tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJust the Three of Us Ch. 04

Just the Three of Us Ch. 04


Shada unzipped Eric's fly, unbuckled his pants and pulled them along with his underwear down in one smooth motion. Without breaking eye contact with Eric, I dropped to my knees and took Eric's sweet cock into my warm mouth as Shada cupped his balls from behind.

"Ah, fu-uuck," Eric moaned in pure pleasure. "My God that feels good, Callie!"

Shada eased her husband toward the couch and as he fell backward onto it, I temporarily released his huge phallus from my pink lips. Shada joined me and quickly swallowed her husband's massive boner and took it all the way to the hilt. She gagged several times leaving nice, long streamers for me to lap up as I then took over the job of stroking his ample balls.

As Shada sucked and slurped, I removed my pink sweater and turned by back to Eric indicating I needed my dress unzipped. Somehow he managed to lean forward enough to take care of it and I let it fall off to the floor. I stepped out of it and noticed it was a bit cool in the house so I quickly put the soft shrug back on even as I removed my panties and padded undergarment. I was already hard myself and ready to fuck. Having never been with a woman before when dressed as Callie, I had to overcome my natural desire to jump on top of Shada and give her a good shagging. I was a girl today and girls don't fuck. They get fucked.

I moved behind Shada and started undressing her as she continued to bob up and down on Eric's huge cock right in front of me. In mere moments, she was stripped bare before me. I squeezed her soft breasts and heard her gasp deeply. "My God, Callie. That feels SO good," Shada moaned softly as she continued sucking Eric's dick.

I motioned for Shada to lie beside Eric and she immediately complied. I knelt in front of her, made eye contact, then began lapping up the juices spilling from her drenched pussy. Eric leaned over and kissed his wife and cupped her left breast as he reached across her body with his left arm. The sounds of her soaking-wet pussy mixed with the French kissing going on above it was intoxicating! Eric's hand slipped down to Shada's clit and we began taking turns massaging it as Shada's breathing grew deeper and her moaning louder.

"Shada can cum several times, Callie, so don't stop okay?"

"No worries there," I told him.

"I wanna watch you fuck Callie, baby. Do it while she's eating me out, okay?"

Eric scooped up his pants and produced a lubricated condom from one of the pockets which he slipped on and moved in behind me.

"Oh, God baby. This is what we've been waiting for for months now. Fuck her good for me, honey," Shada managed to say as she neared her first orgasm.

Eric kneeled down behind me and I soon felt his strong hands massaging my soft breast forms. I could feel his cock push up against me and I moaned, too. "Mmmm. That feels so good, Eric. I want you inside me so bad. Please fuck me."

Eric slipped a moistened finger inside me to prepare me for his cock. I could feel him lining it up followed by that now-familiar, pleasant pressure. I gasped as he started rocking back and forth preparing me to take his huge tip. As it popped inside me, I whimpered softly which caused Shada to tense and then buck wildly. I managed to keep my mouth over her pussy and use my tongue to heighten her orgasm. As Eric slid deep inside me Shada screamed, "God fucking DAMN!!! Ah, fuck! That feels so fucking good!"

I released her momentarily as Eric began taking me harder and faster. He was wrecking my prostate gland with the head of his long shaft and I was experiencing the most wonderful mix of pleasure and pain imaginable. "Oh, shhhittt," I cried. "Oh, God that feels good, baby. Fuck me harder. Please!" I begged.

I held my ground and took Shada's labia back into my mouth, licking and sucking her even as my lover was pounding me like a wrecking ball. In less than two minutes Shada was ready to cum again and as he sensed her second orgasm Eric said, "I'm gonna cum inside you, Callie."

I moaned loudly again and said, "Please do. Put it to me, baby. Fuck me good."

Eric drove his cock all the way inside me and I felt him and Shada shudder at the time. He let out a primal growl and Shada screamed like I'd never heard anyone scream before. "Oh, FUCK!" was all I could say as I felt my own cock explode in a huge orgasm of its own while Eric drained his balls into the condom which was deep inside me. There was a mess of sticky goo all over the couch and floor which no one cared about for the moment.

Spent, we all collapsed onto one another as Eric withdrew from me. I removed his condom and sucked the cum off of his cock then kissed him letting him taste some of his own love juice. "Come here," Shada said pulling me close. "My God that was nice."

We kissed and then let Eric in between us. Shada reached down and playfully touched his now limp phallus and it began to rise back to life. "Wow! You haven't done that in years, baby. You ready to go again already?"

"I am, honey. I most definitely am. Callie, can you grab another condom for me, sweetheart?"

"With pleasure," I said with a wicked smile.

I mounted him with my back toward his chest and placed my feet on his thighs then lowered myself down until his now hard cock slipped back inside of me. I was still gaped and he slid in without effort. I sat still for a moment taking his entire length and relished the feeling of it before beginning to bounce up and down on it. "Oh, fuck that feels so good," I moaned.

Shada was content to play with herself at first as she watched her husband fuck me again. After a few minutes, she came around to the front, bent down, and matching my motions, took my bobbing cock into her mouth. Moments later, Eric and I came again. Shada took my cum into her mouth then snowballed it to me. I hungrily took it, swished it around, then gave it back to her. To my surprise, she swallowed it with one happy gulp before kissing me deeply.

"Wow!" Shada said as we cuddled together while Eric embraced us both. "That was amazing! Oh, my God that was good! And so much FUN!"

We spent a few minutes enjoying the closeness before Shada asked me if I'd like to shower first. I accepted her offer and came out fully dressed about fifteen minutes later. The two of them used their bathroom to clean up then joined me in the kitchen where we had a glass of wine together.

"Thank you for inviting me," I said sincerely. "This was amazing. I had such a good time."

"It was our pleasure, Callie," Eric assured me. "I really wasn't convinced you were as beautiful as Shada said before meeting you. I mean, we've wanted to do this for a while now and I was concerned she was settling just to make it happen. Let me tell you, there was no 'settling' going on here. You are a gorgeous young woman."

"I second that," Shada said playfully. "We are so glad you joined us. I don't think we've ever had this much fun."

"Nope," said Eric. "This was not only a first but a definitely best, as well. Thank you, Callie."

"Wow," I purred. "I feel like the lucky one here. Thank you!"

We made small talk for a few more minutes as we finished our wine. "Well, I think it's probably time for me to get home, you two," I announced. "I had such a wonderful evening."

"Let's do this again soon, shall we?" Eric suggested.

"Most definitely. Anytime is fine with me," I replied.

Eric and Shada both hugged and kissed me goodbye and then they walked me to my car. Eric opened the door for me and wished me a good night. "Same to you two," I said as I slid in behind the wheel. Eric closed the car door behind me and I punched the start button. We waved to one another as I backed down the driveway then blew kisses as I put the engine in drive and headed back home.

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