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Karen, Biomechanical Lesbian



Michelle was your typical teenage girl, a little older than 18. She was a red-haired, 6'0, 170 pound average girl, neither prep nor a freak. She was openly lesbian and liked to flaunt it a bit. She lived in an isolated home 10 miles from the nearest suburb; her parents were away on a week-long vacation. She'd be left in charge of the house until they got back. She didn't mind terribly, as most of her friends didn't live too far away and she could take care of herself. Right now she was idly walking down the street, thinking about the future. Forests were all around her, though she knew one day they'd all be torn down. The evening was normal. And then she heard the faint, strange noises coming from the forest. They were sounds she had never heard before, and curiosity got the better of her. So she walked into the woods for a while, the sounds growing louder and louder. Finally she came across an injured woman; or rather what she thought was an injured woman. It was only when she got close that she saw that the woman wasn't human, not looking the way she did. No human has eyes that glow whitish-blue in the dark. Michelle froze, unsure what to do. She had never met an alien before, and that was definitely what was in front of her.

"Miss....I require assistance. My ship has crashed and I...am stranded here." the femme fatale voice sounded faintly synthesized.

The woman-thing got up from her prone position, and faced Michelle.

"Would you feel more comfortable if you could see me?" said the odd voice.

Michelle could barely get her lips to move, "Who are you? What are you?"

The humanoid activated a series of illumination lights, apparently set on low, as they provided enough light to get a good look at her and nothing else. Her body was strange-looking, seemingly machine-like but not made of any metal she had ever seen before. Her skin (or whatever it was supposed to be) was primarily white with black trim in many places, and strange brilliantly colored ornamentation in others. Her hands, face, and neck were light grey; her eyes were an intense shade of whitish-blue; and her punk-cut hair was white. The body of the strange humanoid was generating extremely faint but audible sounds: humming, beeping, pulsing, clicking, and several other strange sounds.

"My name is the name I chose for myself: Karen. My species is classified; my origins are classified; my mission is of the utmost importance. But that can wait."

Michelle stammered, "Are you...hostile? Are you here to take over our planet?"

The machine-thing called Karen laughed out loud and shook her head, "Even if I was hostile, there are hardly any of us left."

As soon as those words left Karen's mouth, she frowned in visible discomfort: "I should not have said that. I cannot believe I said that. No longer we got slaughtered....can't keep our damn mouths shut."

Michelle whispered, "What are you?"

Karen smirked, "I am a biomechanical life form from....obviously what you call outer space. My body is like a mechanical one only with biological components that essentially duplicate the functions of both an android and a biological humanoid. I have multiple power sources, even an emergency digestive system of sorts if it ever becomes necessary. It isn't like yours, my stomach is located in my back and food is ingested from the side. What are looking at me like that for? I'm a bloody alien...of course my organs are going to be different from yours! I have both a biological and technological nervous system that work in synch with one another...hence my ability to do calculations and have emotions. I am incapable of conception, although I have female sex organs my species are born sterile. My species does have a connection to this world, but I won't tell you any more than that. Not yet anyway."

Michelle was confused, "Why are the flesh-and-blood stuff?"

Karen signed, "Part of an experiment. I have the dubious distinction of being the prototype of my species. There would have been more of us if some group of unknown (a lie) aliens hadn't attacked our homeworld....I have no idea if any of the others survived. I think our attackers were anti-technology biologicals...probably the same species as whoever designed us. I bet our reproductive cycle was just too alien for them...they probably viewed us as abominations."

Michelle had been shaking her head for some time now, "Ok. Ok. That's great and all but why are you here?"

Karen smiled faintly, "I'll tell you later. I don't know if this is an unreasonable request or not, but can you please hide my in whatever sort of home you have? I don't think the locals will take kindly to my being here?"

For the longest time Michelle paused. "She doesn't seem dangerous...." thought Michelle.

Michelle signed, "All....right. Just don't do anything stupid like turn into some ugly bug monster or some shit like that. You can mimic humans right? You do have an ability to change your appearance right"

Karen tilted her head; "I can indeed make myself look human at will, as I already resemble the majority of the human body in shape anyway. (signs) I hope the rest of my species is having better luck with whoever the hell they've run into."

Michelle stuck her tongue out at the biomechanical thing called Karen, "Come on this way."

Then something troubled her, "Wait a second. If your stomach is in your back....away from where our digestive system is....well you do have...well you know?"

Karen nodded, "Yes, I do have a storage organ where your stomach would be, and a tube that connects my pseudo-stomach to my mouth."

Michelle looked puzzled, "But why? If the false-stomach and esophagus aren't for eating and digestion, then what the hell are those organs for?"

Karen smiled with a hint of mischief, "As I said before, miss, my organs aren't like yours. My digestive system isn't like yours."

And under her breath, so that the human couldn't hear, "And so is my artificial insemination system, which you definitely don't have. That's what my so-called digestive organs are really for. And, if you are willing to someday miss, you'll find out exactly how that impregnation system of mine works."

Michelle's Home

When Michelle agreed to hide Karen, she wasn't expected her to stay long. That brief stay turned into 3 months. During that stay, the federal government came looking for the missing aliens. Karen was understandably frightened, but Michelle figured the best way to hide the lost alien was to hide her in plain sight. For those 3 months, Michelle made up a story about Karen and kept her as a house guest. Her parents didn't really mind, they already assumed that Karen was her newest "girlfriend."
Karen was a fast learner, and did a reasonably convincing impersonation of a human teenager. In that time span, Michelle showed Karen around human civilization. It was difficult for Michelle to remember that Karen was an alien, as she was always in her human disguise for all that time. It definitely helped cool the tension between them, and a bond formed between them. It was only when her parents left for another trip, this time on business, that Karen told Michelle the real reason she had came to Earth.

"My species is in danger. I can't be sure...but I think we are being exterminated. Therefore it is my responsibility, the responsibility of all of my kind, to ensure that our numbers increase. Plus I've always wanted to be a parent." smiled Karen faintly.

"What don't you have males?" said Michelle.

"My species has no males. Only females who are incapable of breeding. It's a serious flaw in our design, which is due to the fact that my species was engineered artificially as part of an experiment. The only way our new species can survive, apparently, is to use the one tool in our reproductive arsenal left available to us. Each female of my species has the ability to synthesize in containment capsules the biomechanical equivalent of male sex cells within where, in your species' organ placement, your womb would be. We must utilize this ability to carry out a very specialized, I say unnecessarily complex and convoluted, life cycle using biological humanoid life forms as the carriers of our offspring. The resulting hybrids are a combination of the first mother's biomechanical codes and the second mother's DNA, and they grow very quickly after birth." said Karen.

Michelle was confused, "Wait a second. If the insemination equipment is within your womb, then how to do you....?"

Karen signed, "It is a needlessly complex procedure....but apparently it is the only way for us to reproduce. Because the equipment for impregnation is inside us, that leads me to only one conclusion. My body is capable of expanding outwards if I swallow any large object...and my false-stomach has apparently been designed to support any biological life form that is placed inside it for quite a long period of time. In addition I seem to have the ability to pull objects inside me, and out of me, with a multitude of steel-strength tentacles."

Michelle looked uneasy, "Which means the only way to impregnate the second mother is to swallow her whole, place her inside the false stomach, and inseminate her there. I take it she doesn't stay there very long?"

Karen shook her head, "No, once another process I'm about to mention is completed there as well, I won't need to keep the second mother within me any longer. The offspring will be born inside the second mother in the outside world. But our lifecycle...I'm afraid it is even more complicated than that. Before releasing that life form from my false stomach, I have to hold that life form within me for several hours under very specific conditions...specifically the environmental conditions within me. My creator, based on the few pieces of info I have on her, was very paranoid about the experiment getting out of hand."

Michelle nodded, "If your species can only reproduce under very specific conditions, then it makes you that much easier to keep you under control."

Karen looked angry, "Oh yes. Make it damn near impossible (or at the very least take a very long time) to reproduce outside of laboratory conditions and you ensure that your lab rats remain incapable of ruining your precious little experiment."

Michelle looked sympathetic, "So I take your creator wasn't exactly a nice person?"

Karen shook her head, "No. She was obsessed with making sure we stayed under her control...she viewed us as nothing but animals to be experimented on. The closest thing to human beings...what convenient targets for experimentation."

Michelle signed, "So she designed an extremely complex life cycle to keep you under control. There wouldn't be enough time for you to reproduce in uncontrollable numbers and break free. But what was the purpose of the experiment itself?"

Karen closed her eyes, "It was a secret facility on one of Martian moons, near one of the colonial settlements there. As I said, our ties to your species are closer than I'm comfortable with. Our creator was primarily contracted to design weapons for the Martian government, but she also was fascinated by the idea of alternate life cycles. Reproductive cycles different from that of humans. She designed several types of biomechanical "species", each with a more complicated life cycle than the next. Including my own. She made my species as a kind of joke...something to laugh at for her amusement. She deliberately picked out a cycle of reproduction she found pretty fucking hilarious. There's nothing funny about being designed to be a joke..something deemed worthless. In a way I should be grateful the Luddites attacked the lab, if it wasn't for them I'd still be trapped in that hell. I have no regrets about escaping. My only fear is that it will all be in vain."

Michelle suddenly smiled, "I'll help you. I'll help your species recover."

Karen looked in surprise; her true appearance reappeared and stayed that way: "What? Do you have any idea what that will entail?"

"Not really," said Michelle.

Karen shook her head, "Oh no....I couldn't ask you to do that."

Michelle pointed her finger at Karen and said, "I'm not asking...I'm telling you. I'll help you propagate your species."

Karen looked pained, "Why me? Miss, you don't know what you are doing. This is an extremely bizarre lifecycle; I haven't told you the whole..."

Michelle held up her hands, "Look, just walk me through it. Whatever it is...I can handle it."

Karen shook her head and signed deeply, "Well....don't be surprised if this gets weird...because it does."


Karen spoke up, "All right, the first thing you need to do is eat all of this food I've replicated for you."

Michelle looked astonished, "Replicated? Like on Star Trek?"

Karen nodded, "It is part of my design. Without it, I imagine it would be very difficult to procure enough food to begin the first stage."

Michelle still was incredulous, "But why do you want me to eat all this food? There has to be a reason."

Karen shrugged, "Told you wouldn't like it. At any rate, the reason is this: the second mother has to be a certain weight, tremendously overweight, in order for my insemination equipment to function. My creator created some kind of safeguard, an unbreakable fractal encryption code, to prevent any of the staff at the facility to be impregnated by any of my kind. Since all of the human staff at the facility was obviously severely underweight (average 165 pounds), there was no question that none of them would ever become get pregnant with my offspring. In retrospect, it's yet another ingenious way to keep us under control. Even if a staff member of the facility was sympathetic to or seduced by us, it would be obvious that she needed to be removed because of her weight."

Michelle looked emboldened, "But this isn't a lab. I'm not trying to keep you under control; I'm trying to set you free. It's not who you are on the outside..."

Karen raised her hand, "Please don't give me that everyone is beautiful on the inside bullshit."

Michelle smiled, "What I'm trying to say is....I'm going to do this for you."

Karen looked genuinely touched, "Thank you. Well, let's get this party started. I'll set the table."


Karen spoke up, "Now all the food is in place...whatever's not on the table is nearby. Don't worry..if (and you probably will) become too fat to move comfortably....I have another ability that was installed a few months before I escaped. The same thing is true of my disguise abilities and one other ability I have which will be useful later. It makes me wonder if my designer was planning something. But oh well."

Michelle looked down at all the food in front of her and signed.

Karen smiled, "Hey. Hey. This will make it easier for you." For an unseen compartment came a single capsule. "Take this."

Michelle frowned, "What is it exactly?"

Karen shook her head, "Relax. I'm not going to make you take it. But basically it is an overpowered, hunger-inducing drug. According to the good doctor herself (bless her astonishing arrogance), her human female test subjects became uncontrollably hungry for a few hours. They gained hundreds of pounds in a very short time, as their metabolism rates plummeted to ridiculously slow speeds. The substance is coded to respond only to female chromosomes, as it's an all-girl life-cycle. Of course, the good doctor was extremely reluctant to give us this power...which is one capsule takes a long time to synthesize. It was also the reason why she encoded our replicators so I can only replicate certain items: most of them food. She really didn't trust us with our own destiny."

Michelle looked at the capsule, and gently grasped it.

"I have to warn you...if you take that thing you'll be uncontrollably hungry and in a state of intense sexual arousal for an extended period of time." said Karen.

"Why the latter? What was the purpose?" said Michelle.

"My designer figured the sexual element would give her human test subjects more incentive to take it. Basically the chemical sets up a link between the satisfaction of hunger and sexual stimulation. Of course it was never meant for use outside of the laboratory, but here it is. It should be safe. Just take a little...it is an extremely powerful substance. I need to ration it anyway for later use." said Karen.

Michelle just looked at it for the longest time, signed, then swallowed it. Almost immediately the chemical took affect. Michelle felt her hunger and arousal building quickly.

Karen tilted her head, "You all right Michelle?"

Michelle had a look of lust on her face. "I need food Karen. It astonishes how strong my hunger is now...and my arousal."

Then Michelle's hands shot out and started to grab food from off the table. A chocolate-covered doughnut with mint sprinkles and a hot dog were her first victims. Her teeth and jaws went to work on the doughnut, tearing it apart. The hotdog followed suit, and soon was on its way to her stomach. Almost as soon as she had eaten the food, she moaned softly.

"That's feel good...eating feels so good! I need more food!" Michelle said with a wanton, ravenous mixed look of hunger and lust.

"Well then...watch this." said Karen.

Michelle looked up at Karen, and was so surprised by what she saw the drug almost lost its effect. Somewhat Karen, who wasn't very far away from her, had a cheeseburger floating in mid-air.

"Yes, I do have some telekinetic abilities. Something my designer came up with. Like my replicator it is only coded to pick up certain objects." said Karen mischievously, and then sent the cheeseburger to Michelle's mouth like a slow-Frisbee.
Michelle hadn't really been listening...she had been stuffing her face with various slices of cake. She couldn't help but sign. Then she grabbed the cheeseburger that was floating near her mouth.

Item after item of gloriously fattening food found their way into Michelle as if they were belonged in her stomach. With each meal, Michelle's arousal grew. The effects of the substance were getter more and more intense.

"I NEED TO GET FAT....I MUST GET NICE AND FAT! That's all I want to do is stuff my face and get bigger and bigger until I can't MOVE ANYMORE!" Michelle said, completely under the effect of the chemical she had ingested.

She went through a slew of several brands of candy bars, and then started to shoving a blueberry pie into her face.

"Pumpkin pie is better," mused Karen idly.

Michelle was too crazed by the need to feed to pay much attention. There were only two desires on her mind: the arousal and how to get all this food down her throat. Michelle's metabolism had indeed slowed dramatically, and the physical effects began to manifest themselves. As more and more fattening food found its way into her stomach, the fat itself became to make itself visible on Michelle's body. Her neck was starting to get rounder, a second chin was forming, her belly was bulging out. Love handles were inexorably forming, her ass was getting fatter, her breasts were gaining mass.

Michelle's arousal was infectious. Karen was starting to feel it to. Watching this thin woman stuff her face...getting larger by the minute. It was turning her on. As Karen watched, Michelle's body gradually changed. The double chin was fully-visible (and a third one was forming), her butt was much bigger, her cheeks had become plumper, her belly had doubled in size, her body had widened substantially, her big love-handles were protruding outwards, and rolls of fat were starting to form all around Michelle's growing form.

"That's right Michelle. Keep getting fatter. Keep stuffing your face." the now sweating Karen said lustfully to the rounder Michelle.

Michelle had indeed gotten sexier in her eyes. She was so gorgeously overweight, her folds of fat were so beautiful, her whole face had become so wonderfully rounded. She loved how the fat was trying to force its way out of Michelle's tight clothes, now substantially undersized. Slowly, sensually, right before Karen's eyes, Michelle was turning into an obese goddess.

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