Just You and I Ch. 02


"Look at me." I hear you say and I swing my head to the left to see you. I don't see your face which is hidden in the shadows, I just your hand stroking your hard cock. "I love watching your punishment for not staying a virgin."

The pain is so intense, I am just praying for it to be over. There is no pleasure in this, just pain and humiliation. Still, I'm ashamed of my tears. I can't stop crying because I know that this time; I am really, truly being raped.

And you set it up. I feel betrayed by you, and I'm angry and hurt. You are not finished punishing me yet though.

"Put the mask back on her." You order him. I'm blind again as I hear you get up and move over to the bed. "Stop fucking her for a minute."

I am so grateful that he is no longer stretching my ass that I almost forgive you.

"Come here my little whore." You pull me on top of you and position your cock at my pussy before you impale me onto you. "Oh yeah, tight little pussy. C'mere." You pull me forward so my ass is in the air while your cock rests in my pussy.

"Go ahead and fuck her ass again." You order and my heart begins to pound again. And he begins to pound again, my ass that is. The pain is unbelievable.

You just hold me close to you while he fucks my ass and you fuck my pussy. The tears begin again and I don't know if I'll survive the pain.

You whisper sweet nothings in my ear again. "Why are you crying? You deserve this, remember? You should have waited. This is the way whores are treated."

With both of you thrusting into me, my pussy and ass stretch beyond belief and I can find no pleasure in this. Tonight, I am just a hole (or two) for you and your friend to abuse.

I try to get away from your words in any way that I can. I turn my head toward your face. I'm hoping you'll kiss me and show me a little softness; instead you force my head to the side again so you can continue to verbally abuse me.

"You're not just any whore, but my whore. This man paid me good money to fuck you. I may rent you out to a group of men next time. I'll let them keep you for the night and do whatever they want to you." A shiver runs up my spine and I can't tell if I'm terrified by the idea or just excited.

"You like that idea don't you? Damn you're such a slut."

"I'm gonna cum soon," he says "where do you want me to do it?"

"Oh we're gonna cum on this bitch's face; I know she'll hate that." You laugh. "Get her off me."

He does and you roll out from under me and I can feel the bed shift.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed or I'll cum in them." You say meanly as you pull the sleep mask off again. "Open your mouth too."

I do as I'm told as you lay me down on my back with my eyes screwed shut and my mouth wide open.

I can hear you both grunting over me for a minute before the first spurt of cum hits my face. Most of it lands in my mouth and you order, "Swallow slut!" I do and I'm immediately assailed by more hot cum hitting my face and mouth. I keep swallowing as best as I can while you both empty your loads on me.

Finally you're done and I feel you both leave the bed. You lean down and say in my ear, "Don't move. Not an inch or I'll come back and fuck your ass myself."

Afraid you'll make good on your threat, I don't move a muscle. My eyes are still screwed shut tightly. I hear the rustle of clothes and zippers, then the crinkle of money. Shit, you really did rent me out.

"Thanks man." I hear him say. "If you're serious about renting her out for gangbangs, let me know. I could set something like that up so fast."

"Yeah, maybe." You answer as you walk him the door. I hear it shut behind him and you throw the bolt. I haven't moved and inch.

You walk past me and I hear running water again then creak of the bed as you sit down on the side of it.

"You ready to tell me who you fucked?" You ask calmly.

"I can't." I insist again.

"I'm surprised at you. You do everything I say, but you can't tell me who you fucked?" Your tone is gentle, almost sweet.

"I don't want you to hurt him."

"OK, I promise I won't hurt him."

I still hesitate. After what you've put me through tonight, how can I trust you?

"I won't hurt him," you begin slowly twisting one nipple, "but I will hurt you."

You grasp the other nipple and begin to twist it in the opposite direction. Hard.

"Please, don't make me." I gasp.

You release me and walk over to the bath to shut it off. I can smell the lavender again and can only dream of sinking into it.

You pull me up and abruptly bend me over the bed just like he did. "Want me to fuck you in your sore ass to make you talk?"

"Please, no" I beg.

You slide your cock into my pussy and begin slow rhythm of fucking me. Your hand slips around to massage my clit. I try not to moan in response, I don't want to feel pleasure from you. You have my head so fucked up.

You stop massaging me and pull my ass cheeks apart. Even this is painful.

"Tell me." You insist as you place your finger against my abused hole while still keeping that wonderful rhythm of fucking my pussy.

Again, the pleasure and pain are intertwined. Again, I say, "I can't."

You start to slide your finger into my ass and the pain is so fierce, I scream, "Stop! I'll tell you!"

Keeping your finger where it is, but not moving forward any further and still pumping slowing in and out of my pussy, you wait patiently. "Go on." You say.

"My...my step-brother. Please don't do anything to him." I plead.

"Good girl." You say pulling your finger out of my ass. "Don't worry your pretty little head over your step-brother. I just needed to know. Later you can tell my why. Right now I'm just going to finish fucking you."

You step up the pace and start fucking my pussy harder. Your wonderful finger is back massaging my clit as I brace myself with both hands on the bed. The cum on my face is forgotten as you pound me to a new horizon of ecstasy.

Before I know it, I am coming. I love the feel of your cock inside me, the feel of my pussy grasping onto you. I know you are close to coming, but just at that moment you pull out and plunge your cock into my ass and the pain is so much worse than anything he did to me. My orgasm and the agony of your final thrusts swirl together and I know they will never be separate again. Pleasure and pain have become fused into one. You come into my ass as you slip your fingers from my clit and into my pussy.

"You'll never fuck anyone without my permission again. Do you understand?" You're leaning over me and speaking harshly into my ear.

"Yes. I understand. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." The tears begin again partly from the pain you've just caused me and partly from the shame I feel from unknowingly disobeying you. I am mentally, emotionally and physically at your mercy.

Satisfied, you pull out of me and lead me over and into the bath. My eyes are still shut as I feel you slide in behind me.

"You can open your eyes now." You purr into my ear. "You were very good tonight. Maybe I'll forgive you for not saving yourself for me." You twist one nipple gently, "maybe...."

You wash my face and shampoo my hair (my brand I realize as I catch the scent of it). I luxuriate in the feel of your hands massaging my scalp and the warm fall of water as your rinse my hair. I am exhausted as you lift me out of the tub and wrap me in a towel. I think vaguely that I should look at you while I have the chance, but sleep pulls me down into its silky depths.

The sunlight shines brightly through the window across from my bed. I am home again and wondering once again whether it was all a dream. I move and in that instant I am assured that it was all real.

I'm naked and my clothes are folded neatly on a chair by my bed. There is once again a full water bottle and I'm snug with the covers pulled up to my chin. Once again, my considerate rapist. This time I'm sure it was rape. Rape by rental? And...I think I've narrowed you down to some really specific people. But unfortunately not down to just one. How many people knew I was a virgin? I took the pledge in high school, but graduated over a year ago. I kept my pledge even though I turned 18 long before I graduated.

My ass is too sore and my body is too tired to contemplate it any more and I allow myself to fall back into a deep, deep sleep.

I dream of you, of course.

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