tagIncest/TabooJust Waiting for Daddy

Just Waiting for Daddy


The man I love is in the shower, washing away the grit and grime of another day on the construction crew. The work is physically demanding and my man is almost a half-century old, but he does it without complaint because that's the way he is.

The only time I've ever seen him show weakness was after his wife passed away a couple of years ago, and it was disconcerting to see this tower of strength turn into jelly. He took it bad for quite a while but he managed to get himself together, and I guess I can take credit for part of that.

I loved Mom too, and I know that I can never replace her, but that doesn't mean I can't try to make it easier for my Dad. I do everything Mom used to do, probably not as well, but I do my best. I cook and clean and shop for us, trying to pinch pennies with coupons like Mom used to.

I decided to go to college locally, mostly because I hated the thought of being away from my man. I was not only afraid that he might go to pieces again without my help, but the thought of my life changing from the way it's been for the last year is too depressing. I feel like Cinderella right now.

Dad always tells me that I should find a guy my age, but I'm not interested. Boys bore me with their phony macho games and immaturity, and I think that once you've had a man, it's hard to go back to kids. I haven't met any that measure up to Dad in any way.

The shower just got turned off, and I can picture him drying off in there. Many is the time I've taken showers with Dad, or been there ready with a towel to dry him off, but I also want to give him some space too.

After all, we've been interacting all evening, talking and playing around like we were man and wife. I love it when I'm at the stove cooking and he comes up behind me and gives me a hug or kisses my neck. Sometimes he gets a little fresh too, just like he used to with Mom, and I pretend to be annoyed like Mom did, but he knows I'm not mad.

So while I wait under the sheet for my man, I let my mind wander. I feel I can see right through the wall and can watch him dry off. He's a big man, 6'3" or so and probably 200 pounds or so, but most of it is muscle, and he's hairy as a bear too.

It doesn't take him long to dry his hair because he wears it short and it's thinning out some. I tease him sometimes and tell him he should shave his head bald, because I think he would look cool that way, but he's going to wait a while for that.

Is he thinking about me right now like I'm thinking about him. I think he might be, and although I know I'm nowhere near as pretty as Mom was, I'm decent enough looking. As far as my body goes, that where I really fall short of what Dad was used to.

I remember that first time, when Dad came into my bedroom when I was asleep. I could smell the liquor on his breath as he looked down on me before climbing into the bed and spooning into me. He had done that once before but that was as far as it went.

This time was different. I could feel his hairy calves against my skinny legs, and while I was scared, I really wanted this to happen, and had for a while. His hand was on my shoulder, gently squeezing my bony arm, and then his hand slipped under the t-shirt I was wearing.

As his hand slid up my stomach I was filled with a mixture of excitement and dread because when he got a little higher he was probably going to get a shock, unless he had been peeking through the keyhole at me when I was dressing.

From his reaction when his meaty paw came up to my breast, it was obvious that he had no idea that his daughter was, for all intents and purposes, flat-chested. It would be silly to call the little swells on my chest breasts, and my rather large aureoles and nipples only seem to emphasise my shortcomings.

I look the same up top at 19 as I did when I was 13, and I'm happy that these generic sized sports bras have become so popular and accepted, because you have no idea how embarrassing it was to go to the store and buy bras when you wear a 32AA.

The way Dad's hand stopped when he realized that what he was holding was actually it, and the way his breathing stopped, hurt so bad that I felt like dying. I'm sure he wasn't expecting anything remotely like the the C cup breasts my Mom had, but the realization that the breasts he could see with my clothes on were mostly padding did throw him off.

If Dad had left my room just then, I don't know what I would have done, and while he did slip his hand back down briefly, to my relief the hand came back.

"I'm sorry, Allison," Dad said as he kept massaging the titty while nuzzling my neck.

"It's okay, Daddy," I said, and I didn't know whether he was apologizing for what he did or what he was about to do, but either way I didn't want an apology, I wanted him.

He started to work to get my t-shirt up but I saved him the trouble and pulled it up over my head. It got tangled up on my wrists back by the headboard, so me being stretched out like that only served to make my little buds all but disappear, but it didn't seem to bother Dad.

He was devouring my titties, going from nipple to nipple, sucking and chewing and squeezing them while my nipples blossomed and throbbed. Dad's hands when up to hold my shoulders while made love to my nipples, I remember cringing when his fingers went under my arms.

I'm kinda hairy for a girl - guess I take after Dad like that - and I hadn't shaved for a couple of days, so when I felt his fingers stroking the stubble I was kicking myself for being lazy. It didn't bother Dad though, because he even ended up nibbling under my arms before he started exploring lower.

My panties were being worked down my skinny thighs, and Dad seemed to like the fact that I had a big dense bush because he was scrambling down between my legs. In the dim light that came in through the curtains I could see his bald spot and he buried his face in my pubes.

This was the first time a guy had gone down on me - Marci Frazier did but that doesn't count - so when Dad's tongue started working inside of me it was a strange and wonderful feeling that had me writhing and clutching at the bedding. I was about to cum when all of a sudden Dad stopped.

"Are you a virgin, Allison?" Daddy was asking as he climbed up on me, and I was ashamed to tell him that I wasn't.

"No Daddy," I whispered, and although I thought he would be disappointed he actually seemed relieved.

"I love you Allison," Daddy said, and I told him that I loved him too.

I felt the head of his cock rubbing along my pussy lips, and then I felt him pushing inside of me. Tommy Mason had been the one and only guy to have had me, but when I felt Dad's cock push inside of me, I felt like a virgin.

I had yet to see my father's cock, although I had felt it pressing against my back. Part of me wishes I had, but in retrospect it's probably better that I didn't because I might have freaked.

I'd only seen four of them in person before then. Tommy Mason's, of course, and his was about average I guess. The other three dicks that I had seen, two of them I sucked and they were kinda small, and the guy I only jerked off had a big one, which was why I didn't give him head.

So while I hadn't seen Dad's cock up to then, I sure felt it as he started moving in and out of me. My legs were spread as wide as possible, and just when I thought I was taking all he had he would work in even deeper. I had my arms around him, my fingers digging into his furry back as I tried not to cry because it hurt so bad.

I wanted to tell Dad to stop, or at least slow down so I could get used to what he was probing with, but I didn't. Soon it stopped hurting, and then it started feeling really good. Dad was thrusting hard and fast, and then all of a sudden I came, and I came like never before.

I might have even passed out for all I know. My vision got clouded and my body was going through something like a seizure of sorts as this orgasm just kept rushing through me and wouldn't stop.

Somebody was screaming and I realized it was me, while Dad was sweating and grunting while continuing to pound into me, and then he arched he back and let out a moan. I could feel his cock twitching as he soothed my ravaged insides with his warm seed and then Dad started crying.

"I wanted you to, Daddy," I kept telling him while he kept apologizing. "It was wonderful. Don't ruin it for me."

That helped him get himself together, and after we held each other for awhile he asked me if I was on the pill.

"Yes," I lied. "I get bad cramps during my periods."

"Pretty pathetic, aren't they?" I said as Dad rested on his side while tracing the perimeter of my aureoles with his finger.

"No," Dad said. "Besides, you're on your back."

"Well?" I said as I sat up in bed, showing him that being upright didn't help much, but he leaned over and put my entire titty in his mouth and gave it a gentle sucking.

"Anything more than a mouthful is a waste," Daddy declared after releasing the ping-pong ball sized tit, and we both giggled at that.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, with me hugging him like the teddy bear he is, and I hated to have to wiggle out of his arms to go pee in the middle of the night. I remember walking like he was still in me, and as I tinkled I wondered what we would do if I got pregnant. Scary thought for people in our financial situation, not to mention the other things it would affect, like school, so I made a mental note to take care of that.

Back in my room, Dad was sound asleep, and I decided to turn the light on a little bit or I could see him. Dad had rolled onto his back, arms and legs akimbo, but my eyes went right where you would expect.

"Holy shit," I remember whispering when I saw what had been inside me.

Dad's cock was hanging over toward his hip, and it was terrifying even limp like it was. I mean, I've seen stuff on the Internet, but this wasn't some porn guy or trick photography, this was my Daddy!

I think I stood there for a couple of minutes, and the more I stared at it the less scary it became. Dad's not circumcised, which was new for me, and I could see the outline of the head of it through his foreskin. It looked as big as a plum, with only the tip of it peeking out at me.

The head of his cock was lighter than the rest of it, which was like caramel in color, and the shaft was smooth until it got toward the base, where it got veiny, and the underside looked like the roots of a tree down near his balls, which were just as over-sized as his cock was.

I got onto the bed as subtly as I could, and while I didn't want to wake Dad, I had to touch it so I knelt at his hip and gently lifted it up. It was like jelly, so soft and wiggly that it flopped over when I put my hand around it as the base.

Actually, my hand didn't go all the way around it, but close. I brought my other hand up, like I was holding a bat, and the tip of it was still visible. The foreskin had slid down a bit and I bent over and took a close look.

I had com out of there about 19 or so years ago. The beautiful hunk of manhood had shot in seed into my wonderful Mom, and 9 months later out came me. My lips came down and kissed the opening, and then I moved my lips downward, being careful to keep my teeth off of it, which was no easy task.

Soon my lips were going down past the ridge of the head, and I could feel Dad's cock getting harder as I began to go up and down. I didn't know what to do with the foreskin but as he got hard it began to retract on its own. I couldn't get down very far, because I still had both hands on the shaft and my lips were only making it that far. Dad was not going to get deep-throated like Eric Maters did, that was for sure.

I started to spin was hands around the shaft, and when I did that I heard a groan. Looking up, I saw that Dad was awake, which shouldn't have surprised me but it did, and to say it felt funny to have Dad looking at me sucking his cock is an understatement, but I was too into it to care.

I went back to business, and Dad's hand running through my hair felt nice as I started to suck harder and faster. Soon my spinning fists started to pump the shaft, moving in tandem with my mouth, and Dad's feet started churning and I could see him grabbing the sheets while he moaned.

He was going to cum soon - I knew before he told me - and while I didn't like it when I had let one guy cum in mouth, I wanted Dad to do to it. He was arching his back upward, groaning as I must have accidentally kept him on the brink of cumming for a while, but then I felt the surge in my hands.

Don't choke on it, I told myself as if felt Dad erupt in my mouth, and although I almost gagged when a spurt hit my throat, I kept swallowing as Dad kept cumming, and was still sucking when his cock went limp and he lifted my head up from it.

Dad started to say something but instead just raised up and kissed me, even though his cum was drooling down my chin. He said he wanted to make me happy, but all I could say was, "You do," before reaching back and killing the light so I could hug my teddy bear.

In the morning it was awkward, but with us both busy getting ready for work and school there wasn't much time for anything dramatic, like I think Dad wanted, and I was put off when he looked away after I got out of the shower and went to my bedroom naked.

That wasn't something I had ever done before, of course, but I thought that since what we had done and all it would be cool - but to have him look away like bothered me. I mean, I know what I look like but turning away?

That evening at the dinner table, after getting through the usual how was your day stuff, Dad clears this throat and says, "Allison, about last night..."

"It was great, wasn't it?" I butted in with.

"I'm very ashamed of myself," Dad says, and he starts telling me these reasons why he did it, and while I'm almost always meek and respectful around Dad, I wasn't in the mood for this.

"Don't tell me you were drunk, Daddy," I snapped. "Don't tell me that you're so lonely you couldn't help yourself, unless you want to piss me off."

"It's not that."

"Don't ruin it for me, Daddy," I said as the tears began to well up. "Last night was the first time I felt like a real woman. I know I'm not as pretty as Mom, and that I'm flat-chested, but..."

"Stop it Allison," Dad said, and the way he got up and came around the table, for a second I thought he was going to hit me, which would have been a first.

He wasn't mad, he just wanted to tell me that I wasn't ugly, I was beautiful and even though I know it wasn't true, I believed it because the way he said it, I knew he believed it. He knelt next to me and we cried in each other's arms until we had no more tears to shed.

"Your mashed potatoes are getting cold," I sniffled when we were done letting it all out. "They're garlic mashed, your favorite."

"And they're great too, even cold," Dad said, and then added, "I'm going to stop drinking."

"Which means..."

"It means I'm going to stop drinking, or at least cut way back to where it's not clouding my judgement," Dad explained. "It shouldn't be used as an anesthetic."

"Or as an excuse?" I asked.

"Or as an excuse for doing something that you really wanted to do but didn't have to guts to try," Dad said.

"Thank you," I said, happy that he had said what I wanted to hear.

Later that night I was in my bathrobe sitting at my computer as Dad came down the hall, and from the doorway he asked me if I was still doing my schoolwork.

"No, I'm done," I said and it was true.

What was doing was reading. There's this website called Literotica, and they have a whole lot of stories about fathers doing their daughters. After a few of those stories I was kinda damp down below even though I couldn't relate to much of them.

The stories all have beautiful daughters with big boobs and the Dads all have huge dicks, and as for us, well - at least my Dad has a huge dick.

"Guess I'll turn in then," Dad said, and while he was wearing pajamas something told me that he wasn't really in a hurry to go so I did what I have planned to do but figured I would chicken out from doing in the end.

"Tired, huh?" I asked, and in the bravest or dumbest move of my life, I got up from the chair and let the robe fall off my shoulders, revealing that there was nothing else underneath.

The pregnant pause that followed was awkward, and while at least Dad didn't look away when he saw me naked in the bright light, neither did he run into the room but instead stood half in the doorway and half down the hall.

"Say something... please," I said, suddenly feeling every bit as naked as I was.

"Didn't have anything to drink," Dad said.

"That's good," I said, and nervously brought my hands up to my chest for some reason.

And then Dad did something that I thought was very brave too. I wanted him to say something and he did. He unsnapped the pajama bottoms and let them fall to the floor, after they got hung up on something that is.

I had wanted him to say something and he did, and as I stared at his magnificent manhood pointing right at me, his physical reaction to seeing me naked was clearer that any words could have been.

It wasn't as good as the night before, it was better. Neither of us hiding behind alcohol or padding or cover of darkness, he attacked me like an animal and I gave it right back to him. He was rough and I kept asking for more, and while the end result was us falling off the bed when the headboard snapped and the bed broke, sending us to the floor in a fit of laughter, at least he happened right after we came.

"Damn!" Dad said as we ended up in a tangle, half on the mattress which was partly on the floor, and the rest of us on the carpet.

"Well, at least I shaved this morning," I commented since his face was perilously close to my armpit in our convoluted position.

"Not on my account, I hope," Dad said as he kissed the moist hollow, which to my dismay was beginning to get fuzzy already.

"I'm like a werewolf," I said.

"Your Mom was a free spirit when I met her," Dad said as we struggled to untangle ourselves from the sheets so we could get up. "She didn't shave until after we were engaged. I didn't care. She was sexy no matter what."

"I'm not like Mom though," I said. "I'd be scary hairy."

"You're Allison and you're every bit as beautiful as Mom was in your own way. It would take more than a little fur to scare me away, but I guess you do need a new bed," Dad said as we got up and looked at the snapped leg which looked like a death blow to the only bed I could remember having.

"I don't think so," I said. "I'm kinda bored with this room anyway, and I know a nice bid bed built for two."

Dad looked at me a little strangely for a second, but then he caught on. That night, and every night after, his bed was our bed, and after too long a time, the room was filled with love again.

I'm not Mom. Never will be and don't even pretend I am. I'm Allison, and while it was never enough for the boys, it's enough for one man, and he's all that matters.

"You sleeping, Alley?" comes the voice from behind me, and I assured him that I hadn't been sleeping, not telling him that I had been busy writing my own Literotica story in my head.

"Just waiting for Daddy," I replied as I let him roll me over, and like always, he's erect and I'm wet, and just like always, we're doing to do everything possible to make this bed break too.

"Dad's here," he whispers, the the two of us become one, and everything is right with my world again.


thanks for reading

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