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A Literotica reader asked me to write a series using exploits from his life. This is a work of fiction and I hope he won't be disappointed.

It was another sweltering hot summer day in Karachi. Luckily, I knew a lot about heat. Today, I was enjoying the sultry services of two scorching local babes – Saima and Raziya. The fans overhead gave off a cooling breeze as the three of us moved naked from the bathtub to the soft cushions and silks thrown all over the floor. I was looking forward to one wild evening with these inventive Indian chicks.

We had all been partaking of some chilled, fruity honey wine as we indulged in foreplay. My head was contentedly lapping up Raz's spicy cunt from a big pillow whilst Saima sat riding her face and teasing her breasts. My thumb was slowly fucking her ass with her own juices as my tongue teased her clit and sucked those nether lips. I could feel her sweet ass gripping and releasing my fingers as her hips gyrated and my cock was pulsing with the pre-come, knowing that before the night was over it would have its share of sweet pussies, tight ass and hot mouths.

We heard the commotion in the streets but that didn't faze us or stop our loving, some cloak and dagger shit is always going down in the city streets of Karachi. The anxious rattling at the garden entrance did cause us to pause, however, and I quickly went to investigate, grabbing my weapon. I didn't see anything at first, just a few Suits moving along the streets, a sure sign someone was in big trouble. Then, I heard Saima gasp from behind me as a stick reached towards the latticed awning of the privacy garden, a stick attached to a tiny female form burrowing down behind the potted plants.

"Mr Bond", she said softly, "I'm Anna, from Lahore, don't let them get me."

Shit! This couldn't have happened at a worse time, I was expecting a very important 'package' from Lahore, but not for a few more days. I quickly pulled her inside and locked the door, but I knew the men would be making the rounds of every house in their search. Looking back into the eyes of my lover I scratched my chest. "How the fuck do we hide her, we've got less than 10 minutes before they break in all the doors."

Saima had been my assistant for a long time and was a part of our international aid organization. Firmly grasping Anna, who had shrunk into a shocked ball at our nakedness, she pushed her up against the wall, grasping her by the neck and whispering fiercely: "listen bitch, if you value your life and ours, play along with this game or we're all dead, otherwise I push you right back out the fucking door now and leave you to fend for yourself, you understand me?"

Two big frightened eyes nodded back at her. Anna and I both gasped as Saima grabbed Anna's clothes and started to pull them from her. Anna's hands went up in a defensive gesture and a stunned sound left her throat. Fiercely, Saima gripped her shoulders: "listen cunt, we're in the middle of a fuck fest here and the best way to deflect suspicion is to have you involved. Now, we don't have time to play so you go ahead and scream if you want to, and we're all gonna scream like we're being fucked into oblivion, instead of your pals twigging what's up and really fucking us up.

So saying, she grabbed my knife and quickly cut at Anna's clothes, telling me to help rip them off her and let's hurry back into the next room. Saima carried the scraps of clothing in her hand, scattering them among the pillows and silks in our love den. Predictably, Raziya was still on the ground moaning and writhing as she pleasured herself with the rabbit dildo, not even aware of what was going on. When she went into a sexual haze she was a fucking bitch in heat.

With a sultry smile Saima pushed Anna down to the cushions, beckoning Raziya. "Look at this fresh pussy I've bought just for you, lover, come and get it."

Not even looking at me, she ordered: "you know how to keep her quiet, deep-throat the bitch, and give them a reason for seeing those tears in her eyes."

I lay down, grasping her head to look into her big soulful eyes. Gosh, she was so exotic, so beautiful even in her fear. "Trust us, Anna, we won't hurt you, but it's the only way," I said, sinking my rampantly hard cock into her mouth.

She whimpered as her hands reached up to push me away and I slammed my cock into her throat, causing her to gag and her body to jackknife. Pulling back, I locked her two slender wrists over her head with one hand as the other grasped her jaw, pulling her head back and forcing her mouth open so that my dick could fuck her throat.

Raziya, feverish in her sexual hunger and unaware of the drama unfolding, had by this time pushed Anna's legs in the air and was making a feast out of her cunt. She was slurping and shouting how sweet and tight the pussy was and how she was going to eat it until it burst forth its juices. I knew from Saima how talented Raz was with her tongue. More than once I had seen her give other women convulsions. I knew that unless Anna was made out of wood, or those fuckers at the door killed us, Raz was going to lick that pussy until Anna exploded.

Never one to be left out, Saima was sucking and licking Anna's breasts and had a vibrator trained on Raz's clit. I knew her intentions, not only was she effectively ensuring that we hid Anna's body, but she wanted them both to be so sexually high when that door came crashing in, it would look like we were all in a mad orgy and oblivious to the world.

Despite the danger, or maybe because of it, my cock was hard and swollen and ready to burst. The adrenaline in my veins was pumping as I looked down at the way the three of us were using this new pawn. Saliva and tears were all over her cheeks as my cock fucked her mouth, her wide eyes continued to stare at me, but now I swear the look seemed to be one of horny fervor as they had turned smoky and glazed. Her sweet brown breasts with darker tipped, small but hard nipples looked so fucking sexy as Saima sucked them, and I could feel her jerks each time they were firmly bitten. Her stomach was flat and smooth with a nice indented navel my tongue was itching to pour wine into and suck up.

Releasing her face, I stretched my hands to hold one long leg, bringing it to my lips and licking her nicely formed ankles. Damn, she was a beautiful woman, what in Urdu we call 'khoobsoorat'. I kissed and licked her leg as I felt my balls tightening, my cock head swelling more. "Yeessss, lick that sweet cunt Raz" I cried out. "Suck that clit and make her pussy weep for joy." "Damn, I can't wait to fuck you sexy bitches, I want to empty my seed right down her fucking tiny throat!" "I want to feel that tight cunt gripping my cock!"

"Eat her up, girls, eat her to fuck up!" "This is so damn hot, I'm fucking coming!"

I grabbed her head roughly in my hands as I felt the pressure building and my ass cheeks clenching. With a loud yell the first gush rushed through my cock, spurting in her struggling mouth as it shot into the back of her throat, making her gag. Successive spurts poured out of me as my mind lost its grip on reality, my vision became a red haze. My fingers were so tightly tangled in her hair she couldn't escape even if she wanted to as I emptied my soul into her tender mouth.

I could vaguely feel her tiny hands strangling my cock and balls as she milked me, could hear her orgasmic whimpers.

It barely registered that the Suits were standing over us, guns hanging idle and cocks tenting their pants as they beheld the exotic tableau before their eyes. Three sexy Pakistani houris pleasuring their man and each other, limbs interlocked, the smell of sex all over the place. No place to hide the smuggled wife of a clan leader.

Turning, they quickly checked the other rooms and then headed back out the door, each slyly glancing back with a look of envy on their faces.

The door could be fixed later. Right now, I had three beautiful women to pleasure and a night of passion ahead of me. The following message was transmitted to Lahore much later.

"Package received. A bit handled but still lots of use in it. Will Bond with it nicely until expiry date."

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