tagErotic CouplingsKadin's Musings- Meeting Scarlet

Kadin's Musings- Meeting Scarlet


I answered her ad on craigslist. It was lonely and well written not like the usual ads found on craigslist. It said simply:

"Older woman seeking a younger man. My husband is a cuckold, and I'm tired of the men he picks out. Your picture gets mine, please be open minded."

I found it charming somehow. So, I wrote her an email.

"Hello, I saw your add on craigslist. I found it very interesting, and would like to know more about you. As for me, I'm 25 years old and a Dominant male. I like exploring a woman and opening her up to her sexual potential. While I enjoy submissive women it's not important if you are.

Best Wishes,


I attached my best non erotic photo and went to bed, wondering if she would reply. In my experience it was a craps shoot. Usually if a girl did answer she was vapid or a one nightstand at best.

To my surprise, her response was waiting for me when I got back from work. She titled it "Hello Sir" and it had pictures attached. I read her response slowly.


I just wanted to start off by saying I never wanted to be a cuckold's wife. Finally years of fucking who ever he asked has gotten to me. I realized I wanted to explore for myself. My husband puts me in a dominant position more than I care for. I was hoping to find someone to understand, and now I hope that someone is you. I've enclosed a few naughty photos in the hopes of getting some back.



The women in the pictures looked about 35-40 years old. She was a redhead, something which always made me hard. Her breasts were full yet firm, she was a plump woman but she carried it well. It made me want to spank her ass so badly. Her outfits were 1940s style housewife right down to the lingerie.

She was going to be fun.

My cock was straining to get out of my jeans. Slowly I unbuckled them tugging open my fly. I rubbed my cock teasing myself as I examined my "June Cleaver" wannabe. Eager to see her from all angles.

We arranged to meet a few weeks later, after exchanging many emails and a few phone calls. Scarlet was an erotic woman to say the least and smart too. The more she told me about her husband the less I liked him. He seemed to want her entire sexual being to center around him. Hopefully I would change that.

"I want to be submissive." She whispered her confession the night before we were supposed to meet.

"I can do it, if you're sure that's what you want." I said softly, I didn't want her to feel as though her sexuality had to center on me now.

"I am sure" She said her voice purring like a kitten.

The next day I drove to her house, it was a well groomed ranch. The whole set up reminded of something out of The Stepford Wives, strangely it was giving me a hard on. Here was this beautiful lady, who cared enough to wear dresses and stockings, and I was betting nice lingerie too. It wasn't just for me I could tell. She was a 1950's wet dream, and for today she was mine.

We sat in the living room making small talk. I could tell she was nervous so I didn't push. Then she had a moment of bravery. Perhaps it was just lust, whatever it was she got brave.

"Kadin, Do you want me?" She asked me point blank her need to wanted was obvious.

"Yes." I said, it was all I could say. Scarlet nodded standing in front of me. She unzipped her dress pulling it from her body, I watched it try to hug her curves and then pull away. I looked her over, I was right her bra and panties were black and they looked expensive. She stepped out of her dress, carefully her high heels clicking on the wood floor. She was a vision even I had to admit. She fell onto her knees her curvaceous body elongated as she crawled over to me.

"Please Kadin, make me good enough to be your submissive." She whispered it looking up at me.

I smiled, so BDSM wasn't a game to her she understood truly being a submissive meant work, trust and dedication. Or she at least understood you couldn't just jump into it.

I reached out to her stroking the side of her face. As a response she nuzzled her face into my knee and up on my thigh. I undid my fly buttons pulling back the top of my pants. The head of my cock was peeking out of my boxers. Scarlet was an eager little cock sucker her lips kissing along my shaft, before taking it into her mouth.

She wrapped her mouth around my cock, taking me all the way in. Moving her head up and down. Getting my shaft nice and wet, she sucked my cock like an eager school girl.

(Stay tuned for more...)

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