tagSci-Fi & FantasyKandra & the Leatherworker

Kandra & the Leatherworker


One day Kandra was sent to meet Marona Sedai in her quarters. This was quite unusual to send for a certain novice, but Marona had specifically asked for the new novice by the name of Kandra. When an Aes Sedai said jump a novice is supposed to ask 'how high.' Kandra tried to be as quick as possible, as she knew Marona just a little and didn't want to make her disappointed in her. On her way to the Aes Sedai quarters Kandra saw, servants and other novices like herself, running around on various errands. Her slippers made small sounds and the tiled floors and she finally got to the door she was told Marona Sedai was living behind. Kandra knocked quietly at the door and someone answered from behind it.

Kandra opened the door and slipped inside and quickly closed the door behind her. She looked around the room she was in and saw that there was a normal meeting room for greeting guests. It had two doors, the one Kandra had entered and one which probably lead into the rest of the quarters. A table and comfortable chairs around it was standing in the middle of the room and a big closet was standing against an otherwise blank wall.

"Please make yourself comfortable," a woman's voice said from behind the other door in the room.

Kandra anxiously sat down in one of the chairs and she felt the cold seat through her woolen novice dress and shift. She liked the dresses that the novices had to wear. The dresses where quite thick and soft so the wearer didn't have to feel too cold, but the seat wasn't at all warm. In fact the whole room was a little too cold for Kandra to feel good in.

"I'll be out in a minute. Good of you to get up here so quickly, you have potential to be a good pupil," the voice continued. It had to be Marona Sedai, Kandra thought.

In the cold room Kandra looked around once more and her eyes fell on her own reflection in a quite big mirror hanging on the closet door. As she was looking at herself she saw herself all flushed red in her face from the cold room. Her eyes continued down her body and amazed looked at her reflection's tits. Her nipples where almost poking through the wool of her dress.

"Excuse me, Marona Sedai. If I may ask, why is it so cold in here," Kandra asked through the door. She knew that that was not the way to address an Aes Sedai, but she had to know.

"I usually keep the meeting room a little colder to make certain visitors feel less at ease, and I just wanted to see how you would react. And I want you to ask me your questions immediately in the future, Kandra. Do you understand me? And one more thing, the things I tell you are for your ears only. Yours only," Marona answered back from inside the door.

"Now for the reason I sent for you. I want you to fetch my saddlebags from the stables; I was in a hurry and left them there earlier. And I would also like you to get me the special package from the leatherworker he has for me when you're down there," she continued.

"Just tell the stable master that you are running an errand for me, and he will give you the saddlebags. The leatherworker will probably make a fuzz about the fact that I don't pick up the package myself, but just tell him I don't have the time."

"Excuse me, Marona Sedai, but it's almost time for me to get to bed for the evening. I won't be able to get all the things today."

"Leave the worries to me. Just hurry back, Kandra"

Kandra almost ran all the way down to the stable, just getting lost once on the whole way down. As she entered the big building the sky was getting darker and the skies was starting to show signs of the stars above. She had to ask the stable hands to show her the way to the stable master. After some explaining he handed Kandra the saddlebags she was sent to fetch. She then hurried over to the leatherworker to get the package for Marona Sedai.

"I was sent by Marona Sedai to get a package for her. Do you have one," she asked him.

"Why isn't she coming herself? She usually does, you know," he answered back. He looked at Kandra from head to toe.

"She told me to get it. She said that she didn't have the time."

"It's just that I don't know if the work is finished," he said slyly.

"When I think of it, you and Marona Sedai are almost the exact same size," he continued.

"I won't hand out work that isn't perfect to anybody. If you want the package you will have to let me check my work with your help."

Kandra was somewhat stressed by that time. The time for all the novices was approaching fast. She thought she had no choice but to help the man.

"What do you need me for," Kandra asked the man.

"Do you know what it is you are getting for Marona Sedai," he asked.

"I don't know. She said it was something special I was to get her quickly," she answered back.

"So I want you to help me by removing your dress. No, don't look surprised, I have seen a girl before."

Kandra was shocked. To remove her dress in front of a total stranger was totally out of the question.

"You have to try this on, or I won't let you deliver the package. Marona Sedai will ask questions and I have to give her answers you will not like," he continued.

"Look here, I'll show you," he said smiling. He went into a small storage room and returned with a small package in his hands. As he opened it and held up the contents for Kandra to see, her eyes widened and a fierce blush was spreading on her cheeks.

"Oh, I didn't know," Kandra said with her hands over her mouth.

Kandra reached over to get the leather thing the leatherworker held out for her. It was a sort of leather constraints or carrying device to be worn by a person. She could see a whole lot of leather straps and metal rings attached together in a complicated way. She turned the thing over and over in her hands and slowly understood that this was made to fit a woman's body perfectly. Kandra started to think how it would feel to be clothed in the leather thing, and she suddenly understood. She looked at the leatherworker and turned around to let him help her with her dress. Kandra let the dress fall to the floor and she was swallowing hard. Her throat was all dried up and she slowly turned around to face him.

The leatherworker smiles warmly at her and he picked up the dress and neatly folded it with a professionals touch.

"Let me help you with it. I don't think you know how to put it on, do you," he asked.

Kandra shook her head and her hair fell over her shoulders. Here in the leather shop Kandra was a little cold, dressed in just her smallclothes.

"Just stick you leg here. And you other leg here," he continued.

Kandra just held on to her balance when she put her legs into the leather thing. The man pulled the thing up her body and she had to put her arms through a couple of tight leather bands for each arm. Kendra's smallclothes was wrinkling all over her body.

"This won't work. You have to remove them all," he said.

"Remove what, sir," Kandra asked startled. She was enjoying her treatment.

"You have to remove all of you clothes, miss. Even you smallclothes have to go, as the garment is made to be worn closest to the skin," he explained to her.

Kandra was shocked but deep inside of her a new feeling was spreading. She wanted to feel the leather on her skin. Then she did something she didn't expected she ever would do.

"If I have to strip off all my clothes, to get the package, there's nothing to talk about, are there," she said and felt a warm feeling inside.

As the leatherworker nodded, Kandra kicked off her slippers and in one smooth motion pulled her top over head. There she was, naked from her waist up, standing in front of an almost total stranger; and she liked it. The leatherworker couldn't help himself look at her nice breasts. Kandra was quite pleased with her breasts, even though she maybe wanted them a little bigger. She had had a dream for some time then, to have a pair of breasts that would move a little just by walking. The man saw the erect nipple standing out of her nice round and pale breasts.

Dressed in just her bottoms and socks, Kandra shivered a little at the cold air. She turned her back to the man and bent down to pull off her underpants and after that pulled of her socks. She straightened and caressed herself to get some warmth into her arms. The strange thing was that her pussy was very warm and moist, between her legs. The man couldn't help himself, and reached out and touched one of her almost white buttocks. Kandra felt a jolt go through all of her, and she took a deep breath and turned around.

"Please let me try it on, sir. Just feel it against my skin," Kandra pleaded. As a small trickle of Kandra's juices run down one of her legs, sending another shiver through her. The man let Kandra slip a smooth leg trough the leather bands and this time the garment fit perfectly around her legs. Kandra pulled the thing up over her breasts that fitted perfectly through two bigger openings in the front. Her breasts were slightly supported by a leather strap underneath them and her waist was encased in a wide leather belt. Between her legs two leather straps were running on each side of her sex, going back through the crack between her buttocks, pulling them apart and opening up her butthole. The cold air felt really good there, so she quickly dressed the rest she could manage by herself.

"Let me help you with that, little girl," the leatherworker said. He helped her the rest of the way.

Kandra was now almost totally enclosed in leather straps, from upper arms to thighs. Around her neck was a wide leather collar with a bigger ring in the back and on various places was smaller rings attached to the leather harness. The leatherworker closed the last latch and fastened a small lock in the front of the collar to lock it all in place. Without that key Kandra couldn't remove the garment, but she didn't notice that. Kandra was so turned on by the fact that she was totally exposed and her sex spread open by the leather thing. Her pussyjuices ran down her legs and she looked up at the man.

"Please do something to me. Something naughty, please," Kandra pleaded. She ran her finger up and down her opened slit and the man could see her fingers moistening with every stroke. While one hand was caressing her own sex, she tried to pull of the man's pants with the other.

"Please, mister, I'm so hot. Make it stop," she almost screamed, flushing fiercely. By that the man had heard enough. He opened up his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. He didn't wear any underpants then, so suddenly he was naked from the waist down. Kandra couldn't take her eyes of his dick, as she bent over to take it in her free hand, while the other was still caressing her sex, and her fingers started to venture deeper and deeper into her pussy. She started to use two fingers to play with herself and her free hand to slowly rub the man's cock.

"I think I want some moist on the knob," the man wheezed. Kandra didn't hesitate to comply and lowered her head over his cock. She hadn't licked a man's penis, of this length, before so she licked it all over. His penis was quite normal in thickness but it was a lot longer. Kandra didn't think it was possible to swallow it all, neither in the mouth nor pussy. But Kandra was so horny she didn't bother.

"Dip the tip in the moist hole and stick it all the way into the tight one," Kandra said. The man wasn't slow to do exactly that. He turned Kandra around, so her back was facing him, and bent her over. He then in one smooth motion pressed his dick into Kandra's pussy, all the way to the bottom of it. Even when he filled her all the way, almost half of his long penis was out in the air. The man took two finger bent over an stuck them into Kandra's mouth, and she licked them. He pulled them back and started to press them in beside his penis, widening her pussy more than she had ever before.

"I want to try to take you all the way, please," Kandra pleaded, so the man pulled out his penis from her pussy and put the cock against the opening of her ass, neatly pulled apart by the leather harness.

"Yes, yes. That's the spot I think," she continued. Kandra hadn't had a man in her ass before, but she had played with her own ass with her fingers earlier.

"Don't let me wait, sir. Push it all the way in, mister. Fill me up," she screamed. The man took a firm grip around a few of the leather straps and pulled Kandra back against his long penis. Kandra screamed as the man's long penis spread her ass apart and he didn't stop until it was all inside Kandra.

"What do you like more than a foot of meat inside your ass, girl," he asked her.

"I love it! Now fuck me, sir. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a dirty bitch," she screamed.

He pumped her ass like there was no tomorrow, and Kandra could feel the man's hard cock sliding in deeper more easily, with every stroke. After a while Kandra's knees gave away when an orgasm hit her. The man looked down at Kandra and smiled.

"You like that, didn't you," he asked her. Kandra nodded her head and smiled back at him.

"I loved it. It's naughty and I love it. I want more," she almost screamed. The leatherworker hadn't come yet, so he pulled Kandra's almost limp body from the floor. He pulled her up, so she stood on her hands and knees, and reinserted his cock into her asshole, which by that time was quite loosened up. Kandra relaxed her ass as mush as she could and the man didn't have to make many thrusts before he felt the orgasm come. He pulled his cock out of Kandra's ass, just before he squirted all over her back.

"I think the time is too late to get back to Marona tonight, so it's probably best for you to get back to your quarters, novice. And I will tell Marona that there was something wrong with the leather in the thing you are now wearing, so I will make a new one for her," he said, a little short of breath.

"I will give you the key to the one you are wearing, but if I have to guess I think you will wear it under your dress all the time, without any undergarments, aren't you? Am I right," he asked her.

"Yes," she said flushing. She took up her novice dress and pulled it over her head. The leather thing was lifting her breasts and her nipples were showing easily. She could even see the slight darkening around her nipples though the fabric. The dress sticked to her back, where he had led off his sperm but Kandra didn't care. She had just had one of the best fucks in her young life.

"Thanks," she said quietly to the leatherworker.

"It was my pleasure. Come back some other time and I will make you something even more special, miss. Until then," he said and left her alone in the leather shop. Kandra had some troubled falling asleep that night as she was thinking of her behaviour earlier that day. That was a day she would not forget for a long time.

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