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Kain's Adventure in New York



The taxi took me to my hotel on West End Avenue and I hurried inside due to the winter cold biting me. The sun was already up and even though it was after 7, the flight from LAX that early always left me wanting more sleep, so I turned in for a few hours. I slept a short and dreamless sleep, awakened by the phone clanging. It felt like I was sleeping in Big Ben at midnight.

"Yo Kain, are ya awake?" It was Jimmy, the drummer. He always called too early when we played the east coast. For him it was a triumphant return home since he grew up in Brooklyn.

"Fock, man!" I said in my best mock Lars Ulrich voice, "I was sleepin, ah? It's only 10:37 in the fockin' mornin', ah?" Jim laughed and hung up. I knew he'd be banging on my door any second so I got up and got into a robe. Sure enough, there was the banging just as I tied the belt. I opened the door and there stood Jimmy, ready to go and as glad to be there as I was tired.

"Come on, Kain, get your ass in the shower and let's get over to the club!" He was always way too energetic in the mornings. I stumbled into the shower and washed the previous day away and finished waking up. When I got out of the bathroom Jimmy had already unpacked most of my suitcase by overturning it. I grabbed my Levi's and a black dress shirt. A pair of socks bounced off my leg, so I put them on and got into my boots. We were out the door and soon on the street hailing a taxi to take us to Mack's Damage, the club who paid our ways to play 2 shows for them. Freddie and Mike were already there and waiting. Jim and I paid the driver and got out of the cab. We shook hands with Freddie and Mike and went inside. The manager was there having a mid morning drink. Freddie went up to him and greeted him.

"Heya, Mack, we made it!" he said. He was always the professional one so he was always the one to do the dealing with club owners and managers. After a round of shaking hands and a brief meeting the deal was in stone; 2 nights with our band, Conscious Nightmare, and a fat paycheck totaling $3500 for the performances and the transportation.

Later that evening, during sound check, I noticed a couple of women in the back, watching us. It struck me as kind of odd, since Mack's Damage didn't let anyone in until after sound checks. They were slender and curvy and one had just short of shoulder length blonde hair, the other had past shoulder length auburn hair. Very nice I thought to myself and returned to my guitar. We ran through a few songs and went backstage to finish getting ready. My getting ready was the open faced roast beef sandwich and diet coke. Mack's had the best sandwiches of any club I've been to and they always made the extra effort to make mine better then typical. Jimmy was tapping a barstool with his drumsticks to get warmed up, while Mike and Freddie were running through the between song activities; a T shirt giveaway and raffling off the new CD. We sat and relaxed a bit. I saw through the gap in the curtain the same 2 women from earlier. They were at the very front of the stage. The lights went dim as they always did and we took our places on the stage. The announcement went out to the people gathered out on the floor. The curtains parted and the crowd went wild.

Saturday Morning Part 1

The place was emptying out. All over the floor were beer cups and coasters and flyers. We were all packed up and in the dressing room unwinding. Freddie, Mike, and Jimmy were heading off to their hotel room, but I was in need of a shower since one of those beer cups had found its way up to the stage via air mail and soaked my pants. Luckily I saw it coming and raised my guitar out of the way in time to save it, but my pants took the full fury of Coors on tap. When I got out of the shower, I finished drying off, got dressed in my extra clothes, and there was a knock on the door. I opened it. One of the 2 women from before was there by herself. I let her in and asked if she was wanting an autograph or just to chat for a bit. It didn't occur to me at the time, she looked very familiar.

"You know you look an awful lot like Kirsten Dusnt?" I asked her. She smiled, and blushed a little, and pulled out her driver's license. California. Dunst, Kirsten Caroline. DOB April 30, 1982. I looked at her again and she smiled. I just about fell over. Kirsten Dunst in the dressing room backstage looking for ME! I spoke, nervously,

"Well, uh, wow! Uh, what can I do for you?" I blurted. She took back her license and spoke,

"Well, Kain," she started, "first, I love your guys music! I have the first CD and I keep it in my car. Second, I'm here to do some research for the next movie I'm in. I'll be playing the girlfriend of an indie band's guitar player." I was in shock. I didn't know what to say next. I've only seen a handful of her movies and I've always had a mad case of the hots for her. And she was researching and I was part of it.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, Kain, really. Can you help me with this?" My head was spinning.

"Sure!" I said. I grabbed my jacket and asked, "Do you want to go sit someplace quiet and we can talk about it?" She nodded so off we went.

"Denny's is always a good place to sit after a show." I said. She was sipping a cup of coffee and I had hot chocolate. She took a bite of her apple pie and asked,

"Why is that?"

"For many years, ", I replied, "after the gigs I've been to and been in, there was always a group of us that headed for the nearest Denny's for the traditional post-gig meal." She smiled and went back to the coffee. "You know, I loved you in Spiderman." I said. She blushed a little and put her hand on mine. It was still warm from the coffee cup. She looked at me and spoke seriously,

"Please, "she said, "I don't really want to talk about my career or movies right now.". I was surprised.

"I'm sorry, "I said, confused. "I didn't mean to bother you, I hope..."

"No, no, that's okay, "she interrupted me. "I had just wrapped a shoot and I had accepted the next film, but my agent Okayed the shoot starting in a couple of weeks and I wanted to be elsewhere relaxing!" She was not very happy with the arrangement her agent made. I could see the frustration in her eyes and I was dumbstruck. I didn't know what else to do so I put my other hand on hers and gave a comforting squeeze. She looked up at me and drew a slow breath, "I'm sorry, I'm being unprofessional here, running my mouth..." My turn to interrupt.

"It's perfectly okay, uh, Ms. Dunst, we're not on any clock and under no immediate time table. We can do this another time if you would like to." She smiled a little and gently moved my hand down to the table.

"Call me Kiki," she said, "I'm 14 years younger than you and 'Ms. Dunst' is kind of corny sounding coming from you." She pulled a small notepad out of her purse and wrote some numbers down and tore the sheet off and handed it to me. "This is the number to my hotel room. Give me a call tomorrow and I'll be ready to have a question and answer session. And thank you for understanding." She got up, dropped a $20 bill on the table, gave a quick peck on my cheek and left. I was in awe. I looked at the number. The Thirty Thirty hotel in Manhattan. (800)555-3745, suite 501. Kirsten Dunst had just given me her number. And a kiss on the cheek. Wow.

Saturday Morning Part 2

I woke up to the pounding from Jimmy. It wasn't early as it usually was. 11:37 AM. I got up, got in my robe, and opened the door again.

"Jim, you're an asshole you know?" Jim laughed and walked in. He looked around as if he was trying to find a missing shoe. He asked,

"Did she leave already? That hottie you left with last night? Ya know she's a dead ringer for Kirsten, uh, something, from Spiderman!"

I gave Jim a sock to the shoulder and said, "We just went to the Denny's for coffee and pie, nothing major." Jim returned the punch and replied,

"What are you, an old man? A hot babe like THAT and all you got was pie? And not even the right kind?". He feigned gayness by putting one hand on his hip and the other was raised and dangling at the wrist.

"Jim, are you coming out to me?" I asked. He laughed and went on his way to annoy Mike and Freddie. I closed the door, grabbed my wallet and dug out the number. I stopped just short of picking the phone up, "She's probably still asleep, I'll wait until after I get cleaned up." I thought out loud. So I went and took the habitual morning shower. I stood for a while, letting the hot water roll off my head and down my back. The whole time I was thinking, "Kirsten Dunst is going to meet me later today, Kirsten Dunst is going to meet me later today, Kirsten Dunst is going to meet me later today... After what had to be close to 40 minutes, I finished up, dried off and got back into the robe. When I stepped out into the room I just about tripped over the floor. The TV was on and there in the big chair sat Kiki, watching MTV. She was dressed plain, faded Levi's, white sneakers, and a black hooded sweatshirt that had the Metallica logo in red across the front. I guess that meeting had started. "Uh, hi!" I bumbled, painfully aware of the fact that I was sporting a major chub. She sat watching the TV for a few seconds and turned to me and said,

"Conscious Nightmare really should be on the Headbanger's Ball, the crap they show now is so much corporate cloning. Nice robe too by the way.", and gave a big grin. She seemed oblivious to the erection I was attempting to conceal with the towel. I thanked her for the comment, curious as to how she got in. She must have been psychic because her next statement cleared it up,

"The desk clerk was so happy for an autograph; he did me this little favor."

"Say, can I get, uh..." motioning to the robe and my clothes on the dresser. She dropped a giggle and got up and went for the door,

"I guess you'll want to change, ", she started, "so I'll be down in the car, I'll wave at you when you come out.", then she left. I was relieved and anxious.

Saturday Afternoon

I got my daily clothing on, Levi's, grey western type boots, and (surprisingly) a black dress shirt. When I stepped out of the hotel I looked around a bit and heard a honk. A black limousine was parked over in the taxi waiting area. Kiki jumped out and stood by the door, waving, so I went over to her. She grabbed my arm and hurried me into the limo. Inside was huge; I'd never been in one before. She sat on the couch (yes, couch) on the driver's side and I sat on the loveseat (yes, loveseat) that made up the rear. She turned to me and looked me in the eye.

"I want to apologize for last night, "she began, "I don't normally let work get under my skin but I haven't been off a set for too long. We just wrapped shooting for 'Marie Antoinette' a couple of weeks ago and I was looking forward to some good R&R before I got back to it."

"It's okay, Kiki, work will drive you nuts sometimes, I get like that with the band every now and then. " I said. She smiled and gave me a quick hug. She smelled like orange blossoms, very subtle, but to me it was like a magnet. Return of the chub.

"Thanks again for understanding!" she said, bringing me back to reality. Love that perfume, and on her it was all the more fragrant.

"Have you ever been to Gusto's?" she asked, "They make the best Italian food in New York!"

"No, I'm not a great restaurant kinda guy." I replied, "I always go to fast food or names I'm familiar with, like McDonald's or Carl's Jr. or Taco Bell..."

"Well today you're going to experience Gusto's! "She said. "When you work for me you get nice lunches! And besides, we can talk without a lot of press hanging all over." I was sold. Gusto's it was!

Saturday Afternoon Part 2

We spent much of the time talking about life in an indie band, not having to deal with huge record companies, the ease of setting up and playing smaller venues and clubs, and the impact on family and relationships. And the best shrimp alfredo I'd ever had. I tried to steer clear of asking anything from her, she was probably did not want to go on about how her life as an actress treats her. As the last bite of shrimp was victimized by my fork, I felt something moving under the table, touching my leg. I stopped what I was doing and noticed her gaze. She was looking straight into my eyes, and a grin was slowly spreading across her face like sunlight spreads over the earth at sunrise. I wasn't sure how to react, so I smiled and moved my leg away a bit and said,

"Hey, that tickles!" She continued smiling and said,

"Do you want me to stop?" I thought for a moment.

"No, not really." I replied. Tension rolled in like a fog in San Francisco on a December morning. The soft touch reappeared on my leg, slowly up and down. I was kind of puzzled, and she seemed to notice.

"Kain," she began, "you've been really great with answering my questions and..." She stopped. She continued the gaze. I knew what was lurking in her mind and why she was hesitant to say it.

"Kiki, uh, do you want to go back to the room for a while and talk more?" I asked, "It's only 3:37 and I'm not due in the club until 7." She seemed surprised. She nodded lightly and grabbed her purse and pulled a Visa card out. The waiter took it to the register.

"Kain, um, I'm not like, uh, this much, um..." she fumbled with words.

"I understand, "I replied, "Sometimes things in life are not as simple as one would like." She nodded. The waiter returned and Kiki signed the receipt. We got up and made for the car. I was a bit concerned with her level of celebrity and us walking out together.

"Aren't you concerned with his ability to keep a secret?" I asked.

"Oh, no not at all!" she answered, "They keep discretion for me under the promise that I come back here whenever I'm in New York. I always bring family and friends with me."

"Fair enough" I shot back at her. The car was open and waiting when we stepped out. She sat in the seat beside me with her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. I was swimming in a sea of utter delight. Although no one said it, we both knew that anything we did in public view was open season for reporters and paparazzi. It seemed like eternity before we got into the parking structure at her hotel. We walked in separately to avoid the wondering eyes of the sleaze media and got in the elevator. As soon as the door shut her mouth was on mine, her tongue hungrily seeking the warm embrace of mine. Her fragrance was intoxicating and her breathing was getting more pronounced. The bell rang for the 5th floor and she stepped back. We stepped out side by side but not touching and walked to her suite. She opened the door and went in, me following not terribly close. With the sound of the door closing she was on me again, trembling hands holding the back of my head as if to prevent me from escaping. My hands pulled at the sweatshirt and she lifted her head long enough for the sweatshirt to clear her face. She looked down at my shirt and grabbed the fabric firmly on both sides and ripped it open, buttons flying about and bouncing off the walls. I finished removing the shirt as she began unbuckling my belt. My shirt hit the floor just before the belt did. As we stumbled towards the bed, we began wrestling with each other's jeans, clawing at buttons and grabbing zippers. The jeans came off with a bit of a fight but we were victorious. We fell over onto the bed, facefulls of each other's face, the sound of underpants being ripped away to reveal the treasures within. Her soft, creamy skin was a contrast to my farmer's tan. Her magnificent breasts swung around as if searching for my hands to be on them, and then they were. Hot silky skin melted at my touch, her growing nipples aching to be attended to. I took one in my mouth and gave it a firm suck, rolling my tongue gently over the stiffening pink flesh, she moaned. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my shoulders as she threw her head back in delight. Her other breast was being steadily caressed by one hand, while the other had made its way down to her sex. Her mound was so very soft, and smooth. I felt a tiny bit of stubble in the shaved area, and then felt the wetness of her arousal. She pulled my head closer as if to suffocate me, as if I'd mind the death it would bring. I kissed around her hard nipple and slowly kissed my way to the other one. She drew a sharp breath through clenched teeth. Had it been so very long since she has been touched by a man? I kissed my way down to her navel; it was small and perfectly shaped. Her stomach contracted as I rolled my tongue into and around it. My hands were stroking her lips and clit, fueled by the hot wetness that I felt. I kissed my way down to her lips, slowly and gently nibbling on each one, taking in the juices that covered them. She moaned. Her back was arched and her fingers dug into the bed. Her legs opened wider as she grabbed my head and pulled it in, wanting my tongue in her as far as I could put it. I tasted the nectar, the rewards of my labor, and savored the flavors. Her clit was up, waiting for its turn. I took it in my mouth, sucking, gently nibbling, and savoring the tastes and aromas of her sex. She began pulling me up, seeking to kiss away the sweet juices I had worked for. Her tongue danced a seductive dance over my lips and was shortly joined by mine. They rolled over each other as if locked in combat, I felt her hand guiding my pounding hard on into her silky softness. I felt her lips part and accept my throbbing cock into the wetness. I thrust the whole thing in hitting the bottom and her eyes opened and she moaned again. I thrust in again and she bucked her hips to capture the whole thing. My balls were beating against her asshole, driving her even wilder. We rocked our hips in time with each other, each time my abdomen hitting against her clit, making her moan louder. She pushed me off and rolled me onto my back. She climbed aboard, straddling me, and then guided my aching cock back into the depths of her passions. She grabbed the headboard and started bucking her hips, grinding my pulsing dick as far into her twat as far she could humanly fit it. She let out a cry, her body locked up. I kept pounding my raging hard-on into her, aching for release myself. She was on the verge of tears and came again. I sat up and she put her arms around me and put her head back, exposing her lovely neck, offering it to me as the only place I could really reach. She came again with such kick the lamp fell over. She dug her nails into my back and raked deep lines into my flesh. It felt like someone dragging red hot pokers across my back. That was all the help I needed from her. I exploded into her with a powerful moan on my part. She had another orgasm and we both locked up together. We collapsed into each other for a while. She rolled off of me and onto her back, still breathing heavily, and then began giggling.

"What's funny?" I asked her.

"It's running down my ass!" she said laughing, "And it tickles!"

Saturday Afternoon Part 3

We lay together in the very unmade bed for what felt like an hour, watching the ceiling and quietly stroking each other. Neither one of us really knew what to say. It wasn't particularly clear why we did what we did; we both knew we were incredibly satisfied. She sat up and turned to me.

"Kain, I need to tell you something, "she said, very seriously, "I'm not one to, um, you know, grab the first, uh, guy I see..." I could tell where this was headed, but I didn't mind at all.

"You aren't one for such a casual tryst; this was out of necessity more than anything and let's just forget it happened?" I asked. She seemed taken aback at my bluntness.

"Well, yes and no, "she replied, "I don't do the one night stand much, in fact this is my first time, but I don't want to forget it happened, but I hope you understand that I don't want this talked about outside this room." She looked very nervous, of course, I understood completely. Careers could end over such a thing. Hers and mine. I took her hand in mine and caressed the soft skin.

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