tagBDSMKajira and Her Master Ch. 03

Kajira and Her Master Ch. 03


A night of ravaging had left me sore, and my most intimate places too tender to touch. My Master ensured my disobedience though an effort to serve him, was punished and rewarded amply. He had conquered me as though I were a country to be sieged, and made sure I had bowed to him as Master body and soul. After I had declared myself as his and his alone, he bathed me tenderly and soothed me into slumber. My last memory was my head limp in his hand, too weary to look into his eyes.

Waking up with last night still vibrant, yet a blur in my mind, I found myself naked within his bed, but he was not there. Should I get up and see if he was still in the house? Should I stay where I was? I decided to get up and make sure he had his breakfast and whatever else he desired. When I tried to get out of the bed I found my body refused, sore and tender the movements were laborious.

As I bit my lip and turned over I saw him at the bedroom door.

"kajira, stay as you are. I know full well you are sore from last night and will not be able to move."

Relief! I could relax and allow my body to recover!

Yet somehow with him here now, and the memories of the night before, my body began to ache for him to come to me, and I could feel my arousal like dew on rose petals dampen my thighs. I began to squirm under the sheets and he could see them moving along with my body.

"Even though you are too sore to get out of my bed you cannot get enough of me I see." The words came soft into my ears, and I shook my head yes.

"Tell me then kajira, what you feel now."

I struggled with my words but told him how just the sight of him had me aching for him and my body betrayed me with the ever increasing dampness that I was trying to contain.

"Your kajira aches with both pain and lust. I....I mean Your kajira is still uncertain, so rough in your anger with me yet so tender when your anger had passed..." my words trailed off.

He walked up the stairs to the bed and sat beside me, inspected where he had bound my wrists then pulling the sheets off to inspect my ankles and the body in between. Was that a shadow of remorse I saw in his eyes?

Vulnerable and unable to move my arousal was becoming almost unbearable, his touch, his eyes, making my lust push past the barriers of my pain. I felt his eyes fall upon my mound and moaned. My damp desire reflecting light upon the lips and thighs where his eyes seemed transfixed. I heard his breathing begin to shallow and see his eyes narrow and darken with lust of his own and I found delight in it.

His fingers traced the moisture to its source and with them he brought the heated prickles of pain and wanting to my tender flesh. I gingerly opened my legs to grant him greater access to my swollen skin and sighed deeply as my body began to shake. His fingers rolling around separating my inner lips as their friction against my throbbing bud set a fire that ripped through my to my nipples making them erect and tempting to him, hard like the erasers on the ends of pencils.

Seeing how in spite of the fury of last night, I was shamelessly responding to his touch as I was trained to, made him forgo the usual proprieties of a Master with his kajira. He wanted me again and now as I wanted him.

His own arousal was already prepared for what he had started and he made haste to let it free. His sweatpants discarded and placing himself between my legs he spread my moisture all over his throbbing lust and began to tease my slit as his mouth made its way to my erasers. Cupping my breasts in his hands he began to make a meal of them, and my back arched to meet his desire.

He was far more tender and loving with me than he was last night. I swore he was loving on me with his longing.

He moved his hands down my sides, then up my stomach to my breasts, then back again down my sides lifting my hips as he slowly entered me. With gentle thrusts he began to fill me, and my desire for him. He whispered for me to respond as my body willed and not to withhold anything.

I allowed my body to be free and let all my desire and delight roll over me with every wave of an impending orgasm. My body tightened and shuddered and I lost all control. Orgasms rose and fell like the waves outside of the house, and I felt as though my soul was leaving my body...the little death the French call it...and I felt it but enjoyed it. My body's pain seemed a small distraction, as my body was made alive and a fire like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of anger.

He was amazed with me and my body, my surrender was sweeter this morning, not as when he demanded it of me. He could not believe my body was milking him with passion! I gripped him as though to never allow him to pull out let alone away from me, and he knew he had a prize as his possession that other Masters would be envious of.

Our bodies covered with sweat that was staining the sheets, as my juices slicked both of our bodies and the bed. Breathing was harsh and labored, peppered with moans as I clenched the sheets in my fingers. Biting my lip as my breasts heaved, I felt the waves rising to a place where I could barely breathe, and then I came with such intensity I forced him out, and my climax released the waves all over my Master, soaking him, and he in turn let loose the waves within his groin.

He collapsed on the soaked bed panting in time with me. Looking into my eyes dark with lust and release my beauty faded into black and he slept....

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