Just the Six of Us Ch. 13


"Busted," she said again.

He liked how well she was coming out of her shell, how much she was beginning to accept that she was actually attractive, desirable even. He knew that was a huge leap forward for her. Just a few weeks prior she didn't even think herself pretty. Now, she was playfully spurning her horny younger brother's lustful stares.

She turned and leaned over the cart, rummaging through and looking for something.

"Now you're just doing that on purpose," he said, staring at her perfect cleavage.

"Maybe," she said, giggling.

"Man, you could hide a ton of stuff in there."

They finished shopping, playfully flirting with each other and loaded the groceries into the truck and headed for home.

"So when do you want to go out?" he asked her.

"Tonight?" she asked, smiling and looking at him hopefully.

All of a sudden, and for obvious reasons, Mike was struck by the way she looked just then. She was sitting, her legs folded and under her on the bench seat of his pickup. She had her head tilted and her bouncy blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders framing her face. She looked as angelic as Danni, with the morning sun shining behind her, a sweet smile accenting her beautiful feminine features.


Mike resisted the intrusion. "Tonight sounds good." he said after a few seconds.

"Damn it, I almost had you."

They unloaded the truck, carrying everything inside to Sarah who began to sort it and put it all away.

As he pulled the last bag out of the truck, Beth came back out.

"That's all." he called, and she nodded, turning and walking up the steps in front of him.

"I'm still looking," he said playfully.

"I am fully aware of that," she said giggling, as she gave her ass an extra bump to one side.

Mike's pecker twitched, and his ball sack began to itch, forcing a hand to make one swipe across his own crotch adjusting himself.

Heading back inside, he dropped the last bag on the table. He leaned back against the counter, idly watching Sarah putting stuff away. Beth quickly joined her and began pulling stuff out of the remaining bags.

Sarah grabbed a bottle of ketchup and some mustard, and then headed over to where Mike was standing. She came directly up to him, reached around him with the condiments and pushed them into the cabinet behind him, her eyes staring back into his the whole time. She pressed up close to him, and he swallowed hard as her breasts pressed into him.

"Do I need to reward you for being such a good boy and getting the groceries?" she asked quietly, running a hand along his crotch.

"Yes, say yes! Now! SAY YES NOW DAMN YOU!"

"Uh, No," he said, swallowing hard and biting his lower lip.

"Suit yourself," she shrugged, and went back to the table.

Emma came down the stairs and entered the kitchen. She came up and looked at the groceries on the table.

"Did you get them?" she asked Beth, who was already handing over a can of Pringles.

Emma squealed in delight and grabbed the can, leaping forwards and wrapping Beth in a hug. She glanced over at her brother as she did so, and with a wicked grin she pulled back and grabbed Beth's face. Pulling her forward quickly, she pressed her lips up to Beth's and pushed her tongue into her stunned sister's mouth.

Beth found herself kissing Emma back, and even put a hand on the back of her head, cradling it. Mike just groaned. Then slapping a hand to his face, he headed for the stairs.

Seeing him leave, Emma broke the kiss with Beth and grabbed his hand. "Not so fast, Mr. Bulgy-Pants. You deserve a reward too."

Mike's eyes widened and Emma leapt into the air toward him, forcing him to catch her in his arms to keep her from falling to the floor. She planted her lips on his and he felt her strong tongue pushing into his mouth and worming around, entwining itself with his own.

"Ooo, Pringles!" Danni said, coming in from the living room and snatching the can from Emma.

Emma broke the kiss and jumped off her stunned brother as Danni ran from the room.

"Come back here you tramp!" Emma screamed at her playfully.

Danni's laughter could be heard echoing throughout the entire house, emanating from the central location of the stairs.

Beth and Mike stood transfixed for a moment, trying to digest what had just happened.

Danni pounded back down the stairs with Emma in hot pursuit. As she reached the bottom step, Emma launched herself forwards and into Danni, and they both collapsed into the living room floor with a thud.

Danni, still laughing, was desperately trying to keep the red can away from Emma, who proceeded to tickle her older sister. "Sarah, help me hold her down!" Emma yelled.

Sarah, who'd been laughing quietly to herself the whole time, ran over to Danni and pulled her arms up over her head, dropping them between her legs and sitting astride them.

Emma's hands began to roam around Danni's stomach, tickling and touching, eliciting yelps of laughter from her. Danni was bucking and kicking, desperately trying to wrap her legs around her youngest sister to force her off.

"Pull your dick out and offer to tickle Danni with it."

Mike shook his head and headed to the living room, trying to ignore his sisters. Beth followed, sitting on a chair opposite of the pile of giggling girls.

"What! Are you two too good to play with us?" Emma said, standing suddenly and grinning at Beth.

Beth shot her a serious look, but it was ignored as Sarah and Danni, both still laughing, stood and began to circle around her. They all pounced on her at once, dragging her to the floor and turned their tickle attack on her. Beth's raucous laughter bounced and reverberated off the walls, and she snorted each time she tried to inhale, drawing great peals of laughter from the four of her siblings scattered throughout the room.

"Mike, help!" she managed to gasp through her laughter.

Smiling, Mike stood and ran over to Beth. Leaning down he grabbed Emma by the waist and Sarah by the arm. He easily tossed Emma up and over his shoulder and wrapped an arm around Sarah who was pounding on his arm trying to free herself. Lifting her over his other shoulder he stood and steadied himself, the two girls laughing and giggling inside each of their screams of, "No, put me down," over and over.

"Beth, get the patio door," barked Mike.

Beth, now able to wrestle out from Danni's grasp, pushed her off and bolted for the door. Unlocking it, she swung it open wide.

"Mike, don't you dare!" Sarah yelled, doing her best to sound serious, but failing miserably at the attempt.

But Mike wasn't listening either way, and kept striding forward and then through the open door. Just as they arrived poolside, she sailed forward off his shoulder and into the frigid morning waters. She was followed quickly by a second splash as Emma sailed in after her, protesting the entire way.

Beth and Mike were rolling with laughter, pointing and teasing as the two girls in the pool began to shiver, flipping them both off as they made their way back to the side of the pool.

Danni came up beside them, laughing. Beth turned as she heard her, grabbing her quickly by the hand and forcing her towards the pool. "No, no, no, no, no," Danni said demandingly, but it was no use. She splashed in between her sisters, but before doing so, at the last instant she latched onto Beth's arm in a desperate attempt at retaliation, pulling her in with her.

Mike fell to the deck, unable to contain himself. His laughter turning into hysterics at the hilarity of the spectacle provided by his sisters. His insides beginning to ache, he was forced to clutch his stomach.

All four sisters were gasping and shivering, their clothes soaked and sticking to their cold bodies, nipples erect and poking outwards. Four sets of eyes turned and regarded their brother on the deck beside the pool, having rolled onto his side in his hysterics. He felt their eyes on him. Gathering his wits about him, he swiftly jumped up and bolted for the house and up the stairs.

The four girls began to extricate themselves from the pool, giggling, laughing and splashing each other. Beth, having reached the edge before Danni, feigned a hand to help her out. She pulled her up halfway before releasing her grip, and allowing her to fall right back into the water, causing all four girls another full round of uncontrollable glee, in amusement of each other.

All four eventually went inside to change, vowing revenge on Mike for escaping unscathed. Sarah made them all strip, going to get towels from the wash room for them so they wouldn't wet the floor.

Beth went to her room, as did Danni and Sarah. Emma had other plans and headed for Mike's room. She knocked on the door and entered without waiting for him to answer.

He was at the foot of his bed, feet hooked under the cross post and doing sit-ups as she entered, a towel wrapped around her still shivering body. He had his headphones on and bobbing his head in time with the music as he raised his body in unison to every other beat. She waited for just the right moment as he lowered himself back down to the floor, and then straddled his head quietly, dropping quickly to her knees and sitting on his chest, pinning him to the floor.

He opened his eyes as he felt someone's butt come to rest on his chest, his eyes immediately drawn to the water drenched pussy staring him in the face. She pulled the towel open, affording him a view of her small breasts, water beading on them and trickling slowly downwards. She smiled at him, silently, his music still thumping from his headphones.

"Fuck her, fuck her now!"

Lifting herself with her knees, she shifted herself up to his face, pulling back on the towel and gently setting her pussy atop his lips. She felt the rough skin of his face, the prickles of his stubble pressing into her thighs and pussy lips. Suddenly she gasped in pleasure as his tongue pressed in, gently lapping at her, desperately searching for her clit. She began to grind her hips back and forth, up and down on his face as pleasure shot through her body again and again. Lifting herself back to her knees, she grabbed the back of his head and lifted it up, moving it around on her crotch, his tongue pressing and licking, slurping and gently nibbling.

When she began to come, she forced his face roughly into her pussy, her hips rocking up and down as her tunnel convulsed, and her muscles contracted splashing her feminine juices all over his face. She fell back, resting on his chest as he stared up at her. A few moments passed and she leaned down, scooting her hips back as she kissed him. She ran her tongue along his lips, licking her own juices and slurping them off his tongue.

"Fuck. Her. Now! Prick! Before she gets away,, AGAIN!!"

But, before he could even react to the demands of the voice, of which he had fully intended to do if he didn't suddenly come to his senses first, Emma stood. She wrapped the towel back around herself and left the room as quickly and silently as she had entered.

Mike cursed himself as he shook his head.


"Yeah, I know."

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Really enjoying the slow build with Beth. Thing about those intellectual types though, once she breaks over, she may put them all to shame. Poor Mike, what a horrible way to go.

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