tagGroup SexJustin Ch. 02

Justin Ch. 02


I was so excited to see Justin today. We were celebrating our six month anniversary and I was on my way to his office to surprise him with a picnic lunch. I pulled my car into the crowded parking lot of the college and grabbed the basket out of the backseat. The scent of fried chicken filled my nose as I opened up the lid and peeked inside. I exited my car and fixed my sundress. Justin always said he liked the way that my ass looks in it. I walked through the school and made my way up to his office. I went to open the door and noticed that it was locked. I took the key from my purse and slid it in the doorknob. With a soft click the deadbolt pulled back and I slowly opened the door.

My eyes fell on Justin. He was sitting on his desk chair with his pants down around his ankles. "Shut the fucking door!" I slammed the door behind me and stared at him. The man between his legs looked up at me in horror.

"John? What the hell is going on here?" I dropped the basket on the floor and it fell with a thud. John, one of Justin's best friends, jumped to his feet and began to pull his pants up.

"Andrea, I can explain!" Justin had also got to his feet and was pulling his jeans back up. "Baby, please listen to me, I can explain!"

"You can explain? You can explain? Let me hear it Justin! Because I would love to hear why I just walked in and found your best friend sucking your cock!" I crossed my arms over my chest. "Well I am waiting." I began to tap my foot.

John sat down on the couch in the corner and began to put on his shoes. "I should let you to talk this out alone."

"Oh fuck no Mr. you are as much a part of this as anyone, so I suggest you keep your ass on that couch and don't fucking move!" I jabbed my finger towards him as I spoke.

"Andy, please."

"Don't call me Andy. How long has this been going on?" I sat down heavily on the couch.

"A while," Justin ran his hand over his face. "Before we even met."

"Before we even met! Really? I mean yes this isn't exactly first date conversation material but really maybe you should have said something before we FUCKED!" My head was swimming. I was trying my best to put it all together. "I came clean with you about me being bi."

John gave a look of shock, "You are Bi?"

"John not time for you to talk yet!" I put my hand in front of his face.

I looked into Justin's eyes, "Why didn't you just tell me? You know that you don't have to lie to me." I realized that I was now more hurt then angry.

Justin rose to his feet and knelt down next to me. Softly he took my face into his hands and looked me in the eyes. "Andrea, I love you, this is just something that I feel I need to do every now and then. It's a release."

"So what your gay? You're Bi? I don't understand what is going on here."

"I'm gay." John put up his hand.

"Not now John!" Justin and I both snapped at him in unison.

"Snarky!" John slumped back on the couch.

"How many men have you been with Justin?" I felt my face grow warm.

"Just John. It's only been with him. I promise, I HAVE ONLY BEEN WITH HIM."

"Well how far have you gone? I mean does he just suck your cock or do you suck his too?"

Justin's face screwed up in a painful grimace. "As far as you have gone with a girl."

"What the hell does that mean? Cause as far as I am concerned I have fucked a girl before, I have licked and sucked her cunt till she comes in my mouth I have put on an 8 inch strap on and fucked her till her eyes rolled back into her head."

"Well then there is your answer." He stood up, my face becoming level with his cock. He was still semi hard and I could see the bulge in his jeans.

I leaned my head forward and rested my head on his crotch. I slowly nodded my head back and forth. "You just don't find me desirable anymore, do you? I have done something wrong to displease you. I have made you not want me anymore."

"Baby, I do!" He stroked the top of my head. "I do."

"Well if this is what you want, then fine. I will make my way out of your life quickly and quietly." I was on the verge of hurt and angry tears.

"Are you serious? I don't want you out of my life Andy."

"I know what it is like to crave someone of the same sex Justin. Not that I have had the pleasure in a while."

"I told you that you could have a girlfriend."

"I was fine with just you baby. Yes I have had certain, cravings but I just wanted you." I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

Justin sat down next to me on the couch he kissed the tear off of my face. "Don't cry Andy." He was starting to rub my thigh. "You know how much I love you in this dress?"

"Not as nearly as much as you like John, naked and hard; his cock throbbing in front of you."

He kissed my neck and I felt a shiver go down my back. "You know what I would really like?"

"What? For me to leave so you can finish what I so rudely walked in on?" I wiped fresh from my check.

"I want you to watch as John sucks my cock. I want to know if it turns you on. I want for it to turn you on." His hand slid down my thigh and brush against my lips of my pussy. I felt them twinge. "I want you to watch like I watched you and your friend Rosie when we first starting dating." Slowly his finger found my clit. Very gently and very softly he started to rub it.

I couldn't help myself; I began to grow warm and wet. "Ok Justin, if that is what you really want to do."

Justin got up and unbuttoned his jeans, they fell to the floor. His cock had grown hard again and I looked at it full of hunger, I couldn't help myself. "Lick the tip baby."

I slowly leaned forward and licked the tip of his swollen head. It tasted of peppermint. I giggled to myself. John must have chewed a peppermint candy before he gave my boyfriend a blow job. I took the whole tip into my mouth and sucked a little harder. Justin let out a moan. John had shifted and had unbuttoned his pants. He was now sitting right next to me, any closer and he would have been on top of me. I pulled Justin's hard throbbing cock out of my mouth. Justin shifted and his cock was now in front of John's face. I watched as John put my boyfriend's cock in his mouth. I watched Justin's face with each suck and lick. It seemed surreal what I was watching, the fact that Justin was so enjoying himself.

"Fuck yeah!" moaned Justin. "I am going to fuck his mouth hard Andy. I am going to fuck his mouth hard and you are going to watch, right?"

I leaned back on the couch and watched what was going on with sheer erotic excitement taking over me.

"Yes baby."

He threw his head back. "And why is that baby?"

"Because, you own me Justin." Slowly I began to rub my inner thighs, my hand finding its way to my warm wet pussy. I started rubbing my clit slowly. Watching my Justin being sucked off by his best friend was really turning me on. I never would have thought that it would but it was true. I looked up and noticed Justin was watching me now.

"Oh baby that is so fucking hot, pull up your dress baby I want to see what kind of panties you have on."

I pulled my dress up and exposed the white silk panties underneath. My excitement had already left a wet spot on the outside.

"Silk, my favorite. Now pull them to the side. Let me see your lips."

I took the crotch of the panties and pulled them to one side.

"Now I want you to watch John and while he's fucking sucking me off I want for you to stick your fingers in your wet pussy."

I turned and watched John taking all nine inches of Justin into his mouth. I slid my two fingers into my pussy and began to slowing work them in and out. Soon I was finger fucking myself to the rhythm that John was giving head. Justin grabbed the back of John's head and began thrusting his cock into his mouth faster and harder. I too picked up my pace and soon I was about to cum.

"Fuck man I am going to cum!" Justin's leg muscles tighten and you could see every curve of his ass. He let out a grunt as he shot his hot creamy cum into John's mouth. John licked and lapped up ever last bit of Justin's sweet juice.

I let out a moan of my own as I to began to cum. "Oh my god, yes." I felt my pussy contract, and it just kept going. It was a long, hard intense orgasm. I quivered and shook. Justin dropped to his knees and stuck his head in between my legs. With his soft tongue began to lick up every drop. I was so sensitive but I didn't want him to stop. His tongue hit my clit and I jumped slightly. Then he hit it again and again. He nibbled and pulled at it. He thrust his tongue deep inside of my cunt.I was going to cum again. I pulled his head in close as I could. Grinding my crotch into his face, his soft, clean shaven chin was rubbing my little pink asshole. Slowly he moved from my pussy and began to tongue my hole. He had paid attention to my pink little flower before but this was different this time. He made circles with his tongue and all the sudden I felt him plunge it inside of me. Before I knew it I was in full orgasm mode. For the first time in my life I actually squirted when I came. I filled his mouth with my sweet cum. He drank in every ounce of it again.

I had almost forgotten that John was even in the room. I can't imagine that he was even remotely getting off on watching Justin lick my pussy, him being gay and all; but as I looked over to him he had his eyes on us and was stroking his swollen cock. John must have had an eight inch prick. It was supple and full. The head was like a large swollen mushroom. I would love to suck on it, see if I as a woman could get him to cum. "John?"

He was shook out of his daze. "What Andy?" He closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of the couch. His tone was a mix of annoyance and fear.

I looked at Justin in the eye and tilted my head to side like I always do when I want something. He looked at me confused. "John, have you ever had a woman suck on your cock before?"

He looked at me very confused. "No, Andy I have been out since I was fifteen."

Justin was not stupid; he knew where I was going with this whole thing. "With Justin's permission of course, I would like to give it a try. If you don't like it you can tell me to stop and Justin can finish the job."

"Oh I can, can I?"

"Let's not pretend that you never have."

"Oh I have fucked his mouth good baby and he has done the same."

"So," I stood to my feet. "Is that a yes Sir? May I try to suck your friend's cock?"

Justin looked as if he was thinking about it. We were not very good at lying to each other face to face so I already knew the answer. "Yes, you may if he lets you."

I went over to John in all of my naked glory. I knew that my body was not going to turn him on but maybe my mouth would. I knelt down on my knees and John slid forward putting his dick right in front of my face. "Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"You can try Andy but I am sure that Justin will be finishing up for you." He put his head back and closed his eyes. His prick had already begun to go soft. I took it in my hand and pulled it up to my lips. I let my tongue brush the tip. There was a sweet taste of precum on it. I always found it amazing how different everyone tastes. All of the cocks I have sucked and all of the pussy I have tasted, not one is the same. I ran my tongue in a circle and slowly took the tip in my mouth. I felt him begin to stiffen again. I pumped his shaft with my hand and took in just a little more sucking very hard. I heard him groan softly as if he didn't want me to hear. I could see Justin in my peripheral vision sitting on the couch watching as I sucked off his friend, he was slowly stroking his cock. I pumped John's shaft faster and squeezed a little harder. I took all of him into my mouth all eight inches till it hit the back of my throat. I loved to suck cock; and through all of my years I had learned to completely bypass my gag reflex. I sucked John hard; I licked his soft underside of his dick with my tongue as I played with his balls. This time he groaned very loudly. "Oh Andy you suck like a gay man."

I took his dick out of my mouth and with the deepest voice I could muster I said, "Thanks I will take that as a compliment."

John's hand grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face back into his crotch. "Suck on it you little bitch." I sucked and jacked him off to the best of my ability. Before I knew it I heard him grunt groan and finally he said, "Oh Fuck yeah Andy, Oh fuck yeah I am going to cum. I am going to fucking cum in your pretty little fucking mouth!" At that moment I felt him contract under my fingers and at once his hot cream hit the back of my throat filling up my mouth.

"Don't you dare fucking swallow that!" Justin whispered into my ear.

I finished until John was soft and I slid his dick out of my mouth. I crawled with my ass in the air over to the trash can and spit all of John's cum out.

"Sorry John you are my best friend but my baby is not swallowing your spunk."

"Andy, my fucking god, where did you ever learn to suck cock like that?" John's voice cracked.

"She has had a lot of practiced. How many guys have you sucked off baby? What is the number like 65?" He slapped me on the ass.

I went to pick up my dress.

"What the fuck are you doing? Did I tell you that you are allowed to get dressed?" Justin pulled the dress out of my hands.

I looked down at the floor. "No Sir you didn't. I am so sorry. Will you forgive me Sir?"

Justin looked at me. "I fucking own you!"

"Yes Sir." I bit my bottom lip.

"My cock is hard and you think that you are just going to fucking leave me like that?" he threw the dress at me striking me in the face with it. "Well fuck you then. Leave"

"I am sorry Sir, I have upset you. I just thought you would like to finish what I walked in on."

"Did I tell you that's what I fucking wanted you to do?"

"No Sir."

John watched the two of us in horror. He had never seen this side of Justin before. He had never been this way with his ex-wife. He always thought that Justin was a sweet, caring gentle guy. Most of all he had never seen me as subservient before."Maybe I should leave." John went to stand up.

"Sit your cock back down. This is between my property and me. Isn't it Andy?"

"Your property?" John looked utterly confused.

"John, I think it's time for you to zip it!" He made a zipping motion over his mouth.

John put his hands up in a stop motion and sat back on the couch.

"Yes baby. What can I do to make it up to you?" I wiped a tear from my check. I didn't want to upset my baby. The last thing I wanted was to make Justin mad, to make him want to leave me.

"You are going to sit your sweet ass on that chair and watch as I suck his cock till he gets hard again, and then maybe if I want you to you are going to watch as he slides his dick into my ass. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"And why is that what you are going to do?"

"Because you own me Sir, I am ours."

"That's fucking right and don't you dare ever fucking forget it!"

I sat down naked in his office chair, pulled my legs up underneath me and watched as my boyfriend, the love of my life suck John's prick till it grew back to its full length. He took all of it into his mouth. The site of it sort of turned me on. I could feel I was becoming wet again. My lips started to swell with excitement. I knew my time was over and that as punishment for my actions he was going to leave me wet and aching.

John stood up and kissed Justin on the mouth. This threw me for a loop. Don't know why but it did. "Justin your girlfriend takes pretty good. Maybe I should give licking pussy a try."

"If I tell her you can then maybe you will." He pointed at me and spoke with anger in his voice at me. "Come here you little cock sucking bitch."

I rose to my feet and stood in front of Justin. He turned me around and shoved my upper body over till my tits were touching the couch. Bent over at the waist he plunged a finger into my twat. "You're wet you little whore, watching me suck his dick made you hot didn't it?"

"Yes Sir it did." My voice was slightly muffled by the couch.

Justin removed his finger from my dripping cunt he turned around and stuck it in John's mouth. That is what a good pussy should taste like. Isn't that right baby? I felt the head of his hard cock brush against my lips. I felt like a bitch in heat; I wanted to feel him in me right now. I was begging for it in my mind. I was yearning for it. "You want me to fuck you hard right now don't you? You want my hot fucking cock in your tight little pussy don't you?"

"Yes Sir!" I moaned

"Then tell me. If I approve what you have to say then I will do it. If not then you will have to your punishment by just sitting there, not touching yourself as you watch me getting fucked."

"Please fuck me baby. Please put your cock in my pussy. I am yours, I am your property, please take care of your property sir. I have to have you. I am sorry for being bad girl. Please Sir."

"Damn right you are my property. Tell me you love me or I won't fuck you."

"I love you baby."

He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back till my neck hurt. "I don't fucking believe you. You have been fucking someone else, haven't you?"

"No Sir, I haven't. I promise."

Justin shoved my head back into the couch and held it down hard. "You better not be fucking lying to me you little whore! If I find out that you are fucking someone else's dick I will fucking kill you in your sleep?" As he spoke he plunged his cock into me hard. He wasn't gentle like normal. It hurt and I yelled out in pain. "You are lucky that your pussy is so tight cause if it wasn't I would think that you have had another dick inside of you."

"No sir." I was fighting for air. My face was being smashed into the couch and my nose ached. Justin released the back of my head but not before giving it a final shove.

"That's right that is my pussy. This is my ass. "He gave the left side of my ass a hard slap. Despite knowing how much I disliked being hit on the bottom.

It stung so bad it made tears come to my eyes. "Yes baby." I choked back the lump that was forming in my throat. His cock was banging me so hard, between the pain of his fucking me and the slap on the ass I just wanted to cry, I wanted to just let him fuck me so I could get dressed and get the fuck out of here.

Justin leaned over and his bare chest rested on my back. Softly he nibbled the back of my neck and my ear lobe. "I love you Andrea." His whisper was soft and full of meaning. I loved when he called me by my name. His thrusting had slowed down and now it was gentle, like when we make love at home by ourselves. Then he let out an intense grown. I felt two pairs of hands on my hips now. John had entered Justin's ass while he was bent over kissing me.

There we were the three of us looking like a fucked up game of leapfrog. John in the back fucking Justin, Justin in the middle fucking me and myself, chest pressed hard against the couch bend almost in half. All that could be heard was the sound of skin hitting skin and heavy breathing.

Justin was the first to speak. If you can call what came out of mouth speech. "Oh Fuck yeah, Oh my fucking god, my fucking cock in your hot pussy and a hard dick in my ass. I am going to fucking cum inside of you Andrea. I am going to fill you up with my hot fucking cum!"

All of the nasty words pouring from his mouth made my pussy contract. I loved it when we talked nasty to each other. I felt like I was at the top of the Magnum XL rollercoaster. Looking over the top and seeing the two hundred foot drop before me. I couldn't help myself I was going to orgasm. I knew it was going to be hard and explosive. "I want to cum baby, can I cum?"

"Wait for me baby!" I could feel him start to contract and it drove me wild. "Now you can baby, cum with me!"

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