tagIncest/TabooJust This Once

Just This Once


I was fucking mad and fucking horny. My husband was cheating and I found out from my son and daughter. They knew he was fucking his assistant for over a month. I could understand him getting sex on the side since I have been unable to have sex for almost six months now. A rare medical condition forced me to stop having sex while I was on medication. But that bastard went behind my back. If he had come to me I would have given my permission but he had rather sneak around and fuck her. Hell I may have even watched!

I had just received a clean bill of health from my doctor two days ago and was planning to fuck Bill's brains out but that wasn't going to happen now. I was so fucking horny that I couldn't see straight but I was just as pissed off. The medication I was taking increases your libido and for the past month it was all I could do to stop myself from fucking each door knob I passed.

My son and daughter were very understanding. My doctor had talked with each of them and explained my situation. My mood swings were getting in the way of my better judgment sometimes and she thought they should be aware of the side effects. Besides I caught myself coming on to my son and daughter more than once. If I wasn't a stay at home mom then I probably would have jumped someone at work by now. My son is 19 and a good looking young man and my daughter's 18 and is as beautiful and sexy as they come. I guess I am still considered attractive and work to stay in shape. I am still the same size I was when I was twenty. Not bad for a woman of 38.

But my husband had pissed me off. I had never refused him and even when he wanted a third to join us in the bedroom I said yes even though she was only twenty one and I was thirty three at the time. We had a great time and I found out that I love to eat pussy. It's too bad she was from out of state. I could have eaten that pussy again!

Somehow I knew I was going to get revenge. I didn't want a divorce but I was going to get something I knew he wanted and couldn't have...our daughter. We are a very open couple and are willing to try anything together. More often than not we only talk about what we would like to do but rarely act on it and never alone. Well this is something that I was going to make sure that I had without him but he knew about it.

My daughter is only 5'1" but has a 34D chest and a flat stomach that make most women envious. Lately she has been coming to me and talking about sex and her sexual desire to be with another woman. Actually that is what had gotten me thinking about having sex with her. She asked me if I had ever been with another female and of course I told her yes and it was a very pleasurable experience. Bonnie and I talked for a couple of hours that night before she went to bed. Now when she and Brian told me about their father's affair I got pissed.

Bill was leaving for a job out of town that night and would be gone for 2 weeks. When he came home from work that day and started to pack for his trip I didn't say anything to let on that I knew about him and Annie. I had known Annie since she started working for Bill over about eight months ago. I even liked her. She was beautiful, sexy and smart. I had considered having her over for a little party in our bedroom once I was able. We had gone shopping together and we had dinner with her on several occasions at our home. Once we were shopping and trying on cloths in the same changing room. She was fucking hot and started coming onto me. She and I had stripped down to our bras and panties and she turned and bumped into me. I turned and there we were...face to face....tits to tits. I was going to let her have me but the attendant interrupted us. Thank goodness too. At the time I still wasn't suppose to have sex. Damn I could have eaten her pussy right then and there!

Damn him! Not only did he ruin my surprise of getting fucked before he left but he ruined any thought of getting Annie into bed with us. Anyway, Bill left shortly there after but I let him know before he left that I would have a surprise for him when he got home. He was in a rush so he didn't have time to ask me what but I knew he was curious.

After Bill left I ask Brian and Bonnie into the den to talk.

"What you told me about your dad is to stay between us for the time being. You know due to my medical condition that we haven't had sex for over six months and in a way I understand your dad's needs. However, I have needs too and I'm going to get them fulfilled. I hope you understand. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health two days ago although I will be on the medicine for a while yet. The effect of increasing my libido is still with me and now that Bill has decided to seek pleasure elsewhere I guess I will too. I thought since you kids were involved in this you should know."

"We do mom and we think you have every right to be satisfied. Brian and I have talked about this and we both agree. What dad did is wrong although we both understand that he has needs. We don't agree with his methods."

"That's right mom. Bonnie and I want to know what we can do to help."

That was the opening I was hoping for. I suspected both our children were virgins but more than once I had peeked in on them exploring each other's bodies. Nothing serious and I was sure they never went all the way but still I knew they were curious.

"Thanks, I need all the help I can get right now. This medicine has made me so fucking horny that I don't know what to do. I'm sorry for my language but if I don't have sex soon I'll go mad and your dad has pissed me off on top of that! I know the doctor explained everything to you and I hope you understand. I need sex in a bad way and I can't wait much longer. But right now I'm so mad I could cut your father's dick off!"

"No need to do that mom! I'm sure dad will come to his senses soon. Don't you Bonnie?"

"Yea, mom what can we do to help?"

"I know this is going to sound strange but I need your help to get off! You know, to have an orgasm. I don't know if I can do it by myself and I refuse to go outside the family like your dad did. I don't want to come back with some sort of disease. If I don't cum soon I am going to go nuts!"

Both of them looked at me for a long time then at each other. They didn't know what to say.

"Before you make up your minds I want to let you know that I have seen the two of you together. I know you haven't had sex but I know you fool around. I figure if you enjoy each other you might be willing to help me too. Besides, Brian if you would have asked me I would let you see me in the shower. You don't have to sneak around. As a matter of fact you can take a shower with me anytime! And I would definitely let you wash me all over! As for you Bonnie, if you want to have sex with me just tell me. You don't have to pretend to be asking about someone else and telling me your fantasies, just tell me that you want to eat my pussy. I'm always here for my children! Well....do the two of you want to have sex with your mother or don't you?"

With that both of them shook their heads yes.

"Good, now remember, you are adults and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do and you can stop anytime you want. Is that clear?"

"Of course mom! But when do you want to, Uh, you know, Uh, get started?"

"Right now if it's OK with you. Like I said, I need sex!"

They both smiled and I knew they were ready. Bonnie's nipples were already hard and I could see the outline of Brian's cock down his pants leg.

"How do you want to get started?"

"Well, how about we start by seeing what Brian is trying to hide."

Brian jumped up and pulled off his shirt without having to be asked twice. Two seconds later his pants were off and the biggest fucking cock I had ever seen was dangling between his legs. Brian was much bigger than his dad and he had a nice size cock!

"Nice isn't it mom? Brian had let me touch it several times but I've always been afraid to fuck him. It looked too big for my pussy."

My eyes glossed over as I stared at that huge piece of meat. How could he have been able to hide that thing from me all this time?

"Ok mom, I'm ready. Are you going to strip too?"

I slowly got up from the couch as Brian sat back down and started to stroke his monster cock. Bonnie still had her cloths on but she leaned over and took her brothers cock head into her mouth and stared to suck. It was all she could do to get that much of his cock in her mouth. She used both hands to stroke his meat as she licked and sucked on his cock head.

After a couple of minutes I realized that I was standing over my children fully clothed. I started to take off my blouse, then my bra letting loose my big tits. My tits are 36D and my nipples were as hard as rocks. I could see Brian's eyes get bigger as I started pinching my nipples making them even harder.

Next I slipped my skirt and panties off to reveal my shaved pussy. Bonnie stopped sucking her brother and looked at me as I stuck one then two fingers up my already wet pussy. I moved toward Brian placing one knee on one side of him and then the other knee on the other side. His incredibly big horse cock sticking straight up with the help of his sister's little hand. Bonnie raised her head and started sucking on my right tit still holding on to her brother's cock. Brian started sucking on my other tit as I lowered myself on my son's dick.

"Oh fuck Brian. That is the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen. Ahhhhh... Oh yes that feels so fucking good. I'm going to enjoy fucking this monster! Slow baby, let mama get use to the size of this thing. This thing is so big I feel like a virgin again!"

I looked down and realized I only had about one quarter of his cock in my pussy. I already felt full but I knew I was going to somehow take all of it in my cunt. I started moving up and down in small, slow strokes trying to get use to the immense size of my son's meat.

"Ahhhhh..... Oh fuck that is so good!!! Hold still honey and let your mama fuck that wonderful piece of meat you have. Oh god that is so fucking big. It feels so fucking good I want it all. That's it baby; give me all your cock honey. Fuck your mama with that big fucking cock of yours!"

"Oh yes mom! Your pussy is so fucking tight. Keep going, take it all! Take all my cock!"

Up and down I went driving my son's cock deeper and deeper into my cunt. All of a sudden I felt I had bottomed out and realized I had all Brian's cock buried in me. I don't know how I did it but all nine inches of my son's cock was shoved deep into my cunt. Bonnie started stripping off her cloths as I continued to fuck my son. Before long Bonnie was standing over Brian's face letting Brian lick her horny little pussy as I continued to fuck myself on his big dick. I was sitting on my son's cock looking straight into my daughter's shaved cunt. I could see and smell her juices as Brian licked and sucked her horny little pussy. In no time I was cumming and started slamming my pussy up and down on his gigantic cock.

"Oh fuck me Brian...Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh....FUCK YOUR HORNY MOTHER! FUCK ME!!!....Ahhhhhhh...OH SHIT ....Ahhhhh I'M CUMMMMMING!!!!!!"

Just as my orgasm broke loose I could feel my cunt being filled up with my son's cum. I kept slamming my cunt up and down on his cock as hard as I could and my orgasm kept going on and on....


With that I could see Bonnie start shooting girl cum into her brother's mouth and face. I had never seen a woman cum that much but Bonnie was holding her pussy open as Brian continued to lick and suck his sister. Bonnie's pussy cum was running down Brian's chin and neck.

Once my orgasm had settled down I slipped of Brian's cock which had not fully gone soft and dropped to my knees. I could feel his cum running down the inside of my thighs and I felt a huge void between my legs. I grabbed that huge cock and started licking the mixture of his cum and my cum from his prick. It wasn't long before Bonnie joined me and we both began licking and sucking all the cum off that man meat.

Once we cleaned my son's cock I sat on the edge of the couch next to Brian as he started to suck on my tinder breast. Before I knew it Bonnie was between my legs and started licking the cum from my pussy. At first it surprised me but the feeling was so good I laid my head back and pulled her into my cunt by her hair. I slid forward until my pussy was over the edge of the couch and my daughter had full access to my dripping cunt. Slowly the urge to cum again started to build but this was different. This was a slow build and started at the center of my pussy and worked it way up.

I had closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation but when I opened them again I noticed Brian gone. I looked over at Bonnie and could see Brian behind his sister easing his donkey cock into her pussy. Bonnie's eyes rolled back as she opened her legs as wide as she could to allow her brother full access. I could tell Brian was pushing hard against his sister and Bonnie was pushing back against Brian's cock. Bonnie's face was buried in my snatch and she was still trying to eat my pussy as Brian was trying to fuck her.

"Easy Brian.... Take it easy with your sister's virgin cunt. Slowly baby. Let her enjoy that big fucking cock. Oh yea! That's it, OK, now start moving slowing. In and out. In and out, let her get use to it. That's good! I can tell she likes the way you're fucking her. Give a little more baby. Yea that's right baby. You can start fucking her harder now. Yea, that's it! Fuck her Brian! Fuck your little sister! Make her fucking cum on your cock!!! Make your sister cum all over that huge cock!!!"

Bonnie was moaning into my cunt with ever stroke Brian made. The harder he fucked her the harder Bonnie licked my pussy and the more she moaned. I kept holding her head in position to keep contact with her. My orgasm continued to slowly build.

"That's it Brian fuck her! Fuck the little bitch hard. Make her cum. Make her fucking eat my pussy!! Oh fuck!!!! Shove your tongue up mama's cunt you little cunt eater!! Fuck you mama with your tongue bitch!!! Fuck your mama with your tongue baby! Make me cum in your mouth!!! Oh yea!!! Suck that nasty cum out of mama's pussy!!!"

Brian was fucking his sister with long hard stokes and Bonnie was cumming and eating my cunt.

"I'm cumming Bonnie! I'm gonna cum in your horny little cunt!!!! Yea baby sister. You're taking all my fucking cock in your cunt! You should see how deep I'm going in your tight little pussy! Ahhhhhhh!! I'm fucking gonna CUMMMMMMM!!!"

As soon as I heard those words I started cumming in my daughter's mouth. I could see Brian shove his horse cock deep in his sister and start shooting cum into her cunt. Bonnie was screaming and moaning into my pussy making my orgasm even more intense.


Moments later Brian sat back and Bonnie fell over on the floor. I could still feel my cum running out my cunt and into my ass. Oh what a fucking experience. I had no idea that it would be this good.


"Yes Brian?"

"Mom, do you think I can fuck your ass now?"

My eyes flew open. How could he be ready again this soon? I looked over at him and saw him stroking his nearly erect cock.

"I think we can arrange that but you will have to give me a couple of minutes to freshen up and to get some lubricant. I don't think I can take that cock of yours without some help."

"OK mom. Two minutes. I'll be ready."

I got up to get cleaned up....I was afraid if I stayed where I was for too long I would have an ass full of cock before I was prepared.

Chapter 2

I took a quick shower and walked back into the den. It was a huge surprise to see Brad sitting in a chair next to the couch where Bonnie and Brian were sitting still naked.

"The kids and I have had a talk while you were out. It seems there is a misunderstanding on their part but what I want to know is what the fuck is going on here?" Brad asked.

About that time Bonnie started to speak. "Mom, Brian and I told dad that we thought he was having an affair at work. We had heard him and Annie talking about sex and we thought they were talking about them having sex."

Then Brian put it two cents worth in. "Yea mom, Bonnie and I heard them and we thought they were having sex."

I looked over at Brad and he just sat there quietly.

"So you're telling me that you and Annie aren't fucking?"

"No, we were talking about your idea of including her." Brian replied.

"Oh shit!"

Brad looked me straight in the eye and demanded to know what was going on. "I want to know how long you, Bonnie and Brian have been fucking behind my back."

"Ok, I'll tell you. Today was the first time. When I heard that you and Annie were screwing around I got mad. Not because you were fucking her but because you didn't tell me first. I don't care if you have sex with her. I understand. After six months I don't blame you but I got mad because you didn't come to me first."

Brad sat back in his chair. I guess my answer surprised him. Everything went quiet for several minutes but in that time my sexual desire started to come back with a vengeance. I took a seat between Brian and Bonnie on the couch. We must have been a site for Brad. Here we were, his wife and children, naked, sitting next to each other after just having sex trying to explain why we were fucking and he was the one being left out.

"OK, I'll buy that. I guess if I had overheard the same conversation I might have assumed the same thing. Thinking back on it now I guess it was pretty graphic. But how come the three of you are fucking!" Brad demanded.

"The doctor gave me the OK two days ago. I was going to surprise you but that is when I was told of your affair. I got so mad but now, well now I'm sorry I didn't ask you about it before you left."

Brad thought for a minute then he leaned forward in the chair. "Well I guess it could have been worse. You could have gone outside and gotten who knows what kind of disease. I suggest we just forget and forgive and go on from here. Besides I'm getting fucking horny just looking at the three of you. Remember I've gone without for six months too!"

I looked over and saw Bonnie and Brian smiling. I knew everything was going to be alright now. I got off the couch and moved towards my husband.

"In that case let's just see what we can do about that!"

I knelt down in between Brad's legs and pulled down the zipper of his pants. I reached in and pulled out his hard cock already oozing cum.

"Well it does look like someone is in need of a little attention. Bonnie, would you like to help me with this? I think after all we have put your dad through he deserves a little extra."

"Of course mom. It would be my pleasure!" Bonnie replied.

Bonnie joined me next to her father and both of us started to lick the head and sides of Brad's cock. Brad started to moan as he laid his head back on the chair. I reached up, undid his belt and with a little effort pulled his pants down and off. Next I removed his shoes, socks and began working on his shirt while Bonnie took over the cock sucking.

"Dad, Ummm, I love the taste...Ummm...of your cock!" Bonnie moaned.

Brad looked up as I started to suck and bite on his nipples making him moan with pleasure.

"Ummm...Oh fuck honey that feels good! Oh yes, keep sucking your daddy's cock just like that!"

I felt something brushing up against my let and looked down to see Brian taking my place next to his sister.

"Need some help sis?" Brian asked Bonnie.

"Sure if you don't mind sharing!" Bonnie replied.

The next thing I knew Brian and Bonnie were both sucking their father's fat cock. Brad reached down and pulled both Brian's and Bonnie's heads towards his prick as his orgasm started to build. I could see the tension start to build in Brad's face. It's a look that I knew all too well.

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