tagIncest/TabooJustice in the End

Justice in the End


My name is Timmy. I am now eighteen but my story begins 12 years ago. My mother Wanda was a single mom who had little money and an urge to party. She didn't like being tied down and being a mother. I, of course, thought the world of her because I didn't know she was uninterested in me.

One day when I was six she dropped me off at a distant relatives house and like that she was out of my life. She left me and didn't look back. All I had were memories of her and one picture of her. For the next six years I went to bed every night thinking I would find my mother and she would realize she loved me.

My relatives even heard she was in town when I was 12 and asked her to come see me. She refused. They got me to call and talk to her hoping that would snap her back to being a mom. She told me I was no good and she was better off without me. Her last words before she hung up were "Leave me alone you little motherfucker." I was heartbroken.

A year later, my relatives were killed in a car accident and a friend of theirs took me in. Her name was Diane. We bonded quickly and I looked at her as my mother. Diane was 38 and blonde. Although I called her mom I always hoped to reunite with my real mom.

A few years later, when I was 18, Diane actually caught me masturbating. It was embarrassing but very lucky also. Because that was the day Diane saw how well hung a kid I was. She even watched me jerk off and insisted on measuring my dick. I was rock hard when Diane told me I was a whopping 12 inches.

She told me then and there that we were gonna fuck each other.

Zipping forward , here I am and Diane has been sucking and fucking my big tool for months now. After we fuck at night we cuddle and I ask her why my mom hates me. She tells me she was an immature woman who didn't know any better. She also says anyone who knows me realizes I am a good kid. Still, I go to sleep with the image of my mother in my head. It is crisp and clear. My mom is a pretty woman with short black hair and a nice smile. She also realizes she made a mistake leaving me. Of course, these wishes are just that.

Two months later, Diane tells me we are moving to a new city. She has changed jobs and is confident we will like our new home.

When we moved there Diane joined a gym and said she wanted to meet some new friends. She is easygoing and fun and met some great people quickly.

One night she came in with a new friend and asked if I would join them for supper. When I walked in to the living room to meet this friend I was stunned. It was Wanda...my mother.

I came to find out later that night that Diane had hired a private eye to track my mom down. That is why she took a job transfer to this city. She planned on befriending Wanda and having her meet me. She was doing this for me as it had scarred me earlier in my life. She hoped we would become friends if not mother son. She wasn't sure if my mom would recognize me so she decided to introduce me as her own son and guage Wanda's reaction.

My jaw was on the floor as Diane said "Timmy this is Wanda, Wanda this is Timmy."

i mumbled something like "Nice to meet you Wanda." She was very easy to talk to over dinner although she was oblivious to who I really was. I was in heaven. I was getting to know my mom again and she would have to realize who I was sooner or later.

Wanda left that night and when she left she tousled my hair and said "You have a great kid here Diane." I stayed awake for hours thanking Diane for finding my mom and asking her when we could tell her who I really was. Diane thought it best to just get to know her first and ease the truth out slowly.

I was anxious but agreed. We became fast friends the three of us. We went to movies, hiking, swimming together regularly over the summer.

Diane finally thought we should tell Wanda who I was. The next night we were all together and Diane asked if Wanda had ever thought of having kids. After being with her all this time her answer and bluntness was a shock. She said "Diane you are lucky to have a great kid like Timmy here but let me tell you not all kids are good. I had a child and I abandoned him. I don't even feel guilty about it because he was a no good little bastard and I haven't missed him for a second."

Somehow I managed to choke back my tears at hearing her harsh words for her son who little did she know was sitting right there.

Obviously we could not tell her who I was. When we went home that night I cried and told Diane I hated my mother and never wanted to see her again. Diane agreed. When I fucked Diane that night I was a little rough and took my anger out on her. I think she knew how awful I felt so she let me do whatever I wanted.

Diane has never been a deepthroater but I forced my cock down about seven inches and made her gag. She was gasping and spit was all over her face. i grabbed her head and fucked her face.

Then I fucked her ass so hard she was begging for mercy. While anally pounding her I grabbed her hair and slapped her ass harder than a playful little tap. I pulled out and sprayed a heavy load on her face.

As we went to sleep Diane knew better than I did that that fuck was really a revenge I wanted on my mother. As far as I knew I would not see Wanda again.

Weeks later and thinking I had it all behind me Wanda showed up for a get together. Diane asked me to be good and join her and Wanda in the living room. Wanda said "Long time no see handsome stranger."

Diane left me and mom alone and came back a few minutes later with her camcorder. Diane flicked the camcorder to life and with that wanda came over and sat on my lap. I had no clue what was about to happen.

Wanda stroked my hair and said "Timmy your mom tells me its your birthday today. Mine too." Of course Diane just made my pretend birthday coincide with my mom's so it would help her plan along. You see Diane had decided that night that Wanda had ripped my heart out with her unknowingly hurtful words that my mom needed to get fucked by her abandoned son's 12 inch Adonis like cock.

Wanda carried on playing with my hair and said "your mom tells me you think I'm cute. I told her that you were a studly young boy and was quite flattered by your being attracted to me. Your mom also tells me you have an amazing piece of meat between your legs. How a mother would know that I didn't ask but my pussy is wet sitting here wondering how true it is."

Diane was getting this whole crazy conversation on video. She then said "Timmy, I thought you and Wanda might give each other a birthday neither of you will ever forget. And I'll record it all and make each of you a copy for a keepsake. What do you say Timmy, do you wanna fuck Wanda?"

As I was saying "Of course i do" it dawned on me that my destiny all along was to fuck my own mother. And I planned to fuck her good and she wouldn't even realize I was her son.

Wanda stood up and stripped down to nothing. I stripped down to my boxers as I wanted her anticipation for my huge cock to swell. My mother who had abandoned me was naked and waiting for me to take her to the moon. As we kissed I carried her over to a table. I threw everything onto the floor and set her down on the table.

I started fingering her pussy as we kissed. She was soaking already. Our tongues explored each other and I found her g spot with my fingers. "Oh god" my mother screamed as she came. I brought her to climax 2 more times before I added another pair of orgasms with my tongue.

She looked into my eyes and I asked her "do you wanna suck my cock Wanda?" She nodded and then i asked her "what is the biggest cock you have ever sucked?" When she told me eight inches I laughed and said "new record today lady."

Wanda excitedly got on her knees and pulled my boxers down. You can actually hear her gasp on the video that Diane made of this. With an amazed,excited and eager glance up to me, her son, Wanda started to suck my huge cock.

Let me tell you this was really a turn on. Looking down at my mom sucking my cock and not realizing it was me was a real treat. And on top of that Wanda really gives good head. She only could get about six inches in her mouth but she really worked my cock. For a good 15 minutes she lovingly sucked on my schlong. I just stood there stroking her hair and grinning at Diane for the amazing gift she had orchestrated.

I pulled out of Wanda's mouth and led her to the bedroom. She said "Oh Timmy, you should be in porn with that mammoth dick. But for now I just want you to fuck me and fuck me hard." I laid her on her back and grabbed her ankles. I placed her legs over my shoulders and stuffed her pussy in one quick thrust.

Diane had followed us and was getting good footage. Wanda was panting and moaning and as I furiously fucked her she screamed as she climaxed. She has perky tits and nipples that were hard and loving it all.

Then I flipped her over and proceeded to give her a doggy style fuck she won't soon forget. Deep and hard into her pussy with each stroke. I loved being behind my mom and fucking her pussy. I reached under her to massage her clit and pinch her nipples. That sent her over the edge to another amazing orgasm. She looked back at me and said "Holy shit your cock is the best."

I then grabbed her hair and said "You know where I wanna put it now Wanda?" She nodded and said "Go ahead."

I pulled out of her sopping pussy and grabbed her asscheeks and spread them apart. I spit in her asshole and slapped her ass. My well greased cock was ready to penetrate my abandoning mother's ass. I eased it in for the first few inches and then slammed it home. Wanda moaned "Ooohh, big,fat fucking cock in my ass." Then I went in high gear and really fucked her ass hard. Each ass cheek I probably slapped a dozen times. Wanda screamed "Fuck my ass with that big dick, kid."

Her gorgeous ass cheeks jiggled as I pummelled her. Then I pulled out and said get up and suck me some more bitch. She was turned on and did as I said. "what do you think of my cock lady?" She said as she pulled my dick from her lips "Timmy you are amazing and your cock is so good."

I slapped her face with my big cock and said "You like it rough don't you?" She nodded and then I slapped her perky little tits. I then grabbed my cock and finished the job myself and jerked a huge load onto her angelic face. Diane got a close up of Wanda's cum soaked face and asked her if it was a good birthday. Wanda looked at her and said "Your son is something and his cock is out of this world."

We left it at that and didn't tell her the truth. Diane made 3 copies of the video. I walked over to Wanda's house and gave 1 to her and never mentioned the truth. Diane and i moved away and we never see Wanda anymore. But as sure as shit i know my mom watches that tape regularly and gets wet thinking about me.

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