So like it says above low fantasy. Plenty of sex and a little magic and nothing is explained. There's a body count as well so if you are like squeamish don't read. If you do anyway, I warned ya didn't I. :p Probably should mention I gloss it over pretty well. Not really anything to get squeamish about. Still if you are squeamish don't read it. There's sex too, so you know if you don't want sex don't read it.


The ship is rolling about around me, I stay as still as possible, that was my order. The man I received the order from is putting his clothes on, I watch him feeling his fluids leak from me. The man leaves, I remain there I was told to stay right where I am.

Another man enters looking at me with a smile, I smile back since I was told to always smile when smiled at. He works at his pants to free his cock, I don't move, he has not told me otherwise. Another man enters carrying a bowl filled with something.

He walks toward the bed telling me to crawl to him to drink. I crawl then fall over as the ship jumps up then leans hard to one side. The men and the bowl are sent to the wall, the fluids inside the bowl spilling out. There is some cursing then the man who was undoing his pants tells him to come back later.

I am ordered on my back legs spread, I comply without a thought. The second man to come in stumbles out, while the first comes to me, a smile to his lips, his cock poking out. The ship rolls again spoiling the first attempt to make me full of him. He comes back, guides himself in then buries his hard cock all the way in me.

Take in a breath at the pain, I am sore, but otherwise just lie there and let him fuck me. His cock moving in me doesn't feel all that nice, I'm not getting past the sore part. Luckily the fluid of the man that had just had me is enough for this one to not tear me up.

Second man just moves on me, his hips pumping fast, no variation of his movement, no hands to my breasts. This man doesn't want to make me enjoy him, he just wants to use me. It is not long, but not soon enough that he is groaning and filling me with his hot fluids.

Just lies on me until the ship trembles and there is a sharp crack noise. He gets off me and fixes his pants, he heads for the door then stops to tell me to wait here. I just lie there, feeling his fluids leaking from me, listening to the sounds and yells. No one else comes, I do not know how long I lie there waiting.

I just know he only said wait not how long. Deciding I have waited long enough I get up from the bed. I move over to the jar of water they provide for me and take a sip. My thirst taken care of I move to the door, there is no one in the hallway. I can hear groans and moans coming from the doors.

Not wishing to disturb anyone, another of my orders, I follow the hallway. At the end are steps up, I climb up the steps. When I reach the closed overhead door, I can hear a storm, and some shouting. The ship rolls again tossing me off the steps to the floor of the hallway.

While trying to get up, there is another sharp crack and I'm sent tumbling toward the back wall of the hallway. I hit my head against the wall and am sent tumbling back to the ground, I can feel blood trickling down my face. I just lie there listening to more cracks then find my feet are wet.

In fact I'm wet all the way up to my waist, I open my eyes to see water streaming into the hallway. The ship groans, moves around a little, then breaks apart. I can see out through the rather large hole opened in the hallway. There is a giant black thing taking men and pieces of wood to an opening filled with pointy teeth.

Another piece of the ship is pulled free, knowing staying will be very bad for me and not being told to stay, I crawl and swim to the closest opening and slip out into the ocean. The waves are strong and constant, I'm bounced around as I swim around the ship to get away from the thing.

During the flashes of lightning I see a big island, not that close but better than the thing. As I swim I notice that there are men ahead of me, in boats moving toward the island. I follow them as well as I can, they are going faster. My arms and legs are fit to fall off and still I swim.

Can see ahead of me torches moving farther into the island. Still I swim, my toes and fingers having no feeling in them, I'm feeling faint. Becoming aware of sand under me I move out of the surf toward the closer of the boats. I can't support myself, I get out of the surf to my knees and fall forward.

Desperate to not drown on the beach I move forward on hands and knees. I run into the boat and fall over. My face half buried in the sand I can't find the strength to move. Blackness falls over me, sleep pulling at me, I do not resist just let it take me.

I come to myself hearing screams, then shouting and things crashing through plants. I rotate my head so I can see, not wishing to draw attention to myself. It is day now, the things are crashing closer through what I can see now is jungle. Three of the men from the ship burst out of the underbrush.

They are running toward the boats, the one in front has a blade in his hand. More men burst free, I do not recognize these they are dirty and only partly covered. Some of these new men carry bows, they draw back and let loose arrows, one of the three I recognize falls over screaming.

Strangers without bows are running after, two fall on the one down from an arrow. I see their blades working at the man, rising and falling as his screams die away and they pull pieces from him. Another man falls screaming and fighting, leaving only one man and many of them running straight for me.

Last man has gotten close to me, no more than a few steps when they catch him. His blade comes out of his hand as he is hit then falling, I acquire the blade with just a little twist before pulling it close to me. I watch as this man is cut apart, hoping these strangers do not notice me or decide to look at the boats closer.

The tearing and rending of the dead man's flesh is horrible to listen to. More horrible would be being noticed so I do not move, or make a sound. I just lie there and watch them cut pieces from him in practiced ease. Soon most of the men are gone, one stays behind going through the boat I'm next to.

I watch him walk past me to get to the second boat then get up. I pad along behind him getting closer the blade held in one hand. Without knowing that I know this, I cut him down quickly and quietly. The body I dump in the sea then walk into the jungle.

Coming across a path not made by animals I follow it to one side. I become aware of sounds ahead, keeping low I move through the jungle toward the sounds. I stop behind a bushy plant peeking through the leaves at a small camp of the strangers. I watch as they take the pieces and mount them on sticks.

Some sticks go over the fire, the rest are hoisted higher up to avoid predators. A groan draws my attention, there are five men from the ship tied up to stakes. None of them look terribly good, one has blood on his face coming from a cut on his forehead.

Back away then continue to follow the path until I hear something moving through the jungle. As it moves I figure out where it is headed then move to a position to surprise the man. It is easy to tell, he keeps talking to himself as he moves along. I don't know the language, but still just a man.

When I see him he is wearing almost nothing like the others I have seen. Not really wishing to move and perhaps alert him to my presence, I wait for him to pass then move up behind and cut his throat. I'm not expecting him to whirl and splatter me with his blood.

Don't expect him to grab hold of me and send both of us to the ground either. He dies before he can do anything more, glad of this I get to my feet, my body covered in dirt and blood. I continue following the path to the side, then stop when I smell the evidence of lots of people in a small area.

Carefully I move forward unsure if these are friendly to me or not. At the edge of a clearing I look at a high wall, there are men patrolling on the wall and two stand at an opening, the big doors standing open behind them. Dropping the blade I step out of the jungle toward the opening, the two men watch me approach.

Their eyes on my breasts and lower are very obvious. A few behind the wall have noticed me as well, one runs off farther through the buildings. One of the men at the opening holds up his hand, the other pulls his sword as I stop walking and just stand there.

The one not holding his sword walks around me whistling at what he sees. When he relates my butt to the one in front of me I realize I know their language. I open my mouth to speak but close it again when I get a shaken head.

"Well I suppose we may as well ask, what are you doing here?" Both are in front of me again, I notice a woman running toward the opening.

"I was on a ship, it sank, after some swimming and walking I am here." The two men look at each other and shrug, the woman has gotten to the opening.

"Here now leave her alone she's my new whore. Let me get her cleaned up and you can pay for her like anyone else."

"You are a whore?" Both of the men ask me, behind them the woman is nodding.

"Yes." The woman darts out to me, takes my hand and pulls me after her past the wall.

As we walk along I look around, there are wooden buildings everywhere. The gaps between buildings vary from small to quite large. As we move farther into the buildings I see more people. Most are wandering around with their heads down, as if they have given up and are just going through the motions.

Others have their heads high, swords on their hips. The building I am taken to is quite large, there is a porch running along the front on the second floor. There are women standing there waving to men and women passing by. All of them are nude like me, perhaps I am a whore then.

Inside of the building are lots of men and some women, all drinking mugs. I am led past the drinkers down a set of stairs to a basement. This basement has rooms, three doors to be seen. I am led to the door on the right where there is a tub, I'm put in the tub then water is poured on me.

"I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier, I'm Clara, what's your name?" I rub at my body removing the dirt and blood and shake my head.

"Don't know.

"That is an unusual turn of events. Well then I guess we need to figure a name for you."

"If you wish." I get raised eyebrows for saying that.

"I do wish, I can't be calling you girl. I'm not even sure you are a whore. You don't mind letting men take their pleasure in you?" I shake my head, garnering me a smile this time. "Well then you are a whore now. Is there anything you remember from the ship?"

"I remember there was a drink I was to get that was spilled. I remember two men that took their pleasure in me. I remember the ship was ripped apart by a great black thing, the men who would take their pleasure with me made it to the island on boats. They encountered strange men who ate them, and then I got here."

"Oh heavens, you do not remember anything besides that? Nothing earlier, other times you were given this drink or more men that took their pleasure in you?" I shake my head.

"That is all I can remember. I wish I knew me, I seem to have skill with a blade. I must have family somewhere, but all I can remember is the last two days."

"It may be better you do not remember your family, they could have sold you. Let's get you dried and see if any of my girls can come up with a name you like."

I get out of the tub and dry myself with the towel she hands me, she pulls the plug. The water is guzzling out while I am led back up the stairs, then up the stairs again. Two whores are conscripted into helping, we head into a room that seems to not have an owner. I'm placed on the bed while I am looked at, I look right back.

The whore on my left is a little taller than I, with long brown hair, green eyes and large breasts. She also bears marks on her sides from bearing children. The one on my right is shorter with blonde hair, her breasts are not terribly large. She bears no marks from carrying a child.

Doesn't take very long for there to be lots of names tossed around. It does take a while for one to be mentioned I like. The two whores sigh and file on out leaving me with just Clara who rescued me from the men at the opening.

"Well I suppose we got almost everything out of the way we needed to. Two more things to cover, collect the coin first, then give the man or woman sex. Take them to this room, or right where they are, either works. Now, I must ask, are you ready for sex or do you want to take the night off?" I feel between my legs with my fingers, there does not seem to be soreness.

"I can have sex, may I eat first?"

"Yes of course, I'll show you to the kitchen, eat in there. Drink with the customers to get coin. Try and get them to buy a drink for you, makes it easier for us."

Back down the stairs we go, I notice many of the men looking at me as we head past the bar. The kitchen is small, there is a table sitting there to the left of the door. The stove is to the right with a woman standing there cooking, she moves fast checking multiple pots and pans.

"Shena this is Karai she is our new whore, give her some food so she can go make us money."

Shena gets a bowl out and loads it with things, I'm set at the table with the bowl. It doesn't look all that appetizing, seems to just be some meat and vegetables. I try it and find it tastes better than it looks, Shena comes and sits next to me.

"Karai, why are you being a whore?"

"I do not remember anything. This tastes better than it looks." Shena smiles at me.

"Thanks. If you need to get away from the men, been seeing too many to your room or whatever come on in here."

"I will remember that."

After I finish the food I go out amongst the men and a few women. I am grabbed up by a man quickly, he pulls me down next to him. Pulling me up to his lips he kisses me with a fervent need. Hands traveling over my body he creates a similar need in me.

When he draws back to take a breath I tell him no more without the coin. He chuckles as he flicks a coin to Clara, then asks me if I mind right here on the table. I shake my head so he bends me over the table and gets behind me. He slides a finger inside of me to make sure I am ready.

Just reach back and play with him after freeing his cock. In no time he is gently entering me, he takes his time in going in. I am trembling on him as he reaches the end of his length, he grabs hold of my breasts and starts to move. His cock moving inside has me reaching orgasm rather quickly.

I whimper my release as he keeps going, extending my pleasure and making for a very enjoyable first customer. He pulls me up higher, still moving in me, so others can see my body. The people at the table I was bent over taking great delight in watching me accept him.

His pumping cock feeling nice in me I find I do not mind being watched. Their hungry eyes watching me, does wonderful things for my enjoyment of my customer. I'm nearing a second orgasm, I move as best I can on him to get it. My customer seems to have a difference of opinion on who gets to orgasm next.

I'm very near mine when I feel him swell up, his movements turn from fluid pumping into a staccato. With a groan he commences flooding my insides with his fluids, luckily, this sets off my own orgasm. I whimper and moan through his release of fluids into me, my insides doing their best to get all he has to offer.

Once he finishes releasing into me I'm moved to the side so he can sit down. A handsome man with brown hair takes my arm to lead me toward the stairs. He hands over a coin then lets me lead him to my room. Judging by the noises coming from the doors we pass, the rooms are the preferred method of using a whore.

The fluids of the last man starting to travel down my legs I lead my latest into my room and shut the door. He turns to me, undoes his pants then propels me to the floor. I reach out for his cock and stroke it while he gets hard then lean forward to take him in.

He sighs when my lips wrap around the end of him. I sigh a little as well, he tastes rather good once I am moving on him. I watch his face as I go up and down on him, he has a half smile and his eyes are clouded with lust. His hands grab my head holding me in place letting him pump his hips.

Somewhat long hard flesh goes in and out of my mouth at a rapid speed. I find myself glad he is not too long, he just brushes against my throat. Still a little longer than I would like to be doing this. He at least doesn't pump my face for long before I am tasting a sweet fluid from him.

Looking up I notice his eyes are half closed, his cock seems to be getting a little larger. He picks up speed if that is possible, I do know he is bruising my face with the force of his pumps. Then with a groan he shoves my face all the way into his body and holds me there.

Hot fluids filling my mouth, not exactly good tasting, not horrible either. I swallow when he doesn't bother to let go of me. Has a smile on his face when he does finally let go of me to fix his pants. Just a little tired, I don't think I have recovered from that swim yesterday, I sit on the bed to rest a while.

Eventually I get up again to go downstairs only to fall in the hallway. I'm rescued by another of the whores, who takes me back to my room and told to sleep. Not having the strength to argue I listen to her, we both get me under the sheet on the bed.

I end up spending a little while moving around to get comfortable, then closing my eyes to sleep. Waking up I find I am hungry, and thirsty. I get up and proceed down the hallway hearing a few noises from the doors. Clara is at the bottom of the stairs looking tired. She looks up while I am coming down and smiles at me.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep." Clara waves her hand.

"Don't worry about it, you walked a long way plus the swim before that, I'm just happy you pulled two coins." I look around, there are a few men awake.

"May I eat before earning more coins?"

"I think both of us will, come on." Clara takes my arm and walks us into the kitchen, Shena is making noises and looking through things as we come in.

"Damn I think I need to go to the market."

"We got men out there looking to get food, where is Dania?" Clara asks bringing Shena's face up to look at us.

"I have no idea, usually she is here by now. If I can't go to market I don't know how well I'll do on food." Clara sighs and plops down at the table.

"Make a list I'll go for you." I look between Shena and Clara, both look exhausted.

"May I go for you?" This brings both heads to turn toward me then at each other.

"I don't think it would be good to let you wander around without a guide. You can come with me though, help me carry everything back." Clara says finally, she's smiling at me.

Shena gets out a stick of charcoal and makes a list for us, this she hands to Clara. On our way out she is telling us to walk fast, Clara answers her with a grunt and a wave of her hand. The walk to the market is rather quiet, there are people who do talk to each other, but quietly.

The men with swords walk around sometimes shoving men or women out of the way. It is strange, the people shoved and those around do nothing but help the one shoved stand up again. When I look at Clara she only shakes her head and holds my hand.

At the market we make quick work of getting the items on the list. I keep us from leaving right away, I wish a brush. On the way back we are accosted by one of the men with a sword, or rather I am accosted. He walks right up to me leering while looking me up and down.

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