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Just This Once?


This is my entry to the "SUMMER LOVIN STORY CONTEST 2012" and also my first submission to Literotica. Please comment and vote!! All characters in this story are over 18.


It was August and nearly time for school to start which meant time for the annual family camping trip. You greeted my husband and I enthusiastically and then pulled me aside. I already had my swimsuit on. You scooped me up and tossed me into the water.

All day we had fun together. I felt the sexual tension growing between us, but I had to ignore it before someone could notice.

During dinner you came up behind me and whispered, "Meet me on the beach once everyone goes to bed." I said I would and I couldn't help but notice your smile grow.

Once it was dark and your wife and kids went to bed, I noticed you slip away but I didn't say anything to anyone else. One by one everyone else went to bed until finally I was by myself. I waited to make sure no one would follow me and they didn't.

You were already there waiting for me on the beach. You'd spread out a blanket, built a fire, and was laying there with your shirt off and your muscles slightly flexed. You look like a Greek God in the firelight.

You helped me down and wrapped me in your warm soft arms so tight. You kiss my neck so softly as you whisper, "I wasn't sure you were coming?" so sweetly in my ear.

I moan softly as I turned to face you. I wanted to protest and say that this was wrong, but I couldn't. Our legs intertwined as you pulled me closer. I kissed you full on the lips as I ran my hands down your chest. "I had to make sure no one was following me." I replied. I then ask you, "Just this once?"

You nod your head in agreement as you moaned at the feel of my touch on your chest. I parted your lips with my tongue, sliding it in your mouth. You straddle me as our tongues darted in and out as your hands found my breasts and gently rubbed them through my shirt. I slid my hands down searching for the waistband of your shorts. I grab it and slide them off easily and toss them aside. I then see you have no boxers on and I kiss you harder as I tease your shaft with my hand. You moan as I tease you. You roll off of me laying me beside you. You take off my shirt and cutoffs and are pleased to see the matching lacy bra and thong I'm wearing for you. You reach for my bra but I won't let you. I smile wickedly and you can tell I have plans for that later. You kiss down my body. As you reach my thong you slide it off still kissing my smoothly shaven pussy. I spread and you dive your tongue right in enjoying my sweetness. I moan loudly as you eat me out. I straddle your face and slide your shaft in my mouth tasting your salty precum. I deep throat you as you do a tongue tornado on my clit.

I can't take it anymore. I just have to fuck you. I slide your shaft into me bit by bit. You were bigger than I thought. Finally your all the way in as I begin to ride nice and steady. I lean over your face so my tits are right over your mouth. You get my hint and yank my bra off so my tits bounce right in your face. You toss my bra aside and begin to devour my tits, gently sucking and biting on them. I fuck you harder screaming in orgasm. My juices soak your pole but we don't care.

You tossed me off of you and climbed on my legs wrapped around your neck. You drill your dick inside me fucking me hard as you can. My tits bounced wildly as I screamed in enjoyment. I hear your grunts as you pound me raw.

You slide out putting me on my hands and knees. You begin to fuck me from behind and I can tell by the way you're grunting you're close. I scream out in another earth shattering orgasm. I stand up pushing you down. I climb on reverse cowgirl style. I bounce up and down on your shaft as you drill it deeper and deeper. I grab your hand putting it on my tit and you rub as your thrusts meet mine. Finally you scream, "I'M CUMMING!!" as you shoot spurt after spurt of your sticky cum inside me and I orgasm again. I roll off lying next to you exhausted. We cuddle and fall asleep right there on the beach with the ocean crashing at our feet.

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