tagNonHumanKai: The Beginning

Kai: The Beginning


Kai enjoyed the juice of her lips when he had tasted her. "Now," he commanded, "You are going to show me what else that mouth can do."

He pulled her down to her knees and waited for her to act. When she remained still, he became annoyed. "I know what you humans are good for," he remarked, "Don't act as though you do not know what it is I am demanding."

What could Dira do but comply? A part of her was dying to know what he looked like beneath his pants. His hand was in her hair, gripping at the strands. Urging her to obey. She decided that it would be the smarter route, as opposed to defying him and possibly losing her life as a result. Her hands went to the waist of his pants and he breathed a small sigh of approval.

"Your hair," he complimented, "reminds me of the dark sky of my lands." With those words, he buried his other hand in her tresses so that he may urge her forward. She did not resist, only buried her lips against him. He wanted to feel her moist lips on him, to know the heat of her mouth against his desire. Disregarding any attempt at restraint, he pulled himself from the confines of the cloth and was almost relieved when she stroked him with her tongue. "Ah," he feigned surprise, "I see you have done this before."

To know that she had was a bit disappointing. After all, his kind took great pride in claiming those which were unsoiled. All the same, he would receive his enjoyment from her at this moment. The contact of her tongue was enough to convince him that he would indeed claim this creature.

Suddenly, she took his entire length into her mouth, suckling on the tip as though she meant to feed from it. The predator in him wanted to discipline her, to see what she was made of. It would have been all so much easier had she defied him, for he did not believe in discipline without a cause. Perhaps later, he told himself, he would give her a reason to struggle.

He could smell her growing impatient, wanting him to possess her. To do such a thing so early would show weakness on his part, a trait which was unacceptable. "Yes," he mumbled, "I think I shall keep you for a time."

Dira could feel his eyes on her while she performed the task he had requested, no, commanded of her. The feeling of his eyes on her, knowing he was studying her every action, caused her to shudder. She wanted to pleasure him. She wanted his approval. But he gave none, only slight mutters and whispers; words which claimed her again and again. Hints that he wanted her, though he made no move to accomplish this. She wondered if she could break him. Make him take her. Her sucking became faster, her head bobbing up and down on him. But he would not allow this. He pulled her head back and forced her to look upward.

"Do not attempt to take what I did not offer," he scolded. "This time, I grant you with merely a warning, next time there will be a price. Do you understand, child?" When she nodded, he scolded her again, "Always answer me with words unless I instruct otherwise."

"Yes," she corrected herself, "I understand."

A wicked smirk touched the corner of his mouth. "You please me with your compliance. Perhaps I should reward you as an incentive to continue to obey me in the future." He knew she thought he would claim her fully then, but that was not his intention. "Remove your clothes so I may see you"

She quickly began to step out of her jeans but he gripped her arm. "Slowly, my pet, slowly." To his pleasure, she proceeded to peel the fabric from her flesh without haste, just as he had told her. Yes, he decided, to throw this one away would be a waste. When her clothes were gone from her body, he could smell her all the more potently. It was quite an appetizing scent. Anticipation mixed with fear. The perfect slave's brew to the senses of her master.

She began to reach for him but his eyes told her that would have been a mistake. She was not one to comply, but this little love play was exiting her. She wanted him to command her, to tell her everything that he wanted from her. Moments passed in which he only inspected her from head to foot, almost nodding to himself with approval.

"You are pleasing to my eyes, girl. I would have paid a fine price for you if it were necessary." He reached out with one hand and pinched her nipple with his long fingers. He wanted to taste it, to feel her shudder under his mouth. Lifting one breast in his hand, he brought his lips to the hardening bud that beckoned him. A touch was not even required, for she shivered ever so slightly once she realized what he meant to do. "How can a human girl be so delicate?" he asked her. "I have yet to even taste you and you respond as though I already have."

She had no response for him. Perhaps, she thought, he preferred it that way. His mouth was cool against her and his tongue slithered over her nipple, causing a pulling sensation where she wanted him to lick her most. A barely audible moan escaped her and she feared she would displease him. She was relieved when he made no attempt to correct her. Oh, but how she wanted his fingers to trail to her clit. She wanted him to feel the extent of her wetness and be pleased with it. But she was afraid to rub herself against him, lest he stop his wonderful adoration of her skin.

"I know what it is you want, pet," he whispered, interrupting her thoughts. "You want me to feel how much you desire me. I can taste it on your flesh and smell it in your blood. Blood tells no lies, child. It is, perhaps, the one pure thing of yours which I will claim."

Fear threatened to grip her. "So you will kill me then?"

"Shh, girl." He put a finger to her lips for a moment before replacing it with his own. His eyes frightened her. He did not close them while he kissed her. It was almost as though he was intent on viewing her every reaction.

She flinched as his teeth scraped her bottom lip. Immediately, she tasted her own blood. He hadn't bitten her very deeply, only enough that he may sample what would now be his. Ah, but the predator in him reigned supreme and he pinned her against the wall with the intention of moving his bite to her throat. She squirmed against him then and this caused him to come into contact with her wetness. The smallest mistake occurred and his whole plan went to hell. As his head slipped along her dripping lips, he could do nothing but strive to keep that contact, lest the deprivation cause him to become unaware of his actions. He thought he heard her whisper something. Something about adoration and need. But he knew nothing except the feel of her and the overwhelming desire to be inside of her.

Without warning, he pulled her onto the rough carpet and buried himself inside of her writhing body. Her gasp told him that he had hurt her. Of course, there was no regret for this, he would hurt her far worse in due time. Since he had already abandoned his plan to draw out this encounter, he decided to take her roughly. He wanted to hear the screams struggle to escape her throat. Her whining was breaking whatever composure remained within him and he rocked her harder. She was spilling her juices onto him; hot, slippery juices which only urged him to continue to pound her.

He decided to salvage what mastery over her remained and wrapped his fingers around her throat. She did not struggle against it, she only whimpered beneath him. It told him that he had succeeded. She was his to do with as he pleased.

"Ah, beautiful pet," he growled into her hair,"you tempt me so." But he had failed. This is what she wanted and she had received it without having to earn it.

He bit into her cheek as he came, wanting to hurt her more. She emitted a guttural moan when his seed flowed hot into her. It was the ultimate prize and she had stolen it from him.

When it was done, she remained trembling under his weight. A wave of disgust went through him. There would be no gentleness, no sign of the satisfaction he had received from her. She attempted to take his mouth in a final kiss. He would not allow it. He pushed her away roughly, recomposed himself and left her where he had claimed her, on the floor.

Oh, he had failed so terribly. It would take much discipline to redeem his mastery over her. While he left her, he decided the next time he returned, lessons would be involved...

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