tagRomanceJust What I Needed Ch. 03

Just What I Needed Ch. 03


Hey everyone, sorry I stopped writing but I didn't have a computer for the summer. I'm back at school now so this may go slow but at least it'll go.


A few days had passed since John's birthday party, no one had really said anything about the make out session she'd had with Todd outright, but Nina and Chris had tried to get her to talk about it. She was too embarrassed. Just because she hadn't talked about it though didn't mean she didn't think about it, she couldn't stop thinking about it, it was on her mind constantly. By then she was positive that it was the hottest make out session of her life, and even though she didn't admit it, she wanted more.

Grace walked into her English class. Chris was in it with her. She spotted him and sat down next to him. "Hey."

"Hey lady, what's going on?" was his reply.

"Nothing really, just going crazy, I'm so happy this is my last class today, I need to go home and unwind."

Chris nodded. "This is my last class too, come to lunch with me."

"Alright, sure. I'd love to go to lunch with you sir," she batted her eyelashes playfully at him. "Actually, why don't you come to my house and I'll cook us something?"

Chris grinned and nodded. Grace was a pretty good cook, and she improved all the time. She loved spoiling him and he knew it, and he had actually invited her to lunch in hopes that she'd want to cook. "That'd be awesome, my little housewife."

Grace glared mockingly. "Shut up."

At that moment the professor walked in and their class started. Grace paid attention for about fifteen minutes before turning her gaze out the window. Finally, the class finished and they headed out.

Chris pulled up outside her house and they both rushed in. Grace immediately blasted her stereo and began dancing around the kitchen while she got supplies for cooking out. Chris watched for a moment, then began clearing off her kitchen counter and making places for them to eat. She bumped into him, forcing him to dance with her for a moment. He smiled down at her. There was a time when he'd been head over heals for her, but he had long put those notions out of his head. In the years they'd been best friends their bond had become incredible, she was his hero, his sister, his confidant.

Unfortunately, she was also sad, and she hid it well, but he knew underneath her no bullshit attitude she was lonely. That made him sad, and he knew he had to do something to fix that. Finals and the end of the year were coming. Soon summer would start and they'd be able to be pretty much care-free. At that moment Grace's house phone rang, it was Nina, with a grin she invited her over to have lunch. "You don't mind if this turns into a threesome do you?" She checked quickly with Chris and he simply grinned, so she knew it was fine. She had a suspicion that he had a crush on Nina, but he never said anything and she wondered if he was expecting his and Nina's relationship to end up like their own had. She felt maybe she could help them out, because Nina had mentioned that she found Chris attractive before.

Grace looked at her friend. He was indeed an attractive kid. He was tall at 6'3 and broad shouldered, built like a football player. He had a slight belly with cute love handles she often pinched, then he'd yelled at her for it, but she'd never stop. He also had size 13 feet, which Nina and she had laughed before at notions of how large his cock must be, Grace guessed it must've been large. She wondered if she had not been so attracted to females her and Chris' relationship may've been different, but she felt that it was for the best, especially for him and Nina if the plan she had in mind worked.

Right as Nina pulled into the driveway, Grace slid huge cheese burgers onto three plates and Chris was helping by getting the French fries out of the oven. Grace then snagged a left over salad out of the fridge and set it down in the middle of the counter, just in case anyone needed something healthy. She climbed onto her stool as did Chris, and only moments happened before Nina walked in and did the same, taking the stool in the middle.

They chatted and ate lunch, enjoying each others company. Soon Grace realized that Chris and Nina were trying to get her to talk about Todd. She stuffed her mouth full of hamburger to give herself a minute to think, should she talk to her friends? She decided that she should, they were her friends, and Nina always was good at advice.

"So has John said anything to you guys about last Friday?" She inquired, starting the conversation herself.

"He told me Todd hasn't said anything about the incident specifically, but he asked where you were when a bunch of people hung out a few days ago." Chris told her immediately. He watched her, trying to gage her reaction. "Also, John's planning a playground party tomorrow night, you should definitely come."

"Is Todd going to be there? I don't know if I want to see him again or not." Grace had a hurt look on her face so Nina patted her knee.

"I think you should see him again, he was probably just nervous. He's kind of a weird kid, and that was his first kiss you know." Nina dropped the bomb, hoping that Grace's reaction wouldn't be too bad.

"His what?!" Grace looked at them both in shock.

It was Chris' turn to shove hamburger into his mouth so he wouldn't have to talk and Nina would have to explain things to her. Nina glared at him when he didn't say anything and just chewed. She sighed and took the responsibility. It had been her bomb so she was responsible for damage repair. "Well, he'd never kissed anyone before you on Friday night."

"You knew that and you guys let me make out with him!" Grace glared at them ferociously, she couldn't believe it. "Now I definitely can't see him, what if he turns into a clingy puppy or something!" Grace noticed that Nina was trying not to smile and all of sudden her jaw dropped. "You guys set me up didn't you!"

"Oh come on Grace, you needed it, and what's so wrong with a clingy puppy anyways?" Chris put in, making sure Grace knew he was on Nina's side.

"So you did set me up!" Grace was silent for a moment, her mind raced, wondering how she felt, she felt like she should be angry but she really wasn't. "I don't know whether to kiss you guys or kick your asses."

Chris and Nina laughed. "Why kiss us of course!" Nina shouted in between her giggles, knowing that if Grace was making jokes that she wasn't really angry. "And you'd better go to John's playground party, and Todd better be there, I'm sure he'd like some more kissing practice." Nina stuck her lips out and made kissing noises at Grace.

Grace laughed but still pinched her friend, making sure she knew that she wasn't totally ok with it. "There won't be anymore kissing practice, unless he decides to make the first move, which I severely doubt, I had to do everything!"

They continued their banter for quite some time, hanging out for hours together before Nina and Chris left so Grace could work on some final projects. It was awhile after that she sat in the chair at her computer chewing on her lip ferociously. She couldn't think of any new ideas. All she could think about was Todd. What if he didn't want to hook up with her again, why had he left so abruptly? She was pretty angry at herself for feeling insecure. "God, why am I being so stupid about this?" Her thoughts wouldn't pick a different topic. She decided she'd just have to find out the answers herself, and she'd find them out the next night.

She got up out of her computer chair and opened the door to her closet. She rifled through clothes she hadn't worn in a really long time, picking out the perfect outfit. Before she had become practically abstinent she had quite a few sexy little outfits. "He won't be able to disregard me tomorrow. I'm going to blow him away." She whispered to herself. She found what she was looking for and felt confidant for the first time in awhile. She plopped back down into her chair and was finally able to work on her schoolwork for a few hours before retiring to bed.

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