Kalee Experiences Nude Day


"Karlee, I want to get you some help. I'm going to call someone and get you some help."

Her head was shaking back and forth, telling him no. She no longer kept eye contact. She did not try to adjust her coat.

"Karlee, you need help, let me just get someone here, it's up to you if you don't want to talk to them, ok?"

Again she shook her head no and the words were mouthed twice before he could hear her say it. "No."

"I don't think you are in any state --"

"NO, No, no, no!" She looked at him now, the keys in her hand brandished for him to see.

"Come out of the car and we'll talk about it." He was pleading with her, ready to call on her behalf the moment he had the opportunity.

It seemed hours before he could convince her to leave her vehicle, she continued to check the doors, the seats, the other cars, anyone on foot. She resembled a caged animal, frightened by everything, afraid someone would poke her with a stick from any and all directions. He did not know how real that feeling was for her. How she struggled with the pleasure and the pain of it. How Karlee hated herself for her own pleasure in the heat of those moments and that she was thinking of repeating it.

They stopped at the restroom and Karlee took his hand as she pulled him inside. It was late and empty, he preferred not to leave her alone. She dropped the jacket as they moved inside, lifting her skirt as she moved into the stall. He watched her bare back and a hint of her profile as she entered the stall. She had not cried as before and this worried him. He picked up her coat, looking away from the stall as he waited. She emerged from the stall naked. He did not know where her skirt had been left, but he surmised she wanted to be rid of it.

Karlee was every bit as attractive as he had imagined, though he had never considered he might be alone with her naked. He attempted to conceal his appreciation of her by returning her jacket. She gave him a look.

"Is this what you wanted to see? Is this what everyone wanted to see today?" She looked him in the eye, a wicked smile playing on her lips.

"Did you want to fuck me too? I'd never been fucked in the ass before... Is that what you want, or just the pictures?"

She walked toward him as if stalking prey. He avoided her, as her footing was not solid. She seemed ready to topple over.

Karlee managed to brush his slack while trying to grab him by the genitals. She seemed intent on verifying that he was turned on, wanting to punish someone for the crimes committed against her.

"You're turned on, aren't you Pro-fes-sor? " She let him move away from her. "I always thought you had a hard on for me."

It was not long after than she awoke. She did not remember walking to his office, had he carried her? She could remember little more than her name for a moment, and little by little the evening resumed its playback in her head. The tears began in earnest then, and she felt the hands of the professor as he held her against his chest.

There was a sobbing of the details, much left out, but the outline became clear, the who's and the what's crystal clear. He held her for some time, long after the tears were tracks on her reddened cheeks. He'd dressed her in his work out gear, nothing fancy, but clean, never made it to the gym this morning. It was thin, but it did not hide her figure. He could feel her the curve of her body next to his, and the tracksuit did little to cover the warmth of her breasts against his chest. It was like have a thin bed sheet between them.

She seemed content to stay in his arms; her tears were little more than short gasps at uneven intervals. He moved to hold her at arm's length; she only clung to him tighter. In the moments that followed, Professor Haan did not read the signs correctly. If he had, he would have removed himself from their clinch. It was not the hand that had made its way behind his neck that startled him; it was the way it drew his face to hers. The kiss was only a peck, if he had turned his face, it would have amounted to an unintentionally placed thank you. It landed on his lips, and the peck was much more than a thank you, it searched his mouth for the answers to all the questions. He should have turned, should have said no. Could he really be rationalizing that he was comforting her?

The hand that found his lap was almost welcomed. Their kiss had stirred him more than the sight of her unclothed body. He did not remove it, hoping that by some twist of fate she would realize that this was not wise and apologize for her behavior. It became clear as her hand moved with skill along the shaft of his cock, that she was very aware of what she was about.

"Karlee, we can't do this." He was losing his will to resist, one last-ditch effort to regain his sanity.

She gripped him hard as her mouth sealed his shut, her hand finding his zipper and struggling to free him. In a moment her lips moved straight to his cock and she began to suck him off. She did not want him inside her, just wanted control for now. She wanted to make him cum, suck him off -- not to thank him, but to regain control over something, and that something was his cock.

She was sucking his head, moving her fisted hand along his shaft as she attended to the sensitive skin. He was hard when she grabbed him; she knew she could take him now. She moved her hair and looked up at him as she bobbed up and down along his veined shaft. There was little doubt that he would give in to her; he had passed the point of refusal long ago. She spit into her hand and then was back, shoving him to the back of her throat, rubbing that tender head along the roof of her mouth, along the side of her cheek, pulling it completely inside her mouth while she watched him. Just as he began to cum, she lifted her head and watched the explosion as it covered his belly, returning to attend to the purple head as he squirmed, the sensations overly intense. She reached into her purse and pulled out her phone, snapping a shot of his exposed hard on and the leak of cum that covered him. She then attended to the cum, cleaning him up, stroking his shaft slowly, extracting the last pearls of it, captured by her mouth.

"I heard today was Nude Day. I never thought it would be me at the center of it." She collected her things and walked to her car yet again. She was no longer afraid of the experience, more than a little exhilarated by it. She blew the professor a kiss as she walked out the door, on her way. The night was young, she might need to clean up, before she hit the town. Maybe someone else was in need of a photo. She unzipped the pofessor's jacket, enjoying the cool breeze on her skin, exposed for anyone to see. She would enjoy Nude Day this year!

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by Anonymous

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by missmixalot08/16/17

Very nice

A very sexy story

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