tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKallie Takes the Lead Pt. 01

Kallie Takes the Lead Pt. 01


There are certain movies out there that soured me again prequels, I never thought I'd write one. Kallie deserved more story than I gave her.

Kallie takes the lead (lead- as in the rope that guides a farm animal.)


I used to be a fairly average woman, well, I liked to think of myself as average. I wasted my days in crappy jobs with crappy bosses, I got paid less than dirt, and my coworkers shit on me, just like everyone else. I dated infrequently, but most of the time, those guys turned out to be total losers. They treat me like shit and make me feel more empty inside the longer I'm around them.

My sisters are beautiful, and I took care of them the best I could, because even though my mom is hot, she's a loser and a flake. All of my sisters have different fathers, and you could say my mother is kind of a whore. My last date did, while he was making nervous conversation.

While the rest of my family hit the genetic lottery, thin, athletic, hard bodies, with stellar metabolism, while I am 4'11" soft, fat, rather plain, and everything i eat goes right to my tits, ass, and waist, in that order.

My youngest sister is about 5 foot 6 and a firm 34b-25-35, while my middle sister is 5 foot 7 and a generous 34c-24-35. My tits exceed my mom's 36d's, which is a plus, the minus being, what good is having a 38 G rack if no decent person will give you the time of day?

Given my natural assets, you'd think I'd be getting laid regularly. I don't. My mom and sisters usually take care of the people that take an interest in me. In a sad sort of way, I have a Cinderella thing going, without the money or effortless good looks at the end. Family reminds me how homely I am, and how "not even the dog would fuck me."

I started going to kink parties. There is a mix of bondage and power play that I find titillating, and I enjoy the beauty of the women in their leather and vinyl. I am bisexual, and if they knew that at home, I would get shit tons of grief for it.

I'm submissive by nature.

I hope that making myself available will help me find my way to Master or Mistress Right.

I've been to several parties over the last few months, a few men have shown interest, but I've found that surprisingly, I do have standards. Of the few, none of them I find attractive mentally or physically, 90% I found revolting in their assumption of how I should perform sexually for a stranger. I don't mesh well enough to start conversation, and I guess I'm not pretty enough to make a decent effort for.

They are vile.

I smoke pot frequently, I blaze to deal with anxiety that I can't deal with any other way. It's not a shameful thing in my family, we are all potheads. Today, I've smoked a pretty darn potent fatty, before getting out of my car at the party. I'm well and truly blown out by the time I get to the social areas of the house. I'm drifting, I'm happy, relaxed, a little flirty and everything is funny. I take a couple hits of acid when it's offered to me. I'm watching a a cute skinny girl slowly suck on her partner's fingers, it's getting hot, and I'm getting bothered.

That's when I see him.

He's tiny. Taller than me, but only just. He's confident among all the strangers, he engages easily into conversation. I can feel myself blush and my nipples harden when I look into his direction. He sees me looking at him from across the room and he looks right back at me without flinching. I must be tripping already. The way he looks in that suit, makes me want to run to him and from him at the same time.

There is no way I'm his type.

I mean there is just no way.

I'm fat. I'm dumpy. People ignore me. He will ignore me. The fact that he's still looking at me means nothing, the fact that he's walking this way means nothing. He's standing in front of me, and I can't even look up at him. I wish I had worn my hair up, I wish I had worn my flats, I wish my nail polish didn't make my toes look so fat, I wish my sundress didn't show so much cleavage, I wish...

"So, the host of the party didn't know your name, but he said that you've been coming out for six months or so... You're a submissive I take it?"

He's so confident, put together, he looks like he can see right through me. My mind went completely blank. I'm a what? How long?

"and very shy, I see. I'm sorry. Our host couldn't recall if you had a master either, so I hope this isn't inappropriate."

I followed his lips. Every word. The way they danced, and remembered nothing.

"It's just that I noticed that you're not wearing a collar, you don't have a mark, and there isn't a Dom I recognize hovering around."

What was he saying? I'm blushing down to my nipples, my fucking panties are getting wet! He brought his finger to my chin.

"So tell me your name, and you can go fetch me a cup of tea."

My name? Tea? He dropped his finger down to my chest and drew a shape on the skin above my cleavage.

"your name?"

The voice in my head roared, Speak, you Fat Cunt , before he realizes what a complete train wreck you are, Speak!

"My name, is kallie."

"kallie. That's a lovely name. kallie, give me your panties and go fetch me some tea. Two sugars, no milk."

He dragged his finger down to my hip, to where the tiny black of my g-string was starting to burn.

Give him what!? I couldn't. I...

"Here? Now?"

I fumbled my words out like an idiot. I'm stoned out of my mind probably tripping balls, and the one time you actually need to think and you're completely fucked up! Useless kalliemodo.

"The here and now is all we have, silly girl. Do it. Now."

My shaking hands reached up under my sundress to the hips that my panties clung to. I hooked my thumbs along the curve of my hanging belly into the band of the minuscule g-string I was wearing across my wide hips and slipped them down to the floor. I shouldn't have been so embarrassed, there were people fucking a few feet away in two directions. I folded them, feeling the breeze on my damp pussy lips. I put them in his waiting hand.

"Remove the rest of your clothes. Sandals too. "

My insecurities leaped forward, I'm fat, I'm ugly, I don't deserve anything good to happen to me. This is another mean trick, and people are going to laugh at me again.

"Do it now. If I didn't want to see that round ass of yours, I wouldn't have given you the order to undress."

I looked him straight in the face, my expression projecting all my fear and anxiety.

"I like fat girls. I like fucking fat girls. I like the way they look and feel when my balls slap their bellys when I do them doggie style. I like bending them over, and to my will."

In front of everyone, well most of everyone at the party, I lifted my sundress over my head. My shame was overwhelming. My massive tits rolled and rested on my belly, my belly hung and rounded over into my thick hips. At least I had gone to the spa to have my hairy body sugared, and I wasn't currently a fuzzy beast, my pouty pussy shone from this attention. He circled my body, running a finger over my belly, over my thickening nipple, and to my lips.

"My guess puts you at just under five feet tall, and about 230 lbs. 38-40 G? Waist 44-45", hips 46-48" Very nice."

He gripped my hardened nipple, kneading my breast until he milked a single drop of liquid from the teat. His other hand penetrated my pussy lips, sending a shock through my clit.

I moaned.


"Good girl. Now remember, two sugars."

Oh my fucking goddess, what the hell am I doing. I just handed my wet panties to a complete stranger, I'm fucking naked in the middle of the party and goddess and everyone can see my fat ass jiggle. I sprinted to the kitchen, passed one of the creeper Doms that had tried earlier to hit on me. He watched me, ogling me, while i poured hot water and let the bag steep, two sugars, no panties, no clothes. Oh my fucking goddess!

I walked, slowly back to the main room of the party. I tripped twice, but managed to not spill the tea. He was talking with a tall leggy Domme as I approached. She was dark haired and proportionally busty to her height, which meant she towered over me. She wore a translucent nineteen fifties looking dress cinched at the waist with a wide black leather belt and carried a riding crop under her arm. They sat together on the leather couch and she stroked his cock through his slacks as they talked. Should I interrupt? His tea is getting cold. His cock is enormous! Oh fuck, fuck me.

"Kneel kallie."

Thank goddess he told me what to do. My tits jiggled all over, as I took my place at his feet while he had his conversation. He drank from the cup while I held the saucer.

"Have you had her long?"

She released his cock from its confinement and stroked it's length slowly. She sucked on the head, and swallowed it's significant length.

"No, I just met her a few moments ago."

She looked up at him smiling, smiling at me, bottoming out on his cock. She bobbed a couple more times before releasing her hold on it, licking him dry.

"That sounds like you, she certainly is your type. I'll let you get acquainted."

She returned his cock to his slacks with some effort. She dabbed at the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, not for the first time reminding me of a giant woman-shaped cat. Her perfect lipstick was smeared, but it added something to her overall look.

"Nice talking with you again."

"Likewise, Evelyn."

The whole cocksucker affair was so very nonchalant that they might as well as have been shaking hands. As the Domme walked away she winked at me, like she was sharing a secret, her nipples were hard and there was a wiggle in her walk as she sauntered away.

He took the saucer for his empty cup and placed them on the table.

"kallie, you can get up now."

I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or humiliated, so I settled for both.

"Yes sir, - Master, sir!"

"Sir will do for now.

I noticed that your eyes are incredibly dilated, especially when you look at me. Are you high?"

He stood to face me.

"Yes sir."

He brought the back of his hand to my face. He lifted my chin so that I was looking him straight in the eye.

"That doesn't bother me. But for now, let's make you presentable."

He dropped my dress back at my feet.

"We're leaving for a bite to eat."

To say that I was surprised, was an understatement, my pussy was throbbing and he just turned his back on me. I couldn't get a read on him, did he want me or just want to fuck with my head?

"Oh, and before you finish getting dressed, put this in your ass. You can lube it up in your pussy, a stroke or two."

He handed me a glass butt plug. It was at least two sizes larger than any I'd seen, and way larger than anything that had been near my ass. I held my hands out and he dropped it into my outstretched palms. It was heavier than I expected and cold.

"Don't keep me waiting, sweetie"

I took a moment and looked out at the party. More than a few people were watching our interaction. I took a deep breath, and plunged the plug into my pussy a few times before nesting the tip of the plug into my asshole.

It resisted, at first. I had to squat to proceed, and almost lost my balance. He stepped behind me, and grabbed a fistful of my wavy hair at the back of my neck. It popped into place and I felt so completely full. I was squatting like an animal, half-naked with a sizable chunk of glass up my ass, in a room full of people, that I hardly knew because a man I didn't know asked me to, and I was going to leave with him.

"Good girl."

He helped me up holding the back of my hair, which truthfully made my pussy wetter. I stepped back into my sandals, I looked for the clutch I took with me to parties, and my panties, which he still held in his hand. He put them in the top pocket of his suit and let a little string hang out.

"Tell me kallie, have you ever had a master?"

"No sir."

"You do now."

"Thank you, sir."

Dinner was fun, and he made me laugh. We ate at one of his favorite burger dives. He made sure that I was well and truly full, because at first I tried to go the salad route, and he called Bullshit. I was surprised how soon I got used to the plug in my ass stretching me open, and the tension breaker came when it clunked loudly against the booth seat. He exploded into laughter, and after a moment so did I.

He fed me a milkshake and suggested that we take a walk. He made me so comfortable, I forgot that I was running around town bra-less with my panties in someone else's pocket, and a giant glass plug in my ass.

"You know kallie, becoming someone's property is not something that you should take lightly. You'd be giving up complete control of your life and body to me. Can you do that? I have to warn you, walking away from this life after engaging in it, will likely have consequences that are both far reaching and unpredictable."

"i want you..." came spilling out of my fool mouth, "i mean i want to, that is i will sir."

"I want you to know that I'm not like the other doms, masters, and owners. I'm not interested in pretend. If I decide to own you, it's completely and forever, your body and your mind are my playthings."

Again his bright blue eyes cut right through me.

"Don't be shy, speak up."

"I really don't know what to expect. I've seen the people play at the parties, is that pretend?"

"By and large it is. Most of those folks play at discipline and torture, ownership and slavery. Most of them would run screaming from the reality. It takes a special kind of person to engage these concepts completely."

"I don't understand."

"Step out of your sandals."

I slipped my feet out of my sandals and stepped onto the grassy path.

"Good, good. Obedience, that's what I want."

We were down the path, away from the parking lot, passed the park benches deep in the shadow of the trees.

"Put your hands behind your back."

I put my hands as far behind my ass as possible. The ratcheting sounds of a zip tie startled me in the quiet of the night, as he cinched down on my wrists with a police style restraint. My puffy little pussy went straight to high alert and my ass throbbed around the plug I was still carrying within me. He faced me, pulling my panties from his pocket.


He said, and stuffed my underwear in my mouth.

"Owned things do not get a choice in the things that happen to them. They accept these things as a fact of life. If I tell you to be silent, I expect you to be silent."

He led me to the last bench, and used my restraints as a lever to force me to bend my head over the seat rest. He zip tied my neck to the bench.

"From here on out, you're my fuck toy. Little more than a masturbatory cock sleeve with a tiny guiding brain. Understand?"

He paused and I nodded furiously.

"I will fuck you, or not fuck you as I please. All your fuck holes are mine, and I will wreck them or pleasure them as the whim strikes me. There is no pleasure but mine."

He pulled my dress completely over my head blocking out my entire view and exposing my naked body from the neck down.

He tapped my legs to spread my knees.

His suit jacket dropped on to the bench in front of me, I heard the zipper of his slacks, and felt the knob of his cock push my pussy open.

I groaned as he pushed in an out just a few inches in my gushing cunt, he teased me, falling just short of my g-spot. He fingered the base of the butt plug, fucking me with it, as he grazed the tissue beneath my g-spot with his cock. My dangling tits slapped the park bench as he sodomized me with the toy.

"That's a bit loud don't you think? I can take care of that."

With a half dozen extra long zip ties, he bound the soft flesh of my tits to the hard wood of the bench, the straps dug into my flesh, securing them in place.

"Almost finished," he used smaller ties on my areola and nipples, my blood engorged the already aroused tissue. "There. Almost perfect fat udders."

He produced a thin leather choke leash and dropped it around my throat. He twisted the butt plug to break the suction of my asshole holding fast to the glass. Without it, I felt empty and light, and I could feel my gaped ass hanging open.

"There, now that's perfect."

He plunged his throbbing meat wand effortlessly into my shitter, while simultaneously choking my throat with the leash. The bench creaked and groaned as we fucked, and Jesus, he could fuck. He twisted his fist into the leash, making spots form before my eyes, the slapping of our sweaty bodies sure to call attention to us.

"Are you a fat fuck? Answer me when I'm fucking you!"

My mouth full of my panties, I groaned out in the affirmative as best I could.

"Who's fat fuck are you?"

I'm your fat fuck! I fought to express, but I was very close to blacking out. He let loose on the leash, and I had a moment of clarity.

I've never fucked on the first date before, and here I was tit tied to a bench, with a stranger's cock up my ass, my full fucking belly bumping my thick thighs, and I was loving it!

My tears came when I realized that I could never go back to being who I was. I could never be the normal woman who would babysit your kid or be underpaid at an office job.

I was somebody's property.

The panties rolled out of my mouth.

"I'm a fat whore, I'm a fat whore, I'm your fat fucking whore!"

The words rolled out of my mouth as my master filled my ass with dick.

I wept with the humiliation, and fear of getting caught, my eyes rolled back as my first orgasm came.

The sound of a branch snapping in the distance made my heart leap.

Footsteps closed the distance as the blood pounded in my veins. The flashlight beam that exploded the colors of the sundress over my head confirmed it, the worst case scenario, I was going to jail.

"Good evening Officer, can I interest you in a piece of ass?"

"Sir, let me see your license and identification."

Master never stopped reaming out my ass in his conversation with the officer, "It's right there, top pocket of my jacket, on the bench. Everything should be in order."

The bright white beam swept from me to the bench.

"Your paperwork seems to be in order, but this cunt is unregistered."

My lungs burned with the lack of air. My shoulders were too from being forced in this position for so long. What fucking lawman was this? License, paperwork, registration?

"I've just acquired her tonight, and have the thirty days to decide if I want to file for the registration for this cunt."

The dropping zipper of the officer's pants might as well have been a gunshot in the darkness for how startled I was. As the flashlight snapped off, I was still seeing spots as my dress flipped back to my neck, and a short, fat, hairy cock was shoved into my mouth. The officer pumped my face furiously.

"I'll have to make this quick, sir, I am still on duty."

"She won't be going anywhere, she needs training of course, but I have a good feeling about her."

Now, I was positive I was going to pass out. My nipples positively ached, and my eyes were adjusting, but all I could see around the spots of white was the officer's pelvis. In my throat, the sounds of Gluck, Gluck, Gluck were all I could make as I was pounced furiously from both sides. My toes dug into the dirt as my own orgasm approached.

"You know I think I might know this bitch," the officer said.

"Do tell."

"This is kallie, right?"


"Yeah! I've been fucking her mom on and off for over thirty years!"

"Doesn't that make for some interesting possibilities?"

"Oh yeah, I guess it does."

The officer double fisted my hair, and nutted down my throat. Master slipped a thumb into my pussy, and rubbed quick circles around my clit, I exploded into my second orgasm, with the dick of a man that could be my father oozing down my throat. Then, and only then did the cop slow down. If it weren't for the cock in my mouth, I'd be bawling at this point.

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