tagMatureJustice and Reward Ch. 04

Justice and Reward Ch. 04


Bill slid down off his chair and approached his wanton lover. Instead of impaling Teri with his cock Bill began to kiss and caress Teri's buttocks and upper thighs. Teri shuddered with delight as Bill made oral love to her. Bill saw Teri remove her fingers and immediately covered her offering with his mouth. Teri yelped and pushed back toward Bill. Using his tongue Bill began to fuck Teri's anus. Three fingers from one hand slid into her pussy in time with the stabbing tongue. With his other hand Bill stroked Teri's engorged clitoris.

The swiftness of Bill's attack made Teri loose her balance. As her breasts came into contact with the carpet Teri's orgasm enveloped her.

Bill quickly grabbed Teri by the hips preventing her from sliding down into a prone position. Using just his right hand Bill kept Teri in the kneeling position. His dominant left hand began to masturbate his bloated cock. Bill felt his own orgasm approach while he watched Teri's gyrations. Bill's orgasm hit as Teri arched backward. The first shot of cum hit Teri dead center completely covering her pussy. Her body reacted to the additional stimulation and rocked forward. Bill's next shot soaked Teri's dilated anus. Bill lost his grip on Teri thigh and could only watch as his lover slumped to the floor in the throes of her own orgasm.

Teri felt Bill's cum hit her squarely on the pussy and then on the anus. Her body went from one orgasm to the next pausing long enough to allow Teri to drag air into her lungs. She twisted her head sharply and gasped at the sight. Bill was rapidly stroking his rampant hard-on. Eyes wide with excitement Teri watched Bill's third shot of cum leave the tip of his cock and fall between her splayed legs. Her body convulsed with pleasure as a fourth and fifth load left Bill's cock and impact her tortured flesh.

Bill watched in awe as his cock sent a sixth shot of cum from its tip. This one landed on the small of Teri's back and sprayed up to cover her back to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Feeling his strength flow out of him Bill slid to the floor along Teri's left side.

Teri felt Bill's presence alongside and rolled up on her left side to snuggle and enjoy the afterglow of their love making. Bill also wanted to snuggle. Rolling onto his left side he began to fit his body to Teri's curves. Neither was fully aware of their movements until Bill's cock passed the entrance of Teri's engorged pussy.

Teri shouted with her mind, "Oh my God, Stop!" Her body ignored the shout and still being in control slammed back into Bill's groin. Bill's body acted instinctively by pushing forward completing the impalement of his cock into Teri's overloaded pussy. "Don't you dare move." rushed from Teri's lips as her pussy vacuum locked itself around the intruder.

Just at that moment Bill's cock spoke louder than any words. Teri and Bill felt the contraction of Bill's ball sack and the swelling of his shaft. To their utter amazement Bill and Teri counted out loud as four powerful bursts of cum slammed into Teri's convulsing vagina.

"Oh you beautiful, wanton woman," Bill said as his hands caressed Teri's breasts and clitoris with feather light strokes. "I just experienced two orgasms with no stopping for a recharge, truly amazing."

"I'm still cuming from your last broadside you wonderful man. Please stop so I can slow down and get over the summit." Teri said as another series of tremors coursed through her.

Bill stopped his massage and held himself still in response to Teri's request. It was several minutes later when Teri's pussy relaxed its grip of Bill's shaft and finally expelled it causing a flood of their combined juices to coat them both before decorating the carpet.

"Bill, I need your help in standing up." Teri said, "My bladder is full to bursting."

Bill rolled away from Teri thus allowing Teri to roll onto her back. He then sat up and slowly stood. Turning to Teri Bill extended his hands and grasped Teri's outstretched arms. With a quick tug Bill had Teri upright in front of him. Teri quickly headed for the bathroom. Over her shoulder she said, "I'll use the shower so you can use the toilet."

Fatigue slowly settled over Bill now that he was standing. With faltering steps he reheated his coffee and upon returning to the dining area plopped down on the chair he had previously used. Almost without thinking Bill extracted a cigarette from the pack on the table and lit it. Spying a pencil and pad on the table Bill jotted down several notes to himself. Pushing the pad away Bill leaned back in the chair. He finished his coffee and cigarette allowing his mind to spin down into neutral.

Teri had relieved herself and was finishing up her shower when she noted Bill's absence. Not duly concerned Teri used the absence to finish her toilette. Completing her task went in search of her lover and fiancé. Approaching the dining area Teri saw Bill leaning back in his chair his chin resting on his chest. By the regular rise and fall of Bill's chest Teri knew that nothing was wrong with the man she deeply loved. Teri chuckled when she saw Bill's fingers gripping the handle of his coffee cup. With loving tenderness Teri placed a hand on Bill's shoulder.

Feeling something touch his shoulder Bill was instantly alert. Every muscle in his body tensed and his eyes were wide open. He heard Teri say "Relax Master Chief. No need to go to General Quarters." Recognizing Teri's voice Bill slowly relaxed and turned his head towards the voice. A smile appeared on Bill's face as Teri's face came into focus. "You are beautiful, my love." he said as he turned to face his fiancé.

Teri saw Bill's hands coming toward her body. "Bill, I'm calling a time out." she said taking two steps away from her soul mate. "My vibration levels are just now at a level that I can sleep. I need you to take a warm, relaxing shower so you can sleep as well."

Bill recognized the wisdom of Teri's words. He lowered his arms and said, "I will do as you requested. Falling asleep in this chair is an indicator that fatigue has taken its toll." Slowly Bill rose and walked into the bathroom. After a complete shower he took the time to dry his hair and perform a quick shave.

Teri had entered the bedroom and taken her usual place on the bed she and Bill shared. When tears of joy and sorrow threatened to destroy her calm Teri picked up the notepad and pen from the nightstand. She was finishing up her task when Bill exited the bathroom and approached the bed. "Feeling any better?" Teri asked noting the lack of five o'clock shadow.

"Clean, tired and ready to sleep myself out." Bill said, "I see that you made copious notes to yourself. Is that tomorrow's list or is it a weeks worth?"

"Actually," Teri replied, "it is several lists all strung together. If work gets to be too much I have found that a list helps to reduce the stress. Now that ability will keep the stress of owning a house down to a manageable level."

While Teri was speaking Bill had laid down. Finding a comfortable position he pulled Teri into his side. Stroking Teri's auburn hair he said, "I love you with all my body, mind, and soul. Our greatest asset is the ability to talk and reason things out. Lets solve the small issues together so they won't become big issues."

Teri snuggled into Bill's side. Reaching out a hand she stroked the side of Bill's face and said, "I love you and accept your offer." Teri's hand slid down onto Bill's chest. Nothing more was said as they both fell into a restful sleep.

It was mid-morning when Bill felt Teri's weight removed from his left side. Opening his eyes he saw her beautiful derriere move silently toward the bathroom. Flipping back the bedding Bill rose and walked into the kitchen. After checking the coffee maker and turning it on he proceeded to take his medication for pain and depression. As he took two cups from the upper cabinet Bill felt a warm body press against him. Hands began to stroke his manhood and chest.

Teri had silently approached Bill and waited for the right opportunity. When Bill reached for coffee cups she made her move. Giving the cock she held a squeeze Teri asked, "Didn't you get enough last night?"

Setting the cups down Bill quickly turned around to face Teri. His aim was true. The cock previously held by Teri now slid between her slightly parted legs. One hand began to stroke the crease that ran between Teri's buttocks. The other hand caught her auburn hair forcing Teri's head back. Bill leaned forward. His lips and tongue began a sensuous dance down Teri's face and neck. Bill released Teri's hair and began to lovingly caress her back while his mouth covered Teri's. Breaking the kiss Bill said, "Yes, I got enough last night. This is a new day. You made a request last night and before this day is over I shall honor it." To make his point Bill flexed his groin muscles several times.

Teri felt each expansion of Bill's cock and was surprised by the flow of nectar that covered Bill's cock. "My God, have we become sex maniacs?"

"No, Teri, we have not!" Bill replied, "Last night was a release of anxiety and tension covering two weeks. We were also horny by reason of abstinence. Last night was also a celebration, a celebration of our engagement. Releasing Teri Bill made a hasty exit to the bathroom in order to relief his bladder. Returning to the bedroom Bill took a small package down off the closet shelf and returned to the kitchen.

Teri had prepared a quick breakfast during Bill's brief absence. Oatmeal, English muffins, and orange juice waited for their consumption. Steam rose above two freshly poured cups of coffee. Teri shook a cigarette from the pack on the table, lit it, and offered it to Bill as he sat down next to her.

Bill accepted the cigarette and said, "Thank you Teri for the breakfast I'm about to eat. Before we eat though please accept this small engagement gift."

Teri accepted the small package and immediately ripped the wrappings off. Opening the small box and seeing what lay inside Teri felt tears come to her eyes. "Oh how wonderful. It matches my bra and panty set. So, I'm not the only one that enjoys Victoria's Secret."

"Correct! I just wish they carried more men's apparel." Bill answered, "When I saw this in the display window I knew that you would please you. I approached the manager and asked if it was possible to have an associate model the night gown for me. When I explained that it was an engagement gift the manager consented. Fortunately there was an associate on duty that was near to your height and figure. The young woman actually blushed when the manager explained my request."

"You mean to tell me that this associate allowed you to watch her disrobe and then model this gown?" Teri said.

Bill continued, "Not at all. Victoria's Secret has a special room for such viewing. Each store has such a room. It is actually two rooms with a see through mirror connecting the two. When ready the associate opens the curtain and models the apparel. It was quite obvious to the manager and I that this associate wasn't used to modeling. The signs of arousal were very visible even with bra and panties adding a layer of insulation."

"You really are a voyeur, aren't you Bill." Teri quipped. With a strange smile on her face Teri released the gown from the confines of its box. Finding the hem of the garment Teri slid it over her head. She couldn't stop the shiver of delight and excitement as the gown cascaded down her upper body and pooled at her hips. Standing up Teri felt the silk material caress her hips and thighs. Reaching up for the spaghetti straps she gave the gown a slight tweak which settled the material across her breasts. "Does the man that I love like the result?" Teri asked as her hands caressed her breasts and then slid down across the fullness of her hips.

Bill said, "Very much!" as he flexed his groin muscles. "If you wear your matching bra and panty set the gown could pass as a summer dress."

Teri carefully smoothed the gown over her buttocks as she resumed her seat next to Bill. "I feel very sensual right now." she said as she watched Bill's eyes slide their gaze up her body. A tremor of excitement coursed through her body at Teri's nipples reacted to Bill's stare and the silk caressing them. Teri acted on the thought that went through head. Turning in the chair she slid to the edge, raised the gown as high as it would go while spreading her legs wide open. "Would you care to taste me?"

Bill pushed his chair away as he knelt in front of Teri. He didn't answer with words but his actions spoke volumes. His mouth covered Teri's pussy while his tongue zeroed in on the entrance to her vagina. Bill felt Teri shudder when he extended his tongue as far into her as he could. He was rewarded with a torrent of juice which he greedily sucked up and swallowed. Continuing his oral attack Bill raised his hands and began a light, feathery massage of Teri's breasts.

Teri screamed, "Oh God, yes! Make me cum with your mouth and tongue."

Bill withdrew his tongue and mouth then said, "Tell me what you want Teri. Tell me!"

"Oh you bastard!," Teri replied, "Take me to be and fuck me. Show me the animal side of you ."

Bill stood up, scooped Teri up off the chair and walked into the bedroom. He dropped on the bed. Throwing her legs apart Bill dove straight into Teri's pussy and picked up where he had left off in the dining area. Flattening his tongue Bill went low enough to scrape across Teri's anus and upward across her pussy. When he got to the top of her pussy Bill's lips sucked Teri's clitoris while two fingers slid into her vagina.

Teri had her first orgasm as she felt Bill's fingers spear her vagina. Teri's hands found her breasts and nipples. She savagely mauled them while yelling at Bill. "Stuff your cock into my pussy. I need to feel you inside."

Bill released Teri's clitoris and removed his fingers from her vagina. He quickly arranged himself between Teri's legs. Holding his cock in one hand Bill gave what she wanted. He guided his cock until it was embedded in Teri's pussy half way. Removing his hand Bill didn't stop his forward movement until his pubic bone crashed into Teri's pubic bone.

Teri shouted out, "Now fuck me until you cum and don't stop afterward. Take me to the stars." He legs snapped together at the ankles underneath Bill's ass cheeks. "AAIIYYEE!" tore from Teri's throat as Bill retreated until the head of his cock was all that remained inside Teri.

Bill lowered himself onto Teri. His hands and fingers were busy with breasts and nipples. His lips kissed every part of Teri's face and throat. At the same time Bill pumped his cock in and out of Teri's convulsing pussy. After some minutes Bill felt his balls begin to contract. "Get ready to be filled to overflowing Teri. I'm almost there."

Teri's body knew Bill was about to explode inside her. The tempo of her dance increased. She wanted... no needed her man to cum as he had never cum before. "When you cum don't stop," she wailed through clinched teeth, "fucking me!" Grabbing Bill's head with both hands Teri forced it down to her. When his lips met hers Teri lanced her tongue into Bill's mouth and began a duel with his tongue.

The unexpected oral assault was the final touch. Bill's shaft ballooned inside of Teri's pussy and his balls sucked up toward his pelvis. Cum exploded into Teri's silken purse. Teri's pussy vacuum locked itself around Bill's shaft. It was milking Bill for every ounce of cum it could get. Bill continued his forceful thrusts in and out of his lovers pussy. Teri, by this time, was floating from one orgasm to the next with no valley in between.

They both felt the change in Bill. His cock became rigid and swelled again. "Oh my God! I'm going to cum again." Bill shouted when he pulled his mouth away from Teri's. Shouting with joy Teri yelled, "Give me another load of your beautiful cum. I want to bathe in it."

Her words acted like a trigger. His second orgasm flooded Teri's pussy and the backlash flowed out and left a large pool beneath her buttocks. Teri's legs went slack and slowly slid down and off Bill. Bill slid his hands away from Teri's breasts and slumped down onto her. Their breathing was ragged so neither of them attempted to speak.

Bill was first to recover his breath. Looking down at Teri he said, "I'm going to withdraw and leave you for a minute. I want you to pleasure yourself in order to keep the high plateau you're on."

"I don't understand." Teri replied, "I like where I am so will comply with your request."

"Good!" Bill said as he withdrew from Teri in a single stroke. He was off the bed and headed towards the bathroom before Teri could react. Moments later Teri saw Bill return carrying a large, fluffy towel and the bottle of skin lotion they both used. Bill reached out and grabbed two pillows. He said to Teri, "I want you to raise your buttocks up so I can place these pillows and the towel under you."

Teri's face signaled a glimmer of what Bill was about to do. "Does this have anything to do with my request of last night?" she asked.

Bill's response was, "Yes, now raise that beautiful derrière for me."

Teri complied and at Bill's signal lowered herself onto the pillows and towel. "Shouldn't I be on my hands and knees?" she asked, "I thought that was how it was done."

Bill smiled as he replied, "Do you limit yourself to one position when we explore each other in normal sexual intercourse?"

"Good heavens, no!" answered Teri.

"Then why limit yourself to one position for anal intercourse." Bill shot back. "With the current position I can see and talk to you about your experience. Remember the rules my dear lady. No matter how highly aroused you are you are in control. If you say 'Stop' I stop and we talk about the situation. If you say 'No' I stop period."

Teri paused in her massage of breasts and clitoris. "Restating the rules makes me feel more comfortable Bill." Teri said, "Thank you."

Bill responded by lowering his mouth to Teri's pussy. He gently began to heighten Teri's pleasure with his mouth and tongue.

"I know some men and women that need to take lessons from you." Teri said when Bill's tongue played with her clitoris. Bill didn't answer. He was intent upon the task at hand. While busy with Teri's pussy one finger was teasing 'Rosebud'. Bill used their combined juices to spread lubricant all over Teri's anus. Every few trips around the circumference ended with a slight push against her sphincter. On the third such push Bill felt 'Rosebud' open and his finger slid easily into Teri.

Teri shouted as she felt Bill's finger enter 'Rosebud' easily, "Oh my God!"

Raising his mouth Bill responded, "Yes, progress is rapid. But don't forget the two pleasure zones sitting atop your chest. Your active participation is highly recommended."

Teri's hands returned to her breasts. After a few strokes Teri decided that she wanted to touch skin not silk. Teri quickly solved the problem by working the spaghetti straps off one shoulder then the other. Soon both arms were free and Teri had the gown down to stomach level. Her breasts now free of the wet silk swelled anew as if thanking Teri for their freedom. Teri was lovingly caressing herself when she heard Bill's voice.

"As many times as I've watched it being done," Bill said, "I don't know how women disrobe without tearing the material."

"We women," Teri replied, "have to keep some secrets." Just then an orgasm flowed through Teri. Her whole body shivered with the release.

Bill had stopped his movements at the start of Teri's orgasm. As her tremors subsided Bill slowly rotated two fingers deep inside 'Rosebud'. "That my dear Teri," he said, "was an anal orgasm. I'm going to pull out. When you feel me touch you again I want you to push as though you were going to defecate. Don't push hard but slow and steady."

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