tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKali's Fun Fittings Ch. 03

Kali's Fun Fittings Ch. 03


The sound of the bell's chime rang through the store.

For just a moment Kali simply froze in her tracks, her dripping pussy clenched tightly, a rush of heat welling through her and rushing to all corners of her body, the sound of the bell still ringing in her ears. The sudden realization that somebody or even somebodies were about to see her just walking casually through the store bare ass naked, covered in jizz almost made her cream herself again right there. She couldn't believe it. Someone just had to show up! Of course, she knew that the store was still open and had a few hours before it would normally be closing but, "Seriously," the panicked thought hit her. "How did my day get so crazy so fast!? Oh... Shit, I've got to hide! Where, where!?" Kali's mind raced but she had only moments and nowhere to go out on the floor, so she did the only thing she could and stepped behind a clothing rack standing next to her which was full of pants that could obscure her and buy her some time.

Just as Kali made her desperate attempt to remain unseen, in walked an older gentleman around the age of what looked like sixty-five or so to Kali. "Fuck, Oh, fuck this guy is gonna see me and call the freakin' cops or something! Oh my gosh! Then there'll be a bunch of cops here staring at me naked too! What if they, like, cuff me and drag me out of here naked!? The whole damn shopping center would be seeing me paraded around... Nak... Nak..." Kali panicking, was starting see stars and looked as though she might pass out.

The older man was still just standing at the front of the store however, and was looking around. He seemed to be looking for someone, perhaps waiting to be helped, and hadn't noticed Kali standing nude behind the clothing rack yet. If Kali hadn't been so panicked she might have noticed the wire-rimmed glasses folded and tucked into his sweater vest and could have concluded that the man's vision was not all it once was. As things stood however, Kali had no idea and was on the verge of collapsing from all this stimulation and embarrassment.

Kristina, still in the fitting room, heard the bell as well. Though surprised, she was more irritated than anything. "Damn, it was just about to get more interesting." She mumbled under her breath. She didn't need someone ruining her fun, or going to go complain to the police, or perhaps the shopping center's business operations board which would interfere with her store's business. She didn't need any of that hassle. At any rate she thought she had better step in and fix the situation, so she headed towards the front.

As soon as Kristina stepped outside the dressing room and headed up front she sized up the situation pretty well. Seeing Kali hiding behind the clothing rack scared out of her mind looking dizzy, and the older man up front waiting to be addressed. She tried to think of a simple way to ask him to leave or perhaps distract him to get Kali back to the room but came up empty until she stepped between racks and she thought she saw something. "Ahh, yes, I have an idea now." She thought, and she headed over towards Kali to give her some support. It wouldn't help if the new girl fainted and hit the floor right now.

Kali suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder as Kristina came up behind her. She gasped out loud, a sudden inhalation that caught the attention of the man at the front who turned towards them, squinting, as Kristina braced the girl, then seeing Kali would not hit the floor she shot the girl a wicked smile and stepped in close.

Kristina gave Kali a subtle, "Shhhh" and suddenly placed her hand on the girl's firm ass, palming one healthy cheek. Kali shot a nervous glance between Kristina and the man at the door but remained quiet. "Good girl." Kristina mouthed silently to Kali and turned to the customer.

"Ahh, hello there. Excuse me ladies, I didn't even see you there." The man addressed them from the doorway, only about twenty-five or thirty feet away from them both. "I dropped by to check out your store, but I couldn't find any signage out front that says whether or not you allow pets in the store."

"Only my new little pet..." Kristina thought wickedly to herself glancing at kali, but she'd noticed that the gentleman had a small dog with him. Perhaps some kind of terrier. She wasn't sure, but her store did not allow pets inside unless they were service animals. This one didn't have the telltale harness that service dogs wore when on duty for their owners, so Kristina would have to tell him that he, sadly, could not bring the dog into her store. Which gave Kristina a way to have him leave for now until he took care of the dog.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, no we don't allow pets in the store. You never know when the naughty little cuties," and giving Kali's ass a firm but subtle slap on the cheek, continued, "might cause some trouble." The spanking made Kali's eyes widen and a short squeak escaped her lips.

"Wait... is she calling me her pet?" Kali wondered dumb-struck, her flustered state making her unsure. What she became very sure about though, was that Kristina's hand was sliding down her smooth ass and trying to slip between the deliciously full cheeks of her sexy derriere. Kali's face flushed even more, and she squirmed under the woman's touch feeling her pussy quiver, trying for a moment to clench her firm buttocks together to stop the women's progress. This elicited another quick slap on her cheeks from Kristina and another startled squeak from Kali who raised one hand to cover her mouth in embarrassment.

"Are you alright young lady?" The older man asked from the door, hearing Kali and seeing her cover her mouth.

"Poor thing, she's been feeling a little under the weather actually." Kristina said trying to sound motherly and giving Kali a concerned look. Out of sight of the man, however, Kristina was doing some very unmotherly things to Kali as she more forcefully pushed on Kali's lithe legs to spread them apart giving her better access to Kali's moist treasures. The girl too nervous and turned on right now to fight it allowed Kristina's insistent hand to spread her thighs from behind as she held onto the clothing rack with one hand and continued to cup her mouth with the other.

With the situation well in hand, Kristina continued to speak to the man at the door to prolong Kali's torment without putting her in too much risk of being seen. "We'd love to have you back, of course." Kristina started in with the customer. "What were you interested in, in general? I'll try to make sure we have something to choose from when you return." She continued keeping the customer engaged to preserve kali's unwitting audience so Kali couldn't run way, while she continued the teasing of her inexperienced new hire.

"Is she really going to keep touching me while talking to him!?" Kali's brain and body were on fire. Here she stood, naked, hiding behind a clothes rack while her new boss spread her legs and was continuing to tease every bit of her tender hidden flesh, and all in front of this customer! Somehow it was even more exciting and nerve-racking than her escapade minutes ago with Peter in the dressing room. Being under someone else's control like this, knowing somebody was right there and had no idea what was happening to her, it was driving her insane. Her pussy ached so badly right now. Her little flower's nectar had started flowing freely and it was only going to get worse.

Kristina's right hand teased up and down between Kali's thighs, sliding up and down the inside of her legs, edging closer and closer to Kali's tight little twat. Kristina's hand had quickly gotten wet with the juices flowing down Kali's silky thighs, Kali's overheated skin slick all over between her shaky legs. Kristina's hand now quite wet, moved higher, its' wet index finger began to lightly tease Kali's puckered asshole, sliding smoothly between her now well lubricated cheeks. This made Kali tense up, but she didn't try to close her legs again. This deliciously wicked feeling shot straight to her core, wetting her pussy further and making her hard nipples ache with need. Now trapped by Kristina, instead of moving away, the naughty little girl closed her eyes for a moment and started to arch her back, pushing her ass up and causing her buttocks to spread further apart in a wanton display of her tight rosebud. Kali's hungry flesh trembling with an awakened need, pushed back against Kristina's finger. Kristina took note of this with some surprise and no small measure of pleasure, feeling her own still covered pussy lips dampen further. This new girl Kali was going to be fun.

Thoughts raced around in Kali's mind, "What the heck is Kristina doing!? No, what the heck am I doing!?" Kali's brain shouted silently. When she had felt the finger start to roam slowly around her cute pink butthole, and she had frozen up, that was understandable. What she didn't understand was how just a moment after that she had not only relaxed, but she felt herself pushing her ass back against the wet teasing finger that ran its' course slowly around the edge of her anus. The toned muscles of her ass and hips felt like they were on fire as she tried to fight against the motion, but the struggle against her bodies sexual needs was a losing battle and her sex starved flesh hungrily sought to find its' way towards more pleasure, and right now, this new sensation teasing her innocent bottom was ferociously pleasurable to her. Each full circle around her cute little asshole by Kristina's maddening finger made her tremble and her pussy throbbed. Kali had never thought the touch of another person could be so intense as she continued to thrust her peachy ass back further, now leaning into the clothes rack and up on her tip toes, seeking to bring further contact to her surprisingly sensitive asshole.

Kristina was thoroughly enjoying this. Her own pretty pink nipples had now been painfully erect for a good while as she teased Kali, and her pussy was throbbing and begging to be touched, teased and probed. She would not relent yet, of course. Not just because of the man still at the door, but because Kristina really liked to let her own arousal simmer and slowly build until it could not be kept from boiling over, yielding a powerful orgasm for her.

"More...I need to tease this girl MORE!" Kristina's lust for tormenting innocent Kali was growing fast and she needed to keep fueling her fire, and Kali's.

Kali felt the finger circling her backdoor move away. A sudden and surprising empty feeling fell over her, that was quickly cast aside as she felt the tormenting hand slip between her legs and firmly cup her quivering wet sex from behind. "Oh fuck!" Kali cried breathlessly as Kristina's hand continued its' calculated molestation of sweet Kali's very responsive body. Kristina found Kali's pussy was ripe and juicy, so very juicy, and Kristina's fingers split her damp folds open wide like a succulent fruit. Kristina could feel an enormous amount of heat radiate from Kali's inner petals as she extended her slender middle finger between the open, unprotected folds of Kali's pussy. She gently teased Kali's special pink places, drawing her finger back and forth through Kali's wet folds before plunging inside her.

Kali was beside herself. Her thoughts ran amok, "She put her finger in me! Oh my gosh! I'm getting finger fucked by my boss on my first day of work, and... and in front of some old guy... and... and Ooohhhh, Fuck! It's amazing! She's ..., so good at this!"

Kali at this point was too far gone to hear the Old man say, "My, she does seem to be doing badly today. Perhaps she should go home and rest?"

Kristina barely heard the man herself. At this point she had become so overcome with her desire to tease Kali into a sexual frenzy and turn her into a sopping wet mess it was becoming very hard to focus. However, though she was ultimately going to have the man leave she wasn't done with him yet. "You might be right sir." Kristina cooed. "There, there, do you need to go home and get some rest dear?" Kristina said leaning over trying to look like she was consoling Kali in her 'sickened state', but instead whispered in Kali's ear. "So, for your first day of work; you molest the first real customer you get, now you're standing here, naked, your naughty pussy dripping all over my floor while I try to talk to this nice customer. You're going to be quite the handful aren't you, Kali?" At this statement Kristina used her left hand to reach out and roughly grab one of Kali's flushed swaying breasts, "Oh yeah, quite the handful alright," and began to slide her hand along it from underneath, squeezing as she went as if milking Kali's sensitive teet, until reaching Kali's nipple where she pinched it and gave it a good tug, sending shockwaves crashing through the new girl straight to her molten pussy. Kristina's hand then returned and continued the milking motion again and again on the girl's bare tit. The rough motion sending her other breast swinging freely.

Kali could barely stand. With one of Kristina's hands stroking the juicy folds of her dripping cunt and the other violently milking her young teet like she was some kind of animal, Kali's mind swam on unending currents of sexual confusion and excitement. She'd never experienced anything like this. She heard herself making low, shuddering gasps as she struggled to remain standing during this assault. Her mind reeled at the thought of being treated like a toy, her pretty pussy a plaything meant to dance upon Kristina's fingers until she came for her boss's enjoyment. It scared and excited her further when she realized how much she was truly enjoying it, but even through her sexual haze, she felt that Kristina was being protective of her in a way. Kristina might enjoy toying with her, but Kali felt Kristina wouldn't let just anyone do this with her. Though, that thought was washed away quickly along with any other rational thoughts as Kristina's molestations continued.

Kali couldn't help herself any longer, releasing the hand covering her mouth she reached down to grasp ahold of her freely swinging right breast that was unable to receive Kristina's attentions. She kept her mouth shut, biting her lower lip as she teased her own pert tit, trying to mimic Kristina's milking motion on her previously lonely breast, ending the rough caress with a tug of her turgid nipple.

Kristina continued to pleasure Kali's full breast as she said aloud for the old man, "Yes, she does seem like she could use some rest," then quietly to Kali, "...but you aren't going to get any." The sexy promise caused Kali to whimper out loud, barely audible except to Kristina, who then quickly moved her hand, slipping her wet fingers free from Kali's steamy pussy as the girls hungry cunt spasmed trying to hold them inside her. Kristina placed the cream covered fingers that had been pumping in and out of Kali's love box back at the opening to Kali's tight, puckered asshole once again. This time, however, there was no pause or slow teasing, Kristina gently but insistently began to insert her long middle finger into Kali's twitching rosebud.

A gasp froze in Kali's throat as she felt the wet digit sink easily into her backdoor, her breath stolen at the sudden penetration of her virgin asshole. In just a moment Kristina had plunged her entire finger deep into Kali's ass. The stunned girl could feel Kristina wiggling her finger, stroking the hidden folds deep inside her as the muscles of Kali's sphincter clamped around the invader holding tight, trying to draw it in further. These new, wild sensations were making Kali's pussy even more of a mess. It pulsed with a need of its' own to have something inside again, but the new feelings Kristina was creating playing with Kali's tight little bottom, fanned the flame burning within her excited puss, promising new untold pleasures her body couldn't resist.

Kristina continued her vigorous milking of Kali's left tit, while her finger buried in Kali's succulent ass started to assault the helpless girl's forbidden tunnel. Kristina curled her finger slightly as she pulled it slowly out of Kali's bottom, pressing firmly to set Kali's nerves alight. Kali could feel the finger curl forward towards her pussy from the inside of her ass, the pressure on the soft tissues there causing a kind of fire to spread throughout her entire pelvic region as it put pressure on the nerves between both needy orifices of her previously inexperienced, body. Kristina slid her finger until it was just barely inside Kali's ass, she lingered a moment, then pressed in again, each time curling the finger to put more pressure on those nerves. Each time Kristina stroked Kali from the inside she caused more fire to spread through the shaking pelvis of the younger girl. Kristina continued this way, speeding up as Kali's tender asshole became slicker from Kristina's cum soaked finger. Finally finding a rhythm between milking Kali's perky breast and the slick stroking motion of her finger in the new girls bottom, Kristina continued the merciless fucking of Kali's asshole until, at last, the inferno that Kristina had stoked in Kali burned through the last vestiges of this closet nerd girl's restraint.

It started with a deep shudder in the toned muscles of Kali's behind, accompanied by a low throaty moan, almost a growl, pulled from deep within the lithe frame of the sexy girl. Kristina could feel her finger being clamped down on by the vice-like grip of the rippling muscles inside the hot forbidden flesh of Kali's asshole. The old man at the door just looked on with pity at Kali suffering from what he believed were waves of nausea. The orgasm taking hold of her petite frame, Kali's eyes shot open and she suddenly made eye contact with the man as the tremors deep in Kali's glutes continued and spread in rippling waves across her entire body until her entire nude form was quaking, much like before in the dressing room, but now even more powerfully. Every muscle now burning as she fought to hold back the pleasure that had been forced upon her nubile body and then built to an inferno that set her already firey cunt ablaze.

She looked into the old man's eyes feeling the cream dripping from her innocent little pussy and screamed out in her head, "No! Don't watch me cum! Don't look! Please!..." Kali's mind spun dizzyingly as the man held her desperate gaze, unaware of the mind shattering orgasm the trembling naked girl struggled to hold back, a look of concern on his face. Kali's struggle was futile. With ever thrust of the finger in her ass and every squeeze as her tits were mauled, the electric sensations shooting to her snatch increased. Kali couldn't keep fighting against the impending pleasure. Her resistance so close to the edge her orgasm only building the strength of the eventual explosion. Still she tried, the muscles of her generous ass burned, her pussy ached, and she trembled as she tried to hold back the raging storm that was crashing down on her as it was pushed on by the dainty finger of her cursed redheaded boss that was ceaselessly pounding her ass, Kristina's domination of Kali safely hidden from view. Kali wanted to scream out her lust but couldn't. Knowing a complete stranger was just watching, looking in her eyes as her body surrendered... She tried desperately to hold on...her back arching, her calfs ached as she stood on the balls of her feet, her legs spread, shoving her ass up as high as she could to meet Kristina's onslaught while bracing against the clothes rack like a lifeline. The violent motions of the sweaty, trembling, naked teenage girl as she was gloriously finger fucked in the ass by her cute female boss were hidden by the loose clothing. Kali felt close to tears,... but of joy, humiliation, or maddness she couldn't tell.

That's when Kristina leaned over and whispered in Kali's ear, "Cum...Cum for me Kali. Don't fight what you need. Just... Cum!"

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