tagBDSMJustice Reversed

Justice Reversed


Justice Marshall licked her lips, this was the last case on the docket. The beautiful raven haired judge had cleared the court room of all spectators except for her female ball if Jane.

"Bring them in," she instructed.

The door opened and Amber Kelly and her attorney entered the room. Amber was a beautiful blond prostitute who had done quite well for herself. But her luck had run out in a sting and she now faced justice.

"Councilor, I understand your client has waived a trial and has agreed to a summary judgment."

The middle aged attorney nodded, "Yes your honor she has."

Marshall nodded, "Then let us proceed."

Jane pulled out a tazer and shot the attorney.

"What the fuck..." amber started as her lawyer crashed to the floor.

"Silence! The Judge rose. "I sentence you to be my sex slave! Now strip."

"You can't do this."

The Amazonian ball if slapped her, " You heard her slut! Strip!"

The frightened girl began disrobing.

"That's a good girl", the judge mocked as she climbed down from the bench.. She kissed the ball if.

"Get the toys."

As Amber finished, "Spread your legs." Madison instructed as she inspected her. Squeezing her tits, "Very nice. I can see why you commanded top dollar."

Jane came over and handcuffed their prize and than forced the blond to her knees.

The judge took off her robe and had nothing underneath it.

"Now suck your mistress pussy."

"The talented sex worker began her ministrations, as the judge motioned Jane over and gave her a passionate kiss. "Why don't you join us.?"

Smiling the guard stripped and began sucking Marshall's tits.

"Mmm very good."

"Thank you, may I have a turn with her?"

Of course, slut you know what to do!"

Amber worked her tongue on the bailiff's clit, while Judge Marshall grabbed a whip.

"You still need to be punished for your crimes."


Amber had her ass totally exposed with her wrist cuffed to the viewing gallery.

"This is how criminals should be dealt with," Marshall said

The brunette began whipping.

Amber had endured pain in her job so was able to take it well.

"That didn't work", Jane remarked picking up two paddles.

Taking one alternate."

The two of them hit each ass cheek, but this only initiated grunts.

"Harsh measures are needed, "Marshall decided.

"Now the birch, Jane picked up the cane." Take it bitch," the ball if said.

"Ah!" Amber screamed.

"That's it" Marshall enthused. , as she played with her pussy.

After 10 strokes Amber went senseless.

"Oh, I was a bit too hard." Jane said. "She can't feel it anymore."

I still need to fuck someone, "Marshall said. "You are elected."

"Yes Mistress,

"Tie her up and hand me the cuffs."


Amber woke up and heard the familiar sounds of lesbian sex.

The judge has handcuffed the bailiff and was pounding her with a strap on.

"Yes your Honor, " the Ball if cried.

"Take it ' the judge screamed.

The courtroom must be sound proof Amber thought. Luckily who ever did her bondage was an amateur.

She moved very quietly contorting to get out of her bound.

Madison moved her large slave onto her back and thrust in her toy into the Amazon's pussy while they engaged in a passionate kiss

Amber crept over and grabbed the mace from Jane's discarded belt.

"Enjoying yourselves?'

The two federal employees received a dose of mace in their faces. Withering in agony they were helpless. Grabbing the judge gavel, Amber hit the justice over the head.. Being astute dominatrix she did know how to immobilize her prey

Going over to the still hurt Jane she sat on her face. "Now you can serve me."

Still blinded the Amazon was at the mercy of her smaller foe.

"Eat me," she commanded.

"Never bitch."

Amber sat her nose and face cutting off her wind. "I've taken plenty of bullies down." she taunted.

"Let me go."

"Not a chance, now lick.

Jane had no choice.

"That's it, I have not had a law officer in a while. Most are smart enough to know the risks..

Grabbing a vibrator she flipped over. "Now my ass as she worked on the bailiffs pussy.

"Whose the law now?"

"You are Mistress."

"That right cunt, now keep servicing me."

Finally Jane squirted out.

Amber flipped her helpless guard over. Now lick the floor clean.

The humiliated guard was forced to obey.


Diane Marshall woke to someone playing with her breasts.

Spread eagle on the floor, Amber sat beside her, light tapping with the gavel on her nipples.

"Let me go!" she demanded.

"Oh no. you abused your position your dishonor." Amber told her. Flipping her over, 'I believe a spanking is in order."

"Ow please no!"

"Another bully? I'm disappointed, You were supposed to be a hanging judge." Amber enjoyed making Diane's ass red.. "Worm crawl over here."

A handcuffed and leg chained, Jane came over. Amber put on a strap on and stuck in the ballif's face lick it.

As the guard deep throated, "I'll let you go!"

Amber laughed, "You will let me go? Have you seen your position your dishonor?

She pulled the tool out. "Spread your legs slave."


Amber slapped her, "Open."

"Whose the Mistress?" she demanded

"You are Mistress Amber, "Jane answered.

"Welcome to my justice sluts!"

To be continued...

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