tagBDSMKajira and Her Master Ch. 02

Kajira and Her Master Ch. 02


While my Master has slept I have cleaned and decorated myself with gold jewelry, and gathered my hair into whisps.

I also readied a meal for Him while He slept. It is a meal of chicken, rice, various fruits cubed, two different kinds of bread with red wine vinegar and olive oil to dip the bread in, and red wine.

I take all of the meal, and wine to the roughened logs that separate the lawn from the beach and lay the meal down on a cloth, which I also place throw pillows, a couple of blankets and straw mats to keep the sand at bay.

I once again assume a position on my knees and wait for Him to wake.

As He awakens He realizes that I am not at the foot of the bed waiting. At first He is displeased not to see me waiting for Him but He then notices the notes I have left for Him.

Each note acknowledges His Mastership and offers apologies for such boldness. They also explain that I wish to serve and surprise him but know I must remain the mute unless He wishes me to speak. I am hoping the notes show some resourcefulness on my part.

Each note takes Him to places in the house to refresh, cleanse and gain what He might need outside.

The final note He finds asks Him if it is His pleasure to join me waiting for Him on the beach that touches the property.

As my Master opens the French Doors He sees me on knees as I should be waiting. However he sees that I am wearing a sheer cape that hides nothing but is blowing and swirling around me in the breezes of evening. It is gathered at my neck and my hopes is that it makes me look more mystical and desirable. I wish to look like a sea nymph from mythology tempting my Master with seduction.

As He approaches I fight the urge to look at Him. I am hoping He is pleased and not in any way angry with me.

He sees a final note asking for the pleasure and honor of His company and accepts the preparations I have made.

He has reclined on the makeshift bed I have prepared and I motion towards the food and blankets. He tells me He wishes to eat, and so I serve Him His meal and wine as I know He would like them presented.

I sit in front of Him and wait....

He tells me to eat with Him and allows me a blanket to ward off the chill that has had me trembling for an eternity. Throughout the meal I feed Him mango slices to blend with the spicy chicken korma, and offer Him wine and bread. When He has satisfied His hunger, He relaxes and I cover Him with the blankets at His feet.

He is watching me gather the remnants of the meal and placing them in the basket. When I have finished I sit and wait yet again.

He slowly sips his wine as His gaze travels from the ocean, to me, then to the sky, and back to me again. He tells me He wishes me closer, and so I crawl to Him and He lifts His blanket for me. I join Him and He wraps an arm around my still shivering body.

Whispering in my ear, He tells me that I have done well by Him and the late evening picnic was just what He needed that day. This day I have proven myself a worthy slave and that a bold risk was in season. For this reason I am permitted the honor of speaking to my Master.

He wishes to know why I chose to spread a beach picnic for Him, and what I did to prepare for it. I tell Him in as much detail as He wishes. It feels so good to be warm beside Him, feeling Him resting, and being honored with his arm around me.

We watch the golden and scarlet rays of sun pepper the ocean and sky with their dying light and listen to the ocean ravage the sand.

He tells me to gather what I have taken outside and to take it back in, and I do so obediently. However He stops me half way across the lawn, grabs me by my throat firmly. I know I must not look into His eyes but I am feeling insecure and a twinge of fear grips me. What was it that I did, that was wrong?

He forces me down into the position where He can lead me by my hair, and pulls me onto the deck. I stumble a little trying not to drop the basket. He grabs it and puts it on the lounge chair and once again grabs my throat, pushing me towards the patio doors of the bedroom. I am ordered to sit at the foot of the bed where I should have been upon His awaking.

He has that look in His eyes tonight. I caught it briefly as He released my throat. He has lust in His eyes and I sense that the sand is not the only thing to be ravaged tonight...............................

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