tagBDSMKajira and Her Master

Kajira and Her Master


I am kajira, waiting and presenting myself at the door for my Master when he comes home from work.

I wait in bracelets, naked, on my knees, arms behind me and breasts forward trying to keep eyes down as I wait. The waiting becoming almost a torture of sorts.

When my Master arrived home He was pleased to find me ready and waiting for what ever it is He desires.

His white house on the beach with a large lawn in back, beige carpeting and beautifully decorated with white laquer and white leather furniture in the living room and formal dining area. The beach and lawn seen from the dining area, is impressive and beautiful.

It was in the living room that my Master began to stimulate me by grazing my mound and breasts but not allowing anything beyond that.

He leads me to the bedroom which was very large with a king sized bed against the wall that was beach side. The entire length of the wall was a large window above the bed giving such a grand view of both lawn and beach with trees to the left and right of the yard offering seclusion.

The window emerged from the ceiling and stopped just above the bed.

The bed had no headboard rather the wall served as storage and headboard. The linens were bamboo colored with flecks of dark brown and black in it and white sheets.

The bedroom itself was all warm earthy tones with a flat screen TV hung on the wall that faced the bed, and a door to the bedroom to the right of the TV. There were also patio doors to the right of the bed and to the left of the bed a closet made up the wall until it reached the entry to the ensuite bathroom.

The patio doors opened onto the large deck that was shared by the French doors from the living room in the center of the "U" shaped home.

The bed was on a raised floor that had 3 steps leading up to it, and the patio doors, with an additional two steps directly under and surrounding the bed.

It was at the base of the three steps that I again assumed presentation position nadu, while my Master went to the bed, took off His tie and unbuttoned His shirt, taking glances out the large window and enjoying the view of the beach with a cloudless blue sky above the ocean.

Again on my knees waiting to see what my Master has in store.

My Master has not removed His dress shirt just unbuttoned it and walks around from the closet side of the bed towards the foot of it and around to the patio doors where He opens them and lets the ocean breezes into the room. The chill instantly gives me "goose flesh" and makes my nipples very erect as I try not to shiver against the breezes on my naked form.

He takes the steps down from the raised section of the floor to a large cherry dresser with a marble top that runs a good portion of the wall between the patio doors and the wall holding the TV. It has various artifacts that are black from statues of African women, masks, and other things sitting on the marble top, and above it is a narrow paned window that runs from the patio doors to the TV wall.

He throws his tie on the marble and reaches for a flask and a glass with some amber colored hard liquor in it, pours Himself a glass then retreats to the kitchen for ice.

While He is away I wait on knees a mute, with breasts still presented.

He returns and sips from the glass as He walks around me contemplating what He is wanting, and inspecting His property.

While my Master is inspecting me and drinking from the glass, I am painfully aware of His eyes upon me knowing nothing will escape His inspections. It is increasing my arousal and making me want the inspection to end soon.

After what seems like an eternity He climbs the stairs to the bed and sits down finishing His drink, playing with the glass and clinking the melting ice in it.

Taking a melting cube He comes over to me and drips the water over my breasts and belly. The icy water and the breeze coming in the door to fan it is too much and I shiver. My nipples increase their erections and the "goose flesh" becomes even more pronounced even on my breasts.

This continues through 3-4 more melting cubes until He tells me to offer my hand to Him. As I grant Him my hand he raises me to my feet and takes me to the bed where I am to sit, with head lowered and eyes down.

He takes his shirt off now and lays it on the bed while I wait on the corner at the foot closest to the patio door.

My hands are resting on my lap palms down and open.

He removes His belt and orders me to get up on the bed on hands and knees and present my ass to the foot of the bed. I am to put my face down into the bed and remain mute.

I see shadows of him circling the bed as before and feel him at the foot of the bed inspecting me again. I hear Him running the belt through His hands and wait.

My arousal is blatant before Him. He can see how wet I am as it is on the outer labia and where inner thighs meet the mound.

This is pleasing Him and so He decides to grant me some attention.

I feel the leather of the belt glide over my ass and mound the holes of the belt seem sharp against the inner lips. I am stifling moans as much as I am able....

Since I have been obedient, and pleased Him, He decides to offer me some pleasure. I feel Him enter and it is both delicious and a shock when He does. He grants me a few pumps from Hips but then pulls out leaving me wanting more.

I see him walk to the patio door and walk out, disappearing out of sight on the deck.

I remain in position wanting but still, save for the tremors of want, and lust.

I do not hear Him enter the room from the inside door but I feel His presence and then His member enter hard and fast. The lust within me coupled with the want and aggressiveness of His entry cause me to cry out and spasm in orgasm.

He continues to take me from behind until He is ready to release. When He is ready He takes me by the arm and forces me to my knees even though I am still throbbing and want the indulgence of more spasms.

It is now that I take Him into my mouth to finish Him off and allow Him to spill his seed all over my chest and belly.

When He is satisfied I go to the bed, pull back the covers and help Him settle in for a sleep.

While He sleeps I make ready a surprise for Him when he awakes, hoping that He will not only be pleased with it, but that He will be happy with me for it........................

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