Karen & Cathy Ch. 11


"Spread your legs - wide," I instructed and Cathy obeyed, her beautiful body trembling with fear. I nodded to Karen and she tied her friend's ankles to the hinges as she herself had been tied several times before.

"Bring me the lash," I said to Karen and Cathy paled. Nervously Karen handed me the lash as I ran my hands over Cathy's firm asscheeks and dipped my fingers into her open pussy.

"Would you like to do the honors?" I asked Karen but she shook her head. She went and sat down in front of Cathy. I hit Cathy across her lower back and the leather bit into the firm globes of her firm ass. She screamed into her gag as the lash once again fell across her beautiful ass. Each stroke hit a bit higher on her body and the ends of the lash wrapped around her body and licked at her naked breasts.

Moving around in front of my captive, I began to beat her huge breasts. The red marks from the lash, contrasted with the milky white skin of her huge tits. After about fifteen minutes, her huge tits were completely red.

Handing the whip to Karen, I bent forward and sucked Cathy's brutalized titflesh into my mouth. Gently, I teased her hard nipples and a deep shudder rippled through her body. Trapping her abused nub between my teeth, I held it gently as my tongue flicked across the tips of her large nipples. Cupping Cathy's firm asscheeks, I pulled her body to me, grinding my cock against her open pussy. Her body flushed.

I retied Cathy with her arms behind her and attached to the pulley. As her body bent forward, Karen remembered some of the things her body experienced in that position. She was a little worried for her friend because she didn't know how Cathy would react to all this. Moving behind Cathy, I began to whip the backs of her long, tapering legs. As the lashes moved higher, I stopped and removing her gag, slid Karen's chair up to her face.

"Cathy, I'm going to whip your thighs and your ass and even your sweet pussy until you suck Karen to an orgasm," I said. Nodding to Karen, she slid forward in her chair, making it as easy as she could for Cathy to get at her sensitive clit. I looked over at Karen. "It had better be a real one," I threatened and she nodded.

Before I even drew back the lash, Cathy was busy mouthing Karen's clit. I brought the lash down across the tops of her thighs and as previously when I whipped Karen, the lash sometimes crossed both thighs and sometimes wrapped around one and tore at the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh and kissed her pussy lips. I could see that Karen was very close and I straddled Cathy's waist. As I brought the lash down between her reddened asscheeks, the throngs cut deep between her swollen lips and tore at her exposed clit. She howled into Karen's dripping pussy. Twice more the lash cut between her thighs before Karen's pussy let go with a gasp.

Turning around, I lifted Cathy's head by her hair and could see her cheeks covered with Karen's sweet cum. I stepped off her body and untied her wrists. As I helped her stand up, I kissed her deeply and then bent to suck on her nipples. My fingers descended between her split thighs and gently caressed her clit. She gasped and bit her lip as my fingers teased her most sensitive flesh.

Bending in front of her, my tongue slid between her labia and I sucked gently on her beaten pussy. I could feel her legs tremble as I licked her pussy. Karen began to apply lotion to Cathy's beaten ass and breasts as I continued to eat her pussy.

Sitting down in front of Cathy, I began to ask her some questions as Karen continued to apply lotion to her flesh.

She was 28, divorced, she said she enjoyed sex, considered her breasts to be her best attribute, had never engaged in anal sex and usually climaxed only from masturbating. I wasn't too surprised at that. I devised a course of action for my new captive.

I retied Cathy's wrists to the door hinges and left her standing spread-eagle in the doorway. I placed two suction cups on her beautiful nipples, like the ones I'd used on Karen's. I lit the fireplace and led Karen to the soft rug in front of it.

"We haven't really made love together as man and woman without some form of bondage or situation," I said. "Now we will," I eased Karen to the rug and we began to kiss. Our lovemaking was gentle but passionate as Cathy watched us, frustrated. We caressed each others' bodies slowly and deliberately with hands and mouths, giving each other extreme pleasure. It was an opportunity to give of ourselves to each other. It wasn't necessary to ask for things we liked, since we both willingly gave pleasure fully. We just melted together.

I must confess it was the best love-making I've ever enjoyed with a totally willing and giving partner. When we finally came together, it wasn't wild and frenzied but deep and warm. We pleasured each other for hours as Cathy hung in the doorway watching us.

Lying in my arms, Karen's attention turned back to Cathy. "You're being very hard on her - much harder than you were with me," she said.

"You're different," I told her. I spoke loud enough for Cathy to hear me. "You give of yourself. You don't complain. You worry a lot and may get scared of something new but you don't fight. You surrender yourself and allow yourself to open. Cathy wants to be in control. She tries to emasculate men, though in a very seductive way. She's just a tough cunt - and a frustrated one at that. When she picks up guys, it's in order to get them to service her. She's a taker - that's why she rarely cums when she fucks. Hell, you couldn't bring her off and you've got the most talented mouth I've ever had the pleasure to caress me.

"When Cathy surrenders control and gives herself, she'll be able to feel what it's like to make love as we just did," I continued. Karen nuzzled into my side and hugged me close to her. "Cathy has a long way to go, but she may make it. Don't feel sorry for her because of what I do to her. Feel sorry for her for what she's been doing to herself for years," I said. Cathy stood silently as my words penetrated. She knew that much of what I was saying was true.

It was time to pierce Cathy's nipples. Getting up, I replaced the gag in her mouth and removing one of the suction cups sucked Cathy's distended nipple into my mouth. Her nipples really were lovely. I bit gently and teased her nub as it hardened in my mouth. Lifting my head from her breast, I held an ice cube to her tender nipple. Cathy gasped at the cold as it began to numb her very hard nubbin. I wiped her bud with a swab and then lifting the piercing device to her breast, slipped her large nipple into the slot. Cathy gasped as the sharp spike cut through her numb nipple. I repeated the process with her other nipple and then closed the stirrup shaped rings. Cathy stared down at her newly adorned breasts.

Releasing her wrists, I pulled her arms behind her and clipped her wrists behind her waist. As she stood before me, I took a length of cord and tied a loop around her huge breast and wound the strand back toward her body. I wrapped her breasts as I had bound Karen's once only not as tightly. Cathy felt the tightness in her huge tits.

Untying her legs, I led Cathy to the table and had her lie down on it. I positioned her body so that her shoulders were at the edge and her head hung back over the edge. I spread her legs wide and tied her ankles to the legs.

From the freezer I retrieved a long frozen ice cube in the shape of a penis. I slipped my finger between Cathy's pussy lips and peeling them open, slid the frozen cock deep into her body. Cathy shuddered and squirmed as the long, fat ice block froze her pussy. I pumped it in and out of her loins several times and as the heat of her body began to melt the frozen cock, cold water dripped out of her love hole and down her open thighs.

I teased her bound breasts and then leaning forward sucked her hard clit between my lips. The sharp difference in temperature between the ice block in her quim and my warm lips on her clit, made her body shudder deeply. I teased her clit but did not let her cum. I brought her right to the edge several times but then eased off. I had just what I wanted - one very frustrated and beautiful woman, who looked like she'd fuck a broom handle if I'd give her one. The sensations in her body were powerful and she desperately wanted to cum. But as she lay there whimpering, she had no way of relieving the terrible itch in her loins.

Stepping around the table, I approached her dangling head and playfully slapped her face several times with my ramrod. "Open up," I ordered and Cathy parted her lips to accept my cock. Playing with her bound breasts, I began to rock in and out of her face. I could see the outline of my shaft as it pressed deep into her mouth. She sucked hard, letting her tongue dance across the top of my cock. She was trying hard to make me cum.

Harder and harder I pounded into her mouth as I watched her bound breasts bounce beautifully across her chest. Feeling my explosion building, I slid deep into her mouth again and then pulling back, shot hot, sticky cum across her tongue and then all over her beautiful face. I rubbed my cock all across her face and left deposits of my seed on her lips and nose. I rubbed her hair in the sticky wads and then made her lick the remaining cum off of my cock.

Leaning over I sucked her ringed nipple into my mouth and gently teased her hard nub as a moan escaped her lips. I teased her other nipple until both were wet and excited. I took a small elastic strip with two hooks on either end and attached it to the rings on Cathy's nipples. Just like Karen's chain, this would keep her massive tits pulled up on top of her chest and place a noticeable but not painful strain on her tender nipples. Each breath would focus her attention on her recently pierced nubbins. "Get some sleep," I whispered as I pulled away from her body.

"But I want to cum!" she pleaded. "Please. My pussy itches. Won't you make me cum or at least let me do it myself?" she begged. Her body trembled slightly.

"Not tonight," I whispered softly as I kissed her mons. I left her to feel the depth of her frustration.

Karen was in the tub and I joined her. After drying off, we moved to the bedroom and leaving the door open so Cathy could hear every sound, we made love for the rest of the night.

To be continued...

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