tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust Watch Ch. 01

Just Watch Ch. 01


Amy knew it might come to this. It suddenly looked like all her wildest fantasies might unfold in front of her. But could she do this?

Her work schedule had gotten busier than ever. She was an agent for a handful of independent film directors and a couple of them were on a roll. Matt her husband was a documentary filmmaker and spent a great deal of time out of town on different projects. With her husband's travel for his job, and the growing demands on her schedule, the house was not neat and tidy the way she liked it. She started interviewing for a house cleaner to come in twice a week. At first it made her even more frustrated. Was there anyone out there that she felt comfortable leaving alone in her house? After a couple of weeks it seemed hopeless... Until Jessica arrived.

Jessica was a 20-year-old college student who explained that her mother had always been a cleaner and seeing as she was short on money for college, she decided it would be a good way for her to get ahead. She could manage a couple of houses a week and still have time for school. Her mother had been a house cleaner her whole life and Jessica had spent many teenage days helping and earning money with her mom. It was time to do it on her own. At least until something better came along. She didn't have any cleaning references but her female Professor from her college put the good word in that Jessica would always go the extra mile with any task she took on.

As much as Amy didn't want to admit it to herself, she was quite turned on by Jessica. She was incredibly confident for her age, had beautiful long blonde hair, stunning green eyes, and her body was the kind that stop men dead in their tracks.

Amy thought to herself... Every woman either hates her, or wants to be her.

Amy was no slouch herself. She had just turned 36 and was very proud that she could still turn heads with her curves. She was built like a classic 50's bombshell, and she was very conscious about staying in the best possible shape, Amy worked hard to look her very best all the time. Everyone she met swore she was in her mid twenties.

Her husband Matt was out of town for a few weeks and they had been so busy, all Amy had time to mention to Matt was " Oh by the way. I found a cleaner" and they moved on to another topic. Amy later realized that she hadn't given Matt the full story but thought it might be fun to just let it go. He was rarely home when the cleaner would be there so she decided to just let it become a surprise for him. Little did she know.

Jessica had been cleaning the house for a few weeks and doing a spectacular job. She had an exam on the regular Friday she was supposed to clean so Amy arranged for her to come that Saturday instead. Amy finally had a whole day with nothing on her plate.

Matt was out of town and she was going to spend it relaxing for the first time in months.

It was one of the first sunny days of summer and they had just opened their pool for the season. She planned an entire day of sunning, reading, swimming, and rest.

Jessica showed up around noon and went to work. She was dressed much more casual than usual being a Saturday, and told Amy about her plans to get out of town after work. She had been studying hard and needed a break too.

Around two pm, Amy snapped awake realizing she had fallen asleep in the sun. She was relived to find that it had only been a few minutes and she did not sunburn. Tragedy averted. As she turned over, she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. It startled her for second but she pretended not to notice. She watched through her sunglasses. Jessica was in the upstairs bedroom window staring down at her sunbathing.

For a second she thought it was a little creepy, but then it seemed that Jessica was totally transfixed on Amy. As much as it bothered her, the feeling was quickly replaced by a tingle. "Oh my god, this is turning me on," She said to herself quietly. She couldn't quite believe what she did next. Without even thinking, Amy ran both her hands over her very big natural breasts. She saw Jessica's eyes light up and her jaw drop.

Amy was in shock.. But very aroused that Jessica was checking her out.

If Jessica wanted a show, Amy was going to give her one. She reached over for her drink, and was planning to "spill" some on herself but as soon as she made the motion, Jessica jumped and disappeared back into the room. Amy's heart sank. She had just decided to go for it, and it was over. "Oh well" she thought. I will definitely put that little memory to use later.

She got up and went inside to get another drink. Her skin was brown and glistening with a bit of sweat and a lot of lotion. She felt great and having Jessica stare at her made her feel very hot. It was a nice compliment after all. As she opened the fridge, Jessica walked into the kitchen. She seemed a little startled and nervous. Like she had been caught doing something wrong. Amy didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so she asked if Jessica would like a beer. It was hot and she'd been studying and working hard all week.

Jessica accepted " I'm done now anyway, I was just going to come outside and say goodbye, but I'd love a beer and I have some time until I meet my friends".

They went back outside and sat down at the patio table. As they were talking about Jessica's exams and how she thought she did well, Amy noticed that Jessica was wearing a bikini under her clothes. "Do you have your swimsuit on? If so, please feel free to have a swim. And that goes for any time you are here. You do such a great job, please treat yourself anytime."

Jessica explained that they were headed to a cottage later so she dressed ahead. She seemed reluctant but it was getting hotter than hell out so she gave in.

As Jessica stood up and pulled off her top and shorts, Amy felt the breath go out of her chest.

This girl was incredible. Lean and muscular, but still so beautiful and perfect. . And her little turquoise bikini didn't leave much to the imagination.

Jessica dove in and Amy followed. What Jessica didn't know was that Amy was going off the deep end. . For Jessica. They swam, made small talk, Jessica finished her beer, and then forty-five minutes later, she had to go. Amy just couldn't keep her eyes off Jessica the whole time.

As she left, Jessica gave Amy a quick little thank you hug. By this point Amy was so turned on that just feeling Jessica's skin almost made her crumble. As the door closed, Amy said out loud. "Holy shit, what was that? What's gotten into me?"

She went back out to her lounge chair in the sun and imagined Jessica back up in the window. Amy shoved her hand under her bikini bottom and found her soaking wet lips.

She was so excited and turned on that she quickly went straight to work on her swollen clit. She could smell her wonderful strong scent and imagined Jessica upstairs touching herself while she watched Amy on the lounger. Amy felt possessed, and came so hard she screamed. It was from way down deep, and rolled and rolled. Amy almost passed out as she lost all notions that a neighbor might hear her. It was Saturday after all.

When she finally came out of the orgasm she felt like rubber. Every nerve tingling, every desire satisfied. For now. She picked herself up, and dove back in the pool. Her head spinning.

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