tagGroup SexJust the Two of Us Ch. 02

Just the Two of Us Ch. 02


I thought about what she had said a lot. I know some it was flippant and not meant to be serious, but I could see she was excited about the possibility of a ménage a trios with another man. I was still a bit unsure, but I knew she'd like it. So I set about to spoil her rotten. I arranged for a fake I.D. so she could get into a club, it cost almost two hundred dollars, but was a real I.D. with her picture on it. Around a month later, when we were next at the hotel, I gave her the I.D. and we went to a night club nearby. She knew something was up, but I wouldn't tell her.

'It's a surprise. You'll find out soon.' I laughed at the look of frustration on her face.

'Stuff you,' she said petulantly. But I knew she was only pretending to be angry. I hugged her to my side and bent to kiss her lightly on her lips. We got into the line and waited for while to get to the front. I held my breath when the bouncer held the card up to the light and rubbed his finger over it. He double checked the date and looked closely at Lauren, she was clearly young looking, but he let her through after a minute or so. I let out a breath and we went through. Once inside I led her to the bar and we ordered drinks.

'So. Why did you bring me here? I know you have something planned.' I smiled and leant forward to speak in her ear.

'I want to fulfil a fantasy of yours.' She smiled and looked at me expectantly. 'Two guys and a girl. I want to share you with another man and spoil you silly.'

She couldn't speak. It was entertaining to watch the changing emotions on her face, from shock to a mixture of surprise and anticipation. 'So, do you have anybody in mind or do we have to find someone tonight?' I paused and she laughed. 'I should have guessed. I have to do it don't I?' Her confidence gone she was a little girl again. 'Do you think I'll be alright?'

'You'll be fine. I'll be right here watching, and if anything goes wrong I'll be there quickly.' She looked a bit happier at that. 'Just enjoy yourself and dance. Someone will come up sooner or later.'

So she kissed me lightly on the lips and went off to dance, standing in an empty space on one of the many podium areas. Sure enough, it didn't take long for a guy; fairly good looking and well dressed, came up and danced with her. After a while she began to bump and grind against him, getting more into the dance as the guy ran his hands over her back.

And damn it pissed me off. To see her with another guy, swaying into him was enough to make my blood pound. But I knew she wanted it, I could see the way when she looked at me to see if it was still okay, her mouth was slightly open with desire and her eyes were half closed with pleasure. So I just smiled and nodded my head.

Eventually she raised her face and kissed him softly on the lips, an action that made me jealous as all hell. But at the same time seeing her kiss another guy made me hard as a rock in seconds. If I watched her actually having sex with another guy I didn't know whether I would kill him or cum in my pants! But I now wanted to see this out.

But not with this guy. She raised her mouth to his ear and spoke, pointing over at me and smiling at him. He looked startled, and then shook his head sorrowfully, before kissing her again and moving off. I looked at Lauren and shrugged my shoulders, and motioned for her to start dancing again.

The same thing happened with the next three guys, but she only kissed one of them, to my mixed relief and consternation. But the next guy stopped when she told him, looked at me and then her. He paused for a moment and when Lauren whispered again in his ear and kissed him, passionately this time so that he embraced her and crushed her to him instinctively he nodded.

I grinned at the two of them, over an hour of standing at the bar and it had paid off, we left the bar with Lauren holding my hand and the other man, Luke, walking alongside us. I could hardly wait, and when in the elevator I pulled her to me and kissed her, moving my tongue around in her mouth. I felt a strange thing; Luke had moved behind her and was grinding into her from behind, his hands coming to rubbed her breasts, pressed against my chest as the were. It felt bloody weird, and I was confused as to whether I liked it or not, but we were committed now. We moved back after the lift stopped, Lauren flushed and breathing heavily, moaning as we broke away from her.

Once inside the apartment I fixed us all drinks, and put on some mood music. We sat down on the couches, Lauren and Luke sharing one and me on the chair next to them. We chatted for a while, and I eventually tried to move it along.

'If you want to kiss my girlfriend you can Luke.' That wasn't easy to say, and it made Lauren stare at me. 'Basically we're both here to pleasure her tonight so you can do anything she wants you to do to her.' Luke grinned and shifted closer to Lauren, blocking off her faint protest by kissing her soundly on the lips. I smiled, aroused and jealous as before, but enjoying the sight of her pretty face being ravished by this other man. He would have been only twenty, and he brought his hand up to cup her breast quickly, slipping it inside her shirt and over her bra to massage it, eliciting moans from this young girl of mine.

I moved over and pulled off mine and then Lauren's top, leaving her with a bra and skirt. The bra hit the floor quickly as well, exposing her chest to the two of us. I was still amazed at her beauty; Luke grinned and ducked his head to cover one with his mouth. I kissed her quickly and then moved my mouth to cover her other breast. The two of our mouths working on her tits had her moaning like an animal, more then I had ever heard before. It was hard to believe that she was only eighteen.

I ran my hand down her stomach to rub her warm cleft, only to find that Luke had already pushed his fingers inside her panties. I was resentful for a moment but then slipped mine in with his and the two of us were working at her. We shifted our mouths, alternating between sucking at her amazing breasts, so firm and taut, and kissing her neck or mouth. She came in minutes, both the knowledge that two guys were worshipping her lissom form and the feelings she was undergoing pushing her over the edge.

'Ahhh...oh god, oh god, oh god-ohhh, fuck me...' she moaned, panting as though she had run a marathon. I motioned for Luke to keep going when he leaned back as she began to come down, and we redoubled our assault on her body. She cried out again in seconds. Luke slipped down and started to eat her out, burying his face between her legs and causing another cry of consternation to emit from my girl's ravaged body. 'Stop...ohhh, don't, stop it-it's...ahh,' arching her back and thrusting upwards with her hips, writhing around in our arms. She continued to moan softly as we kept rubbing and kissing her body, orgasms coming every few seconds. She began to mewl like a cat, the strange sound surprising me, and she kept going for a moment before changing back to the normal groaning.

'OHHH!' her body convulsing in a final orgasm that shook the couch as she rolled away from us and curled into a ball, hands pressed against her vagina through the fabric of her skirt, still tensed as the pleasure overwhelmed her one last time. Her back was to us and I could see her petite buttocks flexing as she climaxed again, and the smooth skin of her back leading down to her butt was amazing to behold.

Eventually her body unclenched and she lay flat on her back on the couch, her svelte form limp and exhausted. I shuffled up to sit next to her, not daring to touch her breasts or any sensitive part on her. And that was probably all of it. But I leant over and kissed her on the mouth, a soft and lingering kiss that at least stirred her to speak a few words.

'That was...amazing. Thanks guys-I can't believe it...you were so good. I am so sore I can't...think straight.' We smiled at her; Luke had moved back to the armchair and was looking neglected, as was I. But Lauren was clearly not going to be ready for anything for a while. I brushed across her supple breasts with my finger and she groaned, shying away from my hand. I laughed and kissed her again. It was no surprise she was sore, we had had her in a sort of perpetual orgasm for almost eighteen minutes.

We spent a while having a snack and drinks, and then sat around and chatted for a while. Lauren was a bit self conscious in front of Luke, which I was more then happy about, so she had put on her shift, a slightly sheer piece of lingerie that still covered enough up for me to be satisfied. He was here to pleasure her, not to gawk at her (albeit splendid) young and nude body.

We learnt that Luke had recently turned twenty and was working as a courier in the city. He had no girlfriend, not that he would have been game to tell us if he did, and lived in a flat with a friend on the other side of the river. He was fairly good looking I guess. I wasn't exactly James Dean myself, but I was fairly well toned and muscled in the right places. He had some muscles, and was fairly lean, but his body wasn't as good as mine (which Lauren had the good grace to point out to me).

After half an hour of talking we watched a bit of T.V. before Lauren suggested we move into the bedroom. I looked at her surprised; she wasn't normally this forward, but I guess she was excited.

'Feeling up for some more fun are we?' I asked her.

'Yep!' she responded with enthusiasm. 'Much better now that I've had a bit of a break.'

'Good good.' We got up and finished our drinks. With Lauren on her third for the night, and being a fairly slight girl she was getting tipsy, but I knew she'd be easier to convince now. Of course she probably didn't need any convincing, but you never knew.

We clambered onto the bed, Lauren in between me and Luke. Lying down, she turned away from me to embrace Luke, kissing him and wrapping her arms around his back as her negligee riding up to expose her silky legs and butt to me. I felt a pang of jealousy, but slid in behind them and moulded her butt to my crotch and caressed her breasts, crushed as they were against Luke. She smiled into her kiss with him, and twisted her head to lock her lips with mine, passionately sliding her tongue into my mouth. I felt my pulse race, and when she broke the kiss I felt an acute sense of loss.

She moved her mouth to my ear. 'Thank you so much for this. I won't do anything with him you don't want me too, and if you want to stop that's fine.' I smiled at her.

'I love you Lauren.' I looked over her shoulder as she craned her head back onto my chest and groaned, and saw that Luke had slid down to kiss her breasts again, stroking them and her stomach through the fabric of her shift. I realised to some extent that by coming into this room we were committed to going further then I might want it too, but if she wanted it I had already resolved to do it.

I pulled back and lifted her arms, grasping the camisole at the lacy edges, and taking it off her gently, exposing her to us fully nude for the first time that night. She shivered and lay there as Luke inspected her for a moment.

'Very nice,' he said, and then dove back into kissing her body, moving down to kiss her already moist snatch again. She giggled and pulled me down to kiss her savagely on the lips. I let it happen and went with the flow for a while before taking the next leap.

'I think me and Luke are a little overdressed here, don't you?' I slid to the side of the bed and pulled off my pants, showing the full seven and a half inches of my hard erection. Lauren smiled at me as I got back on the bed and she moaned, pushing Luke's head away from her and kissed him slowly.

'Take off your clothes Luke. I want to see you naked.' I was surprised and anxious about that comment, but she snuggled up to me and watched as he took off his pants and jocks as she told him too. I was relieved to see that he was smaller then me in both length and width, not hugely so, but noticeably enough that I was happy.

'Very nice,' she repeated his line, and giggled nervously as she reached up to tentatively pull him onto the bed with us. I realised again that this was only the second guy she'd been with and she had to deal with that as well as having to do it with another guy there. Luke fell down to us in a tangle of arms and legs, with Lauren being wrapped up in his embrace.

He kissed her and I watched enviously as their two nude bodies entwined on the bed together. It made the pit drop out of my stomach to see her young, shapely form being squashed against another man. At the same time, my cock sprang to renewed hardness, pulsing at the sight next to me.

Lauren pushed him away from her, panting and flushed, clearly aroused from the embrace. His hardness had been pressed full against her bowels, and she had been well aware of it from the sight of things.

'Umm, what do we want to do now?' she said, looking at me apprehensively. I took a deep breath.

'Why don't I screw you from behind,' she smiled as I said this, 'while you suck Luke off?' The smile was wiped off and the stunned mullet look on her face would have been comical if the sexual tension in the air had not been so palpable.

'I gu-guess so...' she responded nervously, eyeing Luke's length. 'Okay then.'

'Lean against the bed-head Luke, and spread your legs.' He did, after looking at me strangely for a moment. I guess most guys aren't asked to do that kind of thing by other guys very often. 'Lauren, do your thing!'

She looked at Luke for a moment and then at me. 'Okay...' She moved to straddle him and pressed her slender body against his as they kissed, before sliding down to rest her forearms against his legs. She eyed his member for a moment and then licked it tentatively, causing it to twitch. Encouraged by Luke's faint moan she kissed it, and began to lick it up and down, before holding it with one hand and sliding the head into her mouth.

I was amazed, jealous as all hell and horny. So I moved around behind her, and put a condom on. Watching her head bobbing up and down over another guy's cock was really disconcerting, but the sight of her ass swaying in front of me was pretty tempting too. I reached forward and massaged her breasts, pressing my erection into her butt crack and my chest onto her flat back. She moaned over Luke's dick, and brought her head around to face me.

She had a little string of pre-cum on her chin and was blushing. 'Ohh, just fuck me!' Well, my mother always taught me to do what a lady asks, and so I felt I had to oblige her. I pulled back from her and pressed my cock against her hot snatch, slowly entering her. I needn't have gone so slowly, she was so moist and hot for sex that I slid in like a knife through butter.

'Ohhhh, damn...' she moaned, taking her mouth from Luke's dick again. He had his head thrown back, and so quickly pushed her head back down onto him, muffling the rest of her exclamation. I put my hands on her hips and moved in and out of her, gradually picking up pace until the tanned skin of her ass was slapping wetly against my thighs, sweat slowly coating our bodies. I ran my hands down her back and slid them over the satiny skin to cover her breasts with my hands, mashing them to her chest. I slid them down further and pulled one back to hold her hip bone and slide into her faster. I rubbed her clit with the other violently, and she cried out again.

I looked forward and saw Luke groaning as she engulfed almost all his length into her mouth. It was one of the hottest sights I had seen before, and I slowed or I knew I'd cum then and there. I pulled out and kissed Lauren lightly on her taut butt, the skin lightly covered in her girly sweat.

She jerked her head off Luke's, dick and looked at me accusingly. 'What are you doing?! Get yourself back in there now!' I smiled weakly.

'I thought we might like to swap ends for a while.' Lauren's jaw dropped and I think his did too, but I was focussed on her reaction. She was stunned and said nothing for a while.

'Are you sure?' she asked in a little voice.

'Yeah. If you want to try it, anyway.'

She looked unsure. 'I guess that'd be good.' Looking at Luke she smiled shyly, ever the young girl, even in the position of being nude between two men who had been fucking her face and snatch. 'But you have to wear a condom.'

'Sure,' he replied; his voice croaky and eyes shining with anticipation. That he was so eager to screw my young girlfriend made me almost stop it, but the thought turned me on so much I couldn't back out now.

I got up and moved off the bed, he did too, and as he was putting a rubber on, Lauren kissed me while I settled into the place he had just vacated. I smiled as she bent down to take my cock in her mouth, closing my eyes for a moment and savouring the feeling of her tongue sliding over my dick as she closed her lips around it.

Looking down the long expanse of her slim back I marvelled at her beauty; that she could look beautiful from any angle and in any position. I loved this girl, young as she was.

And then it happened. Luke moved behind my girl and rubbed his dick along the length of her snatch, moistening it and making her shiver in anticipation. I could feel her stop her tongue movements and only absentmindedly remembering to move her head up and down occasionally. I could feel her taking in gulping breaths when she could and looked up to see that just past her butt cheeks, he was slowly pushing forward. She moaned from deep within her body, the sound vibrating against my dick.

I was so horny at the sight in front of me that I twitched inside her mouth, and I could see a faint sheen of sweat breaking out over her body again and her breathing increasing tenfold. I leant forward and rubbed her breasts hanging down from her chest and moving slightly as Luke began to thrust inside my girlfriend. He clamped his hands on her hips and began to hammer into her, making her groan as she resumed sucking on me.

He hammered home hard and she broke the lip-lock on my dick and cried out loudly. 'OHHH GOD...it feels-so...ughh, good, damn it, I think I'm cumming...again, ohhh...' she sank her mouth back onto my dick and began to work vigorously at it as her own body began to convulse with the beginnings of a mighty orgasm. She shook and moaned again, as Luke thrust again deep within her bowels and came with a cry of pleasure.

Her body quivered violently as he fell back, and I arched my hips forward and shot deep within her throat. She swallowed all of it, all five streams of cum, something she had never done before, and then slumped down onto the bed, sweaty and shattered. The last orgasm had wracked her system and driven her to heights she had never dreamed of.

But it was the first time both Luke and I had cum, and we probably would want another round tonight. But again, it wouldn't be for a while I thought as I looked at her spent form collapsed on the bed as Luke slid up to hug her from behind and fondle her breasts. We each got up separately; I leaned over and kissed her softly, vaguely recognising the taste of my cum on her lips but ignoring it.

She only smiled faintly and rolled over onto her back, looking at me with a contented but blurry gaze. Luke got up to go to the toilet and I snuggled down next to Lauren's willowy form. She smiled again.

'I think we might need a shower after that.' I looked down at our sweaty bodies and laughed.

'I think you might be right,' I replied as I kissed her softly on the mouth again.

When Luke came out of the bathroom we looked at him. He was as much of a mess as we were.

'You are right. Everyone in the shower thanks.' Lauren stood up and looked at me askance.

'I might have one on my own.' I laughed at the expression on her face.

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