Just the Six of Us Ch. 15


Mike gently pulled out slightly and desperately tried to hide his actions under the blankets they were sharing. His cock popped out her pussy briefly, and he quickly pushed it back inside, pulling Emma's hips towards him and causing more movement than he'd intended. Her eyes were closed but she was shifting her hips back and forth, urging his cock back inside and gasped as he replaced it. With that, she began to feel an orgasm stirring, and buried her face in Danni's side, unintentionally pressing into her right breast with her face.

Danni stifled a giggle as Emma's hand shifted around to her stomach, tickling her accidentally. Her younger sister's hand was squeezing her tightly as an orgasm worked its way through her, the younger girls hips moving back and forth of their own volition. Lost in the passion of the moment, Emma began to gently squeeze her sister's breast, working upwards to gently pinch her nipple.

Danni wasn't in any position to move her sister's hand and certainly didn't want to expose what was going on to Beth. She bit her lip gently trying to stifle her laughter and a sigh of happy contentedness.

Mike kept thrusting until Emma's pussy stopped squeezing around his cock, its pulses slowed, then finally stopped. He pulled out and gently began to pull her underwear and shorts back up as she buried her face in Danni's shoulder.

"Son-Of-A-Bitch. Are you trying to make yourself an enemy, or were you just born pussy stupid."

After a few moments, she finally lifted her head and stared back at the TV as if nothing had happened. But underneath the blanket she gently lifted her hips as Mike pulled her shorts back up into place. He leaned back against the couch as he put his cock away; satisfied that it would get some use later.

"We'd fucking better, asshole. That's the second time in the same day that you've stopped in mid-fuck. And the third time if you count coming up short with Beth. I thought you were done resisting."

I am done resisting my sisters,' he thought. 'You won the bet, I'm just trying to set the stage for the scene you've been so desperately trying to force us into. Patience, it's all good.'

"It's all good my ass. I'm not built for all this fucking 'absence makes the dick grow harder', 'patience makes it all the sweeter', 'waiting to anticipate and enjoy the moment when it comes' bullshit. If I was anything more than just a mental thought pattern in your brain, I'd already be dead from implosion. Shit!"

Mike chuckled quietly at the thought. 'Not a bad way to go, I gotta admit.'

"Fuck You!"

Emma had noticed that she'd begun to fondle Danni's breast, but couldn't bring herself to stop after she'd climaxed. She just kept gently teasing it between her fingertips, tracing the nipple and areola, squeezing, rolling, and pinching.

Danni desperately tried to concentrate, turning and giggling at her sister. Emma smiled and winked, but wouldn't stop playing with her new toy.

The movie finally came to its conclusion several minutes later, and Mike stood, stretching for a moment before tossing the blanket back to the couch behind him. Emma reached a hand up, very sisterly, and pouted at him and asked, "Help me up?"

Mike chuckled but pulled her up and into his arms, giving her a hug and a kiss, then he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Bad girl."

She giggled and turned, heading upstairs. "Night ya'll," she called down.

He shrugged at Danni, but then offered her his hand, pulling her up and behind him as he headed to bed. "Night," he called back.

"Night guys," Sarah and Beth both chimed.

He turned and wrapped both arms around Danni, easily lifting her and pulling her upwards, feeling her wrap her legs around him as he started them towards his bedroom. His lips met hers and they kissed passionately, tongues dancing in each other's mouths, her breasts pressing into his chest.

He reached down with both hands, supporting her weight by wrapping his hands around her ass, causing her to giggle as he squeezed, climbing the last steps and finally to his room where he kicked the door closed. Clothes flew off as the two hurriedly undressed as soon as he had set her back down. She stripped off her shirt and sports bra, drawing close and grabbing his face to kiss him as his shirt was pulled over his head.

He broke the kiss as he took a step forward, reaching for the edges of her shorts, pulling downwards and removing her panties in one swift move. She had her hands on the edge of his shorts too, pulling quickly and groping for his cock, which was already hard as steel again, having found no final relief in its last two outings. He reached around her again as they both stepped out of their shorts, and lifted her up into the air, her legs easily wrapping around him again.

"Oh god, I've wanted you so bad," she said hungrily in his ear. "I don't know how you can handle all of us, but I'm so glad you can. I might have had to take matters into my own hands if you'd been too tired to take care of me tonight. Now fuck me."

"What she said."

The thought of her masturbating turned him on even more, and he began to lower her hips, pushing the tip of his dick tenderly into her sopping mound. Her pussy was so wet, her being turned on by Emma and him fucking earlier, and by her being fondled by her sister.

She gasped in pure ecstasy as his dick found its proper home, thrusting deeply into her and then gently being extracted as he slowly lifted upwards. Her pussy felt like satin on his cock, as she leaned forwards, gently biting his shoulder and moaning softly, "God."

"I've missed you," he said, thrusting into her again, causing her to bite down and moan in pleasure.

He leaned back and supported her weight with his legs, bringing his arms up to her head and grabbing both sides with his hands, turning and laying her gently at the very edge of the bed as he pushed and pulled in and out of her.

Her anticipation had gotten the best of her, the beginnings of an orgasm already rising from within, overtaking her far sooner than either expected. She began to come, her body arching as spasms of joy shot through it, her pussy convulsing on his cock, rippling muscles gently urging him to do the same.

"Keep going baby. Let me know when you are gonna come," she said, breathing heavily as the orgasm subsided somewhat.

He nodded and wondered why she'd wanted to know, but only briefly, as he kept thrusting repeatedly into her tender channel. She moaned again as he thrust at just the right angle and wondered if he'd be able to last to give her another orgasm. She was surprised to find herself being taken by another, and how quickly it came, then wasted no time in exploding as her lover thrust in and out of her, his hands still around her head, holding it from behind, fingers entwined in her hair, his cock lovingly wrapped in her pussy.

The second one was much more powerful than the first, her body going rigid as she arched her back and her arms locked in an awkward pose as she convulsed up and down several times, her pussy clenching and unclenching on him.

Finally, he began to feel an orgasm building, and as soon as he was close, he nodded and began to thrust hurriedly.

She put a hand on his chest and pulled him out, taking him in her hand and sliding off the bed. He groaned as he felt her warm lips and velvet tongue wrap around the head of his cock. Then he lost the fight, warm sperm rocketing from his shaft and plunging into her mouth. She bobbed up and down repeatedly, stroking the shaft as her brother's sperm filled her mouth. She gulped it down and continued to suck, slowing and finally just licking the extra sperm off the tip of his dick, drawing a shudder and a giggle from him as she tickled the tip.

His cock left her lips for a second as she pulled it out, but quickly reentered as she pulled him back in, sucking the remnant sperm out, and cleaning the shaft. Her lips wrapped around the shaft, her tongue lovingly swabbing around it and her hands on his ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth.

Her fun soon at an end, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood, smiling at him. He'd fallen forward, his arms pressing into his mattress over her as she'd swallowed his load, but as she stood, he stood up and staggered for a few seconds, finally giving in and collapsing to the side, barely hitting his bed.

She giggled and crawled in bed beside him. "I'm guessing you enjoyed that."

"Holy fuck," he said, drawing a laugh from her. "I love you,"

"I love you, too," she said.

"I thought you only wanted me to come inside you?" he asked.

"Well, every now and then," she said, "I can't help but to get a taste of what the others are enjoying. You don't mind do you?"

"Hell, no!"

'Shut up,' he thought.

"Hell, no," he answered.

"Haha, my man."

'Shut up,' Mike thought.

She pulled the sheet up over them, tucking it around his shoulder and turning over, allowing him to wrap her up in his arms, nice and warm, safe and secure. They were both asleep in moments.

Mike didn't remember what he dreamed that night, having slept harder than he had in quite some time. Morning came and he didn't even stir.

Danni poked him, and he grumbled, "The eggs can't fly," then mumbled, "only seven squirrels anyway."

She giggled and headed to the bathroom to wash.

Mike finally woke up, several hours later. He glanced at the clock, it was 10:32.

"Holy shit," he said.

"I've been trying to wake you up for a couple of hours now, you're in the process of wasting my fucking day away."

'Sorry," he thought, 'we kind of had a big day yesterday.

"Yeah, yeah, five times started, three times finished. You're a beast, now let's get the down to business."

He chuckled, standing to get dressed.

"Now, punch yourself in the face, really fuckin' hard."

Mike sighed. 'Seriously? This is what you're going to do all day?'

"My day, my rules, punch yourself in the face."

He shook his head, but then smashed a fist into the side of his head.

"That was for not listening to me in the first place and forcing yourself into that damn bet."

'This is going to be a long day,' he thought, heading for the shower. He turned towards the upstairs bathroom and stopped, hearing the water run.

"Peek in."

Mike sighed and shook his head as he quietly opened the door. He saw blonde hair as he glanced through the crack.

'Beth,' he thought, turning to go back to his room.

"Keep watching."

He sighed again, but quickly turned his face to look sideways through the crack. She had her back turned and had just gotten out of the shower. She was standing near the toilet, one leg up and a towel wrapped around her body as she dried her hair with another towel.

The towel began to slip and her breasts spilled free, causing Mike's cock to jump. They were as perfect as he'd imagined, large and round, perfectly perky and not at all droopy. Her nipples were soft and pink, small and erect from the chill in the air. She grabbed for the towel as it fell, wrapping it around her hips as she dropped her foot back to the floor. Reaching for a brush, she ran it through her hair, causing her massive tits to wobble.

"Knock, and then just go in, before she answers."

'I'm not going to just go in and start fucking her.'

"Trust me Slick."

Mike sighed yet again, but knocked and quickly entered. Beth dropped the towel in her hand and snatched the one around her waist upwards, briefly affording Mike a view of her blonde pussy hair.

"What the hell Mike," she said.

"Sorry," he said, turning to leave.


'Jesus, what now.'

"Turn, and without saying a word, just go and kiss her."

Mike lowered his head a second, but then lifted it and did as he was told. He strode forward quickly, reaching for her face and pulling her close, drawing a squeal from her as he pressed his lips to hers, feeling her pull back slightly, but just as quickly giving in. She began to return the kiss, even venturing to push her tongue into his mouth as their lips danced about.

He pulled her close and continued kissing her, one hand wrapped around and one caressing her head. She whimpered softly in his arms, her tongue playing in his mouth.

"With one of your hands, gently pull her towel off, but make it feel like it just fell off."

'How the hell do I do that?' he thought.

But he gently tugged the slightest bit at the towel wrapped around her. It had been just barely hanging there so it fell away easily. She seemed not to notice and soon he felt her breasts pushing into his chest as he ran the same hand along her back, gently squeezing her naked ass and back up again.

He stopped for a second, and the spell was broken. She hurriedly reached for the towel. Dropping to her knees, she pulled it up around her as she knelt. She looked up at him and was afforded a perfect view of the large bulge at his crotch.

She stared wide-eyed at it as she rose, glancing back up at him.

"Is that because of me?" she asked.

He blushed quickly, embarrassed that she'd noticed for some odd reason, but eventually shrugged and nodded.

"I told you. You're beautiful." he said. "Why is it so hard to believe that you turn me on, too."

She shrugged and bit her bottom lip nervously, and a long silence passed between them.

"So, can uh..." she started.

He peered at her curiously, wondering what she might want.

"Can I see it?" she asked, mustering a false boldness and suddenly turning red by her own question.

He smiled slightly, but hid it quickly. "Really? You want to see, me?"

She nodded, a little too quickly she realized too late, and glanced back down, running her tongue subconsciously across her lips.

He slowly pulled his boxer shorts down, pulling his dick out, which quickly stood out and pointed up towards her, as if it had just noticed her now partial nudity. She peered down at it, taking in every detail. After several long minutes, during which even Mike began to get a little embarrassed, she finally glanced back up.

"Can I... touch it?" she asked.

He nodded and just smiled.

"Told you."

His dick jumped as she hurriedly reached up, her hands cold from the shower water and still slightly damp. She lifted it up and gently moved it around, inspecting it curiously, as if it were some new kind of species of insect.

She reached her other hand down and pulled on his ball sack, a bit too roughly for Mike's taste, drawing a groan from him.

"Sorry," she said.

Releasing them and moving back to his cock, she pulled it to one side and then the other. She kneeled down to get an even closer look at it.

"So this is what the big fuss is all about?"

He frowned down at her, causing her to giggle.

"Sorry, baby," she said, standing and pulling his underwear back up, pushing his hard-on back inside.

"Ask her to show you hers."

'What am I six? Aren't we a little old for "You show me yours, I'll show you mine?"'

"Shut up and just do it."

"So, now that you've seen it..." he said.

"Yes, it's the largest I've ever seen," she replied, "absolutely gigantic. How do you walk straight?" she giggled, wrapping her towel tighter around her.

"Funny," he said. "No, I was going to say, now that I've let you seen mine, I'd like to see what you've been trying to hide behind that towel."

She stopped laughing and glanced up at him, blushing. She started to protest, but he laughed, holding up a hand.

"It's only fair now, come on," he coaxed.

She glared playfully at him, but with a wide grin on her face that was now turning regularly from one shade of red to another and back again. Embarrassed but compliant, she opened her towel and revealed her exquisite body. She quickly closed it again and he immediately shook his head.

"Come on now, Beth," he said, "Give me a chance to have a good look."

She giggled and opened her towel up again, trying not to burst out laughing in total embarrassment.

His dick began to poke through the front of his shorts again as he gazed at her perfect breasts, her pink nipples hard with excitement.

He glanced down, then back up at her. "Now look what you did," he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes and began to push past him, starting to wrap the towel back around her once more, giggling all the more. He turned as she passed by, and suddenly couldn't help himself.

He reached out for her again and wrapped his arms around her, pressing her up against the door and crushing his body gently against hers, their lips beginning to dance again as their tongues played together. The fleshy rod in his pants pushed straight out of his boxers, finding the hole and the open air beyond, as it searched for the flesh it seemed to know was just within its reach.

She gasped in excitement as she let the towel almost fall away, the warmth of his nearly naked body pressing up against hers as she kissed him. She lowered her head to his neck and continued her attention there, running her tongue up and down. The towel fell to the floor as they moved and he reached up with a hand, cupping one of her large breasts in it as he felt his cock pushing into her thigh.

She moaned audibly and raised her head as he began to kiss her neck, moving down to pull one of her perfect nipples into his mouth. He stood again and pulled her mouth to his, drawing his cock back to her thigh, but this time she had shifted and it slid quickly between her legs to rub the outer folds of her labia.

Her eyes went wide as she felt the tip of his cock slide between her legs, pushing gently at her pussy, which was drenched in excitement and slick with her juices. She moaned and ran both hands to his ass, pulling forcefully on him and pushing his cock tighter between her legs, sliding it back and forth against her cunt lips, but not inside as she now wanted it.

She pulled back a bit and then reached down and pulled upwards on his cock and felt the head just past the very entrance of her virgin pussy, but still not inside. She closed her eyes and immediately knew the ecstasy that her sisters felt. She moved her hips to grind her mound onto his tip, and it grazed her clit as it played between her folds.

It felt large, and seemed to fill her up perfectly, hitting all the right spots that seemed to threaten to turn her into a quivering pile of orgasms, if that's what she was feeling building inside her, if this was just a taste of what their sisters were enjoying.

He began to slowly thrust upwards and she moaned until she felt his head slip just ever so slightly past her lips.

"(Gasp), Oh Michael, my God, don't move," she pleaded, as she thought she couldn't stand a feeling any more exquisite as this, spreading her legs farther apart not realizing she had done so.

He stopped, and she carefully hunched her hips again and again as she rubbed the head of his shaft around her opening and across her clit, just barely, but not completely inside, rubbing both their wetness into a sensual cocktail while experiencing her first sexual bliss.

"Oh, God, Michael" she said, "This... (GASP)."

"Beth," he said, as she shuddered, and caught her before she stumbled.

The reality of the situation hit them both like a truck as she came. He pulled back, and she released his cock, grabbing his shoulders as he held her quivering body, it spasmed several times before relinquishing its hold on her newly discovered system of sexuality.

She bit her lip and her eyes were immediately filled with awareness. "I didn't mean to... you weren't even... God, that was... I... God."

"I'm so sorry Beth," he said. He kissed her quickly and wiped a tear away, but she lowered her face again. "Sweetie, I'm so into you right now. I want to make love to you more than anything. I just don't want your first time to be painful. There's nothing wrong with you, I swear."

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