tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKaren & Cathy Ch. 13

Karen & Cathy Ch. 13


After lunch Karen led Cathy into the bedroom and bent her body over the footboard of the bed. Karen stroked Cathy's firm thighs and applying a cream to her exposed asscheeks, began to prod Cathy's pink asshole. She did to Cathy what I had done to her when she had found herself draped over the same footboard not all that long ago.

Karen knelt down behind her friend and kissed her sculptured cheek. A shudder ran through her bound body. Slowly, methodically, Karen began to lick and kiss Cathy's open ass. Her tongue darted in and out of the spread crack of her ass. Cathy gasped as Karen slid her tongue across the tight sphincter of her friend's asshole. Easing her cheeks apart, Karen licked and teased Cathy's spread ass, pressing her talented tongue into her tight sphincter. Cathy's hips gyrated and her hips bucked as Karen began to tease her asshole open.

Karen saw me standing beside her friend and holding a jar of cream. She reached out and dipped her fingers into the soft cream and then spread it into the crack of Cathy's ass. Karen slid her finger up through Cathy's ass crack and pressed the tip against her friend's tight asshole. Cathy felt the pressure on her tight sphincter and her muscles contracted. Karen continued the massage again and again pressed her finger against Cathy's tight asshole. Bending her finger slightly, she slid the tip into her friend's ass. Cathy gasped at the invasion as her muscles closed tightly around the invading digit. Karen looked up at me and smiled as she felt the tightness and knew how much pleasure that would give me in the very near future.

After a bit more coaxing and gentle prodding, Karen was able to slide her finger deeper into Cathy's sweet ass. With a bit more cream, she began to ease her finger in and out of Cathy's ass and she could feel her muscles relax a bit. Karen took the vibrator I handed her and slid it along the crack of Cathy's ass. Removing her finger, Karen slid the vibrator into her friend's tight asshole. Cathy felt the difference in thickness of the two invaders and gasped as the plastic cock stretched her tight sphincter even further. Karen began to pump the vibrator in and out until she saw Cathy's ass finally begin to relax. The vibrator moved easily Cathy's ass but it was a good deal thinner than my cock.

I stepped behind Cathy as Karen let go of the vibrator and it stuck obscenely out of the beautiful woman's ass. I looked down at my beautiful lover and her inviting ass as she lay face down on the bed, her ass raised over the footboard, her arms raised over her head and her huge breasts barely touching the softness of the bedspread.

"Offer me your ass." I said softly as I slid the vibrator out of her asshole. Slowly Cathy moved her arms back and then reaching behind her, pulled her asscheeks apart. I looked down at her barely open asshole. I felt Karen's hand touch my shoulder and I turned to see her palm full of cream and she proceeded to rub the lotion onto my ramrod. I smiled at her and then nodded in the direction of the bed.

Still holding my cock in her hands, Karen guided my shaft to its target. I teased Cathy's ass with my cockhead until it wedged into the barely open entrance to her ass. I prodded her tight hole gently as Karen moved onto the bed in front of her friend. As Karen lifted Cathy's face gently, the scared young woman moved her arms back onto the bed and lifted her body slightly. Karen slid under Cathy's face and the two women began to kiss passionately as my cock teased Cathy's virgin asshole.

As Karen and Cathy continued to probe each other's mouths with their tongues, I continued to prod at Cathy's ass with my cock. I could see her reaction with each addition of pressure. She was ready. I leaned forward and slowly, gently buried my cockhead in Cathy's virgin asshole. She screamed softly as she felt the muscles in her ass stretch to accept the thickness of my cock and then thrust her tongue deep into Karen's mouth. I waited. The two women continued to kiss as Cathy's fingers closed on Karen's hard nipple. Slowly I slid my cock into Cathy's sweet ass until she felt my hips press firmly to her smooth asscheeks. She was unbelievably tight.

Slowly I began to slide in and out of her body as I thought about the fact that I was the first person to ever fuck this magnificent ass. Cathy felt my cock as it filled her ass and her breathing got even deeper as I ravaged her sweet ass. As her muscles stretched, I could still feel how tight they held me as I began to pound into her body more forcefully.

Karen slid out from beneath her friend and turning her body, sat in front of Cathy, her thighs spread to either side of her face. Cathy lifted her body slightly and Karen slid her hips forward bringing her wet pussy to Cathy's mouth. As she began to lick Karen's pussy, I continued to thrust into her own ass and each thrust pressed her face firmly into Karen's seething twat. Karen leaned back on the mattress and I watched as her huge tits rolled and jiggled each time I thrust into Cathy's ass.

Cathy was lost in passion as her tongue thrust deep into Karen's sweet pussy and I thrust deep into her virgin ass. Karen's body was erupting in orgasms as I shifted my angle slightly. Cathy felt her clit come into contact with the footboard and then she began to move her body to meet my thrusts and feel the smooth hardness of the wood against her sensitive love button.

Cathy's ass felt wonderful as her powerful muscles tightened around my cock. She milked my rod as I plunged into her ass again and again. Then I pulled out of her tight hole and she felt something else fill her gasping ass. It was a short plastic tube almost as wide as my cock.

"Now for your surprise." I said as Cathy tried to figure out what was going on and why I had pulled out of her ass before cumming. Karen lifted her hips to Cathy's lips and she went back to eating her friend.

Once her surprise was in place, we rolled Cathy onto the bed and Karen moved to her side. Between Cathy's thighs lay a long cord about two feet in length that emanated from her asshole. She looked down at it and couldn't imagine what it was or what it was for. I pressed Cathy's body back onto the mattress and as I lowered my mouth to her beautiful tits, she lay her head back and spread her thighs as wide as she could. As I sucked on her tit she pulled my body onto her own. She lifted her legs to form a soft saddle and I entered her drenched pussy. I could feel her inner muscles immediately begin to massage my cock as her arms held me tightly. As I slid into her body her hips rose to meet my every thrust. This very beautiful woman wanted to give me as much pleasure as she could, now that she knew that that was how she would get her own pleasure.

As we began to fuck on the bed, Cathy's inner muscles tightened around my shaft and her tight sphincter closed around the piece of cord coming out of her ass. Lifting her legs in the air, she locked her ankles around my waist as I continued to pound into her sweet, young body. Cathy's love muscles grasped at my cock with each thrust as she was lost in passion. Pulling on her legs, I lifted them even higher and doubled her body over. She looked up at me her face a mask of lust and passion as she felt the fullness of my cock fill her entire quim. From the depth of each penetration and the position of her clit, I could see that Cathy was close to her first orgasm.

I thrust deep into her body and as I changed the angle of my cock slightly, her magnificent body erupted in a powerful orgasm as she screamed out in pleasure. I continued to thrust into her body and another orgasm rippled through her. I could feel my own orgasm building and Karen's watchful eye knew it too. As I continued to thrust into her friend's pussy, Karen moved around behind me and took hold of the cord coming out of Cathy's asshole.

Karen knew what it was and what she was supposed to do. The cord was about 4 feet long and there were knots tied every 4 or 5 inches along its length. Only about a foot was visible beneath Cathy's ass and Karen wrapped most of that length around her hand as I continued to pump into Cathy's gushing twat. Cathy's body was writhing in passion as she felt the hugeness of my cock plunge over and over into her seething pussy. Her muscles were working magic on my cock as I felt my load about to erupt. Karen could tell by the contraction of my thigh muscles and the sounds of my fucking that I was about to cum and so would Cathy.

With a loud grunt, I thrust deep into Cathy's pussy and my cock exploded in her pulsating pussy. I could feel her love muscles clamp around my shaft as her own body released its sweet love nectar. Just as her orgasm flooded over Cathy's body, Karen pulled firmly on the rope. As each knot passed through her tight asshole, Cathy's muscles clenched. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through her body as the knots forced her sphincter to open and shut over and over again. Cathy was screaming with pleasure as she lost control of her body and the orgasms got more and more powerful. I could feel the contractions of her pussy around my cock as more and more of her cum gushed into her seething twat.

The last knot in the rope was a big one and I knew it would have a powerful effect. Her entire body went rigid as the last knot forced her sphincter to open and her legs spasmed involuntarily as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced ripped through her beautiful body. Cathy's legs spasmed involuntarily and since they were tucked under my shoulders the power of their movement threw me back, ripping my cock out of her pussy and throwing me back onto the bed as she screamed in passion.

I sat a bit bewildered by the experience but watched as Cathy's body continued to writhe before me. I climbed back between her legs and Cathy crushed me to her body as she kissed me deeply. I felt Karen's hands on my thighs and then felt her tongue slither between my own asscheeks as she licked at my asshole. Her hands worked under my body and she slid my cock back into Cathy's pussy. Cum just oozed out of her loins and it was easy to slide back into her body. As Karen licked my ass, I thrust gently into Cathy's pussy as she moaned softly.

She was exhausted from her ordeal and I could tell she had no energy to respond. I lifted my body and rolled over onto the mattress. Cathy's pussy continued to ooze love nectar and her entire lower body, from her thighs to her waist was covered with cum. Cathy did not move but Karen brought her lips to my cock and licked all of the cum that covered it as her long fingernails continued to tease my asshole. Then as she caressed my balls and teased my cock with her hand she began to lick Cathy's body until she had bathed all of our cum with her tongue and lips. As her lips found Cathy's clit, she felt a weak hand grasp her long hair and weakly lift her head.

"No more, please." she sighed as she let go of Karen's head. We all laughed. Karen stopped licking at Cathy's clit but did not move. I slid over on the bed and had Karen roll over. As I climbed between her legs, she reached out for my semi-flaccid cock and guided it between her pussy lips as I stretched out across her body. I lay in Karen's soft saddle as I began to suck on Cathy's firm tits. She moaned softly as I felt Karen's love muscles start to work their magic on my flaccid cock.

Cathy's body was beyond any more pleasure and she pulled herself out from under me. Moments later I felt her kneel behind me on the bed and I felt her hands and then her tongue on my ass. I slid my legs wide apart and Karen did the same as I felt Cathy's mouth close around my balls. Karen could feel my cock grow and harden in her tight pussy and her love muscles tightened around my shaft. Karen relished the feeling of my cock growing inside her body.

She started to writhe beneath me as Cathy continued to lick at my balls and ass. I was a bit tired but what the hell. Karen was too good a lover to pass up, especially when she was like this. I lay fairly still inside her as I felt her hips roll under me and her muscles grasp at my shaft. This, combined with Cathy's tongue brought me to a quick and almost motionless orgasm. Karen felt the heat of my cum as it filled her loins and her own orgasm rippled through her lush body.

Cathy lifted her body and I rolled over with Karen and then Cathy lay down beside us. I wrapped my arm around her and she snuggled up close to me. The three of us drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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