tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKali's Fun Fittings Ch. 02

Kali's Fun Fittings Ch. 02


Kristina turned the key in the dressing room lock.

"It certainly got quiet all of a sudden in there," she thought to herself, wondering if perhaps they heard her outside the door.

Kristina had been listening intently to the lewd sounds of her new hire, Kali, and a new customer named Peter, that had been coming from the room. Kristina was glad there were no other customers present in the shop because the loud sounds of wet sucking could easily be heard through the dressing room doors.

"That little tart..." Kristina whispered to herself a sly smile spreading on her angelic face. "Think you can play around without my permission? We'll see about that."

Kristina turned the knob to the dressing room and pushed the door open wide. The site she was greeted with was about what she expected, she had caught them in the act and in the middle of Peter's orgasm no less.

"Perfect." She thought wickedly to herself.

Upon entering Kristina's sparkling eyes were drawn to the thick ropes of pearly cum erupting from Peter's erect cock, flying forcefully into the air to arc up by his head and come raining down with a satisfying wet noise all over Kali's beautiful face. The girl was already absolutely soaked down to her heaving chest with Peter's glistening seed, the pearls of hot cum running down the slope of her breasts slipping into the cleft between her breasts soaking her dress and bra. Kali's flushed face was turned up-right to catch as many steamy shots of cum as she could, not that there seemed to be any escape from Peter's runaway cannon. As Kristina stared with growing lust she realized the look of pure bliss on Kali's face wasn't just from the joy of her present cum shower. The helpless girl's hips shook violently, her breathless gasps from her cum covered lips, and the puddle growing on the floor below her told Kristina this girl was cumming her brains out.

"Time to stir the pot." Kristina thought, relishing the idea of toying with these two. She shouted, "What do you two think you are doing!?" while wearing her best angry boss face. "Kali! Your job is to help DRESS the customers, not to UNDRESS them!"

"Oh fuck!", both Kali and Peter gasped in surprise.

Kali's sudden exclamation caused a bubble to form on her cum covered lips, bursting just a moment later with a slight popping sound in the momentarily silent room. Kristina was glad that Kali's eyes were closed tightly coated in a thick layer of Peter's sticky cum, because she almost lost her composure and had to fight to hold back from laughing hard at seeing that.

"Uhh uhhhh, I'm... ugggg... ahh ahhh...," Peter was struggling to get anything intelligent to come out of his mouth, despite the surprise of Kristina's entrance his cock wasn't finished yet and continued firing shot after shot.

Kristina was barely managing to contain her laughter at the ridiculous sight of Peter turning to face her, his arms outstretched as if to ward off any forthcoming assault, his hips still jerking as he came, all while his eyes were half rolled back in his head. He was trying to talk but only managed to make grunts and noises in between one or two disjointed words. When Peter turned towards Kristina Kali had also lost the hard cock she had been leaning against and subsequently, the only support she had while in the throes of her own ongoing orgasm. Kali slipped weakly to the floor, her now empty hands seeking out her slippery cum covered tits to grab them roughly. The waves of her continuing orgasm fogging her mind, Kali caressed herself furiously as she shuddered on the ground, her face against the floor while she continued to gasp out her pleasure. Squeezing and kneading her soft breasts she managed to slip one young teet out in her cum drunk frenzy, the hardened tip writing erratic patterns in the pool of cum beneath her as she molested her tender flesh. Her knees still remaining where they were, Kali's gorgeous ass stuck proudly in the air displaying her absolutely soaked panties, sopping wet with her girly cream, as her hips continued to roll and quake involuntarily.

Kristina only had a moment to take this scene in before she felt something hot strike her exposed shin. She glanced down in time to see something splatter wetly against her waistline darkening her flowery dress where it hit. She looked up as it hit her, both the realization that Peter was still cumming, and one of Peter's last shots. "Oh, fuck me...," she managed to get out as she watched, time slowing down for a moment as another blast from this kid's lively cock come flying towards her and landed with a loud wet splat right in the unprotected cleavage of her incredible tits. Peter's hot juice trickled down between Kristina's breasts and continued to slide down the impressive curves of her ample tits, running across her smooth skin, leaving a trail of cooling fire as it went, the dampness nearly reaching her quarter sized areolas surrounding her hardening light pink nipples.

Kristina stood slightly shocked, feeling the heat from Peter's cum spread across her skin. A sudden twinge in her girly parts and a barely audible but throaty growl escaped from her throat as she looked at both of these trouble makers through half open lust drugged eyes.

"I'm... I'm so sorry Ma'am... I mean I... we...," Peter was weakly stammering at Kristina as he collapsed on the fitting room bench, both he and his cock finally spent. Neither of them able to spit out anything useful.

Kristina quickly collected herself and looked at Peter, "Oh you and that cock aren't done yet little boy!" she thought to herself, but said using her angry manager voice to Peter, "Sir, look at this mess!" Then turning to Kali, who was laying on her side frantically trying to wipe the cum from her eyes so she could see, " ...And you, explain yourself! This is your first day here, is this kind of wanton behavior that I can expect out of you from now on?"

Kali tried to prop herself up still weak from her orgasm to try and answer Kristina, her left breast swinging freely as she did so having been popped out of her clothing when she succumbed to the pleasure and had started roughly groping her own supple tits. Her breast wiggled enticingly, still glistening with cum and her turgid mocha colored nipple betrayed how turned on she still was as she tried to answer, "I'm sorry Kristina... I just..."

"Just what?" Kristina continuing to fake her anger, probed at Kali.

"It's just that, I got so turned on when I saw how hard Peter was getting while he talked to you!" she started rambling, "I mean he was staring constantly at your huge rack, and when I walked up his boner was so obvious, I wanted soooooo bad to see what was making such a nice tent, and... and then by the clothes rack... he... he started dry humping against me!" Kali tried to divert some of the blame from herself. "I was just trying to help him out with a stain, but when I took him into the fitting room... he was still having a little, well not so little, problem... and I tried to look and see if there was anything I could do to help the poor boy, but well..., look at me. "Kali motioned to her cum drenched state, noticing then that her breast was still on full display, she continued talking as she tried to tuck her ample titty back into hiding. "I just thought... ya know, If I could just release a little... pressure", she said trying to think of the right words," I thought it would be ok..." Kali trailed off thinking how bad this excuse must sound.

Kristina now with a hint of a smile, her boss act wavering slightly said, "Relieve some 'Pressure'? How exactly did you think that was going to turn out? You are familiar with what happens when you play with a young man's hard throbbing cock aren't you?"

"Yeah!" Kali continued, blushing under her recent facial, "but, I mean... well look at his nuts! They're freaking huge! I didn't mean to make such a mess in here but, this guy doesn't have a dick he has a rocket launcher between his legs and he's using a fuckin' infinite ammo cheat or something! What was I supposed to do with that thing?!" Kali exclaimed getting flustered, not wanting Kristina to become aware of her lack of actual experience with a hard cock, or boys for that matter. She truly didn't realize how much of a mess a guy was likely to make, let alone Peter's over performing equipment. She hadn't even seen any porn that would have given her a realistic idea of the volume of hot cum she could coax from the shy young man's enthusiastic dick, much preferring to watch what was commonly called 'Hentai', and even she knew that you couldn't have any realistic expectations there.

Kali's thoughts betrayed her nerdy, shy nature. Her love of sex, and fondness of balls having been entirely in her mind up until today, and what a freakin' crazy day so far! Her perverseness belied her actual innocence. Sadly, Kali thought to herself, the hottest 'date' she'd even had before had been a Friday night raiding with some friends on her favorite MMORPG. She'd worked her trusty vibe inside her, turning it on to high as punishment any time she wiped on a pull and had to wait to turn it off only once she got a rez. She'd been playing topless, after all no one could see her but with voice chat on they could hear her if she let herself make too much noise. Since her guild typically raided for about 4 hours on raid nights keeping her moans quiet became very, very hard as Kali became very, very wet. That night culminated with her having to slam the mute button to hide her whimpering and squeals as the 4 hours of hiding her lust hit their peak and she came hard.

Her hands gripped the table hard shaking it wildly while she ground her pussy into the chair on the vibe. She'd also smashed her tits against the keyboard the cold keys sending tingles through her hot, hard nipples and accidently typing out some gibberish message to her guild mates and sending her character into a suicide run right into a group of angry MOBs. Her character may have died, but it was Kali that had just gone to heaven. Thankfully, everyone just assumed Kali had fallen asleep at the keyboard and suggested she go get some sleep, which she did. She replayed the last 4 hours in her dream, except that everyone she played with were completely aware of what was going on and could see her the whole time. She desperately needed a shower the next morning while she washed her soaked sheets.

Kali tried to keep her gamer girl persona to a minimum in public. Some mistaken illusion that intelligent or nerdy gamer girls weren't attractive. Unfortunately, her assumptions on the issue had also made it harder for her to connect with people and made it even harder for her to jump into the dating game. Exasperating her level of inexperience with any kind of intimacy.

While these thoughts flashed through young Kali's mind, Kristina stood tantalized by Kali's comments, sensing the girls' inexperience but, she decided to investigate into that later. For the moment she turned her gaze towards Peter curious about Kali's interest in his balls, and looked a little closer than before at his crotch. "Damn boy!" she let slip out loud, when she noticed Peter's huge nuts. They'd been harder to see from behind when she walked in but, now with him sitting, his cock jutting up half erect out of the way and his sack resting on the bench between his open legs she had a clear view of some of the largest balls she had ever seen. "It's no wonder you two made such a mess of my dressing room with a fat set of balls like those! You absolutely hosed the place!" Turning to Kali again, "Don't think I didn't notice the puddle you made yourself, Kali."

At this Kali snapped out of her introverted mental trip and actually looked a little confused until she looked down, realizing she had in fact made quite the puddle. "Oh! Oh fuck!" she gasped. "I've never done that before!"

"Really? Well, now that's pretty impressive then." Kristina said to Kali, while she eyed Peter evilly. "Kali!" Kristina suddenly said very loudly, "Take these and go lock the front.", and she handed Kali the store keys.

Kali looked blankly at Kristina for a moment before the older girl snapped at her and pointed to the door. Kali hurried to her feet and took the keys and started to head to the store front as she was told, still confused but not wanting to lose her job just yet, when Kristina stopped her at the dressing room door.

"Where do you think you're going looking like that?" Kristina asked Kali in a matter of fact tone, "Your outfit is soaked and covered in cum." Kristina thought it was about time she had some fun herself too. She wasn't going to let her own subordinate have all the fun today without her. Besides, Kristina mused, she had been eying this guy first and was regretting letting the new girl take him off her hands, and thought some workplace discipline was in order. "Remove your clothes first." Kristina told Kali, her business-like demeanor returned for the moment.

"What!?" Kali exclaimed shocked but feeling a sudden rush of wetness to her always hungry pussy.

"You heard me," Kristina continued undeterred, "I can't trust you with a customer, so it seems fitting that you need some punishment to correct your behavior."

"How is that fitting!?" Kali argued, now fighting between her sense of reason and her surprise at her obviously growing arousal at the idea of having to walk across the store naked, in broad daylight.

"Quite simply," Kristina stated, her wicked smile returning to her face, "This is a clothing store, I don't want your soiled clothing giving anyone the impression of what they can expect here. It's better if you are just completely naked at this point."

"That makes no sense! This is a men's clothing store! The state of my dress shouldn't matter for that!" Kali tried to continue arguing, her resolve weakening after finally releasing her inner perv, the thought of people being able to catch sight of her naked flesh parading through the store sending chills all over her body.

"Being a men's store is all the more reason to do it then," Countered Kristina, "A beauty like you walking around naked in the store would be sure to bring in more customers. Perhaps a dress code change is in order... hmm..." Kristina continued quietly seeming to be thinking to herself.

Despite her arousal at this new line of thought Kali didn't think she could handle something quite like that. "Ok, Ok! I'll go lock the doors!" She cried out loud and Kristina acted like she snapped out of that line of thought.

Kali slowly started to undress. She was so embarrassed, but was getting more and more turned on with each passing second. This is not how she had expected this day to go. She took a deep breath and started sliding her dress off. She slipped the shoulders down, then pulled the dress down past her bra, exposing her flushed chest sticky with cum. She turned away from Kristina then and unhooked her bra, finding no safety anywhere with Kristina behind her and Peter now in front of her. She had chosen to face the meeker of the two. He had been sitting there in shock and completely quiet the whole time. She started to slowly peel her bra off her shoulders when Kristina stepped in.

"Here, let me help you." Kristina said, as she grabbed the cloth from behind and quickly yanked the bra down out of Kali's hands, the sudden motion sending Kali's tits bouncing as they popped free of the silky bra's protective cups. The sudden motion surprising Kali as she attempted mostly in vain to cover her bouncy charms. Across from her Peter sat amazed, trying to stay silent and unnoticed, witnessing all of this. When Kali's fine perky tits popped out he could feel himself stirring down below. The way they bounced around capturing his gaze, each beautiful orb of female flesh tipped with hardened little brown nipples and very little areola. It made him think of two chocolate candies topping two very large scoops of delicious cream. Even when she tried to hide her soft treasures there was still plenty spilling out around her small delicate hands.

"No! thank you! I can do it myself." Kali responded to Kristina's sudden 'assistance', and she took a deep breath.

"You might want to hurry though," Kristina reminded her, "You never know when more customers may drop in."

A small gasp escaped from Kali's trembling lips, the thought flashing in her mind of groups of men walking through the doors as she tried to make her way across the store. Naked, wet, covered in a man's cum, everything on display. She involuntarily clenched her legs together as a jolt of pleasure ran down her spine straight to her throbbing little pussy. Kali, without thinking, also went from trying to hide her breasts to softly caressing them for just a moment, but snapped out of it when her hand crossed her sensitive nipple. The stimulus bringing a cry to her lips that she managed to silence before it escaped, and she continued undressing again.

Kali removed her hands from her breasts, allowing them to swing free, her overstimulated senses making it seem like the very air of the room was caressing her every exposed curve. Her nipples drawn tight, ached with need, she yearned to touch them, squeeze them, tug on them. "This is insane," she thought, "I've never felt anything like this, and no one is even touching me!" Kali's hands continued down, trying to hurry this along. She pushed the dress down to her waist revealing her tight smooth belly, and tried to push further. She managed to push down both her dress and panties low enough to reveal a thin trail of neatly trimmed girl fur that receded teasingly towards her sweet, not so innocent, but unclaimed pussy. The dress got stuck there and she had to yank side to side, in the way that girls do when putting on such clothes that make you think they were painted on in some places. Rolling her hips and gyrating a little she tugged away, for a moment oblivious to how the violent motions were sending her bare breasts bouncing lewdly on her chest, much to the enjoyment of the other parties present. Kali struggled for about half a minute to get the dress to slide past her curvy hips and release her proud ass from its' grasp, the dress seemingly fighting to stay as near her delicious curves as long as possible. The whole time her boobs bounced and danced very much to the delight of Peter who still sat on the bench, his brain stunned, but his cock knowing exactly what it wanted was full on again.

The dress and panties finally popped free of her luscious hips and slid to the floor, revealing smooth skinned long legs. Legs that made Kristina a tad jealous, being shorter than Kali was. Kali's long legs ran right up and met at what would have been a cute little pussy, except for all the prior stimulation, including the hardest and undoubtedly wettest orgasm Kali had ever experience had already made it into something more like a dripping naughty cunt instead. Standing with her pussy lips swollen and wet, her juices still trickling from her, and her arousal making her quake slightly, Kali was at an all-time high of horniness. Standing there naked, she looked out the door towards the front of the store.

Kristina wanting to really start in on her torment of these two gave Kali a quick slap on her bare ass cheek eliciting a sexy little squeal from Kali, noticing as she did how very firm Kali's tight ass was. It barely moved, just a sexy ripple across the taut muscles of Kali's backside. Kristina wasn't exactly into girls, mostly just inclined to enjoy what she would call, 'The friendly torment', of others. Whether or not male or female.

"Well alright then, make it quick," Kristina said, turning to look at Peter, "Our customer looks like he may need to relieve some more, how did you put it? Ahhh, yes... some 'Pressure', after your little strip show. I bet those huge balls are about ready to burst already, aren't they, 'sir'?" Adding the 'sir' with a little sarcasm considering the situation.

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