tagIncest/TabooJust Trying to Get Home

Just Trying to Get Home

byArt Martin©

I was just trying to get home after spending a few days helping out my sister and her husband. The weather was lousy. It had been raining all day and there was no let up in sight, raining steadily, usually lightly but sometimes it came down in buckets.

Jack had broken his leg in a motorcycle accident the week before. Then Mary had to have an emergency appendectomy. Jack couldn't do a damned thing while on his crutches and he had three wild kids to take care of while Mary was recovering. Their neighbors had helped out some when she was in the hospital, but now that she was home, they all but disappeared letting Mary and Jack cope as best they could. We were their nearest family members. Hell, other than a few distant cousins, we were their only family on this side of the continent. Jack called me in desperation.

Lucy and I lived about two hundred miles away, on the other side of the Allegheny Mountains, and naturally I told him I'd come and lend them a hand. Lucy was her usual bitchy self, complaining that she now had to take care of everything by herself. What else was new? It was always her way or no way at all, so my absence for a few days wouldn't matter a twit. As far as missing me, forget it. The Ice Queen only wanted someone to bitch at and I wouldn't be available. I headed out Wednesday evening after work.

In a sick sort of way, it was kind of fun being with my sister's family for a few days, even though I had to work my butt off taking on the myriad rolls of cook, driver, and maid. I don't know how they do it. All three kids play soccer on three different teams. Naturally, they have three separate practices plus games scattered all over the countryside. It was fun seeing their kids being kids as compared to my kids who are brow beat incessantly to the point that they are afraid to wear a pair of shoes in the house or even shout in glee lest the wrath of Mother Lucy descend upon them.

By the time I left Sunday afternoon, Mary was up and about and had everything back under her easy control. I called and let Lucy know that depending on the weather and road conditions, I should be back home between seven and eight PM.

I was in the middle of nowhere, following a winding secondary road that I discovered years ago as a pleasant short cut (even though it usually took longer to negotiate than the state and federal highways) between my house and Mary's. First sign of trouble was when the power steering went out. Then I noticed the alternator wasn't charging. I knew then that the serpentine fan belt had broken and that I had at most only a minute or two before the car began overheating. Suddenly the temperature gauge pegged out. I shut off the engine and coasted to a stop. I was fortunate in that I found a place I could pull off the narrow road. I tried the cell phone, but I couldn't pick up a signal. I sat there for a few minutes contemplating my plight. It was still raining lightly and nightfall was quickly approaching.

I pulled out my map. The road I was on wasn't even on the map I had, and the best I could remember was that the nearest town, Onca, if you were so generous to call it a town, was at least fifteen miles away. Maybe I could get a tow into town and get the car fixed, but at 5:30 PM on a Sunday afternoon, the prospects weren't good even if I could make a phone call. Shit! I was in a pickle.

I hadn't seen a single car pass me since I got on the road and after waiting in vain for a half hour for a Good Samaritan to rescue me; I decided that I needed another plan. Up ahead I had noticed a light, barely visible in the misty gloom. When the drizzle slacked off enough, I could barely make out that it was a cabin. The mist cleared momentarily and I could plainly see smoke coming from the chimney. Somebody was home!

I decided that rather than sit and wait for someone who might never come by, I would walk up to the house and ask to use the telephone, maybe even bum a ride into town. The rain had slackened off quite a bit so I put on my jacket and ventured forth into the elements. When I was about half way between my car and the cabin, I heard an explosive crack of thunder and then the heavens opened up with a downpour. Within seconds I was drenched through to the skin. In misery, I trudged on towards the cabin.

I could see as I approached it that the cabin wasn't much. There was a lone beat up pickup in front, sitting up on blocks, with the left front tire missing. As I got closer, I could see that the front brakes were disassembled. So much for catching a ride into town. I looked around for the requisite hound dog lying on the porch and finding none, hazarded on to the porch and knocked on the door.

The deep barking let me know that the dog was inside, warm and dry. The door opened partway. A dark haired young woman peered out at me. "Can I help you?" she asked with a hint of suspicion in her voice.

"Uh, yes. I'm Tom Quincy and my car broke down up the road apiece. Could I use your telephone?"

"Papaw! Papaw, there's a fella out here who needs to use our phone!"

A tall gangly fellow with a beard and his hair pulled back into a ponytail replaced the young woman. He looked me over. It wasn't very cold but I was chilled to the bone. After a minute or so of just starring at me like I was some sort of freakish alien or something he said, "You're soaking wet!"

I needed help. Not wanting to offend this hick, I contained my normal sarcasm. "Yes, my car broke down and it's raining." A broad smile came across his face. "Come on in fella and warm up." As I came through the door he offered his hand, "I'm Tripper and this is my daughter Amy."

A huge black Labrador wagged its tail and nuzzled my hand. Having gained my scent he turned and lay down by the wood-burning stove.

"Tom Quincy of Middleburg."

"Nice to meet you Tom. You sure picked a bad day to breakdown. Sorry, but the phone line's down and my truck's not running. Doesn't matter anyway, Bill's Garage is closed. He won't come help you out until tomorrow, provided the phone company gets the line fixed tonight. You're welcome to stay here tonight. It's not much, but it's warm and dry."

The news that the phone was out was disheartening. I figured that in a few hours, Lucy would be worried, but there was nothing I could do to let her know that I was safe. Tripper's generosity was heartwarming, but I was still cold and wet. I was uncontrollably shivering.

"Tom, we got to get you out of those wet clothes," he said with genuine concern.

"My bags are in my car," I said with resignation as I realized I needed to trudge back to my car and get some dry clothes.

"Don't worry about that, we'll find something for you." I looked at Tripper. He was lean, over six foot and not more than 160 lbs. No way could I get into a pair of his pants. I could never get them around my 38" waist. Same with his shirts; no way could I button up around my 46" chest. Still I followed him to the back of the cabin. "Here, get undressed and take a hot soaking bath to warm up. Amy will have supper ready in a bit. I'll find something for you to wear."

I drew a hot bath while stripping off my wet clothes. I hadn't taken a tub bath since I was a kid, but the hot water felt divine. I stayed in the bath for about ten minutes until it started to get cool. Tripper had retrieved my clothes to hang them to dry and as I got out of the tub and dried off, I realized I had nothing but a towel to wrap around me. Tripper came back in carrying a pink terry cloth bathrobe. "Its Amy's. She says you're welcome to it." Tripper apologized, "Sorry Tom, but we just don't have anything bigger."

Having no choice I tried it on. It came halfway up my thighs, and I could just barely close it with the belt tie. Most of my chest was exposed and if I wasn't careful, a lot more could be exposed. I may have looked and felt ridiculous, but at least I was covered up, and reasonably comfortable.

The wood burning stove had the cabin toasty warm. As I left the bath I checked out the layout of the cabin. As best I could tell, there were only two rooms plus the bath. The main room served as kitchen, dining room and living room. There was no TV, but lots of books and New Age music played in the background. The furniture was tattered. My clothes hung on a drying rack next to the dog and the wood-burning stove. A chessboard sat ready for play. I realized that Tripper wasn't some country hick, but some sort of hippie relict. I glimpsed the title of an oversized book next to a frayed armchair, '101 Sexual Positions'.

As I looked around, Tripper saw that I was finished with my bath. "Come on Tom, supper's on the table. You hungry?"

"Yes, yes I am, thank you."

I sat at the small table with Tripper. Amy served us each a bowl of beans and rice and then sat down. "Hope you like beans, Tom," apologized Tripper. "We're vegetarians. We never eat anything with a face."

"Yes, beans are just fine, thank you," I said sincerely. The beans were a little too bland for my taste. "Do you have any Tabasco?" I asked hopefully. Amy got up and brought back a bottle of the hot sauce.

As we ate, we chatted, about everything and about nothing in particular. I quickly surmised that we were on diametric poles when it came to politics, and I studiously avoided the topic. As his hair and beard were turning gray, and I judged Tripper to be about ten years my senior in his middle forties.

Amy, I judged to be about twenty. She was about my height, around 5'10", and very pretty with her long straight raven black hair and with the most intense light blue eyes I've ever seen. She wore tight jeans and a peasant blouse, which nicely cupped each of her ample breasts. I could see the outline of her dark nipples through the gauzy white material. Except for a hint of blue eye shadow, she wore no makeup. Her sultry lips were full and naturally red, the perfect compliment to her infectious smile. I found myself idly wondering whether or not she shaved her legs and armpits. When we were finished eating, she cleared the table giving me another opportunity to check out her body. She had wide hips and shapely legs that tapered from her firm butt to her slim ankles. She was indeed a beautiful girl.

Tripper got up and disappeared for a moment, leaving Amy and me sitting at the table alone. She reached out and put her hand to my chest and lightly raked her long fingernails across the hair on my chest. She had the unmistakable look of desire in her eyes. I found myself wishing that Tripper would take a long hike.

Tripper plopped back down and rolled a number, lit it and offered me a hit. I hadn't had any of the evil weed since graduate school and figured 'When in Rome...' I took a hit. It was pretty good shit, not harsh at all, but still packing a kick. I passed it to Amy, who toked up before handing it back to her father. After my second hit, I was a snickering fool. We all sat mellowing out, grinning at each other, passing the roach around. Tripper got up and turned off most of the lights. The relief from the glare was greatly appreciated. I must have zoned out because when Amy offered me a glass of homemade wine, it surprised me. I hadn't realized that she had gotten up.

What happened next blew my mind. I was sipping my wine, quenching my raging thirst and watching Amy as she stood next to the table. Her father came up from behind her and hugged her around the waist. He nibbled and kissed her ear. She closed her eyes. Then his hands went up to her breasts and he began to lewdly fondle her. Amy arched her back and threw back her head, as her face took on an expression of unmistakable lust. "Oh, Papaw," she murmured. His hands gently, but firmly stoked each tit, cupping it, mauling it, and squeezing it. Over her shoulder, Tripper grinned at me like the Cheshire cat, then returned to her ear. My dick sprang to immediate attention, pushing aside the pink terry cloth as it grew to its full seven-inch length.

Tripper's hands dropped to Amy's hips and then ascended under her blouse to her breasts. He paused for a lecherous feel before he pulled the blouse up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was magnificent! For the first time I could see her deep navel and how her wasp-like waist truly accented her wide hips. And her tits! Firm melons that defied gravity capped with dark brown aureoles the size of a silver dollar and thick nipples, they were nothing short of spectacular. Tripper continued to molest his aroused daughter with her blessings. He looked at me and said, "Tom, there is nothing in creation more pleasurable to a man than a young beautiful passionate woman."

He laid her on the table in front of me; her sumptuous, bare heaving breasts only inches from me. She looked at me with dreamy eyes and whispered, "Make love to me."

My hand shot out and gripped the soft young flesh of her nearest mammary. I stood up and leaned over to suck on a superb nipple and as I did, the pink terry cloth robe fell open. Her right hand quickly found my desire-throbbing cock and she gently stroked me with an open palm. I was so overtaken by the sensory delights that I didn't notice that her father had moved behind me until I felt him pull the robe off of my shoulders. He leaned over my back and put his face near my ear and whispered loudly, "You want to fuck her? Go ahead, fuck her! Don't be shy. She loves to fuck, Tom. She was born to be fucked. I love to watch her being fucked. So go ahead Tom, fuck her! Fuck her good."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. It was like an improbable dream. A beautiful girl's own father urging me to fuck his daughter. It couldn't be real, but there she was, her half-nude body twisting seductively on the tabletop as her father unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. He pulled the tight jeans off her hips and then slipped them down her legs leaving her totally nude before me. Her body was absolutely smooth and hairless, from her legs, to her armpits, to her pussy. (Lucy never shaved her pussy, claiming that it was somehow improper.) At that moment I thought that Amy was the most beautiful woman in the world. Actually I wouldn't be too far off as she was easily in the top 3%.

My right hand swept down her torso and across her bald pubic mound and slipped between her outstretched legs. She was soaking wet. I looked down towards her pussy and saw her father holding her legs apart, stroking her calves as I explored her hairless vulva.

Tripper was also naked now, his jutting penis at the ready. It was then through the fog of weed that I realized that, Christ, he was going to fuck her too! I'd heard of family situations like this, but never actually knew anyone who practiced incest. As shocked as I was, I found the situation to be an incredible turn on.

I squeezed my outstretched hand together, raking my index and middle finger deep into the depths of her slippery vagina while my thumb, posed at the nexus of the folds of her labia, slipped between her pussy lips to find her clit. Her clit began to swell and emerge through the hood as I rotated my thumb around the base while my other fingers explored the walls of her love tunnel. She began moaning as I manipulated her sex. Round and round my thumb went, pausing when I squeezed and stroked her spongy G-spot, then round and round again. She was softy cursing, "Oh fuck! That feels sooo fucking goooood! Don't stop, damn you, don't fucking stop! Ohhhhhhh fuck!"

She was humping my hand and through the dim light I noticed that her upper torso had blushed.

Tripper hissed, "She's cumming! She's cumming!"

I felt a spasmodic jolt surge through her body and her pussy contracted around my fingers.

Her body tried to jackknife, pulling against Tripper's grip and she let out a piercing howl, "Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" that the neighbors undoubtedly would have heard if they had any neighbors.

Pussy juice gushed over my hand. I cupped my hand and slurped at the sweet nectar filling my hand. I had never seen a girl produce such quantities of fuck juice before, certainly Lucy didn't. I wasn't about to let all that sweet juice just drip onto the floor and moved into position and began sucking on her pussy, lustfully gulping down as much of her sex sap as I could. I buried my face between her outer labia using my nose to rub her swollen clit while I tongue fucked her, scouring her hot vaginal hollow. She responded to the obscene oral fucking with another climax, bucking and thrashing about, yelling, "YES! YES! OHHHH FUCK, YES!" I was rewarded with another flood of liquid heaven, this time directly into my gluttonous mouth.

My dick ached for relief so I stood up between her legs and put the engorged head of my lust swollen cock to her opened pussy lips and sank it into her warm moist fuck tunnel. She was still contacting from her last orgasm. It felt fantastic! I certainly never felt a sensation like this with Lucy. I held still for a minute, deeply buried in her clasping cunt, enjoying the magic of her incredible pussy as it massaged my dick. I started humping her and she continued her passion-babble, "Yes! Fuck me. Fuck meeeeeee! Fuck me with your hard cock! Fill me up your cum. Ohhhhhh yeah baby, fuck me! Fuck me. Fuck meeeeee!

I was so excited that I had to pull out twice and squeeze my dick just below the head to keep from cumming too quickly. On my third trip into her heavenly passageway, I felt the contractions begin again, squeezing my dick as she bucked her hips.

"Keep fucking me!" she cried. "Don't stop, damn it! Keep fucking me! Yeah baby, fuck me hard, harder, harder! Yessssssssssss! OH FUUUUCCCCCKKKK! Ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I couldn't hold back any longer even if my life depended upon it. The pent-up pressure in my plumbing was suddenly released in a mind-altering orgasm, the likes of which I had never experienced before. My field of vision narrowed to a tunnel as jolts of pure pleasure shot from my groin and radiated throughout my body. My voice joined hers in a chorus celebrating sexual bliss as I filled her pussy with what seemed at the time to have been a flood of cum. I kept fucking her until my softening dick folded in half as I tried to ram it in again.

I stood motionless for a minute gathering my wits. Tripper put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Well done! I like to see her have such fun. Now wasn't that the best pussy you've ever had?"

I could only nod 'yes' as I hadn't quite caught my breath.

"Okay, move over. Papaw is going to fuck his little girl. Wanna watch?" I staggered out of the way, yielding my position at the entrance to the temple of carnal pleasure to her old man.

His hands deftly swept across her nubile body before settling in on tweaking her protruding nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them, causing her to whence with each rough manipulation until she started panting and moaning again. He slobbered on her tits and blew cool air to sooth the inflammation, then gently bit each teat, pulling it and stretching them almost an inch. It was obviously a game he had played with her many times before, a game that blended pain into sexual pleasure. She finally cried out loud and clutched at her tits, protecting the sensitive nipples from any further sweet cruelty, begging her Papaw to stop. Then he ran his middle finger up her ass along with his thumb up her pussy and began rhythmically compressing his hand.

"Oh, yes Papaw! Yes! That feels so good." She dropped her hands from her breasts and I could see that her nipples had swollen to twice the size that they were before. She left out a gasp as Tripper lowered his head and nibbled at her clit like he had nibbled her nipples.

"Oh fuck Papaw! Sweet fucking Jesus!" Her upper torso blushed again, mottled like measles and she let out a blood-curdling wail as she sat partially up on the table before crashing back down, squirting a mixture of cunt juice and my cum from her wildly contracting cunt so that it slashed on Tripper's stomach as he stood between her flailing legs.

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