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*So, I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I have been gone because I have been dealing with an internal struggle about if I should still right for this site after the incident with a few authors on here, but all is good. Thanks again to my wonderful editor who has added some of her flare to this story, the amazing TheLovelyGlo1. Yes, I write interracial stories as well, I will begin to finish up some of those stories, but I want to see how this nonhuman story is. Marie, does get her own story with Travis, but it will intertwine with this story as well. Hope you guys like!!!!

Ta ta for now,




The scent of her was there. It was so fresh, spicy yet sweet, tangy yet sharp. Her scent brought my wolf to life, a wolf that hasn't been this agitated and excited since the declaring of the Alpha title-one hundred and twenty five years ago. How could this be? My wolf asked searching the bodies of people through my eyes. The club was packed, but I knew, we knew, she was there, right under our nose, but we couldn't react as we desired for fear of drawing negative attention from those that were ignorant to our kind. Danger was like a cloud over our heads, lurking about and filling this place, causing everyone to be on guard. With just one wrong move and each civilian would be dead before the song ever ended.

"Kale, what's wrong?" Travis, the Beta, asked as he sat down across from me, scanning the floor just as I was. I couldn't help but to growl wondering if he was looking at my mate, watching her dance, the sway of her hips, or the sexual grinding against a male that would be dead if he didn't take his hands off of her soon.

"My mate is here," I snarled through gritted teeth, watching the display of naughty affection on the dance floor. My woman was out there dancing with god knows who and I would be damned to allow it to go on any longer whether in my presence or not!

"Kale, where are you going?" Travis whispered, to the human ear his question would have been drowned out by the sound of the music, but having supernatural hearing as our kind does, I was able to hear him as if he was standing right next to me shouting. Glaring at Travis as I realized I had stood up in the heat of the moment, slowly sitting down, while gripping the ends of the table, trying to disperse some of my anger and jealousy at the table and not the human that she was unwittingly dancing the lure of lust and sex with on the dance floor. Though to humans this is senseless and means nothing; to me and my clan this is a dance that Only Mates do together as one Forever!

"Travis, my mate is out there dancing with some guy who probably has his hands all over her. How can you expect me to be okay with this?" Travis smirked, because he was not in the predicament that I was presently in-Knowing my mate was out there and trying to keep from killing the men that she was surrounded by on the dance floor.

"How do you know she's on the dance floor and not at the bar? Or sitting in a booth?"

"Or maybe she's being fucked in the bathroom." Travis chuckled running a hand through his blond curls on top of his head. I shook my head at him and his nonsense while saying. "Why am I even listening to you? I believe I'm the alpha and you're the beta."

"Cause I'm your best friend and sounding board that helps you to not make any drastic decisions. Besides if I let you do something drastic, like taking your woman and being all cave man with her, your mother would kill me and your father would probably take my title away. So, I will advise you to calm the fuck down!"


"So, Samantha I know you don't have my black ass in a club, sipping these fruity ass drinks, while you're over there drinking a ginger ale and ignoring every dance request you get." Marie shouted over the music before scanning the dance floor once again looking for something or someone, she just did not know who or what at the moment; but vowed to find them this night and get full satisfaction that curled her toes like it did once upon a time-even if it was on those sporadic occasions when her batteries were fully charged and her main squeeze took her to heights that she yearned for a man-her man to take her to and beyond-Damn she needed to get sexed so good and so long that she lost her voice, even if it would be her first time Ever!


I looked over at my best friend, wondering why I had pulled her out here with me tonight; when I really didn't want to be out here myself, but there was some kind of urge to come to this particular club at this specific time. I couldn't explain it to myself, so how could I possibly give Marie an explanation to my madness. She already thought of me as crazy, now I began to think that maybe I was?

Maybe I was crazy to get myself all dressed up inside and out, just to sit in a bar and sip ginger ale with my best friend who was starting to get more than a little tipsy. Though, that tingling, vibrating feeling coursing through my entire body from my head to my feet since earlier was only escalating as the night went on, drawing me closer to it and further away from my normal sensible self

"Samantha, get your white ass up and go dance with someone. I'm tired of watching you look like a confused puppy." I rolled my eyes at Marie and said to her.

"You're just mad because you wore a tight dress and can barely breathe in it." Marie smirked with a shrug. My best friend was what you would call the whole package in a woman that could have Any man she wanted. She had long dark brown hair, with some weave sewn in that looked as natural as her own hair, so I always questioned her as to the reason behind the weave when she already had long beautiful hair. With beautiful almond shape brown eyes, high cheekbones and a body to kill for, with dimples just adding another layer of chocolate icing on the tiers of her cake height of 5'9.

As for me, well I'm 6'1 with a body that is just right for me, though to me I could lose a few pounds, which I'm in the process of doing (So far I have lost ten of the extra pounds that I feel I am carrying around). Anyway, I have long brunette hair, breasts well let's just say that they're in the double dd's now, with brown eyes and pale, but yet semi tan skin. I find myself beautiful, but I'm simpler to look at than Marie.

"Girl, are you doing that comparing thing between the two of us again?" She asked eyeing me over her apple martini. I laughed out loud, Marie knew me so well that it was scary at times also calming due to the fact that she is my best friend and I can count on her for anything!

"Stop reading my mind, damn bitch." I said while laughing still.

"I'm not reading your mind, but your face shows what you are thinking. Always has bitch." She said as she stood up with a smile on her face, running a hand through her hair before she took my drink out of my hand and set it behind the bar. She then grabbed me by the arm and jerked me out of my seat and began to steer me towards the crowded dance floor with her. Yes, I was taller than her; but No, I couldn't over power her. This girl did wrestling in high school and just got home from active duty in the Navy.

"Where are you taking me?" I groaned, but the music was too loud and the question was rhetorical to say the least, as we were at a dance club. She was taking me to the heart of the dance floor, once we got there, the smell of sweat and perfume surrounded me as the music seemed to overcome me and enter into my bloodstream as it coursed and began to move me rather I wanted to dance to the beats or not.

Marie started grinding her hips against some random guy while completely ignoring my existence while I awkwardly moved to the music at first. I couldn't help the feeling of having eyes watching my every move from the back. My dress wasn't that short and my boobs were somewhat hid, well as covered as they were going to be in this tight dress.

God, I just want to go home now, but by the look on Maries' face I knew I was screwed for at least another hour, as she began to let the drinks that she had consumed take over as she began to take over the dance floor with her sexual moves.


"She's right there," I said to Travis as the tall beauty came into view. Travis's growl caused me to mournfully rip my eyes away from my mate. I looked at my best friend, whose face was strained; fists were clenched tightly into his palms while his blue eyes had turned black as his wolf came to the forefront due to his mate releasing a scent that only he could pick up on.

"Shit, your mate's here too isn't she?" I asked. Travis growled again and stood up, just as I did a few minutes ago. Oh, how the tables have turned and he was also bitten with the love bug of the call of his mate.

"Which one's yours?" I asked him as I stood next to him.

"The ebony beauty dancing, if that is what they call it now next to the shy one that is your mate." He snarled watching as some guy moved his hands up and down the woman's body. My senses went on full alert as a man from across the bar made his way over to his woman.

"Well, she is a beauty, both of our women are." Travis chuckled with a glance in my direction.

"I know I'm not the only one who's itching to go and kill the men who have their hands all over our women." Oh, it took every bit of control not to go over there and rip the guys to shreds. I didn't want to scare my mate before I even got her name.

"Shut up! Let's go over there and collect our mates." I said as I began walking towards the future love of my life.

"Something tells me, we both are about to acquire reluctant women, who do not take being control led well." Travis advised as we got closer.

"Well, I guess they're going to learn. Ropes, spankings, nipple clamps, you know, the works. Women love dominant men, no matter what façade they put up."

"Hopefully it doesn't have to come to that, but it would be very, very pleasurable for us if and when It does."

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