Kaitlyn and Cheryl Ch. 02


"That depends on the favor."

"Can you wash my back for me?"

"That I can do." I was naked and in the shower in record time. I saw her razor was out and there were fresh shave marks on her legs and pubic area. She had shaved so that there was only a landing strip.

"I had to clean myself up a bit. Do you approve?"

"Completely. Now where's the soap?"

She handed me a sponge with soap on it and I started to wash her body. I started with her back and spent a lot of time soaping her ass. I took the shower head down and rinsed her off and then started on her front. She started to turn, but I make her stand with her back to me. I pressed my body against her back and soaped her belly and then her breasts. As I soaped them, I kissed the side of her neck. Kaitlyn reached behind and pulled my hips so that my cock was pressed tightly against her ass.

Once I was satisfied she breasts were clean, I moved my hands down her stomach to her freshly shaved crotch. As I moved my hands lower, I kissed my way down her back. Once on my knees, I washed each of legs, purposely avoiding her pussy. Finally, when I felt I'd teased her enough, I moved my hands up the inside of her thighs. She spread her legs apart for me and my hand slid along her pussy. Kaitlyn let out a little moan and I lightly bit her ass cheek. I spent several more minutes teasing her pussy before she turned around and pulled me to my feet.

We were now kissing with red hot passion. Kaitlyn had grabbed my cock and was stroking it till I was completely hard, then moved it so that it was aimed at her pussy. She rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and I could already feel her own lubricant getting the head slick. Then she slowly lowered herself so that my cock penetrated her. She was very tight, but her own lube helped me slide into her. She acted like she was desperate and forced herself down. But it was difficult with our height difference, so I grabbed her ass and lifter her up. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, never breaking away from our kiss. I took hold of the handicap railing and with my other hand, slowly lowered her ass so that I could penetrate her. Finally, after several minutes, she was fully impaled on my cock.

"Oh Johnny, I've missed you so much. You feel so good right now," she whined. I held her still so that she could get used to me. But she didn't want to wait long and started to lift herself up so that she was now fucking me. I helped her movement by lifting her ass with my one hand, but we had trouble getting into a good rhythm.

"Let's change position." I lifter her off my cock and placed her feet back on the ground. "Turn around and bend over."

She did as I was told and I stepped behind her. I gripped my cock and aimed it at her waiting pussy. It was much easier to penetrate her this time and I wasted no time getting into a good rhythm. This was what we both needed and she was soon grunting and moaning as I pounded her from behind.

"Oh shit Johnny. This feels so good. I love the way you feel inside me."

"I've missed you Kaitlyn. Don't do anything stupid like that again."

"I won't. Now fuck me. I'm so close and I want to cum with you." She was now pushing back against me with each thrust I made into her. The bathroom was echoing the slapping noises of my thighs against hers and her moaning. I reached around her waist and found her clit with my fingers and started to rub it. This had the effect I'd hoped and soon her pussy was clenching around my cock. I was getting close, but I knew she was as well.

"I'm going to cum Kaitlyn. Are you close?"

"OH shit yeah. Cum for me. I want to feel you cum inside my pussy." She reached back between her legs and grabbed my balls. "Unload you cream inside me. Do it. I'm cumming."

I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and her ass wiggled against me. She threw her head back and wailed as she came. Her pussy grabbed by cock so tight that I lost control and started to shoot huge loads of cum into her pussy. I groaned like an animal as I unleashed my cum and she continued to wail. Her pussy was massaging my cock as each squirt entered her. Finally, both of our orgasms ended and I grabbed the handicap rail to keep from falling. I pulled her up and turned her around into my arms and we kissed. Our mouths were hot against each other as we basked in our post-orgasms. We were both breathing heavy now and I was enjoying feeling her body pressed against mine.

I felt the shower door open and heard it shut behind us as Cheryl slipped into the shower with us. "That was quite the show you guys put on. Mind if I join you?"

Kaitlyn reached out and pulled Cheryl into a group hug. Kaitlyn washed Cheryl and I stood back to watch the show as they got familiar with each other's bodies. Cheryl pulled her in for another kiss and then they both came to me.

"OK, we need to get going," I said.

"Why? What's wrong with staying here till dinner?" Cheryl asked.

"Because I have something planned for all three of us. You'll just have to trust me."

"He won't tell me either," Kaitlyn said to Cheryl.

We finished the shower and I told the girls to dress casually. I then led them to the elevator and hit the button for the spa. When we got off the elevator, I led them down the hall and to the door for the spa. They finally realized where we were and both gave me huge hugs and kisses.

"You got us some spa time? You have no idea how much I need this. You're the best," Kaitlyn said as she planted another kiss on my face.

Cheryl was just smiling at me, but waited till Kaitlyn let go to kiss me. "I figured we could all use some time to relax. I hope you don't mind."

"You have to be kidding. This is the best surprise I've had in a while," Cheryl said, adding a hug and kiss to the ones I had gotten from Kaitlyn.

The next hour was filled with satisfied moans from the girls as we received a group massage. Then they were whisked over to the manicure/pedicure area to finish the day. I sat in the sauna until the girls were done. Forty five minutes later, we were back in our room, relaxing with some wine. The girls were lying on the bed next to each other and smiling as I got some stuff together in the other room.

We had dinner reservations for eight, so I knew we had time. I had requested a full bar and was making margaritas when they came out of the bedroom.

"What are those?" Kaitlyn asked.

"What did you want first thing when you came home?"

She looked at me oddly and then I saw the light bulb go on. "A margarita. Is that what you're making?"

"Yup. Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all." I filled three glasses and we sat in the small living room.

"So, let's talk. You guys obviously have something you want to say. I've seen the way you've been whispering to each other."

They looked at each other and Cheryl nodded to Kaitlyn. "We were going to wait till I got home, but some things changed," Kaitlyn began. "It turned out to be a misunderstanding and I really screwed it up with my sudden break up with you. Which I'm regretting more and more. I do hope it's behind us and that we are officially together now."

"We are. And it's mostly forgotten. I think you're going to have to pay for that though," I said with a smile.

Kaitlyn laughed and said, "I'm pretty sure I'll be happy to make that payment. Anyway, Cheryl and I have been talking a lot since we left. We both came to the same decision." She turned to Cheryl and again she nodded. "We both want to be with you if you'll have us both. And not on some rotating schedule, but as a threesome."

I was only mildly shocked, but let her continue.

"You don't seem too surprised."

"You guys have had your head together a lot since Cheryl and I got here. I suspected there was something going on. Plus I took into account what Cheryl said to me last night about your stupid plan."

They both cringed at that last part. "It was pretty stupid," Cheryl said. "But it seemed so reasonable at the time."

"I'm pretty sure you could have come up with a better plan than that. You're both pretty smart girls. Or so I thought."

They looked at each other again and started laughing. "There was more to the plan than what you saw. But I couldn't hold it together and knew that Kaitlyn was hurting pretty badly. You should have called her to try and convince her you wanted to be with her."

"Maybe, but it kind of stung and I knew she was already stressed. I was going to wait till she got done with finals. And that still doesn't excuse you from not calling me back, even if you had the wrong number. It was close enough you should have realized it was me."

"You're right and I'm sorry about that. But maybe we can all start over now."

I looked at Kaitlyn and she was smiling at me. "I think we can all manage that."

They came over to me and both sat on my lap for a group hug. "Do we really have to go out for dinner? Can't we order room service?"

"I don't see why not," I said. With that they both got up and walked to the bedroom, dropping their robes as they went. I watched as both perfect asses walked into the room.

"Are you coming?" Kaitlyn said over her shoulder.

I wasn't stupid, I just about ran into the room. When I walked through the door, both girls were lying in the bed waiting for me. "That didn't take long," Cheryl said laughing. I took off my robe and got into bed with them. I had barely gotten comfortable when Kaitlyn pushed my shoulders down and was kissing me.

"You realize this is the first time we've been together in an actual bed. It almost feels strange." I laughed as I realized she was right.

I pulled her down and we kissed some more. Not to be left out, I reached out to Cheryl and pulled her close to me. I then kissed her while Kaitlyn kissed my neck and ear.

"I can't tell you how incredibly turned on I was last night watching you two fuck on the computer. I wish I'd recorded it so that I can watch after you guys leave."

"You're such a perv," Cheryl said. She reached out and pinched one of Kaitlyn's nipples and they both laughed. I went back to kissing Kaitlyn as Cheryl kissed down my body till she had my cock in her mouth. As I continued kissing Kaitlyn, Cheryl sucked on my engorged cock. I played with Kaitlyn's tits and moaned as Cheryl took my whole cock into her mouth and sucked slowly till just the head was inside her mouth.

Kaitlyn decided she wanted to try and moved down my body to take her turn sucking my cock. The girls took turns sucking me, and if it hadn't been for my earlier time with Kaitlyn, I would have come right away. The girls reached some non-verbal agreement and Kaitlyn straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself onto my erection. At the same time, Cheryl came over and straddled my head so that I could suck her pussy. I was happily trapped below two beautiful woman as they rode me.

Kaitlyn, after starting slowly, was riding me hard and moaning while Cheryl rubbed her pussy on my face as my tongue attacked her clit. She was extremely wet already and I happily lapped her sweet nectar as it leaked out of her pussy. I couldn't see anything but Cheryl's ass, but felt both girls lean towards each other and I assumed they were kissing each other. I also felt a hand reach down and start to stroke Kaitlyn's clit as she rode me, but I wasn't sure whose hand it was. But it had the desired effect as Kaitlyn's hips slammed down on my cock and I felt her pussy tighten and then spasm as she came. She rode me for a few more minutes and I could feel her juices leaking down my balls. She had finally ridden through her orgasm and rolled off me to lie on the bed.

Cheryl didn't waste any time and moved from my face to my cock and slammed her pussy down onto me. She was almost crazed as she rode me and Kaitlyn watched. Now I was getting close to my own orgasm. Kaitlyn had moved closer to me and was lovingly kissing my face as we watched Cheryl ride me to orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back and she was making crazy grunting noises each time her pussy slammed down. I looked down to where Cheryl and I were joined and could see her pussy juice running down my cock, getting my pubic hair soaked.

Kaitlyn also looked and then reached down to stroke Cheryl's clit. Cheryl's entire body lurched and she let out a long moan. Her pussy clamped tight around my cock and I felt a huge gush of juice squirt from her pussy. The combination of her pussy clamped around my cock was enough for me and I slammed my cock up into her as I shot my first load. I grunted as I shot my second load into her and then a third. Cheryl's head was still thrown back and she howled as she felt my hot cum shoot into pussy.

Kaitlyn moved her hand away from Cheryl's clit and was now kissing me as I shot my last load into Cheryl. Cheryl continued to ride me, even as my cock softened and when I finally slippped out of her, she fell to the other side of me and snuggled closely to Kaitlyn and me.

"Wow, that was amazing," I grunted as I tried to catch my breath. Both girls just grunted in agreement and we lay with our legs tangled with each other. We were all catching our breath and Kaitlyn was the first to recover enough to get out of bed and grab our drinks. She handed one each to me and Cheryl and took a sip of hers.

"I've really missed you guys. That was amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Cheryl said.

Kaitlyn was sitting back from us and watching as Cheryl gave me tender little kisses on my face. She was moving her fingers through the hair on my chest and seemed quite content at that moment. Kaitlyn looked down my body, stopping at my crotch and then smiled. She took another sip of her drink, put the glass on the nightstand and started kissing the area around my cock. Then she licked the entire length of my cock and sucked on the head before licking it again.

"I can't believe how wet you are down here. What did you do Cheryl, pour water on him?" Kaitlyn asked.

Cheryl blushed and said, "I couldn't believe how much I came. It almost felt like I was peeing, but I promise, it wasn't that."

"It tastes weird, but it's probably from our combined juices, including John's." She went back to licking me and I started to get hard again. Between her mouth and Cheryl playing with my chest I was quickly hard again. Kaitlyn moved up my body and kissed me while stroking my cock.

"OK Cheryl, you go first this time." Cheryl leaned across me and kissed Kaitlyn tenderly. Then she moved so that she was straddling my cock.

"We better be careful Katie, he may get used to this kind of treatment," she said as she lowered herself down my cock. Her pussy was hot and wet and I was able to easily slide into her. She rode me hard for a while before climbing off. She moved over to Kaitlyn, rolled her onto her back and spread her legs. She looked at Kaitlyn's pussy for a moment before kissing it. She had her ass in the air and wiggled it as in invitation to me. So I moved behind her, lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly slid into her. When I had settled into a good rhythm, she went back to sucking Kaitlyn's pussy. Her pussy was sopping wet and made squishing noises as I pounded into her. Much too quickly, Cheryl moved so that I slid out of her and she lay on her back.

"Time to switch." Kaitlyn quickly took up the same position as Cheryl had been in and then I moved behind her. Her pussy was much tighter then Cheryl's, so I slid slowly into her, but again, once I got into a good rhythm, she started to lick Cheryl's pussy. Soon everyone was moaning as I pounded Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn sucked Cheryl. Cheryl was the first to cum and grabbed Kaitlyn's head to hold her against her pussy. Cheryl groaned loudly and then screamed as her orgasm blew through her.

I looked down at Kaitlyn's ass and saw that her rosebud was shining with her juices, so I ran my thumb along the crack till it moved over her little hole. When I touched the hole, I pressed down with my thumb till the tip penetrated her ass and she howled. Her whole body then jerked as I moved my thumb in and out of her body and she pushed her ass against me. I felt my cock hit something deep inside of her and she howled again. This time her entire body convulsed and her pussy clamped around my cock. She howled one more time and for the second time that afternoon I felt a pussy squirt cum all over me. This time it hit my thighs and Kaitlyn howled one more time before her upper body collapsed onto the bed.

I held her hips and continued to thrust into her, but my orgasm was far from close and before too long Kaitlyn's body gave out and she rolled onto her side, my cock popping out of her pussy. Cheryl didn't waste any time and pulled me close. My cock slid noisily into her drenched pussy.

I grabbed her legs and lifter them up and pushed them against her chest. This opened her up more and soon I was pounding into her pussy again. I pulled out too far at one point and my aim went lower so that it pushed against her ass. I stopped myself before I went into her and when I looked at her face she showed some concern. I didn't adjust myself and pushed just a little to see what she would do. When she didn't stop me, I continued to press down and watched as the head of my cock slowly entered her ass.

I saw her cringe and stopped pushing. She licked her lips nervously and when I felt her relax, I again started to slowly push. I kept watching her face and whenever she cringed I'd stop and when I felt her relax I'd continue. It seemed to take forever, but I finally was completely buried in her ass. I stayed still for quite a while before trying to pull out.

"Oh shit, you're in her ass." I looked over at Kaitlyn and she was watching as I slowly pulled out. Kaitlyn looked at Cheryl and then started to kiss her, trying to get her to relax for me. After several slow strokes she's finally relaxed enough for me to move faster. Now the look on her face was more pleasure than pain and I started to fuck her harder. Kaitlyn had reached down and was now playing with her engorged clit as I fucked her ass and Cheryl's ass loosened enough so that I cold really fuck her hard.

Cheryl started to moan with the extra stimulation and suddenly her ass clamped down on my cock and I watched her pussy turn a deep red color as she approached another orgasm. It was almost like a dam burst as her whole body jerked and her pussy shot a load of cum all over Kaitlyn's hand. The grip on my cock was too much for me and I exploded too. After my first two orgasms, I didn't have much left, but I managed a pretty good load and Cheryl continued to ride the wave of her orgasm as she felt me unload into her ass.

I finally drained the last of my cum from my balls and fell back, pulling my cock from her ass. I watched as my cum followed my cock out of her ass and Cheryl's body finally stopped moving, although she seemed to have little aftershocks. I moved up the bed and kissed her tenderly as Kaitlyn watched us both. Cheryl was pretty much done and was breathing heavy. I felt exhausted, but moved closer to Kaitlyn so that I could kiss her as well.

"It was more amazing to watch this time then during our trip. I can't believe she let you do that again."

"Maybe we can work on you next time."

"Maybe," she said and kissed me some more. Her stomach growled and we both laughed. "I guess I'm starting to get hungry." I looked a the clock and saw it was way past time for our reservation.

"Let's think about ordering some food. I'm pretty hungry too."

We both got out of bed and I covered Cheryl. Kaitlyn and I grabbed our robes, but before she put hers on, she turned to me. I just stared at her body and admired the firmness of her breasts and how her stomach was so nicely defined. After I stared at her for a few more minutes, she put her robe on, came over to me and gave me a big, passionate kiss.

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