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Justifiable Homicide


Disclamier: Mass Effect is not mine and it is not my creation or my property. This is done purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

This story contains extreme violence, excessive profanity and very graphic sexual content, all of it interspecies erotica. If that's not your cup of tea, turn back now. Also this contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3 so if you if don't like spoilers then don't read.

Read Me:

While I was working on The Ravaging of a Dh'oine I started playing Mass Effect again and got inspired. So I'm doing both fics now.

This fic is based roughly on the aftermath of Mass Effect 3. For those of you who don't play the Mass Effect series this fic won't make sense at all unless you played. So I decided to do a brief run down and condense a series of three video games into one lovely paragraph.

The game is mostly based on an intergalactic federation theme. Much like The Council in Star Wars. An ancient artificially intelligent machine race called Reapers are trying to destroy the galaxy. A war begins and different races have to ban together to defeat them. Shepard and her team reported directly to The Council and went on covert missions to stop the Reapers.

For fanfiction purposes, all races joined the fight and all members of the team are alive after the end battle with the Reapers.

* Once again this contains Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

Races mentioned:

Here's a link that will help. But this is really the only races you need to know for this fic if you haven't played:


The Asari: A race of blue aliens similar to Twi'leks in star wars. They are an all female race and only reproduce with other races, which help spread rumors of promiscuity. They live much longer than most species and well respected for their knowledge and beauty. They are considered "Janes of all trades". You'll find Asari that are pirates, strippers, prostitutes, soldiers and priestesses.

The Salarians: An intelligent highly advanced technologic race. Mostly comprised of scientists. They resemble a short of amphibian species and tend to speak quickly. So quickly they tend to speak in shortened sentences to get their point across.

The Krogan: A strong brutal warrior race resembling dinosaurs or Scarrans from Farscape. Their culture is a warrior system built upon a cast of clans and broods each ones proving they were better warriors. They have a high sense of pride and ruthlessness. The Korgan are the strongest allies in war but most feared during peace time. They usually are the best hired body guards and mercenaries during peace time. Everyone fears Krogans.

The Quarians: A humanoid race that always wears masks because it's difficult for them to find atmosphere that's breathable. They were exiled from their homeland by the Geth. They are good scientists but more gifted engineers and techs.

The Geth: A race of technologically advanced robots created by the Quarians. They uprose when the Quarians tried to destroy them for displaying intelligence and exiled the Quarians.

The Vorcha and the Batarians: Their physical appearance is hard to describe, the links above have pics of all the races. In any case, these two races are somewhat humanoid. They are usually comprised of mercenaries and slavers and usually hired by other more advanced races.

The Genophage: A biological weapon that the Salarians created causing infertility among the Korgan. Only 1 out of 1000 Korgan births survive. This was implemented after the Salarians used the Korgan for their battle prowess. Then the Korgan began to overpopulate and take over lesser worlds. At that point, the Genophage was created and for the last 1,000 years the Korgan are a slowly dying race.

Main Pairing: Shepard/Urdnot Wrex

I love Wrex because he's badass. He has great one-liners and if you're in a gunfight he's the motherfucker you want next you. The Krogans got screwed like they normally do, so pay back is a bitch. This is my ode to Urdnot Wrex and the Krogan Empire.

Justifiable Homicide

Chapter 1



Liara T'Soni was standing in the docking port hanger waiting to see a new shipment of upgraded pulse rifles with her assistant. Her assistant was an Asari as she was and stood directly beside her. Each one carried their own pulse pistol in case of trouble.

As the Shadow Broker, she had to deal in weapons to sell on the black market. Weapons were the second most important commodity to her business, classified information being the first. Usually she wouldn't come to such a lowly deal but the leader of the Blood Pack was going to be there and he was offering a new type of Salarian technology.

She only met with the leader during important circumstances and had done this before. The blue Asari clasped her hands together behind her back and waited for the mercenary leader. Their mercenary group were very good smugglers and hit men. As such, they were essential to her business.

The leader of the Blood Pack was a Krogan named Ganar Wrang and he was only accompanied by his next in command, a Vorcha named Gryll. Ganar Wrang and Gryll carried a heavy metal crate before Liara and dropped it in front of her.

This was normal and routine; Liara knew the men well. She instructed her assistant to open the crate but Gryll beat her two it. He walked forward and opened the crate. When Liara looked down at the weapons, she felt the cold steel of a pulse pistol against her temple.

Her Asari assistant pulled the trigger and then the world went black; Liara was dead before she hit ground.

The Asari assistant smiled at the Blood Pack leader, "I think I've had enough of taking orders from her! I want to be Shadow Broker as you promised. You said I was next!"

Gryll had moved behind her while she was talking to the Blood Pack Leader. The Asari assistant then jumped and she became immobile with fear. The Vorcha had placed a pulse rifle at the back of her bare head.

"Yes, you're next sweet thing.", the Vorcha hissed.

He then pulled the trigger and the young Asari's corpse fell to the ground; a black gaping hole in her forehead followed by grey puffs of smoke.

The Krogan smirked, "Well done, let's get what we came for and get out of here."

The Blood Pack Leader and his Vorcha right hand man left the bodies in the hanger to be easily discovered.

Elsewhere, a Salarian lie balled up on the ground. Three massive Krogan nearly filled the entire space of the small lab. A Krogan stepped forward and began to stomp on the Salarian's torso. The other two Krogan laughed as they heard the Salarian's thin cartilage snapping under 400 lbs. of pressure. The Salarian was too weak to fight; they had been torturing him for hours.

One of the Salarian's bulbous eyes was swollen shut, "Please, don't do this. We were friends, Wrex."

The Krogan looked down at him disdainfully, "Really? Friends? Is that why you gave my people a fake cure to the Genophage? Is that why you condemned my people to die of extinction?"

Wrex then kicked the small Salarian so hard he literally slid across the room. Wrex continued to rant, "Is that why you made me look like a fool in front of my people? I told them we were no longer cursed by that fucking plague you turned on us and it was all lies! The one Salarian I think I can trust turns out to be a slimy bastard like the rest of his kind."

Wrex then stomped over to the shivering Salarian, and grabbed him off the floor by his collar. The angry Krogan brought him up to eye level, "Look at you. Ready to piss yourself. How fucking disgusting. Where is she, Mordin? I know you didn't do it alone."

The Salarian shook his head back and forth, "Never tell. Never."

The vengeful Krogan smirked, revealing razor sharp teeth, "I was hoping you would say that."

Wrex then opened his hand, releasing Mordin who was dangling by his collar. He enjoyed the satisfying thud the small alien made when he hit the floor. Wrex then started jostling his shoulders back and forth, like a boxer getting amped up for a big fight.

"Me and my boys LOVE making Salarians talk. You're all just so….squishy, you bleed quicker than anyone else."

Wrex turned to his younger brood brother Wreav, "What should we use, little brother? I'll let you have the honor of choosing."

Wreav was his brood brother because they had the same mother, they were also a part of the same Clan. Verren, the other Krogan standing next to Wreav, was not his brood brother but shared the same Clan as he and Wreav. Verren was older than Wreav, but much younger than Wrex. Wreav gave the same toothy grin and pulled a long knife with serrated edges out of his boot. The edges were sharp and lethal.

Wrex cracked his younger brother on the side of his head playfully with his fist, "We aren't just from the same mother, we think alike too."

Wrex took the knife and walked over to Mordin who had crawled into a corner. Wrex walked over to him and got down on one knee. Mordin grabbed his massive hand when he reached to grab a hold of one spongy antenna shaped like a horn. Mordin was shaking; the Salarian knew how sensitive the appendages were.

"Please, don't!"

"Tell me where she is? You must have some data somewhere."

Mordin shook his head and tears came down his face. "No, won't talk. Won't ever talk."

"Suit yourself, Salarian."

Wrex leaned forward and began to cut the spongy antennae with the knife. The Salarian screamed and twisted in his grip, begging for mercy. Although the knife was sharp and the antenna was easily detached given its thin density, Wrex took his time.

His thick red and black hands were covered in Salarian blood. He then dangled the flesh in front of Mordin's one good eye before dropping it to the floor.

Mordin gritted his teeth, "You're a monster. You know that?"

Wrex smiled, "Thanks Salarian. I do try."

The Krogan leader then put the knife to his other antenna and pressed it into the soft squishy flesh. Mordin squirmed and kicked his feet in agony. Wrex got half way through the other antenna before Mordin gave in; the Salarian couldn't take it anymore.

"Please stop! I'll talk, I'll talk."

Wrex then pulled the knife away, "So talk Salarian!"

Mordin was tired and in pain. He took the opportunity to let his head rest against the wall behind him. He vaguely wondered how they had found him, he had been so careful.

Wrex was impatient, "Well?"

Mordin reached into his lab coat and pulled out a small square information drive."Here."

Wrex got up and walked over to the main computer console and accessed the information. A hologram of a data file flashed into the air and then a picture. Wrex read the information in haste and then stumbled backward in shock.

The Leader of the Krogan actually had to reach out to steady himself. He then looked at Mordin and then back at the file. He allowed himself to read the rest of the file and his shock was quickly replaced with rage.

Mordin threw his hands up defensively, "Listen Wrex. It had to be done. IT HAD TO!"

Wrex charged over to Mordin in a fit of Krogan rage and ripped the Samarian's torso in half with his bare hands in one pull. He then ripped the information drive from the computer console and wired Mordin's lab with a bomb. Wrex was not like other Krogan; he was intelligent and made sure not one shred of any research Mordin was doing survived.

Aria had settled back into Chora's Den. The Asari pirate was as beautiful as she was deadly. She had her head buried between her waitress's thighs. The waitress was a human named Jenna who was tired of making shitty tips and wanted to be a dancer. Aria didn't mind entertaining the thought but the human had to earn it first.

Aria buried her tongue between the folds of Jenna's bare pussy and licked and sucked the young human's pussy juices.

"Ahhhh Aria. You're amazing." Jenna chanted this breathlessly as she rubbed her boss's blue tendrils with her fingers.

Aria giggled and continued lapping between her thighs. She looked up the beautiful human who looked down at her with half lidded eyes and was about to close them when she did a double take behind Aria.

Jenna's eyes then widened with shock and fear at the mysterious scene behind her. Aria was no fool and skillfully reached for the pulse pistol under the couch cushion Jenna was sitting on; her face still full of Jenna's snatch.

Aria then turned quickly and shot first; asking questions was something she did later. Three Blue Suns members were behind her and shot one in the belly using the element of surprise. She then quickly flipped over the couch and heard them open fire.

Jenna screamed as she was hit by the pulse weapons fire and Aria took the opportunity to flee. Her tight naked body jiggled slightly as she ran across the room and returned fire before hitting a hidden button on the wall behind her.

A doorway opened up and Aria fell through the doorway. It slid shut quickly and she gave a sigh of relief after narrowly escaping with her life. Aria wondered where the hell her guards were and there was going to hell to pay.

The room was dark and she got to her feet, trying to decide whose head was going to roll first. Then a pulse rifle shot went off and a hole was blown in her side. She fell to the floor in agony and blue blood flowed through her fingers.

The doorway opened and the Blue Suns members from the other room joined the Eclipse members that had just ambushed her in the small panic room.

"You bastards! I'll make sure Jona Sederis skins you fuckers alive."

A Vorcha pulled out a pulse pistol and put it to her head, "No need to wait. She's here right now with the Justicar."

A Turian in Blue Suns armor then tossed Aria a sack. There were pieces of Jona and the Justicar inside.

The Turian who tossed the sack at Aria spoke while he kept a steady aim of his pulse rifle on her, "Speak all you want. You just have to piece them together first."

Aria gritted her teeth in anger, feeling weak from the wound in her side. Aria tried to force down her anger and tried to think. She was bleeding profusely and too wounded to use her biotics. There were too many mercenaries, there was nowhere to run. Her only hope was to cut a deal and exact revenge on a later date.

The Justicar was a powerful Asari with powerful biotics. She was a one woman police force, literally. Jona Sederis was a strong ruthless Asari who ruled the Eclipse mercenaries with an iron fist.

Whoever killed them was not only powerful and strong but calculating and methodical. For this kind of precise planning to go on without even her knowing was unheard of. Not even the Shadow Broker knew because she knew everything Liara T'Soni knew.

No way the mercenaries planned this on their own. Aria had to play her hand carefully.

"Listen maybe we can work out a deal."

The naked wounded Asari put on a fake smile and turned her body towards the Vorcha who had a charged pulse pistol at her head. She allowed her blue tits to jiggle slightly as she twisted toward him.

The Vorcha looked unmoved, "Sorry Queenie. It's a done deal. And I would let you suck me off first if I wasn't afraid you'd bite it off."

Aria's eyes widened as she looked up at the Vorcha before he shot her in the head and the other mercenaries opened fire on her with pulse rifles. The mercenaries then picked up the lifeless corpse and left the room. They would hide Aria's body along with the human whore she was tagging and send someone to clean the room as if none of this had ever happened.

After finishing off Mordin, Wrex, Wreav and Verren went to a spaceport on the planet Flett. Flett was a Vorcha planet ruled by the Blood Pack mercenary group. Civilians did not travel there and neither did the Citadel police.

Hell, not even the Spectres were stupid enough to travel there. It was a shit hole planet run by criminals and cut throats, people of the law had no friends there. Wrex had the right to lead his Krogan pack since he was the only Battlemaster left; a Krogan that could use powerful biotics.

Over time Wrex earned the leader ship of the Krogan and was the first Krogan to unite all Krogan clans under one banner. However he picked Wreav and Verren to accompany him because they battle ready, strong and they were all from the same Clan.

Wrex walked in the brothel on the spaceport with his Krogan cohorts and the Salarian behind the desk was instantly startled. Not a lot of Krogan made their way out here to Fleet. Hell, there weren't a lot of Krogan period due to the Genophage.

The waiting room in the spaceport brothel was small and had dingy metal walls. It was well lit showing the dirt and grime that had caked in the corners over time. A Vorcha and a Batarian served as body guards in the remote brothel; Wrex knew them both.

There was a long hallway with doors behind the Salarian, muffled moans traveled down the hallway and to the Krogan's sensitive ears. It was obvious the whores were "conducting business" there.

It had been 3 years since the Reaper wars and 3 years since he last served on the Normandy with Shepard. She had disappeared after the Reaper wars. When they fought the Reapers together, he had her face down ass up every day.

It was the perfect mix of comradery and fucking. He loved her strength but loved her body even more. Over time he began to bond with her and began to crave her affection. His attraction toward human women also began to strengthen.

Korgan society was very male chauvinist and females were prizes and commodities. There was something about human women that was so overly feminine. They were smaller than Krogan females and had overly exaggerated female parts.

Their tits, tiny waist, round asses and hips were all so exhilarating. And the smell of them when they were aroused was intoxicating. Their pussies were tighter than Asaris and over time he had gotten Wreav and Verren hooked on human pussy as well. All his clan brothers' experiences were with whores but human pussy was human pussy.

The Salarian tried to sound diplomatic with a tremor in his voice. "How may I help you today? We have some wonderful Asaris on tonight."

"We want females. Human females."

Wrex laughed inside, he didn't think a Salarian's eyes could get any bigger. Everyone wanted Asari females, everyone. Krogan always asked for Asaris, but Krogan and humans? It was unheard of.

"I don't think we can do that. Our human women are very small and have no experience with Krogan."

Wrex stepped forward, his heavy footsteps echoing throughout the metal room.

Wrex's deep voice boomed, "Well we have experience with human females so no worries Salarian."

The Salarian looked behind him nervously, "But we only have three human females on call. If someone else comes after and their unable to perform-."

The Krogan Battlemaster cut him off, "If someone else comes after and they're unable perform then their unable. So you said you had three, that's all we need. If you can count Salarian, there's three of us. And I wouldn't get in our way, its been a while for all of us if you catch my meaning."

Wrex then slammed a heap of credits on the desk, making a dent in the metal, "So call them out here."

The Salarian gulped nervously, "I'll just take you back there myself. They're in the last three rooms; they're right next to each other."

The Salarian brought them down the hallway and knocked on the last three doors. Three pretty petite human females smiled at the Salarian and then looked behind him at the Krogans in shock.

They all had long hair, but they were all different. One was a red head with pale skin, the other was a blonde with tan skin and the other had black hair with brown skin. They were all very pretty but Wrex fancied the red head. It was a rare color to find among humans.

"Girls, these Krogan are in need of your…services."

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