tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust What I Need Ch. 01

Just What I Need Ch. 01


Francine sat at the bar wearing a red leather mini skirt with fish net stockings attached by garters to a black satin bustier. A red leather hip jacket finished the look and accentuated her cleavage, that was flowing over the top of the bustier. She sipped her drink casually looking around for just the right guy to come in. He had to be big and broad shouldered, tough enough to hold her down when she wanted to run. Looks didn't really matter; but handsome wouldn't hurt. After about forty-five minutes he walked in.

Jeff was six feet tall, blonde, with an obvious strong upper torso. She watched him scan the room hoping that she might be what he was looking for. On his next look around she turned on her bar stool, dropping one foot to the floor and raising the other to the top rung of the stool. When his eyes reached her the view was stunning, red leather and nothing underneath. He lifted his eyes and met her stare. He made his way to the bar, bought her a drink and asked her to join him at a table in the back. Taking her hand he led her to a booth and seated her then slid into the bench across from her.

"Well, I'm Jeff and I couldn't help but notice you." Her eyes danced with intrigue as she extended her hand, which he took and softly kissed.

"I'm Francine and I hope that you're everything that I want you to be." She ran the spike of her heel up his calf and smiled.

"Just what is it you're looking for, perhaps I can oblige you?"

"My Daddy owns a large corporation that I have a very big role in running." She sipped her drink and tried not to slip into the corporate bitch that she had become known for. "All day I have wimps doing my bidding and kissing my ass. It has its perks, when I'm horny I threaten some hot stud with job security and I usually get the fucking of my life. Its a quick fix but not what I really want." She looked off into the crowd and smiled devilishly. "I once over heard one of the secretaries bad mouthing me at the water cooler. Young little thing. It turned out she was part time paying her way through college and really needed the job. She finished off that day under my desk eating pussy for about an hour." She paused and noticed that Jeff was enjoying her heaving tits that were nearly popping out of her top. "I must say she was good, I certainly did enjoy her sharp tongue being used the right way. However, that still wasn't quite what I was looking for. What I want, is a perfect gentleman outside of the bedroom but once the door is closed: I want a raging beast who is going to take what he wants." The last words she spoke low and lustfully, a twinge shocking her pussy. Her eyes were half opened, conjuring up the image of what she hoped he would be. "I want to be controlled. All day long I tell people what to do and they jump because I'm the boss. I want the man slipping between my legs because he wants to be there. I want to be forced into pleasing a man instead of forcing the man to please me. I want to scream and try to get away and not be able too. I want to be lusted after. I want to be desired."

Francines breathing was heavy and raspy. " I love the smell of cock under my nose, the taste of cock on my tongue and throat. I love the feel of a thick cock slamming into my wet pussy. Nothing slow and gentle, I want to be driven home. I want my ass ravaged by invading fingers. Spank me then fuck my burning ass. I want to be held down unable to move while my clit is sucked and licked. Rough: isn't necessarily a bad thing." She paused and looked into Jeffs eyes, slowing licking and biting her lips. "I want to be forced to deep throat an eager cock and swallow my earned reward. I'm staying at the Marriott, room 704, if you think you might be what I'm looking for." She ran her toe up his calf one more time then slipped out of the booth. Turning to Jeff, she purposely bent low to give him a full look at her tits waiting to be sucked and kissed his lips letting her tongue part his slightly. She was in control.

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