tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKalee Experiences Nude Day

Kalee Experiences Nude Day


Saying Karlee was sexy seemed such a vast understatement. Her petite frame said as much about her as her sensual way of walking down the corridor. She did not dress in a fashion to call attention to herself, nothing low cut or overly short, but the dark stockings that left a gap below her skirt line, the lace and silk that clung to curves in inexplicable ways were undeniably eye catching. Karlee was demur though, inexperienced and had been taken advantage of on more than one occasion by boys and men alike. They knew that no matter what they did, she would forgive, forget and treat them as though nothing had happened. That was until Nude Day.

It was no great surprise that on Nude Day, there were many eyes on Karlee, man or woman, it did not seem to matter. There seemed a buzz in the air as if there were some great plot to expose the tender flesh of this young lovely for all to see. Little did most realize that there were several groups vying to be the first, and that photos were necessary to prove the bet had been won. If they had but asked, they might have found her a willing subject, her proclivities extended to enjoying the camera, if she were in control of that which was taken.

It was not yet noon when the first attempt failed. A group of boys, closer to Karlee's age than their actions implied, trapped her on her way out of the ladies room. One boy, in a fit of sexually charged tension, reached for Karlee's arm, close to her breast. He eyes landed on his hand, its proximity to the black lace trimmed camisole under her jacket, and what lie beneath that camisole were his sole focus when Karlee twisted his finger to remove his hand. Nothing had been asked and she had no intention of waiting to hear as her heels echoed down the hall.

One boy called in a jeer, "It's Nude Day Karlee, come on!" There was a chorus of chuckles and derision that followed the comment, but Karlee did not hear it.

She found a close friend in her biology class and told her of her trauma. She had not stopped shivering when her instructor made his way to her seat. He had noticed her shaking and there was something amiss. Karlee was normally upbeat, engaging and happy. To see her now, she might have been some one else entirely.

"Karlee, are you ok?" As Professor Haan was about to put his hand near her shoulder, he saw her shrink away from him. He had not had physical contact with many of his students; the classroom was usually well over 100. General Education credits always caused a swell in his number, especially in the second semester, for those needing credits to graduate.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to upset you further." The professor lowered his hand and kneeled down to her level in the seat. She was a very pretty girl, stunningly so, the porcelain skin of a magazine model. Excepting her height, she could easily be walking a runway. She had terrific fashion sense, or someone in her life that assisted in that regard. The professor succumbed to a few unintended dreams where Karlee made an appearance, but he was still her instructor, she wasn't the first, he doubted she would be the last that might arouse his masculinity.

The formerly unruly class settled into their seats and Professor Haan lost his chance at a private conversation. While the bustle was settling, he asked Karlee to come to his office after her last class. If she had night classes, he was unaware. Not many opted for them these days, not much of a need when there were mass classes during the daylight hours. She did not respond to his offer, making eye contact only to confirm that she had heard him. He walked away wondering what could have caused this, beginning his lesson.

He had intended to keep tabs on Karlee during his class, but the lecture was filled with questions and more than a few arguments over the necessity of his class. Professor Haan had heard it all before, taking it in stride and moving ahead, he had to get through the material. As the noise level rose, his raised his voice reaffirming assignments to the class. This was the second iteration, no one had any excuse for missing any deadlines as the material and expectations were also in the syllabus.

He looked for Karlee, but she and most of the other students were out of sight before the class officially ended. He did not trouble himself too much over this; anything could have set her into her funk. The professor gathered his notes and headed to his office.

Outside the class, the second impact of Nude Day awaited Karlee. She had not fully recovered from the first and was as blind-sided by this as she had been earlier. Jed Klein was a good-looking senior, only a year ahead of Karlee. When he had transferred in from a Junior College last year, Karlee had been very taken by him. They had gone out a few times with friends, only once on their own. Everything that Karlee had liked about Jed had disappeared when the two had gotten to the restaurant. He was no longer fun or funny, no longer interested in what she had to say and far too 'hands on' for her liking. He was an opinioned bigot in Karlee's eyes, something she could not stand. Though planning on attending a movie following dinner, Karlee cut the date short. She had given Jed a piece of her mind, rather than the piece to which he thought he was entitled. A cab was a much better option than his company on the ride home. He hadn't contacted her again, and for that Karlee was thankful.

Now he stood blocking her way, flanked by a few of his buddies. His pals seemed more interested in watching the rest of the campus, as they had their backs to Karlee and Jed.

"So, what's this I hear about you posing for Playboy this summer?" Jed had that sickeningly evil grin that so turned her stomach. "I thought you weren't into that sort of thing? Why not give us a peek now, it's Nude Day!"

Karlee wondered how that news had traveled so quickly to the worst possible destination. "Jed, have you always been this much of an ass and just hidden for this long? Get out of my way." She was trembling, but she didn't know if he could see it. If he kept her here by force, someone would hear her scream in the next county.

"Take it easy, ya lil bitch. I just wanted to scope out which color panties you wore for me today?" As if on cue, the other two boys turned around and moved to block her in. Jed had his hand on the hem of her skirt as she pulled back, but her shoulders wouldn't budge against the brick wall. One of the boys had a camera and snapped a shot as Jed lifted her skirt.

Surprised shown on all of their faces as Jed suddenly moved backwards and tumbled onto the sidewalk. Professor Haan looked quickly at Karlee to affirm she was not hurt and then quickly tried to identify the other two involved. On was Phillip Lester from his Botany class, the other boy, he didn't know.

"Phillip, Jed and YOU, young man, follow me, we have an appointment with the Dean, NOW!" Professor Haan's face had turned beet red in the few seconds it took to dismantle the trio. "Karlee, I heard the majority of it, but I think you should come to the Dean's with us. He'd value your account more than mine."

It was an ordeal in the Dean's office, Jed was suspended for three weeks, and the other two were seen as unwitting accomplices who claimed no knowledge of Jed's intentions. Despite the Professor's input, both the Phillip and Shaun were given probation. Karlee seemed stunned by the punishment. No one could determine if she thought it too light or too harsh. Professor Haan walked her to her next class, which she insisted on attending.

"Karlee, what was all that about?" He had rolled through most of the plausible explanations, jilted boyfriend, something spread about his girlfriend? He didn't see that any of it fit Karlee.

"I -- I really don't know. Jed and I went out a few times, last year..." She was trying desperately not to cry, but the tears were forming along her lower lashes. "I just don't know." And then the floodgates opened.

The professor looked on at his student and resisted the urge to comfort her. He had seen how she had reacted to a friendly touch, but witnessing what had happened following class, he kept a professional distance for both their sakes. After several minutes she collected herself and searched her bag for a tissue, dabbing her eyes.

"I suppose I look a mess." Karlee looked up at her professor, she hadn't realized how tall he was, and their interaction had never been this close. "Thank you, thank you for helping me." There was a brief recurrence of the tears before Karlee was ready to walk along again.

"You've never looked a mess, Karlee. Not even now..." He opened the building door for her. "Are you certain you don't want to take a pass today? The Dean would issue you an excuse for the remainder of the day."

"No, no, I crammed all night for this test. I have to take it before all the material leaks out of my ears." She forced a small giggle, something Professor Haan had come to recognize in his class.

"The offer stands, if you need to speak with someone." She nodded politely and turned to head off to her class. He watched her disappear, as she turned down the main hall to her next class. She did not turn back.

Fortunately for Karlee, her class was quiet, save for the instructions to begin the test. She took deep breaths and began working, attempting to forget everything and concentrate only on the material before her. It worked, with only a few slight exceptions and she was on her way out and probably home. Karlee stopped to consider seeing Professor Haan for a moment, but she thought better of it. She would be happy to have this day over and home seemed the place to conclude it.

Perhaps if she had gone to see the professor, she might have avoided it, there is really no telling. The fact is she continued on her normal routine, straight into their hands.

Samantha and Beth were standing by the doors to the building, cell phone out, chatting away while they texted. It was the same sight you would expect after a test, especially one that took the entire hour. Karlee felt the familiar urge to call or message, but again, ending the day was in her sights, she would feel more comfortable once she was home. It was not odd that the two girls were behind her as she walked toward the parking lot. She had parked closer to her last class. It made the first class a long walk, but she was glad she could see her car now. Karlee was almost home.

"Karlee, is this yours?" Beth was holding a notebook up as Karlee turned to look. "I just about tripped over it on the walkway."

Her vision was interrupted quickly, as something dark was brought around or over her head from behind. Strong hands gripped her wrists as another secured her eyesight as well as her mouth. In no time she was moving, voices whispering around her. She recognized Jed immediately, and her mouth went dry. Revenge, she thought, this is all about revenge -- or was it? Did Jed know the three boys who had come onto her earlier today? What the hell was going on?

She felt her skirt go up, a hand on her thigh, a disgustingly sick licking of the lips, over exaggerated for her. Sucking noises groans and moans that had her feeling her lunch begin to escape. She sensed the flash of cameras; hard to miss when your hearing is so keen. Cell phones had such a distinct capturing noise, she mused on this, having never realized it before. She struggled against the hands holding her wrists, only to be rewarded with a much tighter grip; numbness began to spread to her fingers. Karlee tried not to panic, but her heart would not hear of it, her pulse continued to rise.

When they arrived at their destination, the hand over her mouth loosened enough that she let out a fragmented scream before two hands clamped down hard enough to suffocate her.

"You want to make it through this? Shut the fuck up." The hands moved enough to allow her to breathe and she heaved the air in through the black cloth covering her face. "I don't care if you wanted to pose for Playboy, slut, you are about to pose for me!"

They hadn't gone far before she felt hands reaching for her skirt; it came down as her jacket was being pulled off. Each time she struggled, something hard and cold smacked her across the ass. It shocked her at first, and then the stink was replaced by pain. It only took three times for her behavior to alter. She did not struggle. Indeed, she did want to make it through this, whatever this might be -- she would make it through.

The picture taking began in earnest now, several photos. She heard the cameras moving around her as someone began removing her stockings. Karlee allowed it, would allow almost anything now. She needed to survive. She moved slightly, almost posing. Jed was the first to recognize it. She heard the faint whispers as first one hand was freed, then the other. It was a reward for her part in this, she hoped. So she arched her back, hearing several more camera shots. Hands on her knees, more electronic shutters emerged.

Was this all they had wanted, pictures of her in her underwear?

She pulled up her cami, ready to show more skin, and heard the deep intake of breath from several sources. They seemed to be waiting for her -- wondering if they would get more. Karlee reached for her head, wanting to remove her restraint, but hands came quickly to secure her wrists again.

She felt a cold shiver as the back of her cami was cut, knife or scissors did not matter, and either was sharp enough to do her damage. She stopped as the gravity of the situation penetrated another layer. She had to be smart here. She leaned forward and caught the camisole in her hands, trapping it between her breasts and her hands. First one hand removed a strap then alternating the camisole was free, except for her grip.

Carefully, she began to roll the fabric in her hands, keeping her nipples and most of her breasts covered. When she was down to a bare strip stretched across her nipples, hiding a minimal amount of her curves, another chill as her panties were sliced away on the left. Her instinct took over as she grabbed the silk and covered herself. The other side waistband was cut and her hands and arms struggled to cover her pussy and breasts. She could do nothing as pressure pulled away the only thing between her flesh and fingers.

First the remnant of the camisole was slowly tugged across her now hardening nipples, and finally from below, the same pressure slid the sliced panties from her skin.

The photos began again, it took time, but she warmed to the idea. She would never have considered it a turn on to be this central in the attention of others, naked, but Karlee fantasized often about being taken forcefully, even anonymously. This was real, though, and the difference was very clear. She began to pose again, still keeping her most private parts hidden from view. There was a musty or musky smell in the room, perhaps it wasn't the room, and just it's inhabitants.

She felt her fingers being pried carefully from her breasts, not rough hands, and a woman's hands. They peeled her protection away from her chest, only to cover it with wanting fingers. The smell of feminine fragrances hit her nose as fingers pulled at her pebbled nipples, massaging her breasts. These were hands that knew the way to please a woman, being women themselves. Karlee could hear the heavy sounds of the men in the room. Not moans, just reactions to the overt contact of the women. Karlee not only enjoyed the attention, she wrapped her hands around theirs, urging them on, pulling a head closer. Soon lips took in her sensitive nipples, warming and sucking them. The hand that had been covering her sex, moved rhythmically to touch of the women as they attended to her breasts. She could feel the wetness at her fingertips, and unabashed, began to submerge entire finger lengths into her pussy, rubbing her clit as she plummeted into the feeling that surrounded her body.

She was so enjoying the feeling of masturbation, that she had not recognized the additional hands below her waist until they invaded her. They were brutish, rough, the hands of a man. But she welcomed them, wanted them, and rode them feverishly. She wanted to cum on them, soak them, and fuck them until she could no longer stand. The hands were obliging, fucking her deep and hard, brutally hard, though she wanted more.

She felt the two cocks almost simultaneously. One pressed hard against her ass, the other finding her pussy a welcoming hole. She would have dismissed the cock at her rear entry, told him to take a flying fuck, that her ass wasn't to be played with, but she barely felt the pain of entry as orgasm overtook her. She was a mess of spasms and profanity as the heat of the evening burned it's brightest. It was all the cock in her pussy needed to let loose it's stream of thanks, as the overflow dripped down her thighs. It puddled on the damp floor as she clamped down tight on the other cock, wanting to crush it, stop it from harming her, only to have it unload as well. She reached behind and squeezed the balls long and hard, hoping that it was a reprimand; a punishment for taking her ass so blatantly, not thinking that it might be encouragement.

She lost her hood soon after, scrambling to collect the useful articles of clothing, even grabbing the other evidence. It was a longer walk to her car, but the jacket covered her enough, the skirt kept her ass from showing to traffic. She found her car just as Professor Haan walked through the lot, watching her for some sign, which Karlee did not give.

Karlee sat in her car, three times, now four checking the door locks, assuring they were engaged; the back seat empty. She looked down at the wadded up remains of her undergarments and laughed. It's not as though they could have saved her, they were little protection in such an assault. Even now, after than long walk, there was wetness other than her own inside her. She had felt most of the assailant's cum drip down her thighs as she walked, a constant reminder of her ordeal. Karlee reminded herself that she had walked away; she had to hold onto that. She reached up to grab the wheel and the tremor in her hands became worse. It did not matter that the jacket did not cover her any longer, she was safe for the moment in the dimly lit car, a distant parking lot light allowed her to move to her purse and recover her keys. She turned them over in her hands, they might be something foreign to her, and they did not feel real, only the recurring sensations of her tremors seemed real.

Karlee wondered if any of the attending party knew she had come with the cock so brutally inserted into her ass. It had not caused her orgasm, but it had forced the cum from her, shocked her into it. The grip of her ass on that penis had been more from her finding release than a reprimand, but she no more wanted that violation than she had intended to cum from the ministrations of the unseen foursome. They seemed intent on the photos as well, this was not the first time Jed had tried today, but he seemed intent on getting his way with her. Why, she wondered, why today? And why had she not gone to see Professor Haan... She had walked blindly into the trap and now, now the result was pooling between her legs and dripping on the lining of her skirt.

The rap on her window scared her more than anything that evening and her mind went to protection before she turned with her keys laced in her fingers to see the Professor at her window, a look of worry across his brow that only intensified as she turned with her keys at the ready. She did not seem to recognize him immediately. The professor saw a blank look in her eyes, worse than anything he had seen earlier. He noted the bruising around her wrist as his eyes traveled from her hand to her coat. He might have stared longer, but her coat was open, her left breast visible, and her nipple hard. She neither seemed to notice nor to care that she was exposed. Everything he saw raised an alarm.

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