tagNonHumanKai: Confession

Kai: Confession


Temptation and obsession. The first always led to the other, whether it was to avoid or indulge. The temptation to kill was the worst of any he knew of, for there was no return from giving in to it.

Kai had reminded himself over and over that there would always be one to replace her and the one after that. There were endless human females which could satisfy him, yet he had become partial to this one. He did not understand why this was. She held nothing special. Yes, she was beautiful and alluring, but so were many others.

He was not one to favor someone over all others. In his homeland, he admired his slaves equally. Their qualities differed, but their worth was the same.

Something about Dira had drawn him the moment he arrived in this distasteful place. He pondered why this might be as she sat before him, silent and awaiting his will. While he loved her silence as a sign of her submission, there were times when he wished to speak to her. This was unlike him. perhaps it was only because he wished to learn more of the human world through one of its inhabitants.

Her intelligence was clear in her manner, therefore he did not doubt there were areas of knowledge which she could share. After all, that was his national purpose for leaving his homeland and duties.

Ah, but then he caught her scent and was distracted from his intentions.

He had been indulging in her for weeks and was accomplishing nothing except for the utter mastery of this one mortal. He decided that tonight would be different.

"Girl," he addressed her plainly, "Put your clothes on. I wish to speak to you without distractions."

Dira was surprised at his request. Up to this point, he had constantly told her to be silent.

And had he just called her a distraction? While it was far from a term of endearment, it was indeed the sweetest thing he'd said so far. She knew nothing of his kind, so it was impossible for her to tell whether he truly possessed no emotions or was just playing aloof. He rarely smiled and when he did, it was for a wicked purpose. Even then, the smile never reached his eyes.

She was in love with him and it terrified her. In truth, she knew that nothing good could come of it. She loved his intensity and the sureness of his words. She loved his eyes, the secrets they seemed to hold in their depths. She loved the things he did to her and how his every touch was intent on making her his own. Finally, she loved that he was hers. Yes, he had become her master, but was he not also enamored with her? After all, she was the one he came to night after night when he could easily have a million others.

All she wanted was a kiss, a whisper, something which told her that he indeed adored her. But he gave no indication of this, only whispers of a language she couldn't understand. For all she knew, they were words of hatred.

Impulsively, she leaned forward and kissed him, praying that he would not be angered by it. She knew she was defying him, but she needed to see whether he would return the kiss or push her away and reprimanded her as he so often did.

He remained still and did not make an attempt to stop her. She tried to push her tongue into his mouth. This, he would not allow. He kept his lips closed and his eyes locked to hers.

"I love you," she confessed against his still, closed mouth. His hands went to her shoulders and he held her away from him slightly.

"Of course you do, pet. Now do as I asked."

His indifference stung her and almost caused her eyes to tear. Not this time. She refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. So she obeyed and went into her bedroom to aquifer her clothes.

Kai would have been a fool not to notice the change which had overcome her during the past few days. There was something in her gaze that suggested more than submission. He could not recognize what it was and he had the overwhelming urge to demand that she explain it to him.

When she emerged from the room, he decided it would be their first topic of conversation.

"Come, girl. Sit down and answer my questions."

She sat on the couch across from him and waited for him to speak.

He attempted to choose his words carefully, but failed.

"What is wrong with you?"

She appeared taken aback by his question and answered with one of her own.

"What do you mean?"

"Your manner has changed. That is what I mean."

"I told you," she insisted,"I love you."

"No, it is more than that. To love something is to adore it, to be partial to it. To love something is to favor it. When you look at me now, it is almost as though you want something of me. What is it?"

Her eyes trailed to the floor then back to his. She was hesitant to speak the words which she needed to say.

"I want you to tell me that you love me."

"But I do not."

She appeared to become angry. "Then why do you come to me instead of someone else?"

He laughed. Was this all she had to offer in conversation? Stupid questions such as these?

"Because you are mine."

"Yes, but why me? Why not someone else?" Her voice rose with her impatience.

He did not know why he allowed her to speak to him in such a manner.

"Watch your tone when you speak to me, foolish girl. It is you because I decided so. You should be grateful instead of questioning it."

"Fine," she gave in, "If you won't tell me why then I won't ask you again."

Good girl, she knew better than to try him more than once. He decided to reward her good judgement.

"Do you wish for me to kiss you and pretend that I love you? I could whisper falsities to you if it is what you prefer."

He reached forward and pulled her onto his lap. It was a mystery to him what actions and words humans considered gestures of love. Testing this may cause sadness in her, but he was not concerned with her emotions.

Running his lips over a lock of her hair, he held her chin between his fingers and attempted to make her think he wanted something other than mastery.

"Dira," he whispered into her hair.

She tried to pull away from him. "Don't..."

He chuckled low in the back of his throat. "Don't what? Do not tell you how beautiful I find you?" He began a trail of soft kisses from her ear, along her cheek and finally reaching her lips.

"Do not tell you that I adore you?" He took her lips in a gentle kiss that soon became more persistent when she tried once again to pull her face away from his.

"Do not fight me pet, you know better."

A tear fell from her and made its way down her cheek.

"Please. Please don't lie to me." Her words were breathless and her despairs was arousing him beyond lies.

He had to speak truths, but opted to do so in his language. He did this purposely so she would not understand him. His mouth was against the fragrant skin of her throat.

"Dira"he whispered in his ancient language."I adore you, Dira."His fingers played with the button of her jeans, dying to rip them from her. "Your very presence inflames me.

She continued to cry softly, not understanding his words.

"I caught your scent and knew immediately that I needed to possess you. Your blood is mine to taste and your body is mine to claim"

Slowly, he removed her clothes, all the while confessing to her without her knowledge. His whispers became even softer as he kissed her throat and pulled her beneath him.

She had entwined her fingers in his hair and was begging him to speak so that she may understand him.

"I cannot tell you these things, lest they be my undoing. You will never know of my love for you as long as I remain on this earth."

She was sobbing softly as he buried himself inside of her, still murmuring against her mouth.

"I have all but abandoned my purpose for this. To be inside of you and feel you tremble against me. My love for you is beyond human understanding and it destroys me that I am forced to lie to you in order to preserve my own selfish pride."

He controlled himself and slid in and out of her slowly. There was no desire to hurt her this time, only feel her moan against him.

She was gasping when the pleasure overwhelmed her and she spilled onto him.

"That's it, my pet." He voiced his approval that she may understand him and know he was pleased. He continued to take her until he came as well, his seed flowing hot into her and relieving his misery. If only for a moment.

This time, he granted her with adoring kisses on her lips and throat. He did this to quell the tears which had not stopped since he began to seduce her.

"Dira, my sweet, human pet," He was whispering unknown words to her once more. "You cause far too much conflict in my soul. I want so very much to kill you, but doing so would rob you from me.

If I do not leave you soon, you will surely die."

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