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Justified Revenge


author's note: hypospadias is a real condition, a reader requested that i write a story about it and i decided to make it into a story about people's differences and getting some of your own back. i hope you enjoy =)


Jim was ready as he walked into the room, carrying two glasses. In one of them was a mind control drug that he'd gotten from his friend who worked at a government science lab. At first Matt had been reluctant to help him out, but when Jim finally, shamefully, told him the real reason that Rachel had broken up with him, Matt was much more eager to help. Smiling widely, he kept that cheerful expression on his face, not showing any of the hurt or anger that he felt towards his ex-girlfriend.

Beautiful Rachel. Beautiful, kind, generous, thoughtful, loving Rachel whom everyone though was just so perfect. Yes... so wonderful, so incredible... none of them knew that she was actually a shallow bitch. Her facade of sweetness and light was almost perfect, and he knew that he had her thoroughly convinced that he'd fallen back under her spell. But he had no more illusions left about her, she was just using him now to try and look good to their mutual friends. Probably was worried that maybe he'd overcome his discomfort long enough to tell them what a superficial person she really was.

Because Rachel hadn't dumped him for being a bad boyfriend. He'd been a wonderful one. Or because they weren't compatible, or didn't get along, or she'd found someone else... no, Rachel had dumped him for a medical condition that he had. It was called hypospadias, and what it meant was that while he was in the womb, his urethra had not formed completely normally. It was underdeveloped, which meant that it opening was not at the tip of his dick, it was actually just at the base of the mushroom head. Of course, he didn't even have one of the more extreme cases at least, where the urethra was further down, that could be incredibly painful, not to mention detrimental to a man's mental well-being.

He'd convinced himself that girls wouldn't mind, because one of the side-effects of having hypospadias was also that he was abnormally well-endowed. It was almost God's way of making up for having a slightly abnormal penis, at least it was big. Before Rachel he'd been too painfully shy to get that far sexually with a girl... and then she'd crushed him. When he'd told her about it she seemed fine, right up until they were fooling around and she freaking out because the hole wasn't where she thought it would be.

Then she'd told him that she couldn't date a freak, what would people think? And what about any children they might have? No, the man she got serious with would have to be perfect, perfect in every way. Jim pointed out that he was perfect in every way, that although this condition was rare it did happen to others and that if she really cared about him then she wouldn't let something that was purely physical get in the way. He even recited the statement that men with hypospadias have bigger dicks and that they last longer during sex... it didn't matter. The bitch told him point blank that if he wasn't physically perfect then she couldn't be with him. And they'd broken up right then because she'd been too weirded out to do anything with a guy that was differently made.

Rage burned in his chest as he gave her the drug, rage coupled with satisfaction because he was finally going to get his own back. Shallow whore... she'd completely wrecked his self-esteem for months, and now that she thought he had something she needed, she'd come running. Rachel wanted to be well-connected, she wanted everything in her life to be perfect. She was Daddy's little girl, a little white American princess... and Jim had a new job in the governor's office. Something that he'd made sure to tell one of her friends, knowing that it would get back to Rachel. Sure enough, within two weeks he'd gotten a call from his shallow ex, she didn't want to get back together of course, but couldn't they be friends?

Hiding his anger he'd said he'd like that and invited her over to his house to "catch-up". In between then and now he'd talked to his friend Matt who had gotten him a new drug that created the same effects as hypnotizing someone. Once Rachel drank it, Jim would be in total control of her for two long hours; during which he already knew exactly what he wanted to do with her. Afterwards, not only would he have gotten from her everything she'd denied him for being a "freak", but he would also have a wonderful video to put up on the internet. Daddy's little girl was going to become Jim's little whore.

He sipped his drink, watching as she drained hers thirstily. She'd already been over for about an hour and this was the first drink he'd offered her, wanting to make sure that she'd drink it fast. Obviously it had worked, that or maybe she was just eager for something to do other than talk to him; banal, meaningless pleasantries that probably were going on for a lot longer than she'd meant to. But he knew that he could keep here there because she wasn't going to risk offending him now when she'd gone through all the trouble to make contact again... besides, that might ruin her perfect "image".

For some reason Rachel still seemed to think that she had him fooled as to what she was really like... but that was ok. It would just make her shock and downfall all the better.

A few minutes later she seemed to be losing track of the conversation, her eyes getting a kind of misty look, unfocused. Smiling he asked her, "Are you ok Rachel?"

"Yes..." she said, drawing the word out as though she was having trouble thinking.

"Come over here Rachel," he said, grinning as she got up and walked towards him. The drug was working just like Matt had said it would, "You look overheated... why don't you take off those clothes."

Immediately she began stripping, in some ways he wished that she would take her time about it, but he was also eager to get to the next phase. Leaving her standing there, he went and pulled out the video camera that he had set up and waiting, pointing it towards the center of the room where she was standing. Walking back over to her he ordered,

"When I say 'Go' you are going to look at the camera and confess that you broke up with me because of my medical condition. You are going to say that you are a shallow bitch and that you've realized the error of your ways, and as proof you're going to make it up to me now." Rachel swayed on her feet a little, her gorgeous naked body already making him hard, especially thinking about what he was going to be doing with it.

Returning to the camera he turned it on and then walked back to her, standing behind her so that her body was completely exposed to the camera as he reached around and started to fondle her breasts.

"Go," he whispered into her ear.

"I broke up with you because I wanted a perfect man," said Rachel, "And I only meant perfect in the physical sense, and your medical condition meant that you weren't perfect to me... But you were so good to me in so many other ways and so I want to make up for being a shallow bitch now."

It wasn't exactly what he had told her to say, but surprisingly there was almost a ring of truth in some of it, especially when she said that he was good to her in other ways. That made him feel a little warm inside, although he reminded himself that she probably would have never confessed it without the influence of the drug and his orders. Her confession certainly shouldn't buy her any mercy... besides, chances were she'd even enjoy some of this.

"Why don't you start by giving me a blow job," he said to her, pushing her to her knees in front of him. That was something she rarely did for guys, and definitely something she would never do for him. Bad enough that he'd wanted to have sex with her with his abnormal dick, she definitely didn't want to get her mouth near that oddly located pee hole. He pulled down his pants and pressed her mouth towards his very large dick, "Lick it all over."

Immediately she started licking his swollen member, her eyes wide as though even in her drugged state she realized that his dick was very large. Licking him like she would a lollipop, her tongue traveled up and down his dick, her lips brushing against the shaft as she moved.

"The peehole," he hissed, "Lick me there..." her tongue pressed against the sensitive spot, possibly the most sensitive spot on his dick since it was located at the base of the mushroom head of his dick. He moaned and then began to push his dick into her mouth, her tongue still frantically trying to press up against the hole as he began to widen her jaws. Rachel gagged a little, trying to swallow him, trying to get her mouth open wide enough... her cheeks were puffing out as she took his thick meat between her lips.

"Open up," he moaned, pressing his thick dick deeper, "Swallow me all the way down your throat..." immediately the resistance that he had been feeling was gone. Jim gasped as his dick slid straight into her mouth, the head of it trapped in the convulsing muscles of her throat... it felt fantastic as her tongue slid along the underside of his shaft, her lips pressed against his crotch. Pulling out a little, he let her get some air to breath before he thrust back in, holding himself there again and just enjoying the feeling.

He began to push in and out of her mouth with slow steady thrusts, loving the way the inside of her mouth caressed his dick, her tongue tickling all sides of it as he went back and forth. Whenever his head was lodged deep in her throat, that was what felt the very best, the tightly constricted area squeezing and massaging him wonderfully. Thrusting in and out of her mouth, he put his hands on the back of her head and closed his eyes, just enjoying the intense sensations of fucking her face. There was no resistance at all, just incredible pleasure. Moving faster and harder, he could feel her starting to struggle just a little... she probably needed more air.

For the first time he was rather glad that he had hypospadias, he wasn't anywhere near ready to cum. Masturbating had been rather frustrating during his adolescent years, it took him forever to cum, but now he was rather pleased. He was truly enjoying himself. Slowing his thrusts a little he allowed her to get more air, sure that her jaw must be getting sore by now... well it was understandable why she wouldn't want to give him a blow job for that reason. Stretching her jaw out like that had to become uncomfortable, and he definitely was going to take forever to cum.

Taking a little pity on her, he decided he wanted to move on anyway, "Lie down."

For the first time he started really paying attention to her body, running his hands over her breasts and tweaking the nipples. When he started to suck on the hard buds, she actually began to respond underneath him, moaning a little; and when he reached his hand down to rub her pussy she was wet. Moving his mouth down to her pussy, he decided that he wanted to tastes her... that and she was going to need to be pretty ready to go for him to get his large dick into her.

She was sweet and musky on his tongue, her juices starting to flow readily as he began to lick and suck at her pussy. Her moans were like music to his ears, he felt rather smug as he began to give her quite a lot of pleasure... the drug didn't inhibit or motivate that. It was all him and her. Licking energetically, he pushed two fingers into her pussy, making her moan even more as he started stretching her out, getting her ready for him. Although she was tight, she was also rather flexible and soon he was fitting a third finger into her wet cavern. Sucking on her clit, he loved the way she thrashed in front of him, her high-pitched moans filling the room.

By the time he pulled his mouth away she was actually panting, her legs spread wide and her pussy open and ready to receive him. Putting his swollen dick up to her pussy, he rubbed the head in her juices, enjoying the way the warm slickness covered his head. With his dick against her slightly stretched hole, he leaned forward to kiss her as he began to press into her body. Her mouth opened under his, her tongue tasting her own juices as she moaned, her body stretching more than it ever had before... he was huge inside her, even bigger than the three fingers he'd used to stretch her out with.

Jim groaned at how tight she was, her pussy fitting him like a sheathe, tightly gripping him at odd intervals as her body reacted to the invasion. Rachel quivered underneath him, her hips moving up and down as she tried to both pull away and get more of him inside her, almost simultaneously. It was a long slow erotic slide, and her slim legs wrapped up around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. They both gasped when he finally hit bottom, his groin rubbing up against her engorged clit and making her groan as he leaned his weight against it.

Using one arm to hook her right leg up, he put it on his shoulder, allowing himself to delve even deeper into her body. Rachel moaned uncontrollably as he started thrusting in and out of her pussy, her head thrashing back and forth on the ground and he stretched her open, pounding away at her body. With slow steady thrusts he went at her, just enjoying the taking of her body as well as the incredible tightness and smoothness of her pussy, the way she gripped him so tightly as he buried himself in her.

Because of his stamina, she was cumming long before he was ready to and he just kept pumping, enjoying the way she writhed underneath him and how her pussy convulsed around his dick. Rachel just kept moaning and cumming, her face was flushed and her arms tight around his shoulders... eventually her moans got a little quieter and had more of a sighing quality to them.

Although he was getting closer to cumming he still wasn't there yet. Pulling out of her he lay on his back, ordering her, "Climb on and ride me."

Her pussy was even tighter this way, and it was nice to have her doing all the work now... not to mention that her boobs flopped and bounced around rather nicely as she went up and down. Reaching up to grab them, he squeezed and pinched her nipples, making her wriggle on top of him - almost as nice a sensation as when she was doing it underneath him. Arching his back he could feel his dick going so deep into her pussy; her pussy lips actually splayed out against his crotch as she ground down on top of him.

Moaning, Rachel leaned forward and began to ride him harder and faster, her pussy gripping him tightly as they fucked. This time when she started her convulsions on top of him, shrieking at the top of her lungs in passionate ecstasy, Jim groaned loudly; his hands gripped her hips and held her tightly against him as he started spurting cum. It was very possibly the best orgasm of his life; motivated by revenge and tempered by pure lust.

He held rigid underneath her as she rubbed against him, her movements prolonging his orgasm. Flushed with triumph he suddenly relaxed underneath her as she slumped over, looking completely exhausted. Glancing at the clock he saw that there wasn't much time left anyway.

Rolling over on top of her, still inside her, he gave her a deep passionate kiss which she returned. Then he pulled out of her, ordering, "Go to sleep."

It wasn't an order which needed much of a back up, she was obviously already very worn out by the activities of the past two hours. While she spent the next hour sleeping he uploaded everything onto his computer and set up the site, sending the link to several of his friends who in turn passed it on to their friends. By the time she woke up, cum dripping from her sore pink pussy, the site had already had over 500 hits.

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