tagRomanceJust To Eat You My Dear

Just To Eat You My Dear


Sitting at work, I have been chatting with him most of day as I have been doing for the last couple of months. I haven't been moved to meet him as of yet and his picture didn't turn me on all that great but I could always use a new friend. Someone I can chat with you know, just shoot the breeze. I keep putting off meeting him but finally agreed to do lunch.

As we were setting up plans, time and day of the meeting he tells you he wants to meet you today. He says he wants to meet me today and I try to avoid it but he asks again and says he just wants to eat me. He doesn't want anything more but to taste me.

Thinking to myself, he isn't ugly just ok/average looking and all he wants to do is eat my pussy, what the hell. We agree to meet after work at a little place in-between both our places of business. I pull up to this little motel and spot his truck right off. I park next to it expecting Mr. Average. He opens the door and steps out. To my surprise he is HOT.

We enter the room and immediately I am on the bed. He brings me a razor and some shaving cream as I requested. I head to the bathroom to shave for him. He follows me because he wants to watch and take pictures. Shaving with my legs spread and shaving cream on my pussy, I see his cock getting rock hard. I finish up in the shower and he places me on the bed.

Diving between my legs I feel his warm mouth on my hot swollen sex. He placed his entire mouth on my pussy engulfing it, taking his tongue and making broad strokes. I begin moving to his rhythm and I already want to come but I don't. Circling my hard clit with his tongue I try not to squeeze his head too hard. I thrust my pussy in his face, grinding my juices into his mouth and smearing them all over.

Coming up and laying in-between my legs he begins to tease my nipples with his inviting mouth. Sucking on them, making love to them he sends me into frenzy and all I can do is put my head back and moan. He is making me so horny I begin grinding my pussy against his stomach. Smearing all my juices on him, I want to get off so bad but again I choose to wait. Moving back down to tease my wet cunt some more he spreads my legs wider and holds them up. He sucks on my clit as if it were a mini cock. I try to thrust but he is holding me and I can't move. Finally reaching up he teases my nipples. This time I have to cum, I have to flood his mouth with my sweet nectar.

Shoving his arms out the way I push his face closer into my sex, thrusting faster and faster, holding onto his head I finally release. Not releasing my pussy from he mouth, he drinks every drop I have to give only causing me to come again. Flipping him over I straddle his face. I begin ridding his tongue like a mini cock. He used his nose to tease my clit when he is sticking his tongue in my hole. I begin to shudder all over again. Sliding down I stop short of his cock and begin to enjoy my juice all over his mouth, kissing him deeply, licking his lips and tasting myself. He begins grabbing my ass and teasing pussy with his cock.

I desperately want to feel him inside me. The kissing becomes more intense as I grind on top of his rock hard cock. Whispering in my ear he tells me I can ride it if I want. Sliding down on top of his cock, I gasp. I ride him nice and slow at first only to end up fucking him hard and fast. I reach back and play with his balls and they are drenched with my come. He flips me, putting my legs over his shoulders he begins to pound me fucking me deep with each stroke. Rubbing my clit I begin to match his every stroke. I start to come again this time more intense than last. Squeezing his cock tight with my pussy I feel him getting bigger.

He is so ready to explode that I squeeze tighter around his thick cock and feel it increase in size. A few more thrust and I feel him come inside me. Still hungry for more I begin sucking his nipples and stroking his cock. Enjoying the taste of us mingling together on his cock I begin to suck a little harder. I start to feel it grow in my mouth the more I suck. Sucking him to a full throbbing erection he begins fucking my mouth. I begin playing with his nipples and sucking harder.

His thrust become more urgent and his breathing a lot faster, getting up he leaves me on my hands and knees. I moan as he plunges into me. I feel his balls hitting my pussy with each thrust as he goes deeper. Taking it out his teases me and then pushes it back in deep. Fucking me hard and fast he pulls out and shoots his load all over my ass.

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