tagBDSMKara Ch. 06

Kara Ch. 06

byMr James©

Kara had almost moved in with Andrew; most weeks she would spend five or six nights with him, hurrying home from work, so that they could spend the evening in each other's company. He had cleared spaces in his wardrobes for her clothes, even buying her a new suit that she had liked but not been able to justify the extravagance for. She had come to look forward to sleeping in his arms, to feel them around her when she woke. He had even given Marmalade, her cat, the run of the house, except for the basement, where it might injure itself.

Today had been one of those days when Kara wanted to open the door and find Andrew waiting. Everybody had wanted their little piece of her and she desperately needed to surrender totally to somebody else, even if it was only for a few hours.

As she slipped her key into the lock, and pushed the front door open, she caught the faintest trace of a rich, appetising aroma and heard the sound of water running. She hung her coat on the hall stand and leaving her briefcase, with her laptop inside, on the floor beneath it, walked along the hallway to the kitchen. The kitchen was, as usual spotless, but a large casserole bubbled gently in the oven and Marmalade sat watching it through the glass door. Kara glanced around, but the source of the running water was, obviously, not the kitchen. She spent a moment stroking Marmalade who had jumped into her arms, then put Marmalade gently on the floor and walked to the bottom of the stairs. For a moment, she was about to call out Andrew's name, but changed her mind and climbed the stairs, following the sound of water, to the bathroom.

Andrew was bent over the bath, his feet bare, wearing dark blue jeans and a white cotton t-shirt. His hand was swirling the warm water, pouring into the bath, to mix in a few drops of perfumed essence. Andrew seemed to sense her presence and turned the taps off, then straightened and, drying his hands turned to face her.

"Long day?" he murmured, drawing her close and slipping his arms around her waist, letting her head rest against his chest. Kara nodded, feeling the beat of his heart against her cheek and the warmth of his arms, gently embracing her. She lifted her head and he tilted his, so that their lips could brush and linger in a tender kiss. Kara relaxed into his arms and felt the pressure of his lips, closing her eyes, lost in the moment. Slowly, the kiss broke and she stood, panting a little, his arms still around her.

"Dinner is in the oven," Andrew told her, "and your bath is ready."

Kara just looked at him, for a moment, before replying, "Thank you, you must have read my mind."

"Would you like a hand?" he whispered.

Kara just nodded against his chest and stood still, while he slid her jacket from her shoulders, catching it before it could fall to the floor and hung it on the back of the door. His fingers dextrously unfastened the buttons of her blouse, the undoing of each one accompanied by a delicate brush of his lips against the base of her neck, or on her mouth. Kara barely felt Andrew's fingers, as he slowly unfastened her blouse, but the touch of his hands against the bare skin of her tummy made her muscles flutter delightfully and she groaned softly. The soft silk of her blouse slid off her skin like oil and it too was slipped off and hung with her jacket. Her nipples pressed against the cups of her bra, prominent even through the smooth material, and they ached to be touched, caressed, fondled. Andrew glanced down, smiled and then reached around Kara's back, his fingers finding the hooks holding her bra closed,. Kara felt the touch of his fingertips brushing her skin; a tightening of the material over her ribs, and then her bra was loose, sliding down her arms to free her breasts.

Andrew tossed the bra into the basket for dirty linen and gently turned Kara to face the mirror. She watched as his hands slid upwards, fingertips just touching her skin, until they were cupping her breasts, her hard nipples pressed against his palms and his fingers holding her firmly. His lips brushed against her neck, just behind her ear, and she felt a thrill spreading along her nerves, making her nipples harden. She looked across, at her reflection, watching Andrew caress her, as though she was watching strangers. She saw his fingers trapping her erect nipples, the gentle squeeze of his finger and thumb, followed by a delicate tug, making her sigh. She watched his hands slide over her tummy, downwards, until he was resting his fingers on the button at the side of her skirt.

She felt the pressure of his fingers, pulling her against him, and the ridge of his erect cock, pressed along the cleft of her bottom. She was about to protest, gently but firmly, when he released his hold and, with a practised flick of his fingers, unfastened her skirt. The heavy material fell, in a heap, around her ankles and Andrew's thumbs hooked into the waist of her slip, sliding the silk down her stockinged legs. For a moment, Kara looked at herself, the dark, sheer stockings like paint on her legs, the paler band of bare skin between the lace tops and the silk of her panties. She saw how they clung to her bare skin, the material a little damp, and outlined the neat lips of her pussy.

Andrew slipped his fingertips inside Kara's silk panties, touching the lips of her pussy and pressing gently on the hard pearl of her clit. She closed her eyes for a moment, a shiver racing along her spine, and then his fingers had moved on, running along the puffy slit, teasing her open, so that his fingertip could slip inside. Then her panties were peeling away from her damp mound and he was sliding them down her legs, careful not to snag the sheer material of her stockings.

Andrew ran his hands over the front of Kara's thighs, spreading his fingers wide, and drew them slowly closer to her pussy. She reached down and rested her palms on the backs of his hands, pressing them against her skin, but stopping him from caressing her pussy with his fingertips. She watched in the mirror as his lips curled into a slow, easy, smile and he breathed gently against the skin on the side of her neck..

Dropping to one knee, Andrew slowly rolled Kara's stockings to her ankles and, with her hands on his shoulders for balance; he slipped off one shoe and rolled up stocking and then the other. Rising to his feet, he kissed her neck gently and admired her naked body, his hands resting on her hips as he kissed the top of her spine. Slowly, he unfastened the intricate knot that she wore her waist length hair in so that it could tumble over her shoulders and down her back.

Kara stood naked, her own self-appraisal much harsher than Andrew's appreciative gaze. Reluctantly, he took his eyes away from her reflection and dipped his hand into the bathwater, swirling it gently as he tested the temperature. Satisfied that it was just warm enough to relax her and not hot enough to be uncomfortable, he held Kara's hand, as she stepped into the water and lowered herself into its silken caress.

She felt buoyed by the water and, gradually, the stresses of the day melted into insignificance. Andrew knelt by the bath side and watched Kara's face as she closed her eyes and relaxed, her expression lightening as the essences, the warmth and the steam soothed her. Andrew picked up a washcloth and dipped it into the water, then began stroking it across her shoulders and along her arms. Kara felt a delicious heaviness sweep over her as she was buoyed up by the fragrant liquid. His hands stroked gently at her neck and then moved down, gently laving her back with the warm water. Kara sighed as Andrew's hands caressed the length of her spine and she groaned, as his hands returned to her breasts. He felt their weight as his hands encircled them and squeezed, gently, against their proud firmness. Slowly, he allowed his hands to slip lower over her tummy and to the tops of her thighs. Kara bent her legs and spread them a little to allow his fingers to stroke the sensitive flesh on the inner sides. Kara moaned beneath her breath as his fingertips moved sensuously across her skin. She could see the bulge in his denim pants becoming more and more defined as he touched and caressed her, but he still had everything tightly fastened.

Andrew started the shower, testing the water temperature against his forearm and, satisfied that it was comfortable, began to wet Kara's hair. She felt the warm water running off her hair and shivered, relaxing as Andrew's strong fingers began massaging her scalp working the small dollop of shampoo into a rich lather. Slowly working his way down her spine, he carefully washed, rinsed and then applied conditioner to her hair.

Carefully helping her to her feet, Andrew supported Kara as she stepped out of the bath and then he wrapped her in a fresh, spotlessly white robe, which drew the water away from her skin. Leading her back into the bedroom, Andrew eased her onto the bed, before unfastening the tie holding the robe closed and spreading it, like wings, on either side of her. Leaning over, he kissed her mouth, tenderly brushing his lips against hers and then took a soft warm towel and covered her with it from neck to toes. Slowly he pressed the soft material against every inch of her skin, his hands resting against her and then moving away, just long enough and firmly enough for the towel to collect the droplets of water from her skin. When her body was completely dry, Andrew gently lifted Kara's shoulders, until she was sitting, and propped her upright with pillows. Now he warmed a little serum between his palms and began spreading it along the length of hair that cascaded past her shoulders, smoothing the balm into each lock. Andrew stood and left Kara sat, for a moment, as the serum soaked into her hair and he washed his hands. It had a delicate scent, specially created to enhance Kara's very individual sensuality. Returning, drying his hands on a towel, Andrew came to sit beside her and began to brush her hair, gently teasing each tangle and knot out, moving the brush smoothly down its length with long, steady strokes until it lay, in a sleek, glistening cascade, along her spine.

Kara felt the last vestiges of tension ebb from her body and delicious warmth spread through her body. Surrendering to the soothing touch of Andrew's hands, Kara leaned back and as he reached around her waist, linked her fingers with his and pressed them gently against her skin. Kissing her neck tenderly, Andrew hugged her to him, enfolding her in his arms and rocking her gently. After a few moments, Andrew carefully slid from his place and crossed the room to the wardrobe. Reaching inside he lifted out a long midnight blue silk robe that Kara had never seen before and brought it over. Slowly, his every touch against her skin a caress, Andrew slipped her arms into the sleeves and helped her to stand. The silk draped perfectly on her body and, catching sight of herself in the mirror, Kara gasped at the way it flattered her figure, accentuating the swell of her breasts and creating an alluring décolletage. Andrew fastened the tie around her waist and handed her a pair of soft pumps, then reached back into the wardrobe for his own, matching robe.

Leading her back to the bed, Andrew gently sat her on the edge and leaned over her, caressing the hair behind her ear.

"Hungry?" he murmured softly.

"Famished," Kara admitted, "I skipped lunch because I was so busy."

"It's only a casserole, but I made it this morning and it should fill us up, at least," he replied.

Before Kara could assure him that she had caught the aroma, as she had entered the hallway, and that it had smelt divine, Andrew had headed downstairs to the kitchen. Kara's tummy growled, just to remind her that she really hadn't eaten, since breakfast and she rested her hand above her navel, remembering the warmth of his hand, only a few minutes earlier.

The sensuous warmth of the bath and the gentle caresses of Andrew's hands, as he tenderly washed her, were building a glow of arousal, quite unlike her needful lust, and she found her body aching for him. Leaning back, she reached inside her robe an, eyes closed, ran the tip of her finger along the lips of her pussy feeling the heat and dampness, that had nothing to do with her bath. Her fingers fond her clit, hard and swollen, throbbing in time with her pulse; she ran her nail along the length, circling the base and shuddered as her own caress relived the need, for the moment.

Andrew pushed the door open and carried in a large tray, with their dinner on. There was a hearty portion of casserole for each of them, with cheese and fruit and coffee to follow. Setting the tray on the dressing table, Andrew opened the wardrobe and pulled out two bed trays, with short legs, so that they could eat in bed. Kara settled back against their pillows and smiled appreciatively, as Andrew placed her meal in front of her. She lifted a forkful of meat to her lips and placed it on her tongue, chewing and swallowing, letting the savoury richness fill her mouth. The aroma made her mouth water and she ate with gusto, murmuring softly with the pleasure of eating.

In almost no time, their plates were cleared, almost cleaned, and they were sharing slices of tart apple and sharp, crumbly, Lancashire cheese. The tang of the cheese and apple cleansed their palates of the richness left by the main course and the coffee, chosen by Andrew to be light and bright on their tongues countered the somnolence induced by her bath and the richness of their dinner.

Andrew cleared the trays away, leaving only their coffee cups on the bedside tables and eased himself onto the bed beside her. His arm stole around her shoulders and she leaned against him, her hand resting against the bare skin of his chest, in the vee of his robe. His lips brushed the top of her head and she cuddled closer, pressing herself to his body.

She felt her nipples pressing against the silk of her robe, hard and tender at the same time, as she rested her hand on Andrew's thigh. Kara lifted her head, to look into Andrew's eyes, and he leaned down, just a little, to kiss her mouth. Kara felt his tongue brush her lips and parted them, allowing his tongue to slip inside. Gently Andrew explored her mouth, his tongue probing, as he unfastened the tie of her robe and pushed the silk aside, his hand warm against the smooth skin of her belly.

Their kiss deepened, the touch of Andrew's hand exciting her as he moved it to cup his palm against her breast. Andrew found her nipple with his fingertips, drawing them along it, stroking it and pulling gently on it. Kara moaned softly into his mouth as his fingers caught her other nipple and circled the base. She could feel the dampness, well wetness really, building between her thighs and she ached for him to cease tormenting her. Andrew paused momentarily, looking lovingly, lingeringly at Kara, unconsciously spreading her legs and bending her knees to offer herself to him.

Slowly he slipped his hand down, across the smooth plane of her belly until his fingertips rested either side of her clit and bent his head to her again; this time his mouth found her breast and, as he curled his middle finger, slipping it inside Kara's wet pussy, he flicked his tongue across the tip of her nipple. Kara trembled, arching her spine to thrust her pussy harder onto Andrew's finger, and groaned softly. Andrew released her nipple and kissed the swell of her breast, the tip of his tongue tracing cool patterns on her flushed skin. Andrew brushed his lips over Kara's belly, feeling the skin flutter beneath his kiss and slowly moved his mouth lower. She felt his lips brushing the mound of her sex and her fingers clenched against the bedclothes while she moaned softly.

For a fleeting instant, Kara realised that she was totally at Andrew's mercy; that he was in control of her body and need not violate her roughly or painfully sodomise her, tearing her. Instead he could torment and torture her with kindnesses and caresses, his hold over her absolute, his control of her complete. Then any reasoned thought fled from her mind as he ran his tongue along the lips of her pussy and over the tip of her clit and she abandoned herself the sensations that flooded through her.

Andrew smiled as he tasted Kara's juices, the musky scent of her arousal exciting him, even as his fingers spread across her thighs and teased the cheeks of her bottom apart, so that he could caress her puckered, delicate anus. His mouth moved lower, and as she arched her back, he slipped his pillow beneath her hips, raising her bottom off the bed..

Kara caught her breath as Andrew moved on the bed, lifting her thighs so that they draped over his shoulders and bent to lap gently at her pussy, then along the cleft of her arse, until he could swirl the tip around her tight ring, moistening her with her own juices. Kara groaned as she felt his tongue touching her and gasped when he thrust gently and penetrated her anus with the tip. Reaching down, she hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled hem back into her chest, offering her pussy and ass to him, vulnerable and trembling with excitement. Andrew waited, teasing her with his tongue, swirling it against her skin and flicking the tip into her anus.

"Please, she whispered, imploring, "fuck me, Andrew, please."

Andrew lapped at her pussy again, feeling the trembling of her body and slowly traced her anus with the tip of his tongue. His tongue worked busily along the slippery lips of her pussy and the dark ring of her anus, and then he slid his thumb into her pussy pulling it out smeared with her creamy fluids. Kara released an explosive gasp as Andrew pressed his thumb slowly into her anus, feeling it tightly gripping him. Her buttocks tightened and her tight ass rippled, drawing his thumb deeper inside.

"Please," she begged, "fuck me. I need you to take me."

Andrew covered Kara's body with his, spreading her legs wide, while she pulled her knees back to hold herself open for him. His cock, hard and swollen, pressed between the lips of her pussy and he eased forward, sliding the head inside her. Kara hooked her feet behind Andrew's thighs, pulling him deeper into her, with his cock buried in her sopping pussy, the tight curls covering the base of his cock pressed against her smoothly shaven skin.

"Yes!" she hissed into his ear, "fuck me!"

Andrew rocked back, withdrawing the length of his hard cock until only the head was left between the lips of her pussy, then drove it back inside her until his thighs slapped against hers and she was pinned to the bed. Kara moaned into his ear and bit gently at his shoulder with her white, even, teeth. Andrew felt her gripping his cock, as he slipped it deep inside her. Kara was breathing heavily in his ear, almost panting as Andrew thrust rhythmically inside her, her legs scissored around his waist as she bucked upwards. His mouth nuzzled into her neck, his teeth nipping at her skin as he moved lower, to capture her nipple between his lips and suckle gently on her.

"Oh God!" Kara gasped against his shoulder, as Andrew rammed his cock fully into her pussy, holding her still as she clutched at him, clawing at his shoulders with her fingernails. He could feel her whole body tighten, her pussy rippling against the meat of his cock. Kara cried out as she felt her belly tighten pleasurably and a tiny, tremulous, ripple of energy raced along her nerves. She felt her heart race and the pounding of her blood in her nipples and clit was driving her almost out of her mind. Kara knew she needed to cum, but Andrew was tormenting her, easing back just as she was on the edge of an orgasm, fiendishly holding her on the edge. He could see the lust and the need, shining in her eyes, but he was going to make her voice that need.

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