn't done anything. The voice had probably been too excited that he was actually going to have intercourse with one of his sisters that it hadn't thought about having to tell him to fuck her. He knew it wouldn't happen again, and he had probably just ensured that he was going to lose the bet. He set those thoughts aside for the moment as they finished their shower undisturbed by the voice and quickly got dressed before heading downstairs to join the rest of their sisters for breakfast.


Breakfast resembled something much closer to what could be considered normal that morning, and after he finished Mike went back upstairs to his room, leaving Sarah and Danni at the table. Sarah looked over at her sister, obviously wanting to say something.

Danni glanced at her, saw her expression and smiled. "What is it?"

Sarah pushed her plate away and sat silently for a few seconds. "Well, I just had a request."

Danni peered at her, curiously. "A request?"

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, and I know how odd this is going to sound, but Emma and I need you to stop making love to Mike...I mean, for just a little while of course."

Danni smiled. "Oh really,and why is that?"

"Come on Danni," she replied, the hint of a plea in her tone, "you know what we're trying to do. He's being so..."

"Stubborn?" Danni finished.

"Exactly! Although damn stubborn would be more accurate." Sarah replied. "We just want him to be so turned on that he can't control himself, and he'll stop this nonsense about holding out on us."

"So, holding out is our job and not his?" Danni asked slyly.

"No, not necessarily," answered Sarah, "I can see now how much fun you all could have tormenting him before. But now, when he finally gives in, can you imagine how much more fun he'll be?"

"You know, with three of us sleeping with him," Danni offered, "we're going to have to give him some kind of scheduled break. He'll need rest from time to time, he's not Superman."

"I don't know," Sarah giggled, "He's been doing an amazing job of 'holding up' his end so far."

Danni did chuckle at the pun, and then added, "So you want me to refrain from having sex with him after he's spooned up against me from behind, with his dick pressing into my back. Or when I wake up next to him in the mornings and can feel that magnificent cock poking me in the belly?"

Sarah's face went all... "dreamy" at the images Danni's words provoked, as if a thousand kittens were holding hands and dancing in her head.

"Well, I didn't say it was going to be easy," Sarah replied, then added, "I myself was sucking on him just yesterday and had to force myself to stop. It was very, very, har... I mean difficult," she corrected herself, drawing another giggle from Danni, then she added, "Please don't be selfish. You had him last night. We need equal time with him sis, we love fucking him too."

"Maybe we can figure out a way to speed the process along," Danni said.

"How do you mean?" Sarah asked, looking at her younger sister curiously.

Danni grinned widely.


"Mike!" Sarah called from downstairs.

He'd been up in his room, doing sit-ups and push-ups when he heard her call. 'What the hell does she want now? More sex filled antics directed at me, I suppose,' he thought.

He knew better than to ignore her, though. So he stood, exited his room and closed the door behind himself. Taking the steps two at a time, he entered the kitchen and saw Sarah, Emma, and Danni all seated at the table. With her sisters' help, Sarah was making a grocery list. It looked long, very, very, long.

'Damn it,' he swore to himself, realizing it was his turn to go get the food stuffs, as well as the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen supplies. The once a month, whole nine yards, trip.

"Groceries?" he asked. Sarah nodded, but added, "And house stocks," as he sat down, and patiently waited for them to finish the list. Beth came out of the washroom and gave Sarah a few more items to write down on it. After several more minutes, the list was complete, and it looked like it was going to be a long trip. He sighed deeply.

"Oh hush," Sarah said, seeing his resignation. "Beth is going with you," she said.

"Great, the weird one."

Mike smiled at Beth, who returned his look with a smile of her own. It would be nice to talk with someone who wasn't completely wrapped up in jumping his bones.


Mike headed back upstairs briefly to grab his shoes, and came right back down. Beth had the list in her hand and headed towards his truck as she saw him descend the steps.

She was wearing a low-cut white top, her cleavage clearly visible. She had on a pair of shorts, her long, shapely legs looking as nice as ever. She bent over in front of him as she climbed up into the cab of his truck and afforded him a magnificent view of her ass, her pink underwear peeking out the edges.

He shut her door for her as she sat down. After shaking his head trying to clear it once again, he headed around to the driver's side of the vehicle.

As he drove to the store, Beth sat quietly, lost in thought, apparently.

"Lost is right, it must be pretty empty up there."

'Beth isn't dumb; she just doesn't have a whole lot of know-how when it comes to the social scene. "Socially inept" I think it's called.' Mike said defensively.

"Well, let's teach her, asshole. Just fuck her and get it over with."

"So how's it going?" Mike asked ignoring the voice.

"Don't interrupt her. She's probably computing fucking Pi or something."

Beth glanced up at him, she'd obviously been lost in thought, but smiled and said, "I'm fine."

"How's your theory coming along?" he asked, sincerely curious if she'd discovered anything new.

"Oh, well, I um..."

She seemed to get nervous. Mike suddenly remembered the other morning, vividly recalling Emma and the "batter incident."

"I'm sorry for the way the others are all behaving," he volunteered, "and I'm sorry about Emma doing what she did."

Beth's face turned red, and she began to twirl a lock of her blonde hair nervously. "Yeah, that was... uh... very unexpected, and frankly, a little weird."

"HOT, the correct word is hot, you psycho nerd."

'Watch it!' Mike thought to the voice.

Then focusing his attention back on Beth, he asked, "So have you discovered anything new?

"Well," she began, but then bit her lip, appearing to be a bit embarrassed.

Glancing over, he realized she was becoming even more uneasy.

"Beth, it's okay," He remarked. "I'm the one sleeping with three of my sisters remember. I'm not going to think little of you for practically any reason. I'm actually glad to have a sister that isn't trying to seduce me every minute of every day."

Beth chuckled, and visibly relaxed a bit.

"Well, the truth is," she admitted, "even though it was intended for your benefit, Emma turned me on with her little display. Really," she added, "Actually, I... I didn't want her to stop."

Mike flashed back to Emma and Beth in the kitchen, Emma licking and sucking on Beth's breast.

"See! Even she thought it was HOT. I told you, jerk-off."

'That's ex-jerk-off to you.' Mike corrected him again.

"I know what you mean," Mike chuckled, drawing another nervous laugh from Beth. "Have you figured out why they've suddenly taken to sleeping with their own brother?"

She was shaking her head as he finished the sentence. "No, I need more data," she admitted.

'More data? Oh shit'. He thought, suddenly nervous about where this might be headed.

"This sounds like it could be interesting!"

"How so?" he asked tentatively.

"Well," she began with her explanation, "it only makes sense that to get a good idea of why they are so enamored with having sexual relations with their own brother, the best way to understand their fascination with you and it, is to include myself in the situation that has developed. If I ever want to solve the problem, that would be the most logical conclusion."

"What?" he asked.

"I'll eventually have to sleep with you myself." she replied.

"Normally, I'd be ecstatic with excitement right about now. She's using all of the right words, BUT she says that like it's a bad thing."

Mike found that he agreed with the voice. "Try not to sound so excited about it," he said.

"Oh Mike, you said it yourself." she continued, "You're glad to have at least one normal sister, one not wanting to jump your bones at every turn. But every time I try and think through this problem, all I end up doing is wanting to kiss you again. Or I think back to Emma trying to tease you and I get all... turned on. If making love to you is anything like the way she made me feel just by sucking on one of my tits, then I could eventually completely understand why they have surrendered their resolve to be intimate with you."

"Pull over and let her blow you right here!"

'Covering all your bases?'

"Damn fucking A."

"Beth, I treasure our relationship. I'm your brother and I love you, and I want you to be happy. If you want another kiss, all you have to do is ask."

She turned and smiled at him. They pulled into the parking lot and exited the truck, walking inside quickly. Mike's normal job was pushing the cart when he went grocery shopping with one or more of his sisters, and this time was no different. Beth led the way and he followed close behind as she dropped item after item from her list into the cart. Mike felt his gaze wander to her ass as she bent over, affording him yet another view of her panties peeking out. She had a pretty nice ass, he decided. It wasn't anywhere near Emma's caliber of tone due to her athleticism, but it was still delicious and plump.

"Fuuuck, grab a handful of that."

He absolutely loved the way women moved; their hips shifting back and forth, swaying hypnotically causing his mouth to drool and his heart to flutter. It was a curiosity, why women moved the way they did. He supposed it was because they didn't have balls, nothing to get in the way and get pinched or crushed when they walked.

"An ass like that swaying back and forth in front of you, and all you can start thinking about is balls of all things?"

Beth turned and dropped something else into the cart, her eyes catching Mike staring at her ass. She smiled for once, at noticing someone admiring her body. He averted his eyes quickly, but they drifted upwards, landing on her cleavage, playing amongst the ample curvature of her breasts. She giggled, causing them to bounce briefly. Mike turned red and lowered his head, chuckling quietly, just loud enough for her to hear.

"Busted." she said, smacking him on the arm.

"Can you blame me?" he asked, raising his head and smiling at her.

She blushed at that, still not accustomed to thinking herself attractive. They continued down the aisle, turned the corner and heading down the next.

"There's something I've been wanting to ask you," she said, her ass bouncing along in front of him.

"Yes, you have a very nice ass." he said, chuckling.

She turned and shook her head at him, rolling her eyes. "No you idiot, a serious question."

He laughed again, pushing the cart behind her, then said, "Ask of me what you will, my dear elder sister," he said, playfully over doing it.

She shook her head again and dropped a package in the cart. "Well, I was wondering if you would help me with something."

"She needs you to massage her boobs."

'Oh hush,' Mike thought.

Then to Beth, he asked, "What's that?"

She was silent for a moment or two, trying to decide how to word her request he guessed.

"Well, I need to know how to date," she said, "I mean, how do I act on a date, you know? I'm so awkward that I don't know what to do, I just get so nervous," she said at length.

"Oh, is that all?" Mike said, genuinely relieved.

"Well, it's important to me," she said, her face suddenly glum.

"No, no, no," he corrected, "I didn't mean it like that. I'm just glad that it's something that tame. If it was one of our sisters...," he let it hang at that.

She giggled again and dropped something else into the cart.

"Of course I'll help you," he said.

"Can we go to dinner?" she asked.

"Sure," he replied, "Wherever you want."

She smiled and turned again, surveying the shelves for more groceries. Mike's gaze went back to her ass, flexing and swiveling back and forth in front of him. Her hand snaked back and with a pointed finger, she waggled it back and forth with the sway of her cheeks, signaling a no-no and drawing a chuckle from him again.

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